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Can I Take Four Suboxone In Day

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can you take xanax with suboxone
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Ok to take at same time zanax and soboxin ## I took Xanax 2088 v 0.5 mg four hours ago, is it safe to take a suboxone? ## I took Xanax 2088 v 0.5 mg, is it safe to take a suboxone? ## Has your doctor prescribed them both? Both of these medications can cause depression of the central nervous system, which could result in dangerously low blood pressure and heart rate. Thus, it may not be safe for you to take them both. They also both carry the risk of being habit forming. ...
Updated 10 months ago in Xanax.
Tue, Apr 29 '14, 1:57 PM
suboxone wd's
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I'm on day four of no subs after a 24 mg a day treatment for pain and addiction. I wish i never touched the stuff. My pain management doc reccommended them to me after a year long perc and vic habit. I wish i just would of suffered throught the few days of WD from that instead of going on subs. THEY DID GIVE ME MY LIFE BACK. BUT!!!! They are very very very hard to let go of. The WD is not as intense as dope sick but it is drawn out and mostly mental. The first week is achey and pissed off. I know that because thats how far i got before then started subs again. I'm on day four trying again. I got some valium this time to help me throught the worst of it so I'm hoping I will win the battle this time. I'm at work today and i'm an emt and i'm getting through on energ... ...
Updated 6 years ago in Suboxone.
Sat, Dec 27 '08, 8:25 PM
take subutex and suboxone together
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I ran out of subutex last night can I take suboxone today ## Hi Ash, Based on my research, there are no drug interactions listed between Subutex and Suboxone. So with that being said, I wouldn't anticipate having any problems when switching between one or the other. Also, because Subutex contains the same active ingredient "Buprenorphine", taking the two meds together or within a short a time frame of one another would also be similar to just having an higher dose of Suboxone. Is your doctor also aware that you're taking both medications? ## Have only four 8 strips Suboxone to last until January 21st! I currently take 12 mgs day. Reason Im short? They were stolen and I can't turn the person in as he is family. I have no concrete proof. anyway, I've be on this for... ...
Updated 13 days ago in Subutex.
Mon, Mar 16 '15, 11:24 PM
how long do i have to wait take suboxone after a few days of being on just morphine?
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I was previously on suboxone for three years and relapsed on morphine for about three days now and want to start my suboxone back up, but I'm not sure when to take it. I think I will try 1mg of Subs and see what happens in a few hours and if I'm sick I'll just take another morphine........crazy I thought I was good til they were in my hands again. The last morphine 30 I took was yesterday morning and the last 15 I took was at 11pm last night. Any suggestions? ## Do not take the subs until you feel actual withdrawal symptoms if u take it to soon it will send u into withdrawal with is much worse I waited twenty four hours and it was ## You waited 24 hours and it was fine??? Getting ready to start the same thing. The last 15mg I took was this morning about 8am. Is it better the... ...
Updated 2 months ago in Suboxone.
Mon, Jan 12 '15, 9:46 PM
Suboxone and Adderall
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I started subs four days ago I am taking a whole 8mg sub twice a day. I also take 45mg of adderall a day for ADD and i need the adderall because I am a college student is it harmful to take them together? The suboxone has done excellent for me, and has kept the oxy out of my mind. I got addicted to tabs when I was playing college baseball in order to play through two broken fingers and bum shoulder. So instead of doing a gut check time dealing with the pain through an ice bucket or taking some time off to heal up because i was just a freshman and i was battling it out for starting spot with a all-conference senior. I became immune to the tabs, so a player introduced me to oxy contin I was taking 80mg a day this continued into the fall season of my sophomore year until I tore the ligamen... ...
Updated 3 months ago in Suboxone.
Tue, Dec 09 '14, 11:09 PM
Suboxone and Oxycodone Rx
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Hello, I have been taking Suboxone for approximately 3 weeks. I was taking opiates, legally, for four+ years but recently I had problems after surgery by increasing my dosages and eventually running out quite often which lead all my doctors to a rehab place. I went through 3 weeks of Intensive Outpatient Treatment which was complete crap but it kept me busy during the morning. I now have an Rx from my PCP who KNOWS about me being on Suboxone and said to stop the Suboxone for a couple/few days and then start the Oxy's. Here's my question: Can I fill the Rx for OxyIR when I'm going to be picking up my most recent Rx of Suboxone tomorrow? I feel like the pharmacy might be thinking it's Doctor Shopping but if they call my PCP, he knows about the Suboxone use. He desperately ... ...
Updated 7 months ago in Suboxone.
Fri, Aug 22 '14, 2:28 PM
Suboxone Too Strong...need advice
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I have been prescribed Vicodin for the last 7 years by the same Dr for a back injury that occurred when I was struck by a car. I recently (three weeks ago) decided that I wanted to stop taking the Vicodin because I saw myself taking too many to get the pain to go away. So at that time I began to taper off the pills and made an appointment with a psychiatrist that could prescribe Suboxone if that was the final decision because I was very afraid of withdrawals. (Back up a little in the story) about four months ago I was taking approx 8-10 Vicodin a day and when I tapered off I was down to two a day and had been for about 2-3 weeks. So when I talked to the psychiatrist he prescribed 4mg (or a half of a tablet) twice a day. I waited until I began feeling some withdrawals and I took the Subo... ...
Updated 8 months ago in Suboxone.
Thu, Jul 03 '14, 2:34 PM
how long does suboxone block opiates
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I was on 180 mgs of methadone and Xeroxed at home for a week n the withdrawal set in the very first day of being without methadone and for a week straight I had to let my daughter stay w her daddy n played in my bed with the a.c full blast n sweat Ontario n as hoodie on sweating ,shaking,chills,diahrea, no apetite and hurt all over as if I'd been barred with a baseball bat but after seven days I went to a program when they put me on eight mgs of suboxone twice a day n was on it for nearly three weeks but know I can't afford the doctor visit n have no insurance so I'm on day the n starting to feel done withdrawal kicking in so I just took four tabs n hoping they will take the sick away. not looking to feel high but to simply take the edge off. So far I don't feel the opia... ...
Updated 5 months ago in Suboxone.
Sat, Oct 18 '14, 6:03 AM
Mississippi shortage on suboxone Dr
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I am in search of a Suboxone Dr accepting new patients and Medicaid ...tried every website from to any help would be greatly appreciated ## just go to your family practitioner and ask them if they know of a doctor that can prescribe suboxone I do know that you have to be seen at least once every 3 months and you cannot Skype, it's not legal to have an appointment for suboxone via skyping over the computer so she can't find you someone locally then you need to ask them to direct you to your nearest DSHS office and tell them you only have about 4 months before you're evicted now that you're a H addict and can no longer work and like the address of where you're four children will be staying because you'd like to visit them to Christm... ...
Updated 3 months ago in Suboxone.
Sun, Dec 14 '14, 4:38 AM
does suboxone make your feet swell
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I have been taking suboxone for four years it's helped me a whole lot, the past few days I have developed swelling in my feet and my legs u think it's caused by the suboxone or might have something else wrong with me ...
Updated 7 months ago in Suboxone.
Sat, Aug 23 '14, 11:12 AM
Suboxone withdrawal after taper question.
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I've been on suboxone 7 years. Started at 24 mgs and recently tapered down to .25 mgs. I planned on skipping one day, then two, then three and so on. HOWEVER....I am on day four and what do you know? Hardly any symptoms. And no terrible symptoms at all. I've been restless a little, pupils a little big. WTH is going on? I've read all these terrible stories about kicking sub, I've been terrified to even try...and here I sit just fine on day four?! Is the worst to come? Should I keep holding my breath? Please any advice is appreciated ## Hi, The first time I tapered off subs I was pleasantly surprised. I tapered slowly from 12mg to .5mg. The sub dr. I had at time was behind me on this. Started getting high about year later and started subs on my own and tapered kind of fast... ...
Updated 10 days ago in Suboxone.
Thu, Mar 19 '15, 7:13 AM
horrible switch from methadone to suboxone
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i switched from 60mgs of meth to suboxone .they suggested i wait 30 days clean from methadone . i liead it had only been 26hrs i felt like eating a bullet. its been three days on suboxone does n e one know how long it will b till i get my energy back i still have chills please help ## After you switch to subs from methadone how long until you feel good again? And does suboxone help with pain relief at all? ## I'm not sure why they told you to go from 60mgs Meth to nothing. And just ride it out for a full month before starting suboxone. Whoever was giving you this treatment seems as if they do not know what they are doing. The truth is you are to wean down to 20 mg meth for three days in a row then start suboxone on the fourth day. I still felt really bad when i did this and have use... ...
Updated 3 months ago in Methadone.
Thu, Dec 25 '14, 3:31 PM
How much Suboxone did the Doctor Prescribe You?
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The Doc put me on 5 a day 8mg pills. In all 40mg a day. It makes me really tired during the day, then at night I have Insomnia. I guess it's better then taking Opiates again. It's truely changed my life? If only I can sleep! ## My doctor started me on four a day, which happens to be way to much. I don't know the exstent of your using but I can tell you that I was bad as they come. If you want to sleep then stop taking so much, no one needs that much suboxone. After a while It becomes a regular part of your life which I am sure you know. I now take only eight milligrams a day, I have been on them for nine months. After forcing myself to lower my dose my sleep paterns became one hundred times better. I went from over three hundred milligrams of oxycontin shot intervenously to ... ...
Updated 5 years ago in Suboxone.
Wed, Apr 22 '09, 9:33 PM
where to find a doctor in forth worth or dallas texas that take cooks children mediciad and write suboxone subutex
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I justed moved from north carolina where i was taking three to four subutex a day for five years. Then went to 4 suboxone 8mg a day and i moved to DFW Area and i cant find any doctor SO PLEASE SOMEONE HELP...... ## Cook Children's has a website at and there is a portal for members to use that lets you access features, such as a search for a provider in your area that accepts it. You can find it by looking in the orange box on the left side of the page, near the top is "Member Online Services". I think that would likely be the easiest way to find someone that can help you. Does anyone happen to know of a doctor in that area that accepts this coverage? ...
Updated 1 year ago in Suboxone.
Tue, Aug 06 '13, 2:18 PM
when should i redose suboxone after precipitated withdrawel
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Ive been on methadone for 3 1/2 yr and titrated down from 100mg to 55mg skipping days bt and waiting 3days since last dosed methadone and was prescribed 8mg strip, came home ,dosed and instantly went into precip wd.that was thursday,i took a fourth of a strip friday, now saturday and im scared to much and when should I take suboxone again? ## someone please give some answers back.I feel like total s*** still and its been 6 days since any methadone.Im so confused about how to successfully get on sub w-out getting sick again.precip w/d is not something I EVERwant to go thru again,straight 6 hrs of wanting to blow ur freakin head off bc ur body hurts so bad....plez reply thanks to all!!!!!! ## Hello, Curiosity! How are you doing? You need to get professional help with this. The p... ...
Updated 1 year ago in Suboxone.
Thu, Jan 23 '14, 2:25 PM
Has anyone went back and fourth from The boxing to Percocets
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Hi I am currently 11 days clean off of Percocet I've been using for over two years now but I've been going back-and-forth from Percocets to suboxone and I'm now on day two off Suboxone how much longer do I have till I feel better? I need help!! ## HI, Nelly! How are you? Why are you going back and forth between them? Suboxone contains both Buprenorphine and Naloxone, the latter of which is actually meant to neutralize other opiates and prevent their abuse, while being treated with it. Learn more Suboxone details here. Are you working with a doctor? If not, I strongly urge you to do so, in order to do this right and avoid future problems. ...
Updated 1 year ago in Percocets.
Mon, Sep 16 '13, 3:32 PM
Detoxing from Roxicodone at home
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I have taken/abused roxicodone for four years. I am trying my best to detox and get on with my life drug free. I will be detoxing at home with my parents. I am a 26 year old male. We have on hand for the sickness I know I am about to face .... an anti diarrheal, a stool softner, multi vitamins for when I can't eat and advil for pain. I went to my Doctor today and he prescribed Suboxone (1 tab twice a day .. an extra if needed the first week). Also, a nurse at a rehab facility said to drink lots of water AND Gatorade to keep my electrolites in balance. I am not looking forward to this. I had my last roxis yesterday and was honest with the Doctor today. I will have someone nearby while I am sick to help with any needs. Is there anything you can offer as advice? Am I missing something ... ...
Updated 1 year ago in Roxicodone.
Tue, Jan 28 '14, 3:16 PM
methadone and klonopin chat room
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I have taken 100mg of methadone around 0600 then I took another 100 mg. About an hour later. Now I have been taking .5 mg of klonopins about four times today...I don't feel high...I'm not nodding out....should I be concerned that I won't wake up? ## Possibly yes I've recently lost two friends that overdosed on benzodiazepines and opiates .be careful.moderation is key ## I'm also on suboxone and klonopin. I take(24) of subs. And (3) of klonopin every day. As long as u take them as prescribed, u don't have 2 worry. But, don't abuse them, because, u can run into trouble. I don't know everything, but I'm a nurse and I can tell u what I do know. Any other ??? Feel free 2 ask. ## I take 70mg methadone daily.. usually around 5am bc that's when I'm up... ...
Updated 2 months ago in Methadone.
Sun, Jan 18 '15, 4:35 AM
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drug to prevent withdraw from opiates ## Seboxin: trying to find out what it contains and what its affects are ## The correct spelling of this drug is Suboxone, no offense intended, I just wanted to clarify as it will help make it easier to find information when you are searching for it. Now, to the information you requested, Suboxone, of course, is the trade name or name brand, the generic name, which is the same as the name of the active ingredient is Buprenorphine. It also contains a small amount of Naloxone, one fourth that amount of this for each measure of Buprenorphine in the dosage. Naloxone neutralizes opiates, this is an ingredient to help prevent people who are using Suboxone to beat an addiction from abusing either other opiates or the Suboxone itself, by neutralizing the op... ...
Updated 3 years ago in Suboxone.
Mon, Jul 18 '11, 11:21 AM
Subutex or Saboxone during pregnancy?
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I am currently perscribed 20 mg of Saboxone a day. Have been taking it for four months. I Want to have another baby and I am trying to find out if Subutex is safer than Saboxone. My rehab clinic's doctor isnot much help. He suggests talking to OBGYN. They say talk to him. So that's how that went. I know that neither one is reccomended during pregnancy but would rather this than use. Any suggestions? ## I was in almost the same situation as you. I had been taking suboxone for several months and then I got pregnant. My doctor who was prescribing the suboxone changed my prescription to the subutex right away. In the United States there is no studies done showing the side effects of suboxone while pregnant so the FDA has not approved it for use, however in other countries there are ... ...
Updated 3 years ago in Subutex.
Wed, Dec 21 '11, 2:45 PM

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