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I have been everywhere I keep getting told that the pharmacies are out I have insurance please help if you know where I can get them filled thanks. ## ALL of you that have been having issues with your pharmacy refusing to, price gouging, partial fill, etc. regarding your pain medications, HERE IS AN OPPORTUNITY to DO SOMETHING. I have posted info before about the American Pain Foundation (will include again), BUT, PLEASE TAKE A MOMENT, and visit this link to sign a PETITION to support our rights to fill LEGAL PRESCRIPTIONS in the state of FL, and PLEASE FORWARD this petition to as many people that you think would support this issue that is now a crisis. Link for Petition: The secon... ...
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Thu, Mar 06 '14, 6:24 AM
addiction to 75ml methadone daily for 22years and other drugs dont no how to begin
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I am a 42year old male my first drug was at 15 years old it was hash/ever since I was 5years old I suffered from very severe migraines they where so bad I would bang my head full force off the wall to try and number the pain on top of that I would take about 10 or more admits pain killers my migraines can. Last up to 3to4 days I would take fits bright lights would bring the migraines on up to 3 or more a week when I agent to the doctor he put me on dhydracodeine 5mg they worked but he would never give me enough of them to be able to fit in to society eventually I ended up taking any drug I could get my hands on I mean any drug as the pain is so bad now my doctor is not treating me for what I agent to see him about 20years ago now he treats me as a drug addict no 20 years later I am stil... ...
Updated 8 months ago in Methadone.
Fri, May 16 '14, 6:24 AM
The availability of Ketoanalogues medicine in regular drug stores in Australia.
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My doctor in the Philippines prescribed to me Ketoanalogues or kato acid pills for my renal problem to counter the high protein which is affecting my left kidney. I have been taking this medication for many years now. Ketoanalogues are easily available in most drug stores in the Philippines. Now that I am in Australia, I have to continue with this regiment, hence I am asking where this medicine is available so I can procure same regularly. It's as simple as that. Thank you. ## Hi Eduardo, Sorry to hear about the challenges with your kidney. Have you also tried looking on the web to see if any retailers sell/ship keto acid supplements? I would suspect that places like GNC, Vitaminshoppe, or other proclaimed health stores would have a variety of essential amino acid products to choose... ...
Updated 1 year ago.
Fri, Jan 31 '14, 12:18 AM
How do I safely taper Ambien if I took it for 1 month, 10 mg. without insomnia rebound?4
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Hello, I've been taking generic Ambien, Zolpidem, 10 mg. each night sometimes 20 mg once in awhile when one tablet did not work (I am going through menopause, my hormone fluctuates) for a month. How do I taper the med. safely so I do not get insomnia rebound? thanks. Michelle ## HUSBANDS DR SAID CUT PILL IN HALF AND TAKE 1/2 DOSE FOR 1 WEEK OR SO, THEN D/C. HE DIDNT TRUST IT, BUT IT WORKED. ## this site is not medical professionals, so you should consult with your doctor. Suz's advice is probably the most practical solution, however. There are quite a few reports online that say it can cause withdrawal effects if you suddenly stop taking it, even after just a few weeks, so you do need to be careful. If you experience them, contact your doctor immediately. They can include: nause... ...
Updated 4 years ago in Ambien.
Sat, Feb 20 '10, 12:41 PM
round pill bayer on one side and 20 on other side and is like a peach color round pill
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round like peach color pill that has Bayer horizontal and vertical on one side and 20 on other side ## This is a 20mg Levitra tablet, it contains the active ingredient Vardenafil and is used to help treat Erectile Dysfunction. Common side effects may include: nausea, dizziness, headache and stuffy nose. Read more: Is there anything else I can help you with? ## What happens if a girl takes this by mistake? ...
Updated 2 years ago in Bayer.
Sun, Dec 16 '12, 1:39 PM
difference between sulfamethoxazole tmp ss tab and sulfamethoxazole tmp ds tab
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what is the difference between sulfamethoxazole tmp ss tab and sulfamethoxazole tmp ds tab (bactrim ds tablet)? Are they same dosages? Can one use them interchangeably? Thanks ## Hi wayne, From what I could gather, I believe the difference between the "SS" vs "DS" is single strength and double strength tablets. The DS tablets reportedly contain double the amount of active ingredients and I've also heard this was the case from other patients who've received an answer to this question as well. The other important difference to know about is that the double strength tablet is usually only taken twice daily as opposed to four times a day with the regular strength tablets. So if you're going to be interchanging between the two dosages, you'll also have to take... ...
Updated 3 months ago in Sulfamethoxazole.
Mon, Oct 06 '14, 2:09 PM
Doctors in central texas who will prescribe pain medicine for constant back pain
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I have a lot of issues with my spine, and am constantly in pain if I'm not laying on my stomach. It's ruined my posture, and its ruining time I should be enjoying with my daughter. Doctors are all too afraid to even look into it and wont take anything I say seriously . I am near Fort Hood . ## Hello, Breezyxbee! How are you? I'm sorry that you're in pain, no one should have to suffer. Unfortunately, there is no listing of doctors according to which ones will or will not prescribe pain medications that I can refer to for you. And what type of doctors have you beens seeing for it? You most likely need to see an orthopedic spinal specialist and a pain management specialist. Does anyone know of any good doctors in that area? ## If you don't mind driving down to Austin th... ...
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Thu, May 15 '14, 2:53 PM
Pharmacy shortage Treat you like dirt? Please Sign my Petition Lets Get This Fixed!
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Please people read my Petition on all of this pharmacy shortages etc. We need to be heard all over the U.S! Go to And look for my Petition under health or my Facebook page Shannon Howey on Facebook. A good friend of mine Donna R. She has been working on this endlessly for years already we need people to sign this petition ! We are going straight to the horses mouth with it! With as many signatures as we can get So go sign!!!!! And take the road trip with us! ...
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Wed, Jul 18 '12, 10:43 PM
My Weight Is 48kg And Height 175cm What To Do Improve Personality Any Drug For That
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i want to improve my weight in 1 month by using any drug. by taking food reguraly it din't work. am havely depressed now. so tell me medicine to gain weight in 1 month. i have no medical problem.throid and other check-ups are normal. only i have essential tremour. ...
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Thu, Sep 27 '12, 5:47 AM
Extreme joint and muscle pain, neck stiffness, tightness of chest while on Eliquis
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The neck stiffness started while on Xarelto. After switching to Eliquis is the pain spread throughout my body. Into my back, my hips, my legs, the back of my knees, just throughout my whole body. I cannot sleep at night nor can I hardly move during the day. I am desperately looking for an alternative to any of these blood thinners. it seems like no one can really give me the correct combinations off supplements. I am open for any suggestions. thank you so very much! ## Hello, Sam! How are you? There really is no combination of supplements that can be guaranteed to work. Some are known to cause blood thinning, but no testing has been done to show that they are as effective as actual drugs used for that purpose. Have you ever tried Warfarin/Coumadin? Many people manage to take it, without... ...
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Thu, Sep 11 '14, 2:26 PM
Medication identifying. white round pill with l122 on one side and a line the other
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Is this Clonazepam? I have multiple seizures and I save one to stop having one. To take if a seizure starts, he tells me to take this med. ## Hello, Debbie! How are you? Who told you to take it? This tablet contains 100mgs of Lamotrigine, which is an anticonvulsant, but this one is usually taken regularly as a preventative, not to stop a seizure that's already started. Learn more Lamotrigine details here. Side effects may include nausea, dizziness, mood signs and weight changes. ## It is lamotrigine, be careful. It is highly dangerous if not monitored by a doctor. It is a slow progression to regulate the MG in the body. It is a medicine taken daily on a schedule. ...
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Tue, Oct 07 '14, 12:03 PM
advise regarding the possible antibiotics that have NO BLOOD THINNER QUALITIES
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I had an open sore on my left big toe, and I went swimming in a personal friends lagoon on their resort. A staff infection got into the sore and quickly spread throughout my left leg. The leg swelled to three times it's normal size, and I spent three weeks in a hospital, where they bombarded it with antibiotics. That procedure was working, but the antibiotics had trace effects of blood thinner qualities. I am a heart patient that has had nine heart procedures, including a quadruple bypass. I cannot take ANY TYPE OF BLOOD THINNER WITHOUT HEMORAGING. The antibiotics with thinners in them caught up with me, and I spent several trips to the hospital, severely hemoraging from the nose and mouth. I had to stop the antibiotics, and now the infection is starting to spread in my leg again. M... ...
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Sat, Feb 02 '13, 8:17 AM
Tricor/ Fenofibrate is ruining my life! Sever neck back, shoulder blade and arm pain!
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Two weeks after starting Tricor, I started developing muscle stiffness that within two more weeks was so severe, I was only sleeping a couple hours a night because the pain kept me up. I went to the Dr and she said keep taking the tricor -she prescribed muscle relaxers and an NSAID pain med. They said maybe it was bad posture, and caused by working at a computer. They also suggested physical therapy. Neither helped. Two days later I went to a Chiropracter, with no relief. The next week I was calling her office again, after waiting in pain a couple days, she prescribed another kind of muscle relaxer and NSAID for pain, and again said to go to physical therapy. The medicin did nothing at all, and again I was so severly in pain, I felt as if someone was trying to rip my arms from my should... ...
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Sat, Nov 29 '14, 5:13 PM
Finding A Dr in Charleston WV and surrounding areas that will write pain medicine.
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I recently was going to a pain clinic for my pain medication and was discharged because I had over the counter medicine in my system. I need to find a good doctor that will write pain madicine and wont discarge you over stupid stuff like taking over the counter medicine. ## What OTC medication was it? I'm very sorry this happened to you, but if you agreed to such terms in order to be treated by them, then they were well within their rights to dismiss you and most other pain management doctors will have similar policies. Learn more pain management details here. And you are going to have to stay in pain management, due to the new laws, since a general practitioner will no longer be able to prescribe narcotic medications for long-term pain management treatment. Unfortunately, that mean... ...
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Mon, Dec 17 '12, 4:24 PM
doctor has prescribed the clonotril 0 25 mg i want to know for which deases it s work
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Actually last Saturday I went to hospital so told to the doctor that I am not feeling well and weekness from last 20-25 day's. I have checked with so many doctor in same hospital but last Saturday senior doctor has advice me to take clonotril 0.25mg. so I want to know in which deaseas it's given by doctor and from how long time I need to use it. and after using it I feeling well. kindly tell me I need to use it and for how long. ## Hello, Lalit! How are you? Not every medication is necessarily used to treat a disease. Clonotril contains the active ingredient Clonazepam, which is a benzodiazepine that's used to treat anxiety and nervous disorders. It has the potential to be habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, headache and irritability. Learn m... ...
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Thu, Sep 26 '13, 4:51 PM
I Have A Cyst On My Pituatary Gland Causes Constant Head Pain And Some Days Score Of
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Headaches as well as herniated degenerating Lspine also the nerve pain in legs associated wIth the back problems. I was prescribed 30 mg ER 1every 12 hours. I am also rx d Norco 10/325 up to 3 /day one breakthrough, they barely help. Anyway I have been taking the MSCONTIN about every 8 hours.I have just started working WITH a PM Dr. HE offers .e the MSCONTIN at times when I used to ask for more buffoon cuz I was taking 4 perc 10 s and 4 Norco s a day for years. H E HAS increased my dose to 60 , I wonder if the 3 60 mg. Dose every 8 hours seem rationale, given my dx s....and my dr. Is understanding ,so far I tell him when I am oh early and ha e adjusted my dose, he tells me I shouldn't Be doing it, but we are working at a comfortable dose. ## Since MS Contin is usually only given twi... ...
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Fri, Mar 15 '13, 12:00 PM
please help me find pain management for percocet apopka fl orlando area thank you
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I have been oxicontin 15mg 3 times a day for about 10 years then i asked him to put me on 10 -325 percocet about 5 years ago the dr i have in pensicola will only give me norco 10-325 4 times a day it helps for about 4 or 5 hours the rest of the day i suffer and take tylenol my knees are in very bad shape both of my wrists need reconstruction my back is in very bad shape i am 60 years old ...
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Thu, Mar 20 '14, 4:28 PM
Is neutotin come in any other pill firm besids a red captual like I seen on this site
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Neurotin come in a pill form round or just a captule like I seen in this site? And why does it make my face feel numb on my left side? Should I be worried cause it feels funny when it tingles and feels numb? Katie ## Yes it does it is a white pill looks like a horse pill but it does help with nerve pain.I take it and it does help quite a bit with nerve pain.I took it before but it was too much of a dose for me it made my legs have jumping leg sydrome.My daughter in law got the calptule and there was no way to break it in half and take a half of one but ask for the white one. ## Neurontin is available in both tablets and capsules, that are in a variety of shapes and colors, because a generic is also available. Thus, the ones mentioned here are just some examples. Neurontin contains the a... ...
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Fri, Sep 13 '13, 3:09 PM
Is it ok to double dose only the first time you start the med to get levels up quicker?
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My Dr just today prescribed me Clonazepam 1 mg a day for 3 days and then 1 mg 2x a day after that. I was on 2 mg 3x a day (total was 6 mg/day) for years but haven't had any for 1 year. I took the 1 mg tab when I got home at 12:30 PM and I felt it calm me down but in about 5 hours I was getting very anxious so I debated whether I should take another and as I became more anxious I went ahead and took another 1 mg although he said to take just 1 tab for the first 3 days. I know it takes time to build up the therapeutic range but was just too anxious. That's why I went to him because my anxiety is through the roof. Will this hasten the therapeutic level kinda like taking a double dose on your very first dose like some Drs tell you on certain medications. I forget the medical term fo... ...
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Thu, Jan 31 '13, 6:21 PM
Difference in Big MS contin 60mg peach color pill and a small orange ms contin 60mg
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What is The Difference in a Big round peach color MS Contin 60 mg extended release and a Small round orange MS Contin 60 mg extended release are they same pills ## does MS Contin have an antagonist drug encapsulated in it to prevent misuse? I suffer from chronic pain from a severe back injury and My Generic MS Contin seems like it isn't working nearly at all! I had heard that the drug Nazis (D.E.A.) was making the manufacturers of Time Release narcotics put this in extended release drugs to save people from themselves. IF THIS IS TRUE IT IS A MORONIC IDEA as everyone has different PH levels that can open the antagonist drug prematurely. I can't take much more from those who know how much more I hurt than myself! I have never crushed up any pill but a chewable antiacid. Is the D.... ...
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Sat, Apr 05 '14, 8:36 PM

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