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is there any problem while taking the dart tablet daily ## Back pain coming ## Dart tablets contain Paracetamol, Caffeine and Propyphenazone, it is used to treat pain and fever. Learn more Paracetamol details here. Learn more Propyphenazone details here. Learn more Caffeine details here. And yes, the Acetaminophen may cause liver damage if you take it daily on a regular basis for a long period of time, or in high amounts. Prasad, what's causing the pain? ## Dart tablet is available in USA, if so where can i get, if not, what is equivalent composition of tablet that is available in USA. ...
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Sat, Sep 14 '13, 8:58 PM   3  Subscribe to thread 232993
I have had irregular period since the very beginning. Diagnosed with pcos couple of years back. I am now 29 and dying to conceive. Problem is my partner is not very cooperative as he keeps withdrawing. Im currently on glucophage & primolut-n. Is there any meds I can take to increase my chances of conceiving with pretty less semen? :( ## To be honest, if you're partner doesn't want to have a child, at this time, forcing one on them is a very bad and irresponsible idea. If having a child right now is important to you, then you should seek a partner who is also ready for it. Has he said why he isn't ready? ...
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Fri, May 25 '12, 5:30 PM   1  Subscribe to thread 229119
Dolcet Drug Study
1) Is it harmful to liver , stomach , kidney, if taken oftenly say one (1) TABLET 3 times per day for 90 years old person . 2) what is the time frame for the tablet will remain effective. 3) when it is taken, how many minutes before it started to react? 4) Is dolcet mini be taken better than the dolcet? why? less harmful to health? ## Dolcet contains Paracetamol and Tramadol, it is used to treat pain, fever and swelling. With long-term use, it can cause some stomach problems and organ damage, however, this isn't likely to occur if the person is only being given 3 tablets a day and up to 8 can be taken in a day. It's usually given, as needed, every 4 to 6 hours and, since it is a regular release tablet, it can take 15 to 20 minutes, before it starts to work. As to your questions ... ...
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Mon, Jan 27 '14, 12:13 AM   5  Subscribe to thread 214421
After taken this medication 500mg mayb after an hour or so I tends to get this burning headache,I was reading some of the replies to this medication (metformin) and I not sure if that is what I'm experiencing the hotness+headaches,I also notice when I have taken 1000 which my dr.wants me to take it it drops it too low. ## Hi, Helen! Sorry about the headaches you've been experiencing. How are you feeling today? The headache may actually be due to your sugar dropping too low, they can manifest as symptom of it being too high or too low. Do you check your levels when you get one? And as to the higher dosage dropping it too low, how low does it go then? Have you informed your doctor of the issue? Learn more Metformin details here. ...
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Fri, Jun 28 '13, 12:18 PM   1  Subscribe to thread 243798
cozaar 50mg losartan
I . what is it and how must i use it?am using the above because of hypertention what is it and how must i use it?[i had a stroke 6 weeks ago but can walk slowly and can use my left leg and arm/toes and fingers as well] ## Hello, Avi! How are you? Losartan is an ARB that's used to treat hypertension and certain cardiac conditions. You should take it as directed by your doctor in the prescribing instructions. Side effects may include nausea, dizziness, hypotension and increased urination. Learn more Losartan details here. Is there anything else I can help with? ...
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Sat, Dec 21 '13, 2:46 PM   1  Subscribe to thread 257386
A step up from 10-325 mg hydrocodone
What is the next step up from hydrocodone 10-325.? I take 3 a day and it seems to not be working as we'll anymore. I've taken it for about 2 years now ## Hello, Sammie! How are you? I'm very sorry about the problem that you're having. The next step up would most likely be Percocet in the 10/325 dosage, since the Oxycodone is stronger than Hydrocodone. Only your doctor can really decide where you should go from here, I'm just letting you know of other options. You could also go for something that doesn't contain Acetaminophen, such as Oxycodone by itself, or Dilaudid. Is there anything else I can help with? ## I guess that's it. I always have a hard time when I let my doc know the current medication.. Hydrocodone 10-325 is not working like it did at one time. ... ...
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Thu, Jan 30 '14, 8:04 PM   2  Subscribe to thread 259431
Apap Cf50 325 40
I have a prescription for this medicine and it says to take one tablet twice daily. I get terrible terrible headaches and one simply is not enough. I usually take 2 at a time, but gave occasionally taken up to 5 in order for this medcine to work. This medicine makes me extremely dizzy (even after only taking two pills). Are there any other side effects/ long term effects other than liver damage? also, how severe is the liver damage this medicine can cause? I also heard this medicine is basically a strong Advil, is that true? Also, since only one pill does not work for me, is there a higher dose that can be considered safe? ## Before I can answer all of your questions, I need to know the specific details of what medication you're asking about. You only list Acetaminophen and Caffeine... ...
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Thu, Nov 29 '12, 4:08 PM   2  Subscribe to thread 239045
Aztor 10 Tablets
Atorvastatin 10 mg ## Atorvastatin is a medication that is most commonly used to help lower cholesterol levels. It may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, headache and joint/muscle aches. Learn more: Is there anything else I can help with? ## I am taking Storvas EZ 10 for lowering colastrol including triglyceride. Is this a safe medicine without side effects? ## Hi, Dr. may i know what is the diff. b/w 1) aztor 10, 2) lipvas 10 (both containing same drug atorvastatin calcium 10 mg) but 1 is from 'sun phara', and another is from 'cipla'.. I was taking 'aztor 10'. i'm very much interested in cipla as very good company, is any harm in changing from aztro 10 to lipvas 10, now i'm taking cipla's lipvas 10 for better improvement, i'm not chan... ...
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Wed, Jan 08 '14, 6:23 PM   7  Subscribe to thread 223283
790 Sz
I was taking Methylin 20MG twice daily. My new script was filled at CVS, and it is Methylphenidate SZ 790, BUT it says TAKE 6 TABLETS BY MOUTH EVERY DAY. This has to be a mistake??? ## Have you contacted your doctor or pharmacy? I am thinking someone might have misread the prescription or made a typo. The pills marked SZ 790 are 20mg Methylphenidate time released tablets and that would be a major and dangerous dosage jump. In addition, the maximum daily dose should only be 60mgs and taking 6 in day would be doubling that. I can't see any doctor prescribing that amount. ## Verwon, thank you for your reply. Your link was very comprehensive and enlightening. I found the 20MG dose intolerable, so I cut the tabs in half and took 10MG's twice a day. I did take the prescription back to... ...
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Sun, Aug 28 '11, 1:37 PM   2  Subscribe to thread 217068
4 mg Xanax
green xanax bars ## I have connects to 2mg 4 tab zannie bars. Strong ## Hook me up! :) Where you at, man? haha ## Since Xanax is now available as a generic, I cannot tell you anything from just the color of the tablet. If you wish to know what it contains and the dosage, can you post back with the imprint from the tablet in question? ## I HAVE TAKEN XANAX FOR ABOUT A YEAR NOW (0.5) i have tried many other meds in the past. Xanax seem in the begining it made me be more like the person i am the old me.Now the anxiety, Nervious stomach not sleeping, panic attacks are more frequent. Sometimes a little depression. Would it be out of line to ask if xanax has maybe re-evaluate the dosage ## comparing meds ## detaileds on meds ## Interested....gotten stuf 2 mg Pez from India....not sure....Then... ...
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Wed, Jul 18 '12, 11:29 AM   11  Subscribe to thread 193298
kvk tech oxycodone K-56
I take the pink k-56 10mg oxycodone for pain. Last few months thus brand is harder to find at pharmacies. They are carrying another less affective brand. Pharmacists wont say why. Any knowledge about this? Thanks. ## Hello, Mark! How are you? Well, there really is no special reason as to why. This is a generic and the pharmacy will carry whichever one was available for the cheapest price from their supplier, when they needed to restock their supply. Have you tried asking if they can order the other one in for you? This is a narcotic analgesic, so it has the potential to be habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, dry mouth and constipation. ...
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Sat, Jul 19 '14, 2:56 PM   1  Subscribe to thread 269133
Lorazepan taste
I have been taking Lorazepan for a few years and sometimes take half of a 1mg pill. In the past it always tasted a bit bitter, but since my pharmacist changed suppliers, I noticed a sweet taste to it and non of the bitterness. I am wondering if I am really taking Lorazepan. In the past I had taken a similar drug (Diazepam) and it too was on the bitter side. ## I have encountered the same experience as Cari. I also have noted that the lorazepam I use now does not seem to work as well. ## There can be differences among generic drugs and the way they manufacture them. Some places may use a sweet coating on the outside to make taking them easier and some won't. ...
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Thu, Apr 16 '09, 10:01 PM   2  Subscribe to thread 188790
susten 200 mg
Hello Doctor,please tell me what is the use of susten 200mg. my gynco has advised me to take susten 200mg capsules twice a day.before this she told me that my egg is repture in 14-15 day of LMP is 10.12.2009 is m i pregnant ? ## First, I would like to state that this is an information only website. Susten is generally used for women who has some sort of Progesterone Deficiency, this can affect their abiility to get pregnant. Some doctors use it to ensure that you do not develop a deficiency. That said, I have no way of knowing if you are pregnant, only a proper test can determine that. Has your doctor performed one and if so, what were the results? ## i went to doc.doc said u take susten 200mg tab 5days and u will get period within 2days i think i am pergency wheter i take the ... ...
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Sun, Jun 09 '13, 3:24 AM   11  Subscribe to thread 199898
APO 30 blue and red
light blue and red capcill ## This capsule contains 30mgs of Flurazepam, it is from Canada. This is a Benzodiazepine, used as a sedative and hypnotic. Common side effects may include: nausea, drowsiness, headache and irritability. You can read more on it here: Is there anything else I can help you with? ## Are there any sleeping/anxiety meds in Canada that are not considered benzos?? Therefore they are safe to take on Methadone program... Any feedback would be helpful! Need help quickly... :) ## Actually, this pill is a Canadian temazepam 30mg. I have a prescription. ## And I'm also currently on a methadone program at 160mg, and I take 25mg diazepam, 0.3mg clonidine, 10mg olanzapine, and 30mg temazepam daily, all of which except the olanzapine were prescribed and are heavily monitor... ...
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Wed, Sep 18 '13, 12:49 PM   4  Subscribe to thread 199800
oxycodone 5-325
How long does oxycodone 5 325 keep you out of pain before taking another one? ## Hello, Melissa! How are you? It depends on the person and the severity of their pain, but it's generally dosed every 6 hours. This is a narcotic analgesic, so it has the potential to be habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, dry mouth and constipation. Is there anything else I can help with? ...
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Fri, Mar 28 '14, 3:59 PM   1  Subscribe to thread 262573
## I think this post was referring to the medication Pravachol, which contains the active ingredient Pravastatin and is used to help lower cholesterol. The statin medications can cause some problematic side effects in some people that may include nausea, headache and joint/muscle aches. Many times they are severe enough that someone has to discontinue taking them, so be on the lookout for such issues. Are there any other questions I can help with? You can learn more Pravastatin details here. ...
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Wed, Feb 27 '13, 4:53 PM   1  Subscribe to thread 158190
wysolone 20 mg
I am suffering from Atopic Dematitis since 1990 and taking Allegra 180 mg a day whenever I get rashes in the skin. But when the season changing timings, my itching will be severe and red patches occur all over the body. Then, I ought to take a course of WYSOLONE of 20 mg for 15 days minimum and gradually reduced to 10 mg for a week. Like this, I ought to be in steriod base once in every 2 or 3 years. WHAT WILL BE THE SIDE EFFECTS OF THIS INTAKE OF WYSOLONE. Can anybody guide me. ## please reply i am using wyslone 20mg from 3 months suffering from ocular mysthenia gravis imy eye is alright but i am over weight my weight was 49 but now i gain 72 please reply at the earlist. ...
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Tue, Mar 30 '10, 1:24 AM   1  Subscribe to thread 194301
This is a pill to help loose wheigt ## I am very sorry, I can't find any information on this and I tried several different sites. Nothing is coming up, not even in the language translators and I tried several of those as well. The only thing I found was on site that says it means yawning. Are you quite certain this is the correct name and spelling of this product? Does anyone else know anything about this substance? ## i want to know the side effects before take this pill. and are they safe to take yctpahehne anwhero beca what does it mean in english ## I need Yctpahehne to loss weigth ## if you are concerning in loose weight safely, Monavie came up with a product called RVL, it's delicious and I lost 40 lbs in 3 months. ## There is NO magic weight loss pill. Taking a pill will ... ...
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how much time takes to heal up a torn muscle. ## for which ailment altraday is prescribed ? pain killer or healing medicine for torn muscles ## Altraday contains the active ingredient Aceclofenac, it is a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory, so it will help with the pain and swelling, but not the actual healing, that will still take some time and the muscle will really had to do that on its own. Side effects may include: nausea, headache, dizziness and stomach irritation. Learn more: Is there anything else I can help with? ...
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Mon, Apr 23 '12, 7:45 PM   2  Subscribe to thread 223995
barr 302 yellow and red
A friend gave me a red and yellow oblong pill with Barr 302 imprinted on the yellow side. He told me it would hit me like a painkiller and I should take it. I dont mess with drugs,what is it for? ## The pill you have is Hydroxyzine pamoate (50 mg). Hydroxyzine is used as a mild tranquilizer, and is especially common in dentistry. You can view a more detailed description of the drug by clicking on the link below... If you have any more questions or concerns regarding Hydroxyzine pamoate, please post back so I can further assist you. ...
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