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Lo Loestrin Fe: I took a white tablet instead of a blue-HELP?!
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I accidentally took a white tablet instead of a blue one for lo loestrin fe. What do I do?!? ## Hi Sarah, I wouldn't worry. Based on my research, there isn't a huge difference between the blue and white Lo Loestrin Fe pills. The white pills contain 0.1 mg of Ethinyl Estradiol; one of the synthetic estrogens used in most birth controls. The blue pills also contain 0.1 mg of Ethinyl Estradiol plus an additional 1 mg of Norethindrone; which is another type of synthetic estrogen. Basically, you just took a smaller dose of birth control, but not by much. This shouldn't effect you in a major way, you might just experience some light spotting and/or cramping. Learn More: Ethinyl Estradiol + Norethindrone Details Please post back if you have any additional questions or concerns, I h... ...
Updated 7 months ago in Lo Loestrin Fe.
Sat, May 10 '14, 5:23 AM
what is a green pill with lu on one side and 602 on the other
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what is a green pill with lu on one side and 602 on the other ## I located a couple pills with LU on them. One says LU D01 and it's green, Click here to see a picture of the pill. This is Sertraline 25 mg, which is an antidepressant of the selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI) class. I also located another pill with LU D02 on it but it's more blue than green, this pill is Sertraline 50 mg. To learn more click on the link below... Do you have any more questions or information to add? Please post back if you do. ## I found a pale green pill.It has LU on one side and 602 on the other side. ...
Updated 3 years ago in Sertraline.
Wed, Nov 09 '11, 8:39 PM
Round White Pill Blank On One Side Line Through The Other
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I order 2mg klonopin and I got small round white pills, one side is blank, the other has a line through it...can it b real? ## Is it possible in getting the real klonopun? ## Klonopin is usually yellow, green, or blue, even when Generic, What you have there, if it were a prescription pill, it would have some kind of coding (letters, numbers etc.) there is NO WAY to tell otherwise what you have, I would not take it if I were you, you never know what it is, and you could be allergic to it. It could kill you. If it didn't come from your Doctor, and you ordered it on the Net, you are risking your life if you take it. Klonopin is a narcotic, and unless it was given to you by a Dr. that you saw face-to-face, it is illegal. Be careful. ## Any suggestions of how to get it from a real doctor... ...
Updated 1 year ago in Klonopin.
Sat, Jun 15 '13, 10:34 AM
blue oblong capsule and black oblong capsule no imprint
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hi i was cleaning out my ex's draws and i found a light blue capsule iped open n empty with a very fine whire powder residue also a speed/crack baggie ripped right down the sides and a maccas straw cut into a 3cm legnth at an angle at one end.. they are not his but an ex friend we allowed to stay with us for a while who used the draws, i also found a lot of viagra bottles and two plain black no marking capsules in a sandwich bag. im guessing ther are illict (both blue and the black capsules) ive flushed the capsules but was curiouse as to what the sum was takin in my house around my children ...
Updated 1 year ago in Viagra.
Sat, Aug 10 '13, 10:58 PM
Show Pictures Of Zanaxs dark blue with number 2089 on back
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i found a zanax but its dark blue with the number 2089 on the back of the pill is this a zanax,mine are light blue, ## I can't post a picture due to copyright reasons, but I can provide you with a description of the pill that is a generic for Xanax that has a 2089 on it. It should be an oval shaped tablet, with a 2089 over the letter V on one side of it, there should be nothing on the other side except a score mark to make it easier to break the pill in half. These tablets are a light blue that is speckled with dark blue. Now, since the speckling and coloring process is not precise, this could easily result in a pill that looks to be dark blue or mostly dark blue. Is the 2089 over a V, as I described? The only way to be certain would be to have it lab tested, because there are somet... ...
Updated 1 year ago in Xanax.
Sat, Aug 03 '13, 7:45 AM
Missed 1 pill in week 1 6th day and bleeding heavy for 1 week
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I have been on this birth control first time only because of a pilgrimage. However I missed my pill number 6 blue pill in week 1 and realized around 18 hours later and took two pills that day however I m bleeding heavily. Is this normal and also for how long will this bleeding last? I also was going slightly up and down on my time to take the pill however will get more consistent. I just want to ensure no periods after 2 months. As exactly that's when I go for 1 week. Any insight will be appreciated. ## These are hormonal based contraceptives, so yes, menstrual irregularities can be normal for the first 3 months, especially when you miss pills or take them more then 12 hours late. Learn more oral contraceptive details here. That said, taking it also doesn't ensure that you won&#... ...
Updated 2 years ago in Lo Loestrin Fe.
Wed, Nov 28 '12, 11:09 AM
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FOUND AND WANT TO KNOW WHAT ITS FOR ## I don't have a picture to post for you, however, I can confirm that a tablet meeting this description and with this marking contains 650mgs of Acetaminophen and 10mgs of Hydrocodone, the active ingredients in Vicodin, a narcotic analgesic. Common side effects may include: nausea, drowsiness, dizziness and constipation. Read more: Is there anything else I can help you with? ...
Updated 4 years ago in Acetaminophen.
Tue, Sep 28 '10, 6:54 PM
Methylene Blue Urolene TauRx Rember
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Urolene Blue pills may no longer be made. If you can get the I.V. form of methylene Blue, it should distill out using a simple water purifying distiller (along with a touch of salt crystals in the MB, perhaps). Dump the pale blue water that comes out, and scrape the residue inside the distiller --- that's the MB. In this solid form it is weird looking stuff. Kind of a golden green shiny material ... has a Formica quality to it. If powder is required, grind it up with a mortar and pestle. If you do all this in a room (like a kitchen) that you've sprayed with the correct disinfectant (say alcohol and Lysol) and first sterilize all the items that you use, then it should still be pharmaceutical-ish grade. No worse, I suspect, than baking cookies. This is expensive, since the yield f... ...
Updated 7 months ago in Urolene Blue.
Wed, Apr 16 '14, 9:10 PM
percocet30mgwithA/215 please show the picture of the pill
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a round blue pill that has A/215 on it its suppost to be a percocet 30 can you show me a picture of this pill ## Located a match it's Oxycodone 30 mg, which is a drug used to treat pain (moderate to severe levels). To learn more click on the link below... Do you have any more questions or information to add? Please post back if you do. ## 512 ONE SIDE OTHER SIDE A LINE ## ww 21 on one side other side blank blue round tablet ...
Updated 4 years ago in Percocet.
Wed, Jul 07 '10, 2:29 PM
large blue capsule shaped tablet V 15 inscribed on one side
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found a baggie with about 30 of these in it when I moved. No reason to believe they are any kind of ilicit thing or even prescription, more likely some kind of pain reliever or anti-inflamatory. But I'd like to know for sure before I do anything with them. Sound familiar ## I am just not finding this listed anywhere. However, most databases only contain prescription medications, not supplements or anything else over the counter. I am sorry, I really wish I could help more. Were they found in the U.S.? Does anyone else know what these might be? ...
Updated 4 years ago.
Sat, Mar 13 '10, 7:16 PM
glaxo 394
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blue pill ...
Updated 9 years ago.
Mon, Nov 21 '05, 6:34 AM
Blue And White Capsule With A Thin Red Line Around The Middle
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I found this pill on my house, and I was wondering what it could be? It's blue and white with a thin red line in the middle. And between the blue and red its almost a black line. ## Are there any markings, or logos on it? If not, we can rule it out as being a U.S. manufactured prescription medication, because they are all required to have unique markings to enable their identification. However, it could be any one of a large number of over the counter items. There is also a small chance that it could be a foreign medication. ...
Updated 3 years ago.
Tue, Sep 13 '11, 10:37 AM
White Round Pill FR On One Side And double scored on the other
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I have a round white pill with FR on one side and Double scored on the other. Blue specks are inside the pill. ## I've tried searching for this several times, since I first read your post, but I haven't found anything that matches. The fact that the imprint is rather vague leads me to suspect that this is most likely an over the counter product of some type. Where was it found? Some products are regional, so knowing the general location may help to narrow it down. Does anyone else recognize this tablet? ## I found one of the same pills on the bottom of one of my shoes. it scares me to death.. I have a 19 month old walking around picking things up all the time. I have no idea where this came from! ## it's Excedrin, caffeine, asprin, tylenol. Nothing major, but wouldn't wa... ...
Updated 1 year ago in Caffeine.
Thu, Nov 21 '13, 9:17 AM
Big Around White Pill S (square S) On One Side Blank on The Other
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I found this pill in my son room please help me to know what is this. It is a big white pill one side has a big S and nothing on the others side ## Hi Alex, The closet match I'm finding right now is a 50 mg Sominex sleep aid pill; which appears to be light blue in color as opposed to white. Other than that it's a pretty thick round pill with an "S" imprinted on one side and blank on the other. You can view a photo of the pill by running a search on google images for "white pill S sominex" Please post back if you think this may or may be your pill. ...
Updated 1 year ago in Sleep Aid.
Thu, Jan 31 '13, 5:16 PM
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bp-10 blue ## I m 40 yrs old. My BP is 130/88. I'm not into any medications. What is your suggestion? I'm normal. ...
Updated 3 years ago.
Fri, Dec 09 '11, 12:32 AM
blue round tablet with s l 100 and a capital m on the other side
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What is a blue round tablet with s l 100 and a capital m on the other side? Is it real? ## Hello, Otis! How are you? I'm not sure what you mean by asking if it's real? Can you please clarify? And as to what it is, I can't find a listing for any tablet matching this description with the SL 100 on one side and M on the other. Can you please double check the imprint and post back? Does anyone else recognize this tablet? ## Thanks for the response. I bought it as generic SILDENAFIL from a Canadian pharmacy but it appears not to work. ## Could u tell me what type of tablet is sl 100 with capital m on the back of it pls ## It's another name for Viagra ...
Updated 20 days ago in Viagra.
Sat, Nov 29 '14, 3:09 PM
blue oxycodone a215alf has the number
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oval, light blue color. Reads A then on bottom half the numbers read 215. I was told by my physican that these are 30 mg oxycondone. Please advise as the 214's are 15mg.The otherside is blank on both. Thank you for your clarification. ## blue oval, blank on one side, other side says A then under the line says 215. Was told by my doctor that this is a 30mg oxycondone. Let me,know as the 214 are 15mg. Thank you. ## Yes A 215 is Oxycodone 30 mg, I was unable to locate anything stating A 214 is Oxycodone 15 mg. I did locate M 15 (the M is in a square) which is Oxycodone 15 mg. If you have any more questions or information to add? Please post back if you do. If you feel concerned ...
Updated 5 years ago in Oxycodone.
Thu, Apr 23 '09, 2:08 PM
lo loestrin fe, what pill will give me my period on my first pack?
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This is my first time taking birth control and I'm on lo loestrin fe. I have one more blue pill for Saturday then on Sunday is my first white pill. ***When should I expect to get my period? ***This is my first pack, so I really don't know how my body will react to the white and brown pills or what to expect. ## Hello, Rachel! How are you? It can't give you a definite answer, but you should start about the 2nd day of taking those inactive tablets, so probably Monday, but this is just a guess. Is there anything else I can help with? ## I just saw your response so thank you for your help. & just to tell you how it went with mine... I actually never got my period. ...
Updated 4 months ago in Lo Loestrin Fe.
Thu, Aug 14 '14, 12:59 PM
Round White Pill With Teva On Back And A Number Ending In 27 The
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This is a round white pill. On one side it says teva and on the other side it has a number that looks like 3027 but its kind of faded but it definitely starts with a 3 and ends with a 27 any idea what it is. i was told it is valium but i know it is not. maybe clonopin but not sure. ## If I remember correctly, the closest to this is TEVA 3927 on a pale blue pill, which contains 10mgs of Diazepam, the active ingredient in Valium. It is a Benzodiazepine that's commonly used to treat anxiety and nervous disorders. Learn more Valium details here. Is it possible just a very light blue? ## its a 10mg diazepam, which is valium. i have the same pills. they are either white or so light blue its easy to mistake for white. ...
Updated 1 year ago in Valium.
Fri, Feb 08 '13, 7:08 PM
blue and yellow capsule was called Ekko came in Junior & Senior.
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I am an epileptic bavck in the 60-70's I was precribed a Ekko from my Doctor and Than I ordered it through National Epileptic League. Then they couuld not get it anymore. A few months I found this Ekko on my computer where you could get it for around 39.99 a bottle. I did not have a compier then. I was so happy that I found this. Now can you please help me get to this right place again? {edited for privacy} ## Hello, Zoie! How are you? I'm sorry, but I can't find anything listed under that name. Are you certain thats the correct spelling? I'll keep looking and post back, when I have information for you. ...
Updated 8 months ago in Anticonvulsant.
Sat, Mar 29 '14, 3:18 PM

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