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high bilirubin
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My mom received 2 doses of kadcyla. However her bilirubin count shot up to 2.98 & is unable to continue the treatment. Can u help? ## From what I've read, bilirubin is a yellowish pigment found in bile (a fluid made by the liver). Apparently, it is normal to have some bilirubin in your blood. However, normal levels are reportedly in the range of 0.3 to 1.9 mg/dL The article below discusses various tests that are done to measure the amount of bilirubin in the blood (and what it means to have high levels of it): In some patients, different types of cancer medication (such as kadcyla) could just end up doing more harm than good. So I would probably look at it as a good thing and not get discouraged by the discontinuation of the drug. ... ...
Updated 1 year ago in Kadcyla.
Fri, Oct 11 '13, 1:13 PM
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Why wysolone is given to a person whose haemoglobin is 5 and bilirubin is 4 point ...
Updated 9 months ago.
Tue, Jun 03 '14, 12:39 AM
abnormal lft report
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Hi, I recently got my blood tests done, including lft my bilirubin direct, indirect, total and sgot are normal but only sgpt is high at 72 iu/l. Why it is like that? for your kind reference my cholesterol total, triglycerides, hdl ratio is high whereas my cholesterol hdl direct is low. Can u please suggest why there is so many discrepancies in my report. Would b very thankful. ...
Updated 11 months ago in Cholesterol.
Mon, Apr 14 '14, 5:00 PM
Hydrocodone Apap 5mg 500mg long term side affects
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Can medication listed in title cause liver ( Bilirubin) increases? My Bilirubin labs have been coming back at at 1.6-1.9. Can it be harmful in the long run? ## The APAP is medication speak for Acetaminophen and it is very well known that long-term use of it can have detrimental effects on the liver. Have you spoken to your doctor about it? If you require a narcotic analgesic, you may need to switch to something that doesn't have the Acetaminophen in it. ...
Updated 3 years ago in Hydrocodone.
Sat, Feb 04 '12, 10:42 AM
Advice for Medicine
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I m 27 years old. My lipid profile is: Cholesterol 284:TG 483:VLDL 66 : HDL 135. LFT: Bilirubin's /3.3 Alk Phosphate 484 SGOT& SGPT 135& 90.What medicines. ...
Updated 6 months ago in Cholesterol.
Mon, Aug 25 '14, 11:52 PM
Udiliv Tab
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i would like to know the side effects of udiliv tab my SGOT is 385U/L and SGPT is1240U/L and serum bilirubin is 13.96 ## kindly tell me why my alkaline phosphate isincreasing ?Isit iam on udiliv 300mg bd .which was started after my RFA.LFT is getting deranged after this procedure,also iam on tasb denorm 40mg (glcalzide)especially alp,and alt.KINDLY SUGEST ME,thankyou. ## Udiliv contains the active ingredient Ursodiol, which is a bile acid, it is most commonly used to treat some liver problems and gall stones. Common side effects may include: nausea, body aches, chills and back pain. Learn more: Wilma, have you discussed he problem with your doctor to determine a possible cause? They would be the best person to advise you in this situation, since they are familiar with everything you'... ...
Updated 3 years ago in Ursodiol.
Sun, Sep 25 '11, 5:28 PM
lever problem
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my SGOT is 44.4IU/L please suggests me how many days we are takeing Tab udilive 300.And my Serum Bilirubin is 0.4 mg it is normal ranage and SGPT is 32.8Iu/L is it normal range and serum Alkaline phosphates is 208.07Iu/L is also normal ranage, ...
Updated 9 months ago.
Mon, May 26 '14, 12:55 AM
Udiliv 600
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I have grade 2 fatty liver changes with slight occasional pain in right upper abdomen - my SGPT is 45 - bilirubin etc is normal. I have borderline high cholestrol. Doctor has prescribed udiliv 600 twice a day. I wonder if its warranted as I believe Udiliv is contraindicated in liver problems. ## i have mild fatty liver infiltration and high cholesterol doctors has prescribed udiliv 600 twice a day for one month . it is possible recover after one month fatty liver problems please advised me ...
Updated 1 year ago in Cholesterol.
Thu, Feb 20 '14, 5:55 AM
telma am side effects-BP
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doctor had changed my BP tablet from losar 50 to Telama AM, after one year in my regualr annual checkup, I found Bilirubin uncongujucated increased to 6 and max is 4. it is due to tablet or drinks (2-3 time in week) ...
Updated 4 months ago.
Sat, Nov 08 '14, 2:30 AM
Koch's lymphadenitis
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My mother got Koch's Lymphadenitis and she is taking 4 AKuriT-4 tablets from last 21 days and as doctor suggested a test of Bilirubin , SGPT, Uric Acid and Alcaline Phosphates and SGPT is 54 U/L which is showing much high than normal range . Doctor has also given an antibiotic as she is getting fever three times a day and temparature reaches above 100 and once above 101 degree Fahrenheit .Doctor has also given an antibiotic for 15 days. I need some suggessions about her medications and diet . Though doctor is checking her , But please till give me some suggessions .And also let me know is it dangerous or curable fully and what kind of side effects she may get ...
Updated 2 years ago.
Sun, May 20 '12, 10:43 AM
evion 400 liver
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I have a cirrhotic liver with fibrosis 8.5kpa...Doctor have advised one Evion 400 every day...I am also taking Tenofovir...My HBVDNA is neg,my Lft report is-albumin-4.05,Sgpt-43,Sgot-39,direct bilirubin-0.33.....How Evion 400 is helpful for me? ...
Updated 1 month ago in Albumin.
Wed, Feb 25 '15, 7:32 AM
Pantop Hp - Jaundice
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I'd taken the 14 day course of Pantop HP kit. After 10 days i'd symptoms of extreme weakness and headache. I'd started vomiting on the 13th day and next day i was diagnosed with jaundice...bilirubin count 4.1 mg/dl, SGTP 487. Nine months have passed and now my counts is Biliruben 1.8 , SGPT 41. Could the dosage of amoxicillin caused jaundice? . Please advise any meds that would gets my counts to normal.(Diet is strict... no proteint, no fats intake) ...
Updated 2 years ago in Amoxicillin.
Mon, Jul 02 '12, 10:56 AM
What is the best medicine of janudice- Udiliv*300 or Golbi 300 in respect of me?
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Age-42. my problem is sickness,Not Brown urine, generally a sign of poor liver function.The urine coloured is white.normal coloured in stool, Bilirubin -1.65 & SGPT-74 ## Hello, Prabir! How are you? Which medication has your doctor told you to take? When you have a medical problem, it is always best to trust your doctor and follow their advice. They are the person most familiar with your medical history. ...
Updated 1 year ago.
Tue, Sep 24 '13, 4:22 PM
Taxim O 200 Tab
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Often my 11 year daughter suffers from indigestion and pain around the naval area.Doctors prescribe Taxim-O 200 drug telling us that she is suffering from infection.Now she suffers from fever,indigestion.Recently her Bilirubin counting was 4.67.I'm afraid she might be suffering from liver problem.She was in nursing home for three days.Does overdose of Taxim-O cause liver disease? ...
Updated 1 year ago in Heart Burn / Indigestion.
Sun, May 26 '13, 12:06 AM
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i was suffering from typhoid from last 3 months. i test my blood. and found that was postive. i took medicine for 3 time . but widal test still positive, 1:160, H1:80. than my doctor suggest me to liver test result was serum bilirubin 1.76mg/dl conjugated(D, bilirubin) 0.84 and SGPT/ALT 47 and other was normal. He give me tab Urdiogem 300 and livprers. is it right treatment or not because i still suffering from digest problem and some problem of gas. i feel pain on the upper side of left abdomen and pain very high. Ultrasound of total abdomen was ok.plese if any body (Dr.)have any suggestion for me post it to me. ## Tab Urdiogem was prescribed to me for some liver problem. I think Yours might be gastrict problem. ...
Updated 2 years ago.
Mon, Feb 25 '13, 11:36 PM
I Am Diagonised With Gilberts Syndrom A Type2 Diabetic Fatty Liver My Sgot Sgpt Is High For The Past 3 Years How Does Orsocol Help In Controling Bilir
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Iam a type-2 diabetic for the past 10 years taking insulin 15 - 15. 3 Years back I was d diagonised with fatty liver and my bilirubin count is around 2 +/- .5. LFT confirms I do not have Hepat, a, b c d or e. My sgot & sgpt are also slightly high. Doctor (endo-crynologist) opined that the bilirubin may be with me for the past few years, or is gilberts syndrom. He has priscribed Urosocol-450 1 in the morning and evening for 1 month and do check up again. Revently I came to know that type-2 diabetics can be cured with a sucess chance of 95%, if you are suffering type-2 diabetics for the past 10-15 years and if you are under 60 years through keyhole surgery. YOUR EXPERT COMMENTS PLEASE. ## I was diagnosed with pre diabetes and MRI found I had fatty liver also a few months before.i didn... ...
Updated 1 month ago in Diabetes.
Sat, Jan 31 '15, 2:46 AM
Chronic Jaundice
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i am 31 years old. i had jaundice in 2010 and it got cured after 3-4 months. but my billirubin levels hovers around 1 to 1.4 most of the times. my apetite is perfect but i feel lethargy, muscle pain, mild fever, heaviness in head and my eyes also looks little yellow. these days i was taking Liv-52 tablets but to no effect. my doctor says the it is happening bcoz i had jaundice and not to worry. Bilirubin, Total 1.12 mg/dL SGPT level is 30.00 U/L SGOT level is 44.00 U/L TLC Level 5.50 thou/mm3 HEPATITIS B SURFACE level - 0.00 IU/ml ...
Updated 2 years ago in Hepatitis.
Sun, May 06 '12, 10:03 AM
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why franxit is prescribed ## Please tell me why is Franxit prescribed and what are its side effects? ## why Franxit is prescribed? ## sir what is the side effects,advantage and why it should be taken the franxit medicine? ## why franxit is used,tell me in detail about this tablet ## What are the side effects of this medicine. ## what is the side effects,advantage and why it should be taken the franxit medicine? ## Sir, Last year I had jaundice. Accordingly I consulted with a local Doctor. He instructed me for Blood Test & Urine Test& Sonography . observing report It was found as follows: 1) In sonography report shown –Hepatomegaly with parenchymal Liver Disease. 2) in Blood test report “Bilirubine-2.5, SGPT-80, SGOPT-55, Uric Acid found mild After that He prescribed ... ...
Updated 4 years ago.
Thu, Feb 17 '11, 7:44 AM
I Am A Patient Of Gastric Problem Using Pantodac Tab 40 Mg Now Alright Fro Last 5 Years It So How Long Have To Use This Medicin
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I am a patient of gastric problem . I am using Pantodac Tab of 40mg. from last 5 years. How long I will have to use this medicine, If I am in proper diet ? ## Pantodac contains the active ingredient Pantoprazole, it is a proton pump inhibitor that is used to reduce the amount of acid produced by the stomach to treat various gastro-intestinal conditions. And have you consulted your doctor? That is a very long to have been using this, the normal course of treatment varies from 8 to 16 weeks, depending on the condition being treated and its severity. Even the over the counter products instruct you not to use them for more than 2 weeks, in a row, unless your doctor has instructed you otherwise. ## Recently I had tested LFT and in the report the following were found: BILIRUBIN TOTAL 0.8 mg/d... ...
Updated 3 years ago in Pantoprazole.
Wed, Sep 07 '11, 7:24 AM
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wants to know which drug i can take that will eventually eliminate and make my liver sound ## thanks for responding to my mail.OK let me be more specific.its been over a year now and a few months that i was diagnose to be hepatitis B positive,and was place on lamuvidine and was asked to avoid protine and eat more starchy things.two months later,i went to run an LFT test to ascertain the level of recovery and discovered every thing was normal except for the bilirubin which was slightly above normal.since then,i have tried a couple of drugs like essential forth,aldactone and live a new and a couple of others that came with it.this cost me over two hundred dollar.even though,those abdominal pains i used to have are no longer there as used to.recently,i discovered my eyes were getting reddi... ...
Updated 1 year ago in Aldactone.
Thu, Sep 19 '13, 1:12 PM

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