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Best Medicine To Gain Weight

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Best Vitamins To Gain Weight
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I'm 30 years old and my weight is 88.2pounds I want to gain some more pounds what is the best vitamins should I take. ## Generally, vitamin "deficiencies" are what influences weight gain; not necessarily the other way around. In my honest opinion, if you're looking to gain weight in the most natural and healthful way, it'll likely involve significant changes in one's diet and exercise habits. Meals may include whole nutrient dense foods with little to no empty calories, so you can get the most nutrition out of each and every bite. Another suggestion is to supplement with something that will help increase your appetite. Depending on your view, cannabis has extreme appetite increasing properties; however there are other pills/products/supplements out there that can... ...
Updated 1 year ago in Vitamins & Supplements.
Thu, May 09 '13, 9:30 PM
best cheap drug to gain weight
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am so thin. I need advise on the drug i should take in order to have an increase in my weight. ...
Updated 1 year ago.
Wed, Nov 27 '13, 2:50 AM
Weight gain
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My Dr. prescribed Lyrica for me. I don't want to take it. My best friend gained 40lbs. Has anyone else had weight gain? ## I have been on it for at least a year now and have not experienced weight gain. This was/is extremely important in light of the fact that I had gained 35 lbs. which resulted from various antidepressants. I DID experience drowsiness/dizziness for two months but worked around it by taking 2 hours before getting up, naptime and then at bedtime. Best wishes. ## Thank you for responding! Madeline ## Yes! Extreme weight gain...40-45 lbs. I am trying to get off of it and having additional problems as well. See Problems with Lyrica post! ## Weight gain is a very common side effect of these types of medications. ## Yes, I have been on it for 2 years and have put on 15+ k... ...
Updated 14 days ago in Lyrica.
Sat, Mar 14 '15, 8:36 PM
Weight gain
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i have gained about 12 pounds while taking 100 MG of this drug. I have been on a no carbs diet and have also been walking for 30 minutes four times a week. ## My daughter has been on pristiq for 7 months and has gained 30lbs. Her primary care dr is concerned but she claims this has worked the best for her. Does the weight gain stop? ## I've been on pristiq for about 6-7 weeks and have now gained about 12 pounds while working out and trying to follow weight watchers diet. gained 30 pounds on sineqan mayn years ago. ## I have been taking 50 mg. Prestiq for 7 years and working well. My doc decided 100 mg would be better since I went through a treatment center for Opiates and since they changed I have gained a severe amount of weight. I wander if it's from Pestiq. ...
Updated 2 years ago in Pristiq.
Sat, May 19 '12, 3:37 PM
to gain lost weight
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I am 60 years old and lost weight due to double lung infection. Which is now clear I would prefer to put back the Lost 10 to 15 kgs lost ## Hello, Mike! How are you doing? It will most likely just be a matter of time, as your body heals and things return to normal the weight will likely return. It is probably going to just require some patience on your part. Have you consulted your doctor? It would be best to do that, just to be sure there's nothing else going on, but otherwise eating healthy will be your best solution. ...
Updated 1 year ago.
Fri, Nov 29 '13, 11:47 AM
what medicine is best
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what med is best for hypothyroid ## There is no one medication that is best, since they can all work differently for different people. What might help you, may not help someone else or may make them very ill. The only way to find out which one gives you the most benefit is by trying it. Levothyroxine is the most commonly used, but it can cause some serious side effects, such as: nausea, drowsiness and weight gain. Read more: Do you have any other questions? ...
Updated 4 years ago in Levo-T.
Mon, Oct 25 '10, 4:46 PM
fat gain medicine name
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sir , actually due to busy routine it may not to be possible that i take proper food due to this i have a slim body .. if u have any protein or medicine which make me a fit body not too fat or gymi body but atleast a healthy person plz suggest me any medicine ## Hello, Vikas! How are you? Actually, adding a drug, when you don't eat properly could be very dangerous. No matter how busy and stressful your life is, you need to stop and eat proper meals, there is just no way to get around it. Have you consulted your doctor? They should be able to help you determine the best dietary intake for you. ## sir i am 17 year old. My height is about 180cm but my weight is only 60kg and i am looking very thin, so please sir, say any good medicine through which i can gain my attrective weight ## hi... ...
Updated 16 days ago.
Thu, Mar 12 '15, 10:04 AM
vitamin to gain weight
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I'm 32 yr old women, I been losing a lot of weight I'm suppost to be 160 and now I'm in 125 what vitamins are good to gain my weight back and fast.. Thank you. ## Hi Muneca22, If you're looking to gain weight, vitamins can be a great way to help supplement your nutrient intake, providing energy, as well as improving absorption of the foods you eat. However, I think It might be a good idea to have blood work done first in order to determine whether you have any nutrient deficiencies - that way you can know without a doubt what specific nutrient(s) your body is lacking in. A standard multivitamin could probably suffice in terms of replacing deficiencies, but from my experience, raw vitamins and minerals derived from whole fruits/vegetables tend to be best since they are no... ...
Updated 22 days ago in Vitamins & Supplements.
Fri, Mar 06 '15, 2:37 PM
Weight Gain Help
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Good Day!!! I want to gain weight and looking for the best vitamins to take. I've been taking different vitamins for the past years and none of these really work. I am 33, 5 feet flat and weighs 40 kg. Thanks ...
Updated 2 years ago.
Tue, Oct 30 '12, 1:19 AM
best vitamins for teeanagers to gain weight?
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i'm looking for a vit. that will help me to gain weight.. ## i want a medicine or vitamins that will gain my weight faster ## I can't gain weight even i eat a lot. what can you say about it? I want to gain weight as soon as possible. Help me! ## Hi,am 20yrs old,but i look like a 13yrs old girl,I need a vitamin that will make grow faster and gain weight.Thanks ## I want a medicine or vitamins that will gain my weight and grow faster ? ## what is the Best Vitamins For Teeanagers To Gain Weight? ## hello am 28 yrs old and very skinny so what kind of medicine do I need to have in order to gain my weight ## im 23 year old and I weight ony 39.8 height s 1.65 to thin ..I want to get fat ...wat vitamin or pill I was use at least to gain weight and wear size 30 or 28 pls hlp ... ...
Updated 1 month ago in Vitamins & Supplements.
Tue, Feb 03 '15, 7:56 AM
Best Vitamins To Gain Weights Ages 6 7 Yrs Old
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what is the best vits. for my daughter ?she's already 6 yrs. old. and she still skinny.i want her to gain weight.thankz ...
Updated 2 years ago.
Mon, Jul 30 '12, 11:59 PM
weight gain from Xeralto?
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I had a deep vein clot in my leg. after having surgery I started taking Xarelto. Having takin it for 8 months now I have gained 58 pounds, and my heart seems to pump extra hard while trying to do activities. I was an infantry soldier and construction worker so I am used to physical activity. DID anyone else seem to gain weight and hold water? I can't seem to loose this weight. ## Hello, David! How are you? It isn't a listed side effect of this medication, but you are not the first person to post about this problem, which means it most likely is the cause. However, the best thing to do would be to consult your doctor to be safe, so they can check for any other issues that could be causing it. Is there anything else I can help with? ## Yes. 'Been on Xarelto for 8 mos. and gain... ...
Updated 6 months ago in Xarelto.
Fri, Sep 05 '14, 11:28 AM
need a help to gain weight
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hiiiii!!! my name is ruman ;n I m from india; my height is 5'5" inch n I m 18 years old with just 35 kg weight ;I m too skinny n I m upset due to my weight problems I eat as much as I could but still unable to gain weight ;I exercised n did many things to gain but I m unable to gain weight ; so plz help me out plz asap ; I wud be very much thankful to you.......... ## Hello, Ruman! How are you doing? Do you suffer from any health conditions? You are still young, so your weight will probably change as you get older. At 18, you're still in a growing phase, even if you don't get any taller and it will take a bit for your body to slow down and settle out. Thus, it might be best to just wait awhile yet and see what happens in another year or two. Have you consulted your docto... ...
Updated 1 year ago.
Fri, Mar 14 '14, 1:11 AM
gain weight pills
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What is the best pills to really gain weight. And not spend money on something that dosent work ## Hi Tara, there is something called " weight gain" and u can get it at a health food store. I know people that have used it and they had good results. It's a powder u mix up into a shake. ## @Tara, I've always felt that gaining weight was mostly diet and lifestyle related (i.e. - eating more calories than you're able to burn on a regular basis). Sure supplements could also be of help, but implementing changes to your diet and lifestyle is probably where you'll get the most immediate results from if you stay away from overly processed foods. Have you tried increasing your caloric intake on a daily basis or upping the amount of protein you consume? ...
Updated 9 months ago.
Tue, May 27 '14, 8:44 PM
weight gain syrup
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sir my health is down so i want best medicin for incresing appetite and health ## Hello, Vividha! How are you? What type of health problem are you having? A proper solution is going to depend on the cause. Have you consulted your doctor? ...
Updated 11 months ago.
Wed, Apr 09 '14, 1:05 PM
weight gain pills
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weight gain pills ## Iam a 28 yerars boy, but weight is 49 KGs So i wanted to gain weight as faster as possible Kindly provide tablet or pill name to increase weight.Thanks ## I'm slim and i need to gain gain weight as soon as possible for my marriage what is the fastest solution? ## try pereactin .. gain 15 to 20 pounds in 3 to 4 months doing nothing .. it helps increase ur appetite . but do research for safety percautions. ## i am 27 years old, my height 5'4'', but my weight is 45kgs. how to gain my weight? ## I AM 19 BOY 6FEET HEIGHT AND 54 KGS WEIGHT PLEASE TELL FAST WEIGHT GAIN TABLETS ## i am 27 years old, my height 170cm', but my weight is 43kgs. how to gain my weight? ## Practin25 mg is the best tablet for weight gain but you will feel few sleepy but nice tab... ...
Updated 11 months ago.
Fri, Apr 04 '14, 8:04 PM
Injections To Gain Weight
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Im 29 years old. My weight is 50kg, ## I'm not aware of any injections (aside from steroids) that can smaller people gain weight. Someone else in another thread here actually had a similar issue, but recommended trying Periactin (cyproheptadine). Apparently long term use of the drug can stimulate the appetite and may lead to weight gain, which is helpful for underweight people. You can learn more about this drug on the page for Periactin Details Overall, if you are a smaller person who wishes to gain weight, in my honest opinion your best bet is to follow a proper diet and exercise regimen. Even doing that, some people are just naturally small, so your weight may or may not change that significantly. I hope this info helps! ## Hi, my name is Christy. I am 32 yrs. old and have2 kids.... ...
Updated 1 year ago in Periactin.
Mon, Aug 19 '13, 8:27 PM
Drug To Help You Gain Weight
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Sir,I am a 19 years skinny boy.Sir please can you help me to get proper advice for weight gain.Please sir i am totally fade up with my body.please send me the suggestions at xxxxx@xxx {edited for privacy}.Thank you. ## my son is 12 years old he is very thin please sugeest me a pills an tonic to become him fat , my mother in law is scolding me so please help me mam ## Both of you need to post back with more details, such as height and weight, to go along with the listed ages. Can you please post back? Getting fat, per se, is not safe and healthy for anyone, regardless of whether or not anyone is complaining that someone is too thin, especially a child. Learn more weight gain details here. If someone does need to gain weight, the best and safest way to do it is through a healthy diet and ... ...
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Mon, Feb 02 '15, 2:59 PM
weight gain & safety
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Is there a problem with weight gain taking neurotin? Also, I was told it is not a safe drug and has had several lawsuits. ## NEURONTIN FOR MOOD DISORDER ## You are for sure going to gain weight and NEVER feel full on it. Lyrica and gabitril are just the same also you will feel HOT like you are going to catch a fire. ONE NASTY MEDICATION ## I've taken both medications. The Neurotin didn't help at all but I've been on the Lycria for several months now. I've had minor weight gain but have never felt like I was going to catch on fire or even a hot flash. Both of these med's have been used for years. The best thing to do is speak with your doctor. ## The effects of drugs vary from person to person, there is no way of knowing if it will cause side effects or weight gain fo... ...
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Sun, Oct 14 '12, 6:45 AM
drug to help with weight gain
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I am 22, 6ft 2in in height. am thin but will like to gain weight. can you please tell me drugs I can use that won"t have side effect or its reduced. I will be glad to hear back from you. thanks ## hlo sir, my age was 28 and next year i will be get marry but iam vry thin. So please suggest me best medicine with no any side effect to gain my body weight. I will wait for ur reply. ## Hello, Based on my research there is a medication that goes by the name of Periactin which may be of help, if you're able to get a prescription from your doctor. Periactin contains the active ingredient Cyproheptadine which is actually an antihistamine used to relieve allergy symptoms such as watery eyes, runny nose, itching eyes/nose, sneezing, hives, and itching. However, Periactin (cyproheptadine) i... ...
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Thu, Oct 31 '13, 8:57 PM

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