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rejuNuron contents
what are the ingredients that are present in rejuNuron ## RajaNuron contains the active ingredient Methylcobalamin, this is a vitamin supplement that is often used to treat pain that may be caused due to lack of this nutrient or nerve damage. As such, the side effects profile has not actually been studied for it, nor is it actually proven to help with pain, however, some people do experience relief when they use it. Read more: Are there any questions or comments? ## Rejunuron 500 wife is in 8 th month pregnent..she is suffering from wrist and thumb joint pains... Our doctor prescribed Rejunuron 500 mg tablets one for a day.. here my question is it safe for 8th month pregnent women?? please advise ...
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is white pills 831 and 735 the same
I was originally prescribed the White pill with 831 [Metoprolol] (MFR Watson) and changed to a mail order pharmacy and they sent White pill with 735 [Metoprolol]. I would like to know if these are the same pills. Thank you ## Hi, Carol! How are you? Yes, both of the tablets contain 50mgs of Metoprolol in a time released formulation, it is most commonly used to help treat high blood pressure and certain cardiac conditions. Side effects may include nausea, dizziness, headache and stomach pain. Learn more Metoprolol details here. ## Thank you very much for your reply. I am doing well. Yes, the pill is used to treat my high blood pressure. I have not had any side effects yet. Thank you, once again for replying! :) ...
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manufacturer opana
opana 15 mg 90 tablets i need a big discount its 500 dollars its first time trying the drug can you help ## this site doesn't administrate any such programs, but manufacturers often do. Opana is manufactured by Endo Pharmaceuticals. The problem here is that due to abuse and diversion, many of them don't cover controlled substances, especially since they don't consider them life sustaining medications. I did a search and the only thing I am finding on their site is a savings card offer that gives you $25 off each prescription, up to a maximum of $300 a year. For as much as it costs, that is not a very significant savings. The main problem with it is that there is no generic, at this time. However, there are many other narcotics that can successfully relieve pain and are avail... ...
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neurobion - supplier/distributor in Australia
Neurobion - a strong vitamin supplement containing B1, B6 and B12. (Thiamine 100mgs, Pyridoxone 200mgs and Cyanocobalamin 200mgs). Where can this tablet be purchased in Australia? Wayne ## i need to buy neurobion ## Where can I buy Neurobion 5000 in Sydney Australia? ## I need to buy Neurobion 5000 ## I want to buy Neurobion Forte in Sydney. Can you please advice on where can I buy them here in Sydney. I need help, I'm nearly 61 years old & still capable of working w/2 jobs but I need help with pain I am having on my knee specially the back of my knee as if I can feel the pain coming from the veins. ## i need neurobion tablets,where i can buy this in queesland australia? ## where i can buy neurobion5000 here in queensland australia ## i need to buy neurobion 5000mg for my brain ... ...
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Rifagut 400MG
how to take rifagut 400 tablets ? is it before food ar after food. ## Rifagut contains the active ingredient Rifaximin. The dosing and administration guidelines for this medication note the following: Rifaximin comes as a tablet to take by mouth "with OR without food." To help you remember to take Rifaximin, take it around the same times every day. More dosing details can be viewed in the link below: I hope this helps! ## WORK HARD, BE OBEDIENT, BE SINCERE, BE PUNCTUAL, BE HONEST, BE SELECTIVE BE A WELL WISHER, BE KNOLEDGEABLE EARN THE LIFE....... ## Who many days refagut 200mg twice a day for curing IBS AND ENTRAPPED GAS can be taken? I took the drug not regularly ## I have gastric problem.the gas comes upword.there is no pain in stomach. ...
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80 mg oxy by mail
Bought 80's online dimple packs of 10 they say they are 80mmg Oxycodone hydrochloride; distributed by Rhodes, manufactured by Purdue. IT CLEARLY SAYS [DO NOT USE UNLESS TABLETS CARRY THIS IDENTIFICATION: "R" & "P" ON SCORED SIDE AND 30 ON THE OTHER] now these are plain round white pills that say nothing and have no scoring, I took one and oh yea baby they work but not like eating two or three 15 mg Oxycodone instants there is no speedy part your just done jammed up and jelly tight. oh and lastly there is no "wow i just took some oxy any now i fell great "so what are we doing today?" pain is gone and i could actually get a few things done I think its a sticker that has been copied in a print shop then cut to measure ten or 70 thousand times and then ad... ...
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Norco Urine Smell
Went from Vicodins 750's to Norco after knee replacement surgery. My Norco is the generic and my urine smells terrible. Anyone notice this side affect? ## It's a fairly common occurrence, due to the fact that you're adding a chemical to your body, plus the tablets can also contain some fillers and your body uses your urine and feces to process them out. Learn more Norco details here. However, you should keep an eye on it and if it gets really severe, or if you start to see signs of pus in your urine or experience pain or burning, then it may be a UTI and you should seek medical assistance. How long have you been taking the Norco? ...
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signoflam and pregnancy
I want to know the complications of tab. signoflam in ptegnancy or fetous ## Signoflam contains the active ingredients Aceclofenac and Paracetamol, it is actually the Aceclofenac that's usually contraindicated in pregnancy. It can cause blood thinning, since it is a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medication, which creates a risk, if the mother should miscarry or when she goes into labor. Learn more Aceclofenac details here. Thus, it should not be taken, unless your doctor has specifically instructed you to do so. Are there any other questions or concerns? ## Hello, My wife had LMP on Dec 24-12-2013. She had an accident on 19-01-2014. She took Aceclofenac, Cefiprime, and Rantac. from 20-24 jan2013, two tablets of proxyvon pain killer. She had a chest X-ray and a clavical X-ray on 19-... ...
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morphine 2oo mg oblong blue
I was wondering I had a pill I know it was morhine. it was an oblong blue shape and color. It has been awhile I'm a chronic pain patient and I cannot take the newoxy op's I took 80mg 3x a day for along time. If any body knows the difference between just the regular morphine and the er opana ect. let me know the ms-contin did not work at all. Also the hydromorphone what is the differences in those meds? I know that is alot of info I just need to knoww. So if you know any of it let me know. THANKS ## If the Morphine ER didn't work for you, then it makes sense that the MS Contin also didn't, because they are both time released Morphine tablets. Opana contains a different narcotic, it is called Hydromorphone, it is very powerful and has helped many people with chronic pain i... ...
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large oval pill apo 500GAB
large oval white pill. Saya APO on one side and the other says 500 on one side and GAB on the other side ## MY GRANDMOTHER TAKES THESE PILLS AND I AM TRYING TO FIGURE OUT WHAT THEY ARE ## fdg ## I believe the number on the tablet was actually either 300 or 600, since there is none with a 500, but the tablets contain Gabapentin and the number is the applicable dosage. Gabapentin is an anticonvulsant that's has also been shown to help with some mood disorders and certain types of nerve pain. You can learn more Gabapentin details here. Side effects may include nausea, dizziness, dry mouth and weight changes. Are there any comments or concerns? ...
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nt 16 ## This is not Fentanyl. It is 600mg Gabapentin, or name brand Neurontin. It is used for various types of seizure disorders, convulsions and nerve pain. Side effects include nausea, headache, drowsiness, among others. ## As I recall, this isn't even available in regular pill form, they have the lozenges, and the patches, and that is all that is available anymore that I can find listed. ## That's exactly right, except for the IV doses available in the hospital, nothing else exists. ## That is what I thought, I even did a search and double checked. As I recall they had trouble getting the dosage set properly and stabilized, so they were unable to make it into tablets. They had a problem with Demerol for years, before they finally had a breakthrough and discovered other ways ... ...
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white oblong pill, scored, with LDI stamped
Xanax? ## No, this site is not certain what is in these tablets. They are from Mexico, mainly the Tijuana area and they have been sold to people as supposedly being several different medications, including Xanax, Ritalin and various narcotics. Is anyone familiar with these tablets? ## Yup, after 3+ years in the Tijuana area, I got scammed for the first time. Things are tightening up and pharmacies seem to be adhering. I do know that this particular pill is likely Ritalin. You don't always get what you want (isn't that a song?) c'est la vie ## ldi tablets from tijuana sold to me said to be generic form of xanax. i took 3 of them and had to go to the ER for traetment, i experienced the worst pain in my life. if u wonder what to do with them discard of them please!!!! they will... ...
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lortab m360
imprint M360 and M357 ## M360 is a 750mg dosage of vicodin and M357 is a 500mg dosage of vicodin. lortab will be labeled watson and look similiar to a vicodin. it is supposed to be generic vicodin but works better than vicodin. same family though but helps with pain and mellows you out more than vicodin. everybody i know including me with rods and cages in my spine prefers the lortab. ## To be exact, the dosages that Party has posted above, are only for the Acetaminophen in these medications. Those numbers DO NOT include the amounts of the actual narcotic in these tablets. M360 contains 750mgs of Acetaminophen, coupled with 7.5mgs of the narcotic Hydrocodone. Generic for Vicodin ES. M357 contains 500mgs of Acetaminophen, coupled with 5mgs of Hydrocodone. This is considered a generic for... ...
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glycomet sr 500 use
and having PCOs and Doctor advised to take Glycometsr-500 mg 3 times a day. Checked sugar level was more and now after 2 weeks its normal. does it have any side effects. i have type2 diabetes, when can i stop taking these tablets, now my periods have become regular since 6 mnths,,please can u advise me ## Hi, Nikky! What are you taking them to treat, the diabetes, the PCOS or both? Learn more Metformin details here. There is no cure for Diabetes, you'll always have to manage it to keep your sugar under control. The side effects to this medication may include nausea, dizziness, stomach pain and flatulence. What has your doctor advised? ## Actually i have PCOs also.. But Doctor told diabetes may be due to this reason also told take this until u concieve ## hi, i am havng ... ...
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celadrin capsule
I am suffering from osteoarthritis of knee I am prescribed celadrin capsules and kondro acute tablets. please let me know how it works in the body and its side effects and precautions if any. ## Celadrin is actually an over the counter supplement that claims to help with joint lubrication. The only ingredients they actually list are Esterified Oils, but they don't specifically say what they are. This also means that the side effect profiles have not been studied, nor have any precautions, since it is not a prescription medication. Kondro Acute contains Glucosamine and Diacerein. The Glucoasmine is another supplement of a substance naturally found in the body. The Diacerein is used as an anti-inflammatory to help treat pain and swelling. Its side effects can include: nausea, drowsine... ...
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WHAT IS ENHANCIN 1g and what does it use for
enhancin1g amoxicillin and clavulanate potassium tablets usp. colour white .box white blue and pink and this word written on the box ranbaxy 5x2 tablets ## The U.S. brand for this would be Augmentin, it is an antibiotic used to treat various types of infections. Common side effects may include: nausea, drowsiness, skin rash and diarrhea. You can read more here: Do you have any other questions? ## can i split enhancin 1g in two parts and take three times a day (if the dosage of 1g x 2 times a day is quite high) ## i was given enchancin 625 for throat caughing on friday by my doc. i am taking them as prescribed one every 12 having terrible bad feelings in my stomach,,and sort on consipation with some belly pains.. should i stop taking them..i cannot take the bad feelings anymore... ...
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Oval White Pill With 1 2 on one side only with a slash in center
MFG. Camber ,Oval White Tablet Side 1: 1 2 nothing on other side. Suppose to be Gabapentin 600MG ## Yes, this does match the description and marking of the 600mg Gabapentin tablet manufactured by Camber Pharmaceuticals, I found a detailed monograph sheet that lists the specific details on their Gabapentin tablets. Learn more Gabapentin details here. This is an anticonvulsant that's also used to treat certain types of nerve pain and mood disorders, so it may cause side effects, such as nausea, weight changes, dry mouth and mood disturbances. Is there anything else I can help with? ...
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What Are The Side Effects Of Krimson 35
Im having a cyst in my breast. Doc suggested to use Krimson 35. im going to get married in 4 months. will there be any effects on my future pregnancy? ## hi doctor, i was pregnant before few months i had a problem in my pregnancy so i missed my baby in the month of august. i had a TORCH test and 3 tests are positive so i had a treatment of 3 months of TORCHNIL tablets now my treatment is over and i want a baby but i have pain in my lower part of stomach and dr advise me to take a NOSTRA tablets for 5 days and i have taken it. i had periods on 22nd of November now dr advise me to take Krimson 35. should i take it or not? i have a doubt that it will create a problem in my next pregnancy. Plz Reply soon ## Krimson 35 is a an oral hormonal based contraceptive. Learn more oral contraceptive ... ...
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oralcon pills
Hi I'm an oralcon user just wanna understan, I've taken five red pills bt nothing is happening jst want if I might be pregnant or wat. I had period pains when I took the first one ## Hi Laura, When it comes to any form of hormonal contraceptive, it's important to understand that they can all cause irregular or missed periods as a common side effect. This is just the nature of what happens when your hormones fluctuate. It seems that this side effect concerns many users here on the site, as I see it posted fairly often - but in reality there's nothing to be overly concerned about when "nothing happens". Most labels for these types of medications suggest that if the tablets have been taken as directed, this will almost certainly not mean that the patient is pregnant... ...
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side effects of Bezide tab
I was given Bezide tab for high blood pressure and need to know what the side effects are. Is there a natural cure for hypertension? ## I believe the best way to naturally control high blood pressure is to have the majority of foods that are consumed, be rich in antioxidants, omega 3 fatty acid, protein and fiber. I am not an MD, but I have personally dealt with hypertension for a long time until I made this change in my diet. I hope this information leads you in right direction. Please post back if you have any more questions or concerns and I will be happy to help you. ## over the past few weeks been having sever joint pains!! ## what are the side-effects of bezide tablets.I've recently been prescribed for hypertension. ...
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