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Find A Doctor That Prescribes Methadone Indiana
Do any doctors prescribe methodone in pill form? ## Any doctor can prescribe it for pain, but not if you're looking for it to treat drug addiction. In that case, it can only be administered in a clinical setting by someone that is specially trained to do so. Learn more Methadone details here. Do you have a doctor that prefers the liquid formulation? ## I need a doc in the only/tacoma/Bremerton area that prescribes methadone. 11 orthopedic surgeries including 7 on my back. I am living on my couch and cannot go on like this. Somebody....PLEASE HELP ## hi.. well I have been on methadone for 3 yrs now and am I just received a call from my dr saying he is no longer allowed to practice, so I am assuming he lost his license. I have just a few days before my apt was suppose to be. I am so s... ...
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Sat, Jun 07 '14, 1:54 PM   4  Subscribe to thread 238494
Pro Wel
I have a lot of nerve pain and I have been to several doctors and ask them to prescribe me lyrica for my nerve pain and they all told me no due to the side effects, so I took some of my husbands lyrica and it took all of my nerve pain away, now I go to a another doctor and he prescribes me Propranolol for my tremors. I took a lyrica 200mg capsal this morning and I just took my first pill of Propranolol, How do they Interact with each other? Can I take them together? I have taken about fufteen of my husbands lyrica in the last month. I do not want to take them both if tey do not interact with each other. Please answer my question quickly. Thank You. ## I TAKE 80mg PROPRANOLOL FOR 5OR6 YEARS AND HAVE BEEN TAKING LYRICA FOR NEUROPATHY FOR THE PAST YEAR AND A HALF THE ONLY SIDE AFFECT THAT ... ...
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Mon, Mar 28 '11, 11:13 AM   1  Subscribe to thread 215763
Losartan excretion in urine
I passed six partially dissolved Losartan pills in my urine. Doctors and pharmacists tell me that it is impossible, but I collected it in a bottle for analysis. Has this happened to anyone else??? They are all the same dimensions and shape as my Losartan pills. They are definitely not rocks. ## I passed six partially dissolved generic Losartin with no. APO 50 mg pills white round pills in my urine with no pain whatsoever. I kept several pills for analysis. My doctor and pharmacist said that it is impossible. They are all the same size, color and dimension of my Losartan pills. They are definitely not stones. Did this ever happen to anyone else? Any advice? They are not being absorbed by my body so they can't be doing me any good, ## Hi June, Does this happen with other substances as... ...
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Tue, Mar 12 '13, 11:46 PM   4  Subscribe to thread 227564
does this tablet contain ranitidine ## please give me info ,on the pills i have been prescribed by my doctor in spain .dont understand the language .so cant reed all details ## what is the drug Cidine used for?My mum is 84 yrs old ,and lives with me in Spain.She has tummy pains which both doctors in England and here in Spain have said is probably scar tissue from an operation years ago pressing on other organs.She currently takes Cozaar plus,Galaxdar,Zyloric,Dianben,Emconcor,Adiro 100,Termalgin codeina,and Panteca.Yesterday she was also issued with Cidine. ...
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Wed, Sep 28 '11, 1:39 AM   2  Subscribe to thread 205983
diclofenaco for siatic nerve,degeneritive disc
I was given diclofenaco 100mg in Mexico and I was pain free in 2 days. Can't count the pills I've taken over the years to no avail. Surgery and fusing is all my US doctors could see as a cure. Only take it for flare ups and 1-2 tops. Wish I had found this years ago. Was on the "disabled" list for 3 years. Been working now 1.5 years without a hitch. ## Hi, Tom! Wow! I'm very glad that you found something that worked. In the U.S. this is only available by prescription as the generic Diclofenac or the name brand Voltaren, there may be a few others as well. It is a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory, so I do need to add some important information for you, long-term usage of this medication could cause increased blood pressure, fluid retention, stomach ulceration and/or liver... ...
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Mon, Jul 08 '13, 12:42 PM   2  Subscribe to thread 248648
i take carbamazepine levothyroxine amlodipine atenolol
I went to emergency room for my back six months ago I was UN agonizing pain. The xray they said showed sciatic nerve. Arthritis also in left hip. I been in pain since .nobody takes me serious I have been to numerous doctors and they assume I am jus after pain pills. My life has been pure hell. I don't know where to turn. I already suffer from anxiety and,depression. I need help. ## Hi LilDea, I'm very sorry to hear about your situation surrounding your medical needs. Did the doctor who performed your x-rays suggest you pursue any other avenues of treatment after going over them with you? Surely she/he could've offered some sort of advice for going about healing your body that doesn't involve pain meds (especially since it seems like they don't want you taking them in... ...
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Wed, Aug 21 '13, 2:42 PM   1  Subscribe to thread 251097
Dilaudid white m 4
Can I cut/ break this pill in half, or is it time release? I do not generally take painkillers but my sister gave me one since I am unable to move my neck. ## Cut it in half with a sharp knife. Youll get 2mg of Dilaudid. You would be much better off taking the whole pill. ## Would 4 mg be too strong? I used to take Vicodin and have a high tolerance to it. I have taken a small dose of roxy in the past and it was too potent for me. I didn't want to repeat it with this dilaudid. ## Dilaudid contains the active ingredient Hydromorphone, it is a very potent narcotic, so if you aren't used to taking it, there can be a danger of overdose if you start off with 4mgs. You really shouldn't take it, at all, without a doctors approval. However no, this tablet is not time released, it is ... ...
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Tue, Jun 12 '12, 12:49 PM   3  Subscribe to thread 231704
Help find a Doctor in Chicago Suburbs Prescribes Vicodin and refills
My primary Dr only allows 1 pill 5mg - twice per day for a year. I need doulble that to control back pain. ## I need Pain killers for a lower back slipped disc and current doctor only offers one 5 mg pill twice daily that does nothing. I am in Western Sububrbs of Chicago (Naperville/Whaton) and looking for a NEW DOCTOR that will offer higher doses or alternate prescription medication ## Have either one of you considered seeing a pain management specialist? The issue here is that you've both been seeing primary care doctors, who aren't specially trained in the handling of such issues and thus, they may not feel comfortable doing so. ## I need to find a dr in Chicago who will prescribe pain meds. Would anyone have any answers ## Has anyone found a good pain clinic in the Chicago s... ...
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Wed, Nov 28 '12, 8:37 PM   4  Subscribe to thread 229385
Just Started
My doc just prescribed Cymbalta to me yesterday. I took my first pill yesterday. I didnt read up on it till after my son told me "MOM< NO dont take that". I heard it has really bad side effects. So we got on the computer and read up on it. OMG, this is horrible. Why would doctors even prescribe this to patients??? I woke up this morning feeling kinda bad. Really shaky and feeling sick to my stomach. Is this already side effects from this? And someone PLEASE tell me should I keep taking it??? ## I have been suffering with pain from bulging disks for 3 years with some stenosis, and throbbing down my arms. I have never liked to take any meds and was afraid to take Cymbalta. I have to say after adjusting the dosage from 30 mgs to 60 mgs, it has really helped me feel halfway huma... ...
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Tue, Jun 12 '12, 4:36 AM   4  Subscribe to thread 230799
phentermine 37.5mg
oval white pill with blue flecks on outside only -M273 ## I can't find anything listed in the US databases under this marking. ## You have what I think is the very best there is.. Mutal Pharm. 273.. They look like the specks are painted on but are real 37.5 mgs phentermine. The very best and strongest I have ever taken. ## bonkersThe real Phentermine 37.5mg mp273 can't be ordered online. They will never send the real pill. Phentermine 37.5mg must be prescribed by a doctor and if the doctor you go to is a good doctor he or she will run tests on you and make sure your heart is strong and at low risk for a heartattack. In most cases after running the tests, Doctors will refuse to prescribe this medication to you. It depends on all the test results. All my tests came back excellent ... ...
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Thu, May 15 '14, 11:00 AM   4  Subscribe to thread 174702
oblong small white pill ## Could you look at the identifying numbers/letters closer as I don't seem to be able to find this pill even in the electronic PDR. Thanks. ## The L is capped. Maybe that was the mistake? ## This is a medication called Elavil or amitriptalyne (I don't exactly know how to spell the generic name.) Anyway, it is commonly used for depression but has also been used for people who have a lot of nerve pain or nerve damage like foot neuralgia from diabetes., etc. It is non-narcotic but can make you very tired. Doctors use it for a sleeping aid as well for folks. Hope this helps. ## I have a few more if you don't mind. I found a bottle of random pills. One is small and orange/yellow, round in shape and has 563 on one side and what looks like pliva around the ... ...
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Tue, May 02 '06, 1:09 PM   7  Subscribe to thread 171409
Loratab relief
I have chronic pain from fibromyalgia, inflammatory arthritis, and bulging discs in my back. So far the doctors havent been able to do much to help with the various treatments that they are having me undergo. I had a medial branch block done last week, which is basically going in and numbing your nerves and it is supposed to make your pain go away for about six hours, if it works they go in and fry the nerve endings in the same area. Problem is since the initial procedure my pain went from a normal 5 to 6 to a regular 7 to 8 and that is if I dont do anything at all. My regular doctor was prescribing Norco 5/325 for me but now that I am associated with the pain center, she would like me to see them for everything from here on out. My goal is to find a treatment method that doesnt require... ...
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Tue, Apr 09 '13, 5:26 AM   2  Subscribe to thread 244877
Bencoprim Ciclobenzaprina
10 mg tablet for sleep aid ## I need info regarding Bencoprim Ciclobenzaprina ## bencoprim 10 mg prescribed for sleep, is this medication correct? ## can u tell me what the pill looks like. it was bought in mexico ## Benocoprim cyclobenziprina is basically flexiril(cyclobenziprine) which is a mild muscle relaxer that doctors administer for long term muscle pain relief. It helps me with my fybromyalgia also. You will notice the difference after about a week of taking it. Benocoprin cyclobenziprina however is a bootlegged form of it so to speak. Probably coming from Mexico which they do not go by the same drug guidelines as the us fda. My advice is to always be very careful when taking any prescription not FDA approved and if you truly have pain go see a doctor and get the real thing.. ##... ...
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Sun, May 26 '13, 4:50 PM   5  Subscribe to thread 178560
Fentanly 100 Mg For Degenerated Disk Diease
Hi, just wondering if anyone uses Fentanly for degenerated disk diease. I can't tolerate the pain pills my doctor prescribed me. I have heard so man warnings about this drug. One doctor told me that tey are only used for people who have cancer, not a drug that is to be taken as needed. My friends husband had them, when he had cancer. The doctor also told him that the 100mg. patches he could only get from the vetrens place(sorry, don't know what it's called) Just that he has had 3 doctors tell him that, for only the 100 mg. patches ## On the regular market, such as what your doctor can prescribe and what you can get from any pharmacy, these patches are only available in two dosages, 25mcgs and 50mcgs. They are, however, used for more than just cancer patients, as many people ... ...
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Help in Indianapolis. In
I was with a pain center and moved back to Indiana. I arrived to find no Doctors even with all my recorded that would treat me. Even to just get to pain center. I broke my foot and had to have screws placed to heal. I spoke to my surgeon about my file and how I have been treated for pain. After being treated like I was drug seeking the surgeon sent me home with a product he know there was No way a person would get pain control. Had to go to hospital that night called office to find they had a bet on me making it. Knowing they sent me home this way. Chart said one thing and staff did another. I was the office joke. Now If I stand up for my sself. I will be put in some list. HOW R DOCTORS ABLE TO GET BY WITH THIS. Need help finding a Dr here thats still a Doctor and not a robot. Every where ...
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Fri, Jun 27 '14, 11:14 AM   0 
capsule pill, maroon and blue, shape #3 ## So far there are no matches based on the physical description which you posted. Could you please post back with what country, web site, or store you obtained this from? Extra clues might help with better detective work… Thanks! ## i was given this in califorina at a doctors office. i was on hydrocodone and was given hydrodocusate instead. i am trying to find out exactly what it is. ## Those additional details make sense. Although not much can be found on Hydrodocusate, there are more details available for Docusate. That may be very similar or the same to the medication which you were given. It also makes sense because Docusate is used as a stool softener and laxative, which may help constipation ... a side effect of narcotic pain killers ... ...
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Sat, May 14 '11, 11:39 AM   5  Subscribe to thread 186619
Subutex Spokane Wa
I need subutex in Spokane wa ASAP pls email ## In general, I think pain management doctors would be less reluctant to prescribe Subutex than a regular primary care physician; mainly because they are constantly dealing with patients who are on opiates and this includes those who are also tapering and going through withdrawals as well. So, if you're looking for any sort of doctor, look for a pain management one. I may not have a doctor I can refer you to, but I can provide you with a couple links that may be of service to you in so far as locating pain management doctors within your general area... Input your city or zip code for narrowed results: I'd consider calling up a number of them to s... ...
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Wed, Mar 05 '14, 2:08 AM   5  Subscribe to thread 237751
I had gone surgery for aortic valve replacement in 1982.Doctors have advised me to take ACITROM(a anticoagulant) daily.I have been also advised to not to take any pain killers. Now I am suffering from knee pain(artharities). plz advise suitable remedy for this. ...
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Fri, Jun 22 '12, 9:09 PM   0 
just got on medicaid
I live in Livingston tx and I am looking for a dr. Who will prescribe me suboxone. I got put on them one time without any insurance and it cost me about $450.... I just want to stay away from pain pills if anybody can give me some advice I would greatly appreciate it. ## Hello, Sun! How are you? There is a website with a search engine that you can use to look for doctors that treat with it in your area at click here. Contact information is also included to contact them and see whether or not they accept your insurance. This is a narcotic, so it has the potential to be habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, dry mouth and constipation. Is there anything else I can help with? ...
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I know my body does the Doctor know it better than Me??
I suffer from alot of pain, it is almost dibiltating. But by looking at me I look pretty normal, doctors judge this and assume that the pain is not so bad. Well it is. I need a Dr. in the Dallas area who will listena and look at my medical records so that I can get some relief. Any advice?? Johnnie ## Have you considered pain management? The doctors in those types of facilities are much better trained and experienced with the causes of pain, how bad it can be and are much more adept at providing proper treatment. There are several facilities in the Dallas area, though we have no way of knowing what insurance they accept, if any, or what they may or may not prescribe. Pain Management Center 214-370-4000 Pain Control Institute 214-361-2772 You could also try asking your current doctor to ... ...
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