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To Start My Period medicine
m 23 single ...never had last date of periods was 15.10.2012 and still its not started please tell me some medicine to start it agin thanx..m worried ## Meri girlfriend ko ek maah se period nahi hua usne pregnency test kiya hai prega news me pregnent saabit hua hai prgnency rokne ka upay bataye plz ## My mc is on time, I had sex usually once in month without saftey, bt my mc is regular.. I heard tht it is possible to get pregnent evn after mc is this possible? Tell me the way to confirm weather im pregnent or not ...
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oxycodone about 2000mg/day
My tolerance builds up so fast that now I'm taking 45 roxy 30's and 80 lortabs a day. Costing me about $1000 a day. I'm still having to increase doses every week or two to keep it up. I have quit using subs before but I'm concerned they won't be able to tame the w/d's that are gonna come once I quit. ## Oh and please for the love of god don't think you can take as much as me. It took me 7 years of constantly upping the dosage to be able to take that many. I've thrown up countless times by taking one or two too many. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO DO WHAT I DID. Thankfully most people cannot afford it and I've squandered a huge bankroll over the years and I have agony awaiting me once I decide (or am forced) to stop. Please learn from my pain, don't imitate. ...
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pregnancy, meprate, novelon
On 24th of December, 2013 I had a sexual encounter. Because I was scared about pregnancy, I took an emergency contraceptive pill after 43 hours. My LMP was 8th December and period was due on 8th January. But it did not happen and so I went to a doctor. He made me do a pregnancy test, which was negative. Then he gave me MEPRATE for 5 days, two tabs daily. At the same time, I was given Clincin for the white vaginal discharge I was having and Noworm for deworming. After just taking 4 tablets of Meprate, I got my period on the 10th of January, which lasted 4 days instead of usual 5. February period was due on 10th February itself but it did not come. So again I was given Meprate with same dosage. Also, Canditral for creamy, whitish, sometimes yellow vaginal discharge. Also, I was given NOVE... ...
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Tue, Feb 25 '14, 4:43 AM   0 
Oxycodin / Antidepressants
I have a few general comments/questions about the drug. To preface this, I'm not a regular user or abuser, and I understand the concern of those needing it for legitimate physical pain, that it will be unavailable if continued large scale abuse persists. That said, I recently sampled a small dosage on consecutive evenings while caring for someone who had switched to Vicodin. Only 10 mg. I was already well-schooled in the drug's reputation and abuse potential. I found it to be a perfect combination of anxiety relief and perhaps subtle euphoria .. not at all like being "high." If I had to describe its calming effect on me, I'd liken it to the sensation of being ten years old again and looking out at a sunrise before the rest of the family got up on an early Sunday morn... ...
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False Positive For Codeine
I have a herniated disk in my lower back that is small & central so surgery is not recommend as it tends to worsen pain. I have been in a pain mgmt group for almost 2 yrs. Over a year ago they started me on morfine sulfate with my dosage at 60mg of an ER for the past year. They also had me on morfine sulfate for breakthrough pain. In July they switched my breakthrough from a morfine sulfate 30 mg to a 10 mg opana IR. Starting in July & repeating in Aug. they did a random UA on me & both showed-up with a positive for Codeine. This is the first time in two years of being with the PM group that codeine has shown up. My dr. Asked if I have been taking a cough syrup or anything with codeine in it. I haven't nor have I eaten any poppyseed products @ the time of the UAs. She wa... ...
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Watson Small Round Blue Pill
its a very small blue round pill with watson 467 printed on one side and a scorer on the other side ## Hi Jamie, Unfortunately the pill imprint Watson 467 does not show up under any of my U.S. prescription drug resources, so I can't find any information on it. The closest match found has the imprint Watson 407, and is also small, round and blue; but does not have a score line on either side. Watson 407 is identified as Lisinopril (10 mg). Lisinopril is used to control and lower high blood pressure. For more information about this drug, please refer to the link below... If this does not match your pill I would suggest contacting the manufacturer (Watson) directly through the link below, to find out if it is actually one of their pills or perhaps a knock off of some sort: I hope this ... ...
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Sun, Feb 12 '12, 12:27 PM   1  Subscribe to thread 227380
Heroin 4-5 hrs AFTER suboxone??
Any1 know if it's okay to shoot up heroin say 4-5 hrs AFTER having taken my first dose - 6 decidedly inadequate mgs - of suboxone? ## In reality, it's never okay to shoot up heroin. However, to answer your question, doing it within hours of having used Suboxone is probably futile and dangerous, since the Buprenorphine is a very potent narcotic and the Naloxone is used to neutralize other narcotics. Have you considered talking to a doctor to get help? ## Verwons answer to this is 100% incorrect. Sigh, I wish, before people answer someones' question they would know what the hell they are talking about. When a question arises, esp one concerning your health &/or something as serious as withdrawals, my first tip would be to research, research & research. The internet is ... ...
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Fri, Jul 25 '14, 4:56 PM   163  Subscribe to thread 226813
Msj Valium through airports
taking them (MSJ 10mg Diazepam) through airport security in a correct prescription marked bottle...? ## General airport security should be no problem, as long as the prescription is valid and they are being carried by the person they are prescribed for. Learn more Diazepam details here. However, if you are going through customs, it can be quite a different matter and you should check the laws of the specific countries that are involved. Are there any other questions? ...
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Mon, Jul 09 '12, 1:40 PM   1  Subscribe to thread 232661
reliable online pharmacies
have you found some reliable online pharmacies? ## I'd like to know if anyone can recommend a good pharmacy online that sells Norco 10/325. It helps my back pain and sinus pain but I don't want to get ripped off by a fake pharmacy. If anyone can help and respond, I would appreciate it. ## Try uspharmacystores, I've had good luck with them ## I recommend checking with a third party service such as PharmacyChecker, as they work to validate reliable online pharmacies. Basically other sites have to apply to be approved in their program, and they enforce a number of requirements. Hope this helps! ...
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Wed, Feb 09 '11, 1:02 AM   3  Subscribe to thread 186580
urine testing for methadone?
10ml methadone cronic pain ## can you tell how many milligrams of methadone someone has taken daily and if so how many days back can they tell the milligams? Also is there any oher typs of medications tht can interfere with testing of methadone? ...
Updated 4 years ago in Methadone.
Sat, Mar 13 '10, 6:57 PM   1  Subscribe to thread 175776
White Round Pill With 8 Arrow
I am 100% sure they are 8 mg subutex I am prescribed these monthly its generic My bottles say buprenorphine 8mg sl tabs Underneath (substitute for subutex 8mg sl tab) ## Hello, The pill in description is indeed Buprenorphine hydrochloride (subutex) 8 mg. It is a semi-synthetic opioid that is used to treat opioid (often heroin) addiction in higher dosages (>2Âmg) and to control moderate pain in non-opioid tolerant individuals in lower dosages (~200Âg). Manufacturer: Ethypharm (Distr. Hi-Tech Pharmacal) Learn More: Subutex Details I hope this helps! ...
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delay in periods or pregnant
hi...actually on 10th jan 2014 v had unprotected sex...n between 48 hours and 72 hours my gf took unwanted 72.......and on 28 th jan 2014 one day before her periods ...we again had unprotected sex in the same month and she again took unwanted 72.....n now she missed her periods is she pregnant or there is a delay in periods? ???? plz answer fast ...
Updated 5 months ago.
Thu, Jan 30 '14, 1:39 PM   0 
NORCO/ TYLENOL 3 test the same?
I took one Norco (10/325) on Saturday, three on Sunday, I was in pain from fibromyalgia I go to my first pain management appointment on Thursday and was wondering if its goin to show up. I was also prescribed Tylenol 3 a few weeks ago. I only weigh 115 and am 5 ft tall. And if the Norco shows up the same as the Tylenol?? ...
Updated 1 year ago in Norco.
Mon, May 13 '13, 11:19 AM   0 
How To Inject Fentanyl Patch
How do i boil the morphine patch to be able to inject ## You put 100 units of white vinegar on a piece of patch... I usually get the 75s and put 1/4 to 1/2 a patch depending on your tolerance... Boil all the vinegar off then while the spoon is still hot put 300units of water on the patch and boil for a minute or so. Wait to cool then draw it up . Be careful its reeally strong. ...
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Metronidazole sex question
How long after taking pliva 334 for 7 days could someone engage in sexual intercourse with their partner? ## I think it depends on the reason why the person is taking Metronidazole? If it is bacterial vaginitis or some other sort of infection that might interfere with intercourse, then in my opinion, it would be in both partner's best interest to wait till Metronidazole treatment is fully finished and maybe even take caution a few days afterwards to allow their body to heal from the infection. I would personally feel comfortable after the 10th day, knowing that my partner has pretty much fully recovered from whatever infection it was; but that's just me and I'm sure others wouldn't want to wait an extra 3 days Lol! It may also be best for this person to just go off of ho... ...
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doctors who prescribe xanax
Looking for a legal Xanax prescription ## I understand a Medical Doctor can get you one? ## Is there a dr in portsmouth/norfolk/VA beach n virginia that will prescribe 2mg xanax and ambien 10mg? I just moved here n need to get back on my meds asap. Please help ...
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Pharmaceutical Meds for DRC
I would like to purchase Zolnox for a Poly Clinic in the Democratic Republic of the Congo .I have got proof that it is registered in the DRC and an order from the doctor of the Poly Clinic. They require 600 x 30 10 mg . Could you please supply us with a price ? ## I'm sorry, but this website does not manufacture, nor sell any medications or products, it is an information only website. Learn more Zolnox details here. Do they not have a current medication supplier? ## Please be so kind to put me in touch with USA generic drug nd pharmaceutical products. We can also supply disinfectant and surgical producys. Just remember this Central Africa and the people are very,very poor.I can supply/support them logisiticly but low pricing no.Warm Regards ,Yssel Meyer, B.Sc(Pharm)M.P.S.Dip.Log.P.U. ...
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propranolol and adderall xr
I take both of these medications as prescribed by my therapist for severe PTSD now I have showed up positive for damp and dmeth on a drug test. I am a medic in the army and I can't find any help within my command staff or my doctors can someone please help, I'm about to lose 15 years of service over this HELP ME PLEASE!!! ## The medications didn't list they are adderall xr40mg and propranolol 80mg I also take viagra 100mg in conjunction to these all prescribed by the same behavioral health dr. ...
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turn 40 op into quick release
is there a way to turn the 40 mg op into a more quick release, I dont seem to feel the pain killing effect. ## No, it has been specially formulated to prevent altering the product, if you try to crush, chew it or break it down, it turns into a gummy substance that retains its time released properties. There have been many complaints about its not being as effective, as well as it causing weird side effects. If it is not working as well for you as the original product, I suggest reporting the problem to both Purdue and the FDA at the following phone numbers: Purdue Pharma number for drug safety/medication issues: 888.726.7535 FDA MedWatch number: 800-332-1088 Are there any questions or comments? ...
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schedule "H" Drugs up Date list
Please provide me schedule H drugs list ## plz send me updated list of schedule H drugs ## Finding a list of certain drugs by classification can be difficult for many countries. Can you please post back with what country you need it for? Then, I can see what I can find to help you. ## Please provide me Early ## For India, I see EDMECEF Marketed by MEDMEX Health Care, Chennai - 107. As Schedule-H Drug over the foil, but i don't see any combinations (split details) of medicine. ## How often does the Indian Government update the Schedule H , Schedule G & Schedule X drugs List in the Drugs & Cosmetics Act Rules 1945. ## PLEASE SEND SCHEDULE H DRUG LIST OF INDIA ## please send schedule H drug list ## Please provide me the latest (updated till July'2012) list of Schedule H Dru... ...
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