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epilepsy siezers
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I am on Carbazapene Tablets since my first siezers of Epilepsy in 2009, Before that i was normal, Is there any medication to resolve this Unwanted Problem which eruptyed from nowhere.
Updated 3 years ago in Anticonvulsant.
yellow pill with arrow on one side and 100 the other
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Small circular yellow pill with 100 on one side and an arrow on the other side. ## Hello, The closest match I've been able to find is Meloxicam (15 mg); which is a round yellow pill with the imprint 100 on one side and nothing on the back. Manufacturer: Carlsbad Technology, Inc. National Drug Code (NDC): 61442-0127 Meloxicam is a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug, used to relieve the symptoms of arthritis, primary dysmenorrhea, fever; and as an analgesic. Side effects may include: upset stomach, diarrhea, bloating, gas, dizziness, nervousness, headache, runny or stuffy nose, sore throat, or mild skin rash. If you experience any of the following sever side effects, Stop using meloxicam and call your doctor at once: Chest pain, weakness, shortness of breath, slurred speech, problems...
Updated 3 years ago in Meloxicam.
round white with 325 5 markings on top
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This pill my boyfriend just got is white and round blank on the back and the front has 325 on one side of the line and a 5 on the other side of the line my boyfriend does not want to take it if its not what he was told it was ## Hi Rambo, Your boyfriend is smart to not take the pill without knowing what it is and what ingredients it contains. I haven't been able to find an exact match, but I believe it may be a prescription narcotic/opioid pain killer. There is usually an imprint on the front and back, like the manufacturer's logo or something of the sort- maybe it got rubbed off at some point? The 325/5 imprint most likely stands for the amount of each active ingredient. Many prescription pain killers contain (325 mg) of Acetaminophen + (5 mg) sometimes (10 mg) of the active in...
Updated 3 years ago in Acetaminophen.
major accident/no insurence...cupple sugerys (OP) O'cotton/ Brooklyn, New York
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must continue....44yrs/..no quality of life in such pain,..entire family has domino effects as result....kids/etc nuf-sed ## I cant be more specific than this..... wen I won my case for pain/suffer from all the screws and plates lodged from my ankle to my calf,..i was rewarded because the DR knew pain will begin to set in as I apply pressure to the injury which cannot be corrected perfectly,....now ,..a few years later,...each time I apply pressure to that leg,. A deathning sharp pain runs up between my leg and right side of kneck,....,.the pain is so severe,. And worsening,...I wont apply pressure to my left foot,...this keeps me like im frozen all day,...afraid to move,.....its taken my entire leadership and quality of life rite from under me,....i'm in my mid 40s,........I took o...
Updated 3 years ago in OxyContin.
finished one box of excluton
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after i finished 28 pills, will i take a new batch even without a period yet? ## Hi chocoholic, When it comes to any form of hormonal contraceptive, it's important to know that they can all cause irregular or missed periods as a common side effect. This is just the nature of what happens when your hormones fluctuate. It seems that this side effect concerns many users here on the site though, as I see it posted fairly often. However, the special precautions for Exluton note that if the tablets have been taken as directed, this will almost certainly not mean that the patient is pregnant. If for any reason your period is more than one month late, it is then recommended that you consult your doctor in order to rule out the suspected possibility of pregnancy. I hope this helps!
Updated 3 years ago in Birth Control / Contraceptive.
Identify a white round pill with letter f on one side
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About the size of a paracetemol tablet & on one side the mark is as follows >Fncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmedhealth/PMHT0011501/?report=details#side_effects You can learn more about this drug on the page for Ondansetron Details I hope this helps!
Updated 3 years ago in Ondansetron.
blue pill 44 473
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Should I take both pills that come in the little foiled square? I weigh 112 and I'm 18 years old. ## Hi Nicole, Based on the description provided, I've identified your round blue pill as Acetaminophen 325 mg + Chlorpheniramine 2 mg + Dextromethorphan 10 mg + Phenylephrine 5 mg. Manufacturer: L.N.K. International, Inc. This over-the-counter medication is used to treat sinus congestion as well as pain, fever, and other cold-related symptoms. When two pill are in the same pack, it's usually an indication that you have to take both for one dose. However your best bet for proper dosing is to follow the instructions on the packaging that came with it. Otherwise if that doesn't do the trick, you may just require something stronger from your doctor. I hope this info helps!
Updated 3 years ago in Acetaminophen.
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Potent narcotic analgesic. C(II): 2 mg tablet and 2 mg, discontinued ## Hi endorphin, I'm not finding any specific details on the discontinuation of Levo-Dromoran (levorphanol tartrate). Do you know whether or not this only pertains to a certain dosage or brand of the medication? It's quite possible that one of the manufacturers stopped making a particular tablet. Whereas another company could've resumed production. From what I could gather, Levo-Dromoran 2mg tablets are still currently manufactured for: Valeant Pharmaceuticals International, out of Costa Mesa, CA. Ref: dailymed.nlm.nih.gov/dailymed/lookup.cfmsetid=a6120c36 Any thoughts on this? ## Hello, I just thought I'd provide some additional information for Levo-Dromoran... Based on my research, Levo-Dromoran conta...
Updated 3 years ago in Levo-Dromoran.
can 2/3s of a soma be detected through mouth swab when im prescribed hydrocodone
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if i have taken 2/3s of a soma and prescribed hydrocodone Will the soma show up on my mouth swab? ## i took 2/3s of a soma and prescribed hydrocodone Will the soma show up on my mouth swab. please help
Updated 3 years ago in Soma.
yellow capsule with white beads
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Found 2 bright yellow capsules, their both unmarked but contain small white beads inside. Need some help thanks ## Hi Gary, If there are no markings on it, then it may be difficult to determine exactly what the capsules contain. We can rule it out as being a manufactured U.S. prescription medication, since they are all required to have imprints to enable their identification. However, that still leaves it open to many over the counter possibilities (vitamins/other supplements) or possibly an illicit. Do you know of anyone close to you who takes medication? Could it be a friend or family member's?
Updated 3 years ago.
pharmacy mix
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Can Canex T cream be mixed with Persivate cream and sunblock to be as a cream to remove dark acne marks on the face? ## Hi Pinky, Cantex T contains the active ingredient Clotrimazole, which is an antifungal medication commonly used in the treatment of fungal infections (of both humans and other animals) such as vaginal yeast infections, oral thrush, and ringworm. It is also used to treat athlete's foot and jock itch. Side effects include: skin rash, hives, blistering, burning, itching, peeling, redness, stinging, swelling, or other sign of skin irritation. I wouldn't recommend putting this cream on your face unless you have been instructed to do so by a doctor. Also, I'm not sure if Canex T or Persivate (betamethasone) cream will help with dark spots, were you prescribed eit...
Updated 3 years ago in Clotrimazole.
First days of cymbalta - no appetite
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Hello! I starting taking Cymbalta just yesterday after gaining almost 20kgs on Lexapro (took it for 18 months) I've read mixed reviews on people gaining more weight on it or losing weight. Today so far (its almost 2pm) I have no appetite whatsoever and have only managed to eat one piece of sourdough toast. On lexapro by this time of day I would have already eaten eggs on toast and be onto making pasta for lunch, I was always so hungry! So I feel pretty confident that I will be losing the Lexapro weight while on Cymbalta. Have you lost weight on Cymbalta? I'd be interested to know others experience. ## Hi Luella, While I haven't personally taken Cymbalta, I did come across reviews from other users who have tried it. And I'm actually surprised by the number of people who c...
Updated 3 years ago in Cymbalta.
week 3 on cymbalta 60mg
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just started third week on cymbalta having discontinued cipramil 40mg for 6 months. At this point still feel extremely depressed with anxiety thrown in. Having sweats bad nausea and headaches feel dreadful. Gp advised to stick with it for at least 4 weeks as should improve?? I do not go back for a hospital appt for 5 weeks, can anyone help and give me some hope with this drug.. Have taken prozac in the past very similiar side effects which improved after about 4 weeks. Thankyou to any one that may be able to help. ## Hi, Mary! Sorry about the difficulties you're having. How are you feeling today? And yes, it can take about 4 to 6 weeks for the medication to reach its full effectiveness level in your body, so your GP was right. You do need to give it some time. On top of that, if the...
Updated 3 years ago in Cymbalta.
I need exterra ointment for horse treatment
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I need to know where to find some of this.Thanks ## Hi Peggy, I believe you'll need to see a veterinarian to obtain a prescription for this ointment. If you'd like, you can post in this thread; where other users discuss Xterra Ointiment: Discuss/xterra-ointment-162904.htm I hope this helps!
Updated 3 years ago in Veterinary Medicine.
weakness after sex
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after sex with my wife, immediately i feel stress in my both legs, and remain in two to tree days, and with the passage of time it is increasing, and some time one week now for one sex, and now it has been turn in to permanently and increase more when i do sex, and disturb my life and all activities even, tell me what happen actully, what thing go lees in body that create this problem.
Updated 3 years ago.
Getting away from the liquid handcuffs
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Methadone...if you please She'll sneak up on you, Like a thief in the night. She'll smother you, drown you Til you have no more fight. She'll bring a grown man Down to his knees. Methadone...if you please. She'll ruin your life With that first single dose. She'll keep you forever From those you hold close. She'll bring a grown man Down to his knees. Methadone...if you please. She'll rid you of pain but f*** with your brain so you don't even know that YOU'VE GOT TO LET HER GO. She'll bring a grown man Down to his knees. Methadone...if you please. If ever the time was right, it's NOW To throw down and run believe it and how. Don't look back, keep going Go as far as you can Get rid of this poison so you can breathe freely again. Therefore, as...
Updated 3 years ago in Methadone.
what is ap codeine
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What is "A. P. codeine"? I read about this in a book, Anne Perry and the Murder of the Century.
Updated 3 years ago in Codeine.
periods comes only after taking regestrone
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my periods are not regular i concern with many dr. but this problem is continue now i get married but even then after taking regetrone my period comes , so is possible to get pregnant with taking this pills and how......please reply soon ## Hi priya, Based on my research, regestrone (norethindrone) is used to treat endometriosis, a condition that may cause pain, heavy or irregular menstruation (periods), and other symptoms. This medication is also used to treat abnormal periods or bleeding and to bring on a normal menstrual cycle in women who menstruated normally in the past but have not menstruated for at least 6 months and WHO ARE NOT PREGNANT or undergoing menopause (change of life). However, because this medication effects your hormones, irregular vaginal bleeding/spotting & cha...
Updated 3 years ago in Norethindrone.
is purbac an antibiotic
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I would like to know the purbac side effects ciz i hav diarhea stomach pain insomnia nauseous and loss if appetite.... M hiv positive but i am still waiting for my medication to arrive. I woke up very weak n i lost appetite too and my physician prescribed immunace and bactrim but they gave me purbac cz they dais its the generic of bactrim. ## Hello Lisa, I am on Purbac DS for one Year now after I was diagnosed HIV pos. I also had some Side Effects at the start of Treatment, but now I am almost ok with it, eat normal, drink lots of Waterm My ARV is ATRIPLA (once a Day) and am doing well on this too. Please remember, we will never be the same since being diagnosed with the Virus, but I dont let the bVirus dominate me! Tell the Virus you will fight it and be positive about Life. We are NOT...
Updated 3 years ago in Purbac.
az 266 white pill
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After accusing my wife of taking prescription drugs without a prescription and then settling on a family friend who had recently been over, I found the AZ aspirin bottle the pill had come out of. It is probably aspirin. ## Hi steppenwolf, The closest match I've been able to find is a round yellow pill with the imprint A 266, it has been identified as Dipyridamole (50 mg). There is also a possibility that the pill is a (100 mg) Atenolol Tablet, but I haven't been able to confirm that identification. Manufacturer: Actavis National Drug Code (NDC): 52152-0266 Dipyridamole keeps blood clots from forming after some types of heart surgery. It is also used to prevent strokes and heart attacks. The modified release Dipyridamole is used in conjunction with aspirin (under the trade names ...
Updated 3 years ago in Aspirin.

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