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Active Ingredient(s): Rivaroxaban
FDA Approved: July 1, 2011
Category: Blood Thinner (Anticoagulant)

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Xarelto Overview

Rivaroxaban (BAY 59-7939) is an oral anticoagulant invented and manufactured by Bayer; in a number of countries it is marketed as Xarelto.[1] In the United States, it is marketed by Janssen Pharmaceutica.[2] It is an orally active direct factor Xa inhibitor. Rivaroxaban is well absorbed from the gut and maximum inhibition of factor Xa occurs four hours after a dose. The effects lasts 8 to 12 hours, but factor Xa activity does not return to normal within 24 hours so once-daily dosing is possib...

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Xarelto Concerns?
Anyone concerned about the new legal cases and their allegations? Woke up the one morning with calf pain, no swelling, redness or warmth. I knew enough to know i could not explain the leg pain and was in the car for about 6 hours the previous day and decided to go to the ER. Diagnosed with a small DVT in my right lower leg. Was told to take Xarelto for 3 months. No restrictions otherwise. Back to normal activity when my leg felt better. I have been on it for 4 weeks now. Just this morning, saw various commercials in regards to the new legal cases and their allegations of the dangers of taking Xarelto... Im freaking out! Anyone else concerned? ## Hello, Debbie! How are you? There are risks associated with all medications and such claims occur frequently, whenever a new one comes to marke...
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injury and xarelto
I had a fall, and the emergency room said to go off the med for the night to help the bleeding stop, and to follow up with cardiologist tomorrow. I did this, but the cardio did not return my call, so I am unsure if it is safe to stop it for a second day. How do you wean it down? One day on, one day off? I need the injury to heal, but dont want to risk other problems. I wsd put on yhe med for afib..
Updated 2 days ago.
Weight Gain, Water Retention, Muscle Strains, Fatigue
60 year old triathlete in perfect condition had severe stroke with hemiplegia. First 18 months steady recovery... feeling well, no weight gain. 6 months after stroke I'm back training 6-8 hour (bike ride, weight training and swimming) per week. However, 3 month ago doctor insisted I start Xarelto (this was the only change in a very structured life). Since then I've put on 20 pounds, started retaining water like crazy, all the while on the strict training schedule and diet. Now I'm having so many muscle pain and strains, especially in the legs and shoulders that I've had to stop training. Now the weight is really piling up and the BP is getting hard to control. ## Yes, Xarelto has been known to cause these types of side effects, you are not the first person to report such...
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On Xarelto 20 mg
I have been taking xarelto 20 mg for 5 months for blood clot in right leg,and today got a cramp in my left culf and can't Getrid of pain.any advise?! ## If the pain is much worse when you flex and raise your toes, you should go to the emergency room. That is a sign of a blood clot. Im assuming you mean calf. That is what happened to me and I ignored it until I ended up in the hospital with multiple clots in my lung. I am also on xarelto now. They told me if I have calf pain I need to be checked immediately.
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acid reflux blockers/Xarelto do not mix for me
I started on Xarelto about 3 months ago. AFter about a week, my legs were in so much pain. I delt with it for about a month. Then noticed the worst pain was after I took my acid reflux blocker. I decided to go off the acid reflux blocker. My legs started feeling better and after about 2 weeks, I was pain free. Unfortunately I had to take a acid blocker and with in 15 minutes, my legs were in pain again. I never had pain in my legs from acid blocker before Xarelto. Again, by 2 weeks my legs felt good being off the blocker. Now my acid reflux is back. I tried a different acid blocker medication, the same thing. My legs are in pain. Does anyone else have a problem like this? I wanted to stay on the xarelto instead of going on warfarin, but I'm going to have to go back to the acid block...
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Stopping Xarelto
I have been instructed to stop my 20mg a day after being on it for 6 months (2 PE's one in each lung at Xmas) and I have to say I am really worried and every little pain I think its come back. I have another 3 weeks to go until I got for a blood test to see if I am prone to clots however I am completely paranoid. Anyone else had the same the meds have been my comfort blanket for so long..... ## Have you had a hypercoagulability test? Mine revealed a Factor B Leiden gene mutation, so I will never stop taking blood thinners. If you can have that blood test, it will let you know if you have a tendency to clot.
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Xarelto acne and weight gain
I have been taking xarelto for about 4 months post PE I have gained about 20 pounds and am breaking out horribly non stop especially on and around my nose occasionally have sharp pains in my arms and legs I too 15 mg twice day for first 3 weeks and now am taking 20 mg daily I seem tk be reading that 10 mg is the norm am I taking too much? I worry since this drug is so new ## Hello, Diana! How are you? Everything that you've listed can be normal side effects of it, except the break outs, I've not seen that listed anywhere. Are you on any other medications? And no, the normal doses are 15mgs twice daily or 20mgs once daily. ## I too have been suffering from acne and weight gain. I have them on my cheeks, neck and upper lip. I also have gained 12 lbs. I know my body very well and i...
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on xarelto with hairloss and weight gain
ive been anticoagulated for 8 years. recently switched from lovenox to xarrelto. i am hoping the weight gain and the hairloss will diminish as i am lifelong on an anticoagulent. does anybody else know if these side effects end?
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Side Effect on Xarelto about Weight Gain
I have been on Xarelto for about a month and my weight went up 25 to 30 lbs. Before I was on Xarelto I was taking Warfin and I was gaining any extra weight. I haven't been prescripted nor taken any other medications then the medications that has prescripted to me. I would like to know is there anyone else having this problem. ## Hi Tammy, Even though weight gain is not actually listed as being a possible side effect, I've actually been seeing quite a few posts from other individuals tracing it back to Xarelto as well. Unfortunately I find that in these types of cases, it seems like the only other options are to make more drastic changes to your diet; exercise harder/longer; or just stop taking what's triggering it to begin with. If you don't want to go that route, you ca...
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Extreme fatigue on Xarelto
Hello, Hope someone can help. I've been hitting a wall of fatigue everyday about 1pm to the point where I need to take a 2 hour nap when my daughter is napping and its painful to wake up even after that. I take Xarelto everyday with dinner to treat a DVT. I've been on it 4 months. Is this a known side effect? I tested my theory when I started to realize this began after taking Xarelto and skipped a dose one evening. The following day I didn't need a nap and didnt have that same debilitating exhaustion. I'm only 34 this is no time to be this tired after a full nights sleep! It feels like a crash, an unnatural exhaustion. Thanks! AS ## Hi! Sorry about the problem that you're having. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find a lot of side effect information on this...
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