Active Ingredient(s): Hyoscyamine + Methenamine + Methylene Blue + Phenyl Salicylate + Sodium Biphosphate
Category: Urinary System

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Hyoscyamine (also known as daturine) is a tropane alkaloid. It is a secondary metabolite found in certain plants of the Solanaceae family, including henbane (Hyoscyamus niger), mandrake (Mandragora officinarum), jimsonweed (Datura stramonium), tomato (Solanum lycopersicum) and deadly nightshade (Atropa belladonna). It is the levorotary isomer of atropine (third of the three major nightshade alkaloids) and thus sometimes known as levo-atropine. Hyoscyamine should not be confused with hyoscine,...

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How long one can use URIMAX 0.4
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I am taking URIMAX0.4 for last 3 years continuously.I find it very useful. But I am not getting answer to my question that how long one can take it. After how much time I will have to increase the dose? Will it create any serious problem due to prolonged use? I am of 62 years. I am suffering from BPH since 2002. ## Urimax contains the active ingredient Tamsulosin, it is used to treat the symptoms associated with BPH, such as the frequent urge to urinate. As to how long it is used, that really depends on your condition, since most cases are usually ongoing. Your doctor should be monitoring you to make sure it is still needed, according to any change in your condition. A dosage increase would also depend on that. There is no definite way to say it will need to be increased after any certa...
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urimax d --whether this can cure enlarge prostrate.
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Ihave pressure and sugar but controlled by medication and exercise.Recently it is found in usg that the enlarge portion is 30mg. Ihave been prescribed urimax-d one tab daily.Iam 70+ and dont want surgery.Will this medicine do. ## I am taking Urimax D (Cipla) since one month after dinner. At around 2 AM I feel heavy stomach and uneasyness. Then I changed timing to morning, ie, after breakfast. Then the stomach problem is not experienced. But the Doctor told me that such side effect may not be there. But today again I experienced the same problem when I took the Urimax D at night after dinner.Then I took a pinch of asafoetida. after 10 minutes I felt normal. Kindly advice me why this happens. ## Hello, Nirmal! How are you? Yes, this is an appropriate medication, but the only way to see if...
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When Is Silodal Taken?
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I am 87 years old . Have ben on Urimax 0.4mj for nealy a decade. Recent ultrasound showed retension of urine is nearly 50%.So I am advised to stop Urimax and take Silodal 8mg once every night 10 P.M.. Why should Silodalbe preferable to Urimax.? Should Urimax be taken in the nightbefore going to bed? I have been taking it at 4-5 P.M. ## It may simply be that after so many years, your body has gotten used to the Tamsulosin in the Urimax, so it's just no longer helping you. Learn more Urimax details here. When that happens, it is usually necessary to switch to a different medication, which in this case is the Silodosin in the Silodal. Learn more Silodal details here. As to the time to take it, I have no specific information on that, but it's usually best to follow your doctors inst...
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Urimex 0.4 mg tablets for kidney/ uratus stones
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I m 35 years male and suffering from kidney stone 4mm and uratus stone 4 mm. Doctor has started this tablet from 07 Dec 2015 and has advised me to drink 5-6 ltrs of water. I m drinking 8 ltrs water daily. U want to know. That how stones will come out. Whether they will dissolve in urine and will come out through urine way or the stone only will come out. How long it will take. Weather beer helps in treatment or not. Please intimate me. Is there any other option available other than surgery ## Drink lemon water and think about it it comes out in urine. I don't know if the medication will make it go all the way away . It usually only takes 3-4 days to pass. My prayers are with you that stuff hurts
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urimax d effect on prostrate size
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Can Urimax D be taken continuously for long periods ? Does it shrink the prostate size ? ## I have gone through T.U.R.P Lazor surgery for my enlarged prostate during December2012 frequent urination still exist needs advise for further treatment ## I am 75 yrs old. MY prostat is enlarged. Recently I got USG Whole abdomen when it is found that its size is 46x38x37 weight : 34 gms.Dr. has advised Urimax-D.This Urimax D I have been taking for the last one year.Though there is some improvement in frquent urination.How long will I have to continue this medicine or some other medicine can be more usefull. Please advise. ## I am 70 years old .I am taking urimax .4 mg since last 12 years.The dose is increased to one urimax D and one urimax .4 mg tablets daily...since last 2 years. Wheather the c...
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Side effect of silodel 8 mg.
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For about 7 yrs, I was prescribed Urimax-D; this resulted in increased urination and double breast - an annoying change. Now I am given Silodel 8 mg - OD. I am a chronic asthma, OA (severe knee pain, lower back pain, pelvic joint pain and weakness. I have mild kidney impairment and PPI with syncope.
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How long should use urimax.4
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I want clear reply as I find it good at present as I switched from contiflo.a unbiased reply from you will be very much appreciated. As on today I am continuing the same. ## Sir, since a long time whenever I go for urinating,Before start of urinating I have to wait for 2-3 minutes.Then starts urine with a thin & slow flow.Some time it has burning sensations inside of the peni. recent past my general physitian prescribed me urimax 0.4 mg / day.But I didnot start yet that medicine.I am 65+ years old and till date I am not a diabetic patient but I am a chronic bronchial asthma patient since a long time. I am taking seroflo250 and livilin inhaler. since a long time since I was 42 years in age it has been observed that there is no feeling in the peni it does not hard but always remain ve...
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After I have started taking Urimax D at bedtime I have lost my sleep. Is it normal. Can I take the tablet in the morning. ## After taking urimax-D after dinner I seem to have lost sleep. Is this the side affect ? Can I take it in the morning after breakfast? I am 80 yrs old.
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side effects of urimax D
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I am65 and taking urimax D since last 7 years for prostate care pl advise its side effects and how long should i take it further is surgery permanent treatment
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use of urimax d
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I have enlarged prostate. I have been using urimax 0.4. The flow of urine is OK but no improvement in frequency. I have to go 4-5 times during night. Please advise whether I should switch over to urimax D. My age is 65 years. ## I have been using Urimax 0.4 mg daily after breakfast. My condition has improved. When I asked Dr. A. Pal FRCP how long I should use it , he said :L 100 years if I don't change the medicine.
Updated 5 months ago.

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Hyoscyamine + Methenamine + Methylene Blue + Phenyl Salicylate + Sodium Biphosphate
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