Active Ingredient(s): Hyoscyamine + Methenamine + Methylene Blue + Phenyl Salicylate + Sodium Biphosphate
Category: Urinary System

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Hyoscyamine (also known as daturine) is a tropane alkaloid. It is a secondary metabolite found in certain plants of the family Solanaceae, including henbane (Hyoscyamus niger), mandrake (Mandragora officinarum), jimsonweed (Datura stramonium), tomato (Solanum lycopersicum) and deadly nightshade (Atropa belladonna). It is the levorotary isomer of atropine (third of the three major nightshade alkaloids) and thus sometimes known as levo-atropine. Hyoscyamine should not be confused with hyoscine,...

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Olmezest Ch 10 and blood pressure levels
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I am taking Olmezest Ch 20 in the morning and Atorfit cv10 at night; moreover I also take a urimax D daily. Very recently my blood pressure has been fluctuating. Sometimes it goes to 100/55 or 100/60. Should I reduce the dose to Olmezest Ch 10? ## Are you experiencing any symptoms, such as nausea, dizziness, headache, or drowsiness? As reported by the NIH, those levels aren't dangerous, unless they are causing such symptoms. Is this the only medication you are currently taking? Have you consulted your doctor? They are the only person who could give you a definitive answer.
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Substitute For Urimax
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For the last four years I have been using Urimax-D but this medicine is very expensive for me. I am looking for a generic substitute for it.
Updated 27 days ago.
What time of the day should Urimax 0.4 be taken?
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I have been taking Urimax 0.4 for some months now , but a new problem has started . After driving for roughly two hours or so or sitting for two hours or so , then as and when I stand up , my urge to urinate becomes intense and also there is some leakage of drops if I do not urinate urgently . What can be done and what is the right time to take this or the new medicine prescribed ? Also , I am taking Telma 40 H for hypertension . In the mornings , I feel tired instead of feeling fresh . Has Hydrochlorodithiazide to do with urimax 0.4 . Though no test has been undertaken by me recently , but I feel that sodium level becomes low by taking Hydrochlorodithiazide and urimax 0.4 . Please advice what should be done ?
Updated 27 days ago.
How long one can use URIMAX 0.4
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I am taking URIMAX0.4 for last 3 years continuously.I find it very useful. But I am not getting answer to my question that how long one can take it. After how much time I will have to increase the dose? Will it create any serious problem due to prolonged use? I am of 62 years. I am suffering from BPH since 2002. ## Urimax contains the active ingredient Tamsulosin, it is used to treat the symptoms associated with BPH, such as the frequent urge to urinate. As to how long it is used, that really depends on your condition, since most cases are usually ongoing. Your doctor should be monitoring you to make sure it is still needed, according to any change in your condition. A dosage increase would also depend on that. There is no definite way to say it will need to be increased after any certa...
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gabapin nt tablet use for acute low back pain
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I do suffer from Slip disc since 1991.As age is increasing so the restrictions in movement .Now my waist often gets locked with excruciating pain even in small stooping frontal or side so that even sitting on commode often causes semi lock in waist .Pain mainly on left side in waist ----rt side leg a bit insensitive .I am 69 Male ,suffer from Diabetes type 2,Stent in cardiac artery,strong dementia .I also take Urimax D,Aspirin 150,Clopidogrel 75,Rosuvastatin 20,SitaGliptin 50x2 ## It would actually be a good idea to look at the side effects of your current medications, because it could be one of them making the situation, such as the Rosuvastatin, according to the U.S. FDA. Rather than adding more medications, it might be better to speak to your doctor about switching to a different one...
Updated 2 months ago.
When Is Silodal Taken?
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I am 87 years old . Have ben on Urimax 0.4mj for nealy a decade. Recent ultrasound showed retension of urine is nearly 50%.So I am advised to stop Urimax and take Silodal 8mg once every night 10 P.M.. Why should Silodalbe preferable to Urimax.? Should Urimax be taken in the nightbefore going to bed? I have been taking it at 4-5 P.M. ## It may simply be that after so many years, your body has gotten used to the Tamsulosin in the Urimax, so it's just no longer helping you. Learn more Urimax details here. When that happens, it is usually necessary to switch to a different medication, which in this case is the Silodosin in the Silodal. Learn more Silodal details here. As to the time to take it, I have no specific information on that, but it's usually best to follow your doctors inst...
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Enlarged prostate treatments
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My father is 63 yrs old . His prostate size is 71 cc. Will Urimax .4 mg help to reduce the size ? Please reply. Regards ## Also looking for treatment for BPH. Prostate in considerably enlarged and is pressing against the bladder and causing difficulty urinating. Also have small floating bladder stone. What are the ingredients of HP8 and what is the cost for a 30 day supply?
Updated 3 months ago.
Dermatitis due to use of urimax 0.4mg?
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I used Tomsulosin for one and a half years, now there is some skin discolouration on my legs. Now I am under treatment for this. Is this a side effect of long term use of this drug?
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urinary tract infection antibiotic taxim o 200
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I'm prescribed urimax d tablet to control incontinence but still urge for frequent urination is continuing
Updated 4 months ago.
Urimax D for enlarged prostrate
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I have been advised Urimax D for 3 months for enlarged prostrate. I missed my tablet at bed time, can I take it in the morning next day?
Updated 4 months ago.

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Hyoscyamine + Methenamine + Methylene Blue + Phenyl Salicylate + Sodium Biphosphate
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