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Salbutamol, also known as albuterol and marketed as Ventolin among other names,[1] is a medication that opens up the medium and large airways in the lungs.[3] It is used to treat asthma, exercise-induced bronchospasm, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).[3] It may also be used to treat high blood potassium levels.[4] It is usually used by inhaler or nebulizer but is also available as a pill and intravenous solution.[3][5] Onset of action of the inhaled version is typically within...

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Effects Of Salbutamol Guaifenesin Ventolin Expectorant
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What are the effects of salbutamol guaifenesin ventolin expectorant to our body? ## The Salbutamol helps relieve bronchospasms, the Guaifenesin is a decongestant and Ventolin (Albuterol) is a bronchodilator. Common side effects may include: nausea, drowsiness, dizziness and funny taste in mouth. Read more: Are there any comments or questions? ## I have a dry cough and had a fever dated May 27.i took co-amoxiclav together with salbutamol guafenesin and it help my breathing so far and continously taking it every 6 hours but i backed it up yesterday with flanax and bioflu that made me more comfortable esp at my front and back ache.but right now my both lower back side is aching whenever i cough. ## my baby i have asthma taking expectorant salbutamol i ask kong pwd ma dongan ang nebeulizer ...
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What dosage should i follow?
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Hello doc! My daughter is turning 2yo this march. Should i give the suggested dosage for 2yo or stick with the same dosage for 1yo?
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Is it safe to take solmux,cefalexin and salbutamol at the same time for my 3 yrs old son?
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Salbutamol/Guaifenesin Adverse Effect
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Hi! I'm taking co-amoxiclav and Salbutamol/guaifenesin. .and now i'm experiencing fine tremors.. Do you think I need to stop taking the medication?coz I've research that fine tremors are one adverse effect of the medication salbutamol/guaifenesin?please answer asap!Thanks! :) ## Hi im rads im taking co-amoxiclav and salbutamol-guaifenesin. After taking this medicine i felt my hand and feet shaking ang hear beat fast, i feel tire. Shoul i continue to take this medicine? Please help me with this
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my 2 month old has a cough and cold
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Hi DOC, my having a cough and cold. SHe is 2 months old and 1 week. The doctor recommended the co-ammoxiclav antibacterial,salbutamol guafinisin and chloromphenamine .. is ventolin expectorant and disudrin can be takin bymy baby at the same time?. And is it also safe for my baby? I need to know doc, thanks.
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salbutamol guaifenesin with heart diseases
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Is salbutamol guafenesin can be use by person with heart disease?
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salbutamol guaifenesin side effect
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Why I feel little bit weak and little bit shaking after taking salbutamol guiaffenesin? ## HI, Angie! How are you? Salbutamol is the most likely culprit, it is well known to cause the types of side effects you've described. You may also experience dry mouth, muscle cramps and palpitations. Learn more Salbutamol details here. Has your doctor prescribed this medication? ## Hi!!! Yes my dr. Prescribed it, but the label is just like salbutamol guiaffenesin but I drink the salbutamol guiaffenesin ventolin because the the first one is not available in pharmacy so I got the second one with ventolin.. You think it's fine or normal that I feel that side effect when I'm taking it?! Thanks a lot...
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Salbutamol Guaifenesin and Glimiperide
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What is the interaction between salbutamol guaifenesin and glimiperide? Any adverse effect? ## My findings state that there are potentially unsafe interactions that apply to Albuterol (Salbutamol) & Glimepiride. Quoted below are the precautions you should be aware of: "Albuterol may reduce the effects of glimepiride in lowering your blood sugar. Talk with your doctor before using these medications together. You may need a dose adjustment or more frequent monitoring of your blood sugar if you have been using glimepiride and are starting treatment with albuterol. Likewise, if your glimepiride dose has been adjusted during treatment with albuterol, the dose may need to be readjusted after you discontinue albuterol. It is important to tell your doctor about all other medications you...
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About The Salbutamol Guaifenesin Ventolin That I Buy Last 2009 And It Was Expired June 2011 Is Their Any Side Effect If Accidentally Take Because This
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the ventolin guaifenesin salbutamol that i buy last 2009, is already expired last June 2011. is their any effect for me because accidentally I take because I dont have any new one. ## These don't get dangerous once expired, from the information that I've found, they just tend to lose effectiveness, so they may not work as well. Learn more Ventolindetails here. Learn more Guaifenesin details here. Learn more Salbutamoldetails here. If you still need them, I suggest disposing of these ones now and picking up a new supply, to ensure their effectiveness the next time you need to take them. Are there any other questions or comments?
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Is There A Replacement For Ventide Inhaler
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have been using ventide inhaler for about 22 years. Thishas now been discontinued in Pakistan. Is there a replacement for ventide. If not what is the best course to follow. ## the pharma company have a replacement for ventide but its not out in the market yet. ## Ventide contained the active ingredients Beclamethasone and Salbutamol. I'm afraid since it wasn't available in the U.S. that our information on it is very limited, I can't even find details on why it was discontinued. Also, since you are in Pakistan, I have no way of knowing what alternatives are available for you. Have you tried asking your doctor what else you can use that is comparable? ## Yes. there is an alternative for Ventide Inhaler. It is XALTIDE Inhaler. it contains same formula and it is easily available...
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Possible Dosages for this and Related Drugs:

  • Aerosol, Metered: 0.09mg/inh, 100mcg/actuation, 108mcg/actuation, 90mcg/actuation
  • Inhalant: 200mcg, 90mcg/actuation
  • Powder: 90mcg
  • Powder, Metered: 0.090mg/inh
  • Solution: 0.021%, 0.042%, 0.083%, 0.5%, 2.5mg/3ml, 5mg/ml
  • Syrup: 2mg/5ml
  • Tablet: 2mg, 4mg
  • Tablet, Extended Release: 4mg, 8mg
Note: Above list includes dosages for all drugs with the same combination of active ingredients.

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