Active Ingredient(s): Porfiromycin
Category: Cancer

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Promicin is a fictional neurotransmitter in the USA Network science fiction television series The 4400. Contents 1 Background 1.1 Anti-Promicin 1.2 Starzl Mutation 1.3 Promicin-inhibitor 2 Alternate Reality Game/Viral Marketing 3 References 4 External links Background The human body produces neurotransmitters that control and regulate bodily functions. In The 4400, every 4400 produces a fictitious neurotransmitter called promicin that enables him or her to use parts of the cere...

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Is it real and where can I get it
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Hi my name is Andrew I am a very big follower of the 4400 and the drug called PROMICIN. is it real? are they still running diagnostics to see if it really unlocks the part of the brain? I am a full volunteer when it comes to taking PROMICIN. please get back to me as I realy want to see what it is realy about. ## Hello, Andrew! How are you? I'm sorry, but I think you've misunderstood, it is something that is purely fictional that was created for the TV series, it has never actually existed and no trials are being done on such a substance. Is there anything else I can help with?
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