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Ephedrine + Phenobarbital + Theophylline

Category: Asthma

Ephedrine + Phenobarbital + Theophylline Overview

Phenobarbital (INN) or phenobarbitone (BAN) is a long-acting barbiturate and the most widely used anti-seizure medication globally.[1] It has sedative properties, but as with other barbiturates, benzodiazepines are more commonly used for this purpose. The World Health Organization recommends phenobarbital as a first-line medication for partial and generalized tonic–clonic seizures in developing countries.[2] In the more developed world, it is no longer recommended as a first- or second-...

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was wondering about the side affects of the theophylline? i have asthma, and have been suffering since thanksgiving with severe attacks. dr. prescribed this, not sure it is helping.
Updated 9 years ago.
Proper for CPOD?
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I am not sure that I am getting the proper medication for my affliction. How say you?
Updated 9 years ago.

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