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Taking Subutex And Percocet Together
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Comments Submitted Says:
My doctor just put me on subutex along with percocet. I've been on percocet for yrs for severe and chronic migraines. He told me to take the subutex and if it doesn't work to take a perc. I take 15mg percs at a time. I've read some stuff online that worries me. Some people say if you take percs with subutex you'll go into withdrawals. I went through severe withdrawals with fioricet months ago and I don't want to go through that hell again. I took my first subutex about an hour ago and I still have a migraine so I want to take a perc now. Can I do that or will I get sick?

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Jane Says:
Thats SOOO messed up ! I gave birth on 8mg of Subs, but my child didnt need NIC Unit, morphine, or anything like that..He only stayed in Hospitol One extra day, he had slight tremors (his lil arms and hands wud twitch while he slept) and his temp was a lil higher than usual..Im shocked ur child had to stay has long as he/she did..They Do run a drug panel on you in the hospitol esp when they know ur on Subs and etc..If they find someting that u didnt tell them about, than thats when it becomes an issue. Ive heard of plently of mothers who gave birth on methadone, had their child in hosptiol for over a month, with bad withdrawls, and STILL took their babies home.. Not calling u a liar but something isnt adding up.. When ur on Subs or methadone, ur in recovery, u actively doing something to treat ur addiction, UNDER a drs care..I wud get free consults from as many attonrys as u can..Start attending NA meetings, parenting classes, even if u dont feel u need them, it will look better..U can always file a case pro se on your own.. Or find a lawyer that is pro bono..Did your drs ever mention this cud happen to you or were u caught off gaurd by the whole process?? Again if their was any illegial substances in ur body; coke, methamphetamine, H, they can do exactly what they did..Ask for your drug panel, u can get ur medical records for a few bux at the hospitol u gave birth at..Dont give up, their are toooo many mothers who NEVER experinced this, and it doesnt make sense they singled you out...

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Jane Says:
u have every right to do a C Section (even if u have no medical reason to get one),,Alot of people dont know that..I had one scheduled, but went into labor prior to my C section date..And it was cus I was scared to death of the pain, I have 2 kids, my other is 17yrs old (wasnt on any opiates) and I had him natural, so wanted to do a c section with the younger one..DEF talk to ur dr about that and/or epidural..I thought FOR SURE, i wud get an Epidural ! But come to find out my Dr didnt do Epidurals for some dumb reason. I was early enough into labor to get it too..When I requested, Nurse said "who is ur Dr again?" I told her and she had this look on her face like "ur screwed" Anyways went the natural route, again..I was on 8mg of Subutex when I had my youngest son. Drs and Nurses pulled me aside after he was born to ask questions ( i was one of the few first to give birth on Subs so they wanted to document some info) they were extremly satisifed with the results, baby was healthy, the main thing was he was a bit restless, but that didnt kick in til 24hrs after he was born. Temp ran a tad higher than usual, and he had some involuntary twitches, his lil hands and arms wud shake, about 3-4 times a day..They said it was from the subs leaving his system, and I felt horrible..They were all really nice to me, and didnt judge me, thankfully...Sub Dr wanted me to go on Methadone when I told him I was pregnant, but I refused, (at this time their was lil to no studies for babies being born on Subs) But i put my faith in God, and went with my gut instict which was stay on Subutex & I am glad I did. Ur baby may not sleep long hours like typical new borns do at first..Be very patient, I hardly ever let my son in the nursery, he was with me ALL the time in the hospitol, I felt like, Im the one who caused him to cry more and sleep less, so I will be the one to comfort him, hold him and stay up with him no matter how tired I was..The hardest part was when I was discharged and my son had to stay an extra day/nite..Of course I stayed for hours at the hospitol and the next day I went to see him they said "dr cleared him to go home" and It was the happiest day of my life. He had no more twitching, temp was normal for a newborn,(wasnt ever in NIC UNIT) heart rate was normal..I know what u mean when u say of all times u need to be on ur reg dose, ur body gets terribly uncomforable when ur pregnant ADD that to being on subs which lower ur pain tolerance in general.. I wish I had someone to speak to when i was pregnant, I was so nervous at times, but always kept my faith my God. Again my son is now 6yrs old, he met everyone of his milestones, and was always above average when it came to his motor skills, and has always been extremely smart, at 14months old he cud pointe to every animal/bird in a picture book (over 30 different creatures) he was potty trained 3 months after his 2nd birthday, has no issues, like add or adhd, or any temperament issues.. I heard soo many horror stories about the babies on methadone having to stay in hospitol for a month and be sent home with morphine to taper them off, and they wont give the mother the morphine, someone else has to be in charge of administiering the dose, from what ive heard. So im glad ur on subs and not methadone. U also wont need to bring ur prescription to the hosptol (alhtough u may want to just to be safe) the hospitol provided me with my dose every morning...Def estimate the time ur giving birth and get enough subs to last you a month so u dont have to worry about going back to dr every week when ur at home taking care of baby, and etc..Blessings to you and Your baby, you will be in my thoughts and prayers..

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lilqtpie723 Says:
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Thank you! That eases my fears a little bit about giving birth, although I take about 12mg -16 mg a day (subutex). I was on 20mg and wheened myself down to 8mg for quite a while, but as I got more pregnant the medicine wasn't working as well and the doctors scared the crap outta me- telling me that while I may ache and feel slight withdrawal the baby can go into seizures (im at 27wks right now) so they wanted me back on 16mg a day. I try not to take all 16 if I can hold off- it just bothers me- its like damned if I do damned if I don't. I don't want to not take it and hurt her but I also don't want her to have bad withdrawals. But, my doctors have assured me its nothing like methadone or anything like that - they are great to me and I have been extremely honest. After reading these forums I really doubt alot of women are. The pain at cHild birth still worries me, but I go talk to anesthesiologists next week so I guess ill see! I have a horrible pain tolerance :/ but surely I can still have an epidural right? Hmmmm guess we will see. Thanks again for your story!

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Jane Says:
I gave birth on subutex...I was given something for pain (i had natural labor) but all it did was make me sleepy..Nothing really helps when ur in labor with the pain..After the birth as we are very sore and hurting, all i was given was Ibrophren 800mg, along with my dose of subutex.. Main thing is the baby, as he/she will have some mild withdrawls...My son did very very well, he didnt need any medicaition like people on methodone, their babies have bad withdrawl and sometimes need morphine..My son came out 110% healthy and is now 6yrs old, very smart..He did have to staY in hospitol an extra day, just to observe him, he had some minor tremors, and they gave him a pacifier dipped in sugar water..I did reduce my dose while pregant, but was told not to stop takin it as i cudve lost the baby via miscarriage and put the baby thru alot of stress..My story is a lil differenrt than the norm, I was dx'd with chrons disease and was very ill, and in pain..So my tolerance to pain meds grew ( i never took them to feel high but noticed when i didnt have them my body wud hurt and ache ) thats when i was advised to take subs for longterm chronic pain...Drs still assumed i was some junkie though, ive never seen herione in my life, never did morphine, just vicoden or percocet...Id rather take one pill than a handful a day that further aggravated my stomach.. Keep your head up, pray, and be honest with ur drs about everything..U will probably get better pain relief from over the counter meds or specific migrane meds like Imitrex, than you wud percocet...When ur on subs ur receptors alreay are fillled with opiate that binds very strong..So you need to take something for pain that isnt a narcotic..Only way you wud "feel percocets is if you didnt take ur subs for a couple weeks.Since it cannot fill ur pain receptor in the brain (percocet or any opiate) its pointless to take them, im sure u have noticed it does nothing for ur pain..Imitrex is amazing for migranes expensive but it works wonders !

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lilqtpie723 Says:
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Subutex does not have naloxone in it, this is what makes you sick- google search naloxone suboxone DOES have nalaxone- now I have been taking both for years, so some answers on this forum are confusing me...but basically nalaxon is in SUBOXONE it is an opioid ANTAGONIST which means it blocks or counteracts other opiods(this is what makes you sick).Both SUBOXONE and SUBUTEX contain Buprenorphine which is an opioid agonist-a semi synthetic opioid which helps treat addiction bc it binds to the same receptors as say Morphine or Percocet. Subutex alone with another opioid will not make you sick, you just may not feel the same effect because the subutex fills those receptors- therefore there is no room or little for the Percocet or whatever to bind to (this is why it is used to treat addiction)...if that makes sense. It is possible to feel the effects of both depending on how fast your body breaks down the meds (your metabolism) and when you took them.
On another note im pregnant with my first child and on subutex, my question to the girl who posted about giving birth and not feeling the pain meds is where you on subutex or suboxone and how much? The doctors have not told me pain relief would be an issue and I meet with the anastisioligist(sp) next week- im anxious now to hear what they have to say...

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heather Says:
get the public defender they are actually way better then you think they are. the ones that they have for cases like this usually spend most of there time fighting these cases. I know this cause im going through it right now and the attorney I have right now doesat least 2 cases a month and she is amazing! so please take my advice! you wont be disappointed that you did! I hope you the best and I hope you get her soon! im sorry you are going through this I know how heartbreaking it is! feel free to let me know if you would like any of my help. {edited for privacy}

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Sara Says:
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sally Says:
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Ive already taken a suboxone 4mg..havent been.on them ling but am prescribed fioricet with codeine for migraines...i have one now and want to take one,i was under the.impression that if you've already taken suboxone and take a pain killer u just sont get "high" from it but that it will not put you into W/D unless you were to do the opposite by taking a narcotic and then taking suboxone before your body starts going thru W/ this correct?

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mickey Says:
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I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl 1/31/14. I took 8mg subutex daily perscribed by my doctor.on the 3rd day she was born the hospital said she had to be placed in icu to be replaced on morphine for withdrawal.they kept her for 27days then cps came and took her saying I neglected and abused her. I had to go to court forcing me to sign medical records since I wouldn't sign because it was my right not sign caseworker took it to the court.the judge ordered her be fosfostered giving me 1hr once a week with my infint,she is my heart my everything I can't figure out what I did wrong?my doc and pediatric doc said not to taper dose it will harm or cause a miscarriage. Also the atternyy general is representing dyfis and cps is that legal? Not to mention I have a legal case pending at tha same court. Please give me some guidence to fight for my daughter I need an answe. I did everything legally how were these people able to take my Angel? I don't have the $.for a lawyer and we all know public pretender are on their side not in my best interests. I lost my family Grave was my gift bless by GOD. I strongly need advice to appropriately hand this.sincerely michele

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jjthejetplane Says:
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Naloxone has nothing to do with it. Naloxone is only In suboxone to prevent misuse of the product. Buprenorphine has such a high binding affinity to the opiate receptors that if you take buprenorphine too soon after you take say hydrocodone or oxycodone, that the buprenorphine will throw off the remaining oxycodone/hydrocodone on your opiate receptors and send you into withdrawls

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texstar Says:
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I take subutex and when hospitalized for pneumonia, I find out Baptist Hospital East in Louisville, Ky doesn't even keep subutex in stock. So of course, I was about to stroke out and my doctor gave me oxycontin every 8 hrs and oxr ir every 6 hours. I had and didn't expect to have any symptoms of withdrawls. Once home, I continued on my subutex with a smooth transition also.

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Veronica Says:
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Amy I want to come off the 30s I have Subutex do I wait until the opiates are out or can I start Subutex with the perks or will I go right into withdrawal I like your quote it made me laugh

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Dj Says:
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You were nauseous and throwing up because of all the opiates you had just taken. That is not withdrawal. I took a 30 mg oxycodone this morning and a subutex 6 hrs later it doesn't do anything, there's no naxolone

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Molley 52 H Says:
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Where do u live? i am ready to sell my house &move for chronic pain. no dr will write my old meds. i traveled 2hrs to another state. but no longer can i live @ ohio,ky border & ky wont help u at all!!

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amy Says:
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I don't understand what everyone is talking about. I can take subutex and perk 30s in the same day and feel high as a kite!!

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B Says:
Hi I am very sorry to hear of your father.. You seem like a great person..really. If u EVER need to just talk or whatnot ur welcome to email me? {edited for privacy} BTW, haha my name is Brandie and not that it matters I'm 29 ;-) , friends call me B. God bless you and ur family.

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Subhead Says:
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Your wrong about the whole shooting up suboxone part. That's all I'm gonna say so that's not the 100% truth about subs.

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Blue Haze Says:
Yes u can, thats why theres both subutex an suboxone. the subutex does not contain the opiate blocker called naloxone which will make u sick if u combine it with a protagonist opiate.

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scared of withdrawal Says:
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I been on subutex for 5 days and I was taking vicodone as well for breakthrough pain but I don't think they were helping, so I jus taken the prescribed 2 a day subutex and it works well I just hope this isn't another ride I wanna get clean. I accept that I can't have 0 pain and that I am an addict time to get my life back..

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scared of withdrawal Says:
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I just started taking subutex, an I also get lorcet 10/650 and I can tell it helps I usually wake up and take the lorcets then later I take a subutex but I have been getting headaches.but am I wasting precious pain meds I only taken 1of the 2 a day 8mg subutex,should I start taking both my plan is to get clean

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