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Taking Subutex And Percocet Together
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Comments Submitted Says:
My doctor just put me on subutex along with percocet. I've been on percocet for yrs for severe and chronic migraines. He told me to take the subutex and if it doesn't work to take a perc. I take 15mg percs at a time. I've read some stuff online that worries me. Some people say if you take percs with subutex you'll go into withdrawals. I went through severe withdrawals with fioricet months ago and I don't want to go through that hell again. I took my first subutex about an hour ago and I still have a migraine so I want to take a perc now. Can I do that or will I get sick?

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Bruce Says:
I am taking 480mg of Oxycodone a day down from 840mg. daily. Need to pass a drug panel in the near future. Does Subutex take away the pain as well as Oxycodone? If not, can you take Oxycodone say at bedtime? If not then how many hours before Oxy works again once you stop taking the Subutex.? What other drugs are recommended while on subutex? Can you take Xanax? Before I was on Oxycodone I was taking Vicodin. My highest daily dosage was 15 Norco tablets which has 150mg of Hydrocodone. On sundays I did not do anything but watch TV so I did not take any Norco and had no withdrawl symptoms what so ever. Not so lucky with Oxycodone. I was wondering - what is the most Oxy anyone has taken on a daily basis w/o suffering any withdrawl discomfort? Also is it normal to be able to take the quanity of hydrocodone I took w/o any problems stopping. I wonder because I remember watching the TV show "HOUSE" and the doctor was grabbing the toilet one episode while off his meds. He was taking Vicodin 5mg./500mg. - the lowest dosage and they never showed him taking more than 2 at a time. The max. being 8 pills a day due to the acetaminophen max. at 4000mg. So what gives? Are the producers trying to scare people about Vicodin? Again, I had no trouble not taking any Vicodin on sundays while taking 150mg. otherwise and the good doctor is puking etc. from a withdrawl from 40mg. a day? Has anyone suffered withdrawl from Vicodin? Also whats the most Oxycodone anyone has taken daily and able to stop w/o problems? Thank you for your response.

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hazeleyes Says:
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I took a half of a quarter piece of subutex at 3 am ,my back hurts n I need to take my perk 15s. Will the subutex make the perk 15 not work..I've asked friends and I got different answers plz hel me out

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opiates suck Says:
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Yes. I've never had any problems switching back and forth btwn suboxone and subutext. They do have a very long half life, so you should still feel fine when you get your script. You can wait until you start to feel the effects of it wearing off if it'll make you feel more secure. I don't have a script, so trying to stay clean, I take what I can find and sometimes it's one, sometimes the other.

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pdb Says:
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If i took 8mg subutex today and if i did 6 bags of h, would i get hi

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Please Help Says:
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I took 20 MG's of percocet around 11:30 today when is it safe to take my Subutex?? Please help I messed up by taking perks I hate being an addict :( trying my best tough!! I've never done H. it's taking too many loved ones from me!!

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rebe Says:
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u r lying because if u been on subutex and took one ten mg perc and wouldn't have even got thru the subutex some must be some holes in ur story or maybe took something else u could have taken did it

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Big waney Says:
U won't get sick....... Only if u take tha suboxone but he'll u can eat 32 MSG of sub and take opiates and b ok (TEC)

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Brandon0555 Says:
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Hello all.. I've been on suboxone for 5 years and I've always taken 12 mgs a day (1 1/2) films.. I ran out a few days early for "helping" out a friend.. I picked up some Percys so I wouldn't go into wds while being without my suboxone.. I just felt the first perc yesterday (day 3) but the did keep me from going into wds.. I took my last perc this morning and I'm scarred to start going into wds in a few hours .. It's been about two hours since I took it and I feel fine, a frind has some subutex that I can pick up but will they put me in precip wds?? I get my suboxone in the morning and I'm scarred if I take the subutex today and then the suboxone in the morning, then that will put me in wds, has anyone been through anything like this?? If I take subutex today then suboxone tomorow will I be ok??

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Skittles86 Says:
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HELP! I've been on H almost daily for 5 months now. I've been off H for 3 full days, just 10mg Percocet. How long before I can take suboxone before getting thrown into full wd. I won't do that again, ever! Need advice asap. Only have 2 Percocet left

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donald stolgitis Says:
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There is no narcan in suboxone...period! You are confusing narcan with naloxene. Naloxene is an opiate antagonist and that is what makes you sick if you are mixing. The presence of naloxene in suboxone is the only thing that makes it different from subutex

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Dr rob Says:
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I have taken suboxone and subutex. While taking suboxone you shouldnt take other opiods while on suboxone cause it will put you in full withdrawal. But if its subutex your takeing also taking percocet is fine. It might take a little more percocet to have an effect but it would still work. I hope this helps.

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This is a pretty active site, always ignore the haters always. I have been taking Subutex and use 5mg Percs for pain spikes I get from serious activity, then I cut the Percs out as the pain settles down. I have informed my VA doc and my primary doc and the guy who prescribes my Subutex. He is the only one that goes nuts over my use of Percs for really heavy duty pain, or migraines. The Subutex, 24mgs a day only gives me about 25% pain relief, its just not enough for me to do all the things he wants me to do to improve my fitness level. If I am that active I need more pain support. If I do nothing I gain weight lose muscle and hate life. I am living every mnute of everyday because I have CVID also, I have had near death expierence twice at least. I am "DEADMANWALKING." I have had more lives than a cat. My more specific question is: What is the issue with the receptors using Subutex and Percocet irregularly. The guy who prescribes the Subutex says Im defeating the purpose of the Subutex, he is of the "either or camp." The Subutex just doesnt control the pain enough. My pain on Subutex alone is 4 out of 10 versus 6 out of 10 withot Subutex. Before Subytex every morning was 8 out of 10 when I tried to get up. Now its 5 out of 10 geting up in the morning. When I am really active it reaches 7 out of 10 for a short time until I take 10mg of Percocet which reduces the pain and I slow down and rest bringing pain back down.

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nlp24 Says:
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I will not get sick mixing subutex wit pain killers done it alot doing it now now suboxone on the otherhand u will regreat mixing the two

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Skublu Says:
Hi there, you should not get sick at all. Subutex does not have naloxone in it. You will be fine. And it's actually the opposite you would have to take the percocet 1st then the Suboxone to possibly go through withdrawal. And it would have to be Suboxone not Subutex. It's Suboxone that has naloxone which is what will cause the withdrawal and to prevent that..,you should never take sooner than 18 to 24 hours after taking any kind of full opiate. Hydrocodone, codeine, H, etc... Good Luck!!!

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fastEd Says:
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I have taken a percocet right after doing a subutex and I have never had a problem so I don't understand these people that are saying they are getting sick on subutex after they take a percocetall I know is I've never had a problem when taking both

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joRN Says:
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I've been on subutex last 2 days to come off oxy. I took 16 mg total yesterday and my last dose was 4 mg at about 8 am this morning. It is now almost 2 pm and I want to take a per comet for pain. Will the per comet work since it's been 6 hours since I took the subutex? Or do you think it's still bound to the receptors? If I take more percs do you think the sheer amount will allow me to feel the effects of the percs?

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I have used Percocet and Subutex for 2 years. I have never had ANY withdrawls. I quit taking the Percs a week ago, Im trying to figure put how things go without the Percocet. No withdrawls to report. I have to say unequivically with no qualifications or caveates the Percocet has helped with the pain. I have an undiagnosed autoimmune disease, Im just another Vet that is dying from something yet they can't figure ot what it is or how I got it. By the way, the VA does nothing for me. I have severe chronic pain that spikes right after Ive been active. I have bad headaches too. The Percocet doesnt touch the headaches, I don't know why. I do get relief from the wicked pain in my back, hips and legs. My immune system is now compromised and I get monthly IGG infusions. I'm screwed, yet everybody blows a gasket when I take the cocktail that gives me relief. Anyway TMI, I am sharing my experience with Percocet and Subutex.

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The real promoter Says:
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Post 106 ju your a dumb as just because someone is asking a question doesn't make them a junkie some people jet multiple medications for different medical problems and simply don't wanna be throwing up with cold sweats and stomach cramps don't be so inconsiderate there are junkies but not all of us

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J Bones Says:
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That wasn't withdrawal, you just got to high. There could have been some withdrawal if you were eating the percs and then the sub, but IM pretty sure that in doesn't work the other way round.

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mark66 Says:
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Theirs way to many people out their that will judge thats never been down that road only the true addicts in recovery give best advice my counselor told me he was a coke head and became a counselor to help others with their problems only they have been their

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