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Suboxone In Urine Tests

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bizman Says:
i recently took myself off pain meds(opiates) altogether.,im tired of dependency.however about once a week i take a suboxone strip when i get cravings.i took a half a strip today(Sat) around and found out we have a random drug test at work tomorrow night(SUN)or mon.morningwe get tested at a lab then get rersults in 2-5 days.will it appear in a lab drugscreening for work 24-36 hours after taking?if yes how can i appear clean for test.

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Tony Price Says:
Yes it will show up in a urine screen within that time frame, however, that specific drug ( suboxone or subutex ) has to be tested for, it does not show up on a normal drug screen. I get tested once a month with my job and it is screened for ALL illegal drugs and controlled substances and suboxone has never showed up, not even once. I take suboxone daily and have been since Oct. 2008. My Dr. that prescribes me the sub also gives me a urine test 3-4 times a year and it has never showed up.He has tested me twice to be sure that I was actually taking the sub and both times he had to call the lab that I had to go to and tell them to include the testing for sub and the first time this test was ordered by my Dr. the lab that I went to had to call their home office out of state to verify that they could do this test properly.I have a co- worker that also takes sub ( in doses that are way to high in my opinion) on a daily basis and he was injured at work a few months back and workers compensation people requested that he have a drug screen done by their own people. Not only did he have to give a urine and blood test he had to submit to a hair testing as well. This joker was a nervous wreck and i mean a NERVOUS WRECK waiting on that phone call that he didnt want to get.He is prescribed sub by a Dr. but he also buys it off the street and literally takes three times the amount that he is prescribed. Guess what? ALL 3 tests showed up negative. And yes he was a happy camper to say the least. So with all that being said, I cant promise you anything, but i DO BELIVE that you should be just fine.I hope this helps anwser your question.

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Crystal Beth Says:
Tom, that was the most detailed and informative reply to a question I have ever seen. I'd say bizman should be grateful for your post. And thank you, that is some good info to know

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bizman Says:
THANKYOU SO MUCH!!!! Now that im really trying I would be very let down,to have failed at a time like this.I finally have a job that offers great insurance.

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bizman Says:
if anyone else knows things i can do to stay away from pain meds please feel free to give a single parent.raising kids on my own and i pride myself in being a good rather find surgery or something to not be eating pills.for a long time i didnt even know i was addicted,i was taking my pain away so i can that i got off them i dont like how i feel anymore about myself when i buy them.anyone else quiting good luck i will keep you in prayers.,i cant go to rehab-no where for kids to go,i work a lot and cant miss work and the only time i sleep is during school.then go to work after already my schedule dont leave time.any advise would be good.the only thing i do now eat a sub strip 1-2xs a week to keep my desires at bay.but i want that gone too,and i told my friend who gets them i really dont want them and hes going to help me stop that.i just dont want a great person and this crap makes me so much less great.i worked hard for sobriety.i thought ive been clean for 10 years just to realize maybe only 5...then i became hooked.even before when i used to party it was fun not needed.i wasnt hooked on anything but i found myself doing extra work or selling my stuff just for a pain pill-hell they dont even hardly work anymore.igot to have the strongest stuff i can find just to feel ok not even good.well sorry if i blabbed too much. i just want to be a happy person without this crap in my life

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Verwon Says:
bizman, Suboxone rehab is actually done on an out patient basis, you are not required to stay in a hospital setting.

It is handled by doctors that are specially trained in its use to help someone beat their drug addiction problems.

Have you thought of consulting a doctor about it?

Learn more:


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Karemia Says:
My daughter is in drug court. Today at court she tested Negative for the drug suboxone The judge sent her back to the crisis addiction center until a bed is available in a Rehab. At this crisis center they test her as soon as she got back from court and they said she tested positive. She absolutely did not take the drug. Now shes in jail for something she positively did not do. they are going to listen to the crisis center over my daughter. Cant her lawyer or someone be ordered to have a drug test done in jail before the weekends over so we can prove that she did not take the drug. PLEASE HELP ME

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Kicking Says:
bizman I got on suboxone to get off of oxycodone and it's working. will help you. Different doctors use different methods to get you started but there are no rehab centers or meetings you have to go to. In my opinion this is the best and least painfull way to detox. Good Luck

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Verwon Says:
The part where Kicking said that you do not have to go to any meetings or anything, to use Suboxone is actually incorrect. Under U.S. law, you are supposed to be in some sort of counseling, while being under treatment with it.

Many doctors, however, weren't making their patients do so and the U.S. government is cracking down on this and threatening to cancel their waiver to prescribe it for addiction treatment, if they don't start making their patients do so.

I've had several questions on this recently, because people were surprised that their doctor suddenly told them they have to start attending some sort of counseling session, at their own expense.

There are no specific guidelines on what it has to be, so it can be something through your church, community center or narcotics anonymous, but the comply with the law, your doctor is supposed to make sure you are attending some sort of counseling.


Are there any other comments or questions?

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MKaMo Says:
My husband got addicted to prescription pain killers after he was injured at work and prescribed them. We heard about the Suboxone program and decided to give it a try even though it seemed silly to replace pills with more pills. I'm glad we did!!! It actually saved our marriage. My husband is a totally different person from the addict he'd become. He is on strips now, which means the potential to abuse them have been diminished. I recommend to ANYONE with an opiate addiction to give it a try. My husband doesn't have to attend meetings on his program, but I know ppl that do. Depends on the Dr, i suppose.
As far as Sub showing up on drug tests....this is what I know...Most places only do standard testing like for employment, because you have to have a specific test for Sub. Where I live, the Drug Court just got the special test for Sub, but I don't think all Drug Courts have them yet. I've also been told that if you were to get pulled over by the police, depending where you live, they will drug test you and Sub is on the list of things they test for. I'm not sure about that part. Just heard it from an authority figure yesterday.

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sh Says:
I'm in drug court in alabama and i get tested with a 12 panel urine test randomly, i know suboxone shows up on that test because i already had to do some jail time for it. See i screwed up, i took 2mg the night before i got randomly popped. I don't know if there is a doctor out there who can answer my question but it sure would help. by factoring in my high metabolism and that i only weigh 120 and i'll do 2mg a day for a 3 day stretch and then stop for four days; in someone's medical opinion can i possibly pass that 12 panel drug test after only 36 hours of being clean? Also i've been on this routine for about two months now, I work outside in the heat sweating all the time and all i'm drinking is water and mountain dews, so if someone could answer me with a knowledgeable statement i would be grateful. thank you. sh

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Verwon Says:
Sh, it is possible, but there is no way to definitively say that you will, or will not pass.

The Buprenorphine in the Suboxone is another one of the narcotics that can be detectable for approximately 4 days, after taking it.

This, of course, varies depending on the factors that you listed, so your body may process it out faster, but there is no way to give a time frame based on that.

And as to the discussion of whether or not it is detectable on a drug test, it actually depends on the type of test.

The Buprenorphine is not detectable on most standard tests, but it can be detected if a test is used that has been specifically designed to look for it.

Almost all substances you ingest can be tested for, it just requires specific tests to look for them.


Are there any other comments or questions?

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hubbyssexykitten1 Says:
Karemia if your daughter did not take the drug suboxone and her test was a fasle positive Your lawyer should have requested for another test right then and there! I have had drug test come back with what they call "false-positives" before also, Sometimes its because that particular test they used could have been expired or not stored properly, It will cause them to come back positive for whatever they are testing you for at the time. What did the drug test they gave her say exactly? I know you said she failed for suboxone but did it say for Benzos, opiates, or what?

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Matt Says:
Suboxone DOES NOT show up on standard tests. I was in a suboxone program for nearly two years. The dr had to use a test specifically for suboxone every time I had an appointment to make sure I was actually taking the medication. For the first two months of treatment, we had to make an appointment every singke week to get tested and get our rx for the followibg week. I work at a nuclear power plant and we are tested pretty regularly and suboxone does not show up on basic five panel tests. The majority of employees do not test for it either.
Also, Dr who are involved in suboxone treatment programs ARE REQUIRED by the government to make their patients attend counseling in conjunction with the suboxone treatment. The dr I went to required his patients to attend at least 4 meetings per week and we had a sheet that we had to get signed by the lead at each group meeting we went to. If the dr you go to does not require counseling/NA meetings also, I would suggest to find a different dr who cares more about your sobriety rather than the $$. Also suboxone are very hard to quit taking and I would suggest to get off of them as soon as possible because either way, you WILL have withdrawal symptoms regardless of how slowly you taper your dosage.

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About to Jump Says:
So a normal 5-8 panel screen would not show up positive for either Subutex or Suboxone on the basic tests the POs run?. It would have to be pretty ritzy lab to be looking specifically for Buprenorphine, right?

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k Says:
Is anyone from mpontgomery,al. Does the communinty correction test for subs. I know some prison do and some dont

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Tnc Says:
Well< if they are looking for it ",sub's", show up i have failed 3 test ,..and the only sure way is to substitute with someone else's urine,..just make sure to keep it body tempreature .

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zac84 Says:
the drug tests arent always giving false reading...and for it to be inaccurate in that position shes heart goes out to you guys..You could call the court clerk and plead your case. get a lhats just lawyer involved. thats just wrong

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Julie Says:
For Single Mom-I was also addicted to painkillers for 5 years. I tried beating the addiction many times-the withdrawal was too severe and my body felt like I wanted to get out of my own skin. I was surfing the web one night looking for an answer to getting off the pills without going to rehab. I was blessed by clicking on a personal testimonial of a young man that found Suboxone as a treatment for his best friend's addiction. I found a doctor certified to administer Suboxone and have never looked back! I had to be painkiller free for 12 hours minimum and 24 or more would have been preferable. I suffered for the day, but within 21 minutes I felt relief-remarkable and a blessing! By the time I was parked in my driveway I felt no like I could cry for joy! I took them as prescribed and was scheduled for a face to face consultation once a month. I have been pain meds free for a little over three years. It is a slow long process for me. I weaned down slowly when I made my mind up it was time to get of the Suboxone after 2 years-some people stay on shorter ans/or longe. My sister quit a year later,but still takes a very low dose every day, and that is ok!. You can beat this addiction with Suboxone! If I can do it, you can do it! Today is a new day!

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Turtle Says:
It does not show on a drug test like verwon said it has to be tested for specifically... I looked up info about that test n it takes 2-3 days after initially takin it to show up positive.. So if I were to take it today n take that specific test tomorrow it would not show... Those that wonder if it will show on say a 12panel test be at ease for it will not!!

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Fergie Says:
I need to take a drug test in 2 weeks, i have been dosing myself for the last week and plan to be finished this week, i know i ca i have done it before. Will it show up?

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