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Snorting Nucynta

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Can nucynta be insufflated?

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Owie Says:
I was prescribed Nucynta and wanted to know how people are using them to get high. I believe my son has stolen some cause I went through his text msg.s. I know he has snorted and smoked oxys can you do that with Nucynta too? I know I dont get a buzz when I take them, so how can he be getting high off them?

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gvr492 Says:
By your son, you mean you right? LOL what a fail way to try and find a way to abuse your script.

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Comments Says:
Don't post unless you respond to someone because I'm trying to see if I can snort this thing and you're a tool for responding with absolutely no content don't judge people just answer.

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croogen Says:
Lol a tool? Dude we have every right to judge you if we want to. Especially when it is so Damn easy to judge people abusing scripts. If you want an answer then here: ANY PRESCRIPTION OPIATE OR ANALGESIC IS NOT MENT TO BE SNORTED. NONE, ZIP, ZILCH. You guys should rephrase your question to, " will snorting this drug kill me?" When big pharma companies are making these pills I'm sure they are saying, "how can we make these so people snort them?" PULEASE. Pills are designed to be ingested. Go ahead and tell the people that made your pills that you are looking for a way to snort them. They will laugh.... And laugh hard. Think about it... Would you take an Apple and try to shove it up your butt or nose to ingest it? No of course not because apples are meant to be eaten by mouth. So please excuse us when you come on here looking like a person with an Apple in his butt.

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bogart Says:
if they didnt want you to abuse them so they could sell more then theyd make all pils like the OPs were they cant be broke down and thats wrong to put someone else down when your just jumpin to a conclusion anyways especailly when i see how you assume things anyways 1+1 doesnt equal 4 just cause you said so

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croogen Says:
Last time I checked just because a pill can be "broken down" does not mean it can be snorted. THEY ARE NOT DESIGNED TO BE SNORTED. GET THAT THROUGH YOUR GUYS HEADS. All of these pills have talc in them, not to mention a bunch of other bonding chemicals that eat nose cartilage . In this case 1+1=2 plain and simple.

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croogen Says:
Do you really think the manufacturers make money from street sales? Or from people snorting them? You gotta be out of your mind. Big pharma is making most of their profits from legal prescriptions with seniors. Not to mention other pills like viagra etc.

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Mel Says:
Oh! I want to respond to that. It's because of people like junkies that we are having a hard time getting prescription for narcotics when you are a chronic pain sufferer.

If your doctor prescribed you Nucynta, which is a controlled release medication, vs Oxycodone, one, you are probably suffering chronic pain, cause not everyone can take Nucynta, I know I take it. Two, he knows your an addict and he gave you Nucynta, because there is no way in hell you can get high off these. So, try snorting them if you want, from what I have read on other forum, it will burn the crap out. Or best, why don't you just stick a needle in your arm and overdose...

Nucynta is a new drug which cannot be abused, so good luck my friend... And BTW, all of the new narcotics that are coming out are patented in a way that junkies can't abuse them and they are effective only when ingested.

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Rich Says:
LMAO at the snorters.. What about the good old days when you bit down on it before you took it

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xxsouthparkxx Says:
People need to chill out..all this person did was ask a question and if all you're going to do is judge them why even waste your time posting at all? To the person who posted the original question, I am prescribed to Nucynta 75 mg and I take it as prescribed and usually don't feel a "high". However, sometimes when I take it on an empty stomach I get a little dizzy so I'm assuming that if a person wanted to get high off of it they would take more than 75 mg.

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croogen Says:
To last poster: you are aware he was not asking about eating the pills, but snorting them? We are allowed to judge.... It's what makes us human. As a former junkie trust me..... It's easy to spot one, we post because we want people to be well informed, and not tell them its ok to do something that will severely their your body. Everyone is constantly judging things at all points of the day once again, its what makes us human.

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croogen Says:
To last poster: you are aware he was not asking about eating the pills, but snorting them? We are allowed to judge.... It's what makes us human. As a former junkie trust me..... It's easy to spot one, we post because we want people to be well informed, and not tell them its ok to do something that will severely hurt their body. Everyone is constantly judging things at all points of the day once again, its what makes us human.

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Mel Says:
TO xxxsouthparkxxx

I take 150mg twice a day for chronic pain and even on an empty stomach I have never felt even dizzy or high. Please don't recommend people to take more than prescribed, all bodies and ability to take/absorbe medication is different, that's why people overdose.

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Recovering Addict Says:
To Croogen, then couldn't you have simply said something like, Hey dude, I am also an addict, but in recovery now, and I see your post and am thinking you are really just asking for advice on how to get high. I understand you aren't yourself when you are on drugs and it is sad, but these forums are not for that kind of thing. Maybe you could check out an NA meeting (Narcotics Anonymous) I hope you find the help you need man. ???? Huh, why not that if you are such an ex-junkie who can spot one. If that were the case, you would be more sensitive like me! Jerk. You are probably still a junkie and are mad about it so you are being nasty to others crying for help. Yeah he/she asked for instructions on how to snort a pill but to me that is desparation and I remember that, so you won't see me explaining a how to on addiction, but a hey this is what you can you do to get better. Take it or leave it.

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croogen Says:
Im going to "take it" if that's ok with you. If you read the original posts on here (yes the ones from over 2 yrs ago) you would see I said just that ( we started out very supportive on here). You would also see that when we were kind in our posts and when we tried to help we were called names because we did not say "yes go ahead and snort these". That is why our last posts may be so frustrating to you. I take your position that I am still a junkie with a grain of salt. I am happy to be where I am at today and you opinion on that does not matter to anyone here. Please keep future discussions informative. Thanks!

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Ducky Says:
You can get high off nucynta... pop 2 75 mgs and enjoy the buzz! I am not prescribed any medication so that may be why... but I don't give a f*** I still make 80k a year, have a loving family, and put my kids first :P who are you to judge ANYONE at all?

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croogen Says:
Because you are lying, a "kid", and don't kno what you are talking about at all. Judged.....

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Mel Says:
To Ducky?

Yeah right?!?!?!

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MattT Says:
You guys are all halarious!! No one answered the first persons question. You gius immediately jump to the first person that pushed your little buttons. haha For all here that is wondering.. No you cant get high off snorting Nucynta or ingesting it unless your extremely sensitive to medication. Take it how it's perscribed or risk severe interactions/ overdose.

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James C Says:
Ok, as much as I'd like to E-SLAP people for asking questions like this and these "seekers" making it so that legitimate people that are suffering from cancer to jump through hoops of fire in regulations and suspicion, for the sake of harm reduction, its better these people post these questions rather than truly hurt themselves. Harm reduction.

Ok, I have severe sciatica and am prescribed this medication that works OUTSTANDINGLY for neuropathic chronic pain. While I personally feel this powerful medication is less addictive than most pain killers, causes less tolerance (lower doses can be used over long periods of time), and has its own mechanisms which "limit" its dosing (severe negative side effects at higher doses), still this drug seems to be popular for attempting to abuse......because its a C-II so its apparently a junkies dream.

Let me get to the point. #1. This drug has powerful negative side effects if taken at high doses. I'm allowed to take 150mgs for breakthrough pain. Unless my pain is an 8 AFTER taking 1 75mg tablet, I will not use that option. Perhaps 1/2 of a second tablet, but almost never a full extra tablet for breakthrough pain. The side effects are nearly unbearable but I'll admit 150mgs drives even my worst pain down atleast a few numbers.
Auditory hallucinations, distant objects appearing then disappearing, extremely vivid closed eye visuals, panic attacks, strong nausea, sweating, rapid breathing are the result of taking a breakthrough 150mg dose. At 75mgs these symptoms IF they appear are mild and transient. I can only imagine snorting this would speed up the absorption and intensify the effects. If you enjoy having what feels like a panic attack in the twilight zone, be a dumba** and snort the stuff.

#2 I did my research after I was prescribed the medication because I want to know short and long term effects. Well I saw some postings of people that tried snorting it and they stated it burned badly for 30 minutes and wasn't worth the short 2 hour buzz. As for abusing it, people that abused large amounts stated the effects were scary and that they wouldn't do it again. LOOK IT UP!!!! Not worth abusing!

I post this NOT for the original poster but the other people that will try to abuse it. Please, don't do it. You have all kinds of other things you are already abusing, atleast leave something for us chronic pain patients that wont be scrutinized so we can have some f***ing relief. Thanks.

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