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wyn Says:
my dog has been diagnosed with pancreatitis and has high liver enzymes she has been on synulox and prednicare she has to stay on prednicare for the rest of her life she gets very poorly about every 2months so i wanted to know what prednicare does as when she falls poorly again i am having her put down as i feel it is not fair to let her suffer anymore she is also on l/d prescription diet. she is always hungry and drinks ecsessivelly.

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Shell209 Says:
I am sorry to hear about your dog. I was actually trying to find any alternatives to this without having an animal medicated or having to put them down.

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wyn Says:
thanks shell209. pepsie has just had her last antibiotic so just on the prenicare now. so wat happens now i dont know.i am taking 1 day at a time. her breathing has changed like a puffer train so. it might have to be soon. cause i not gonna let her suffer no more.

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kate Says:
heyas, my cat was put onto prednicare and synulox for feline athsma and bronchitis. these drugs to my knowledge are both steroids and his health declined. prednicare changes the way the immune system works causing the animal to become suseptable to things like the common cold that wont heal and can be fatal. I lost my cat two months ago, and i can safely say i believe it was drug related. he was 13, a good age you say?! well i know he could have gone on longer, but he developed complications and had a very poor quality of life. he lost his appetite, his breathing was terrible,his throat and lungs full of mucus, had bad teeth, he was constipated, suffered from migrains, his fur was falling out, he went blind became very very thin and had zero energy. Change your dog's diet get him/her on an all natural food not a commerically based pet feed, these have been proven to cause degenerative dissorders in pets, but a NATURAL food and watch the improvements. i recommend taking your pet off the medication as well....but slowly. Vets don't know it all, minutes before my cat was put down, the vet took out the book on prescribed veterinary medications. This didn't reasure me in any way, it said that the RARE side effects that could occur was blindness from a drug my cat was prescribed to improve his breathing, unfortunatelly i didnt get the name of that drug. nevertheless, my cat was on at least three different types of medication for the later years of his life, the dosage continuously increasing.
Before all this happened my cat had had a liver biopsy because of his loss of appetite, and his decreasing health, this turned out to be diet related. The prognosis was that he had too rich a diet. his liver was failing him on account of his diet. We hadn't been giving him anything that we thought was damaging his health, only the pet food we saw on the t.v. advertising a complete and balanced diet, full of minerals and vitamins. We had noticed him coughing regularly and this was a rising concern, so we took him to the vet, who was baffled and started throwing all these different possibilities at us. Still confused, we took him home milling over the different possibilities. Finally after hours on the internet, i discovered an article about back yard breeders and line-breeding in the canine and feline world. i urge you all to read about typey breeding and line breeding, it'll make you think twice before buying from a reputable breeder. Line breeding is a method used by breeders to cut their losses. involving breeding uncle to niece mother to offspring and various other ways. This causes genetic faults in both the canine and feline, ranging from baffling the vet, to six feet under! Think twice people, think twice!

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Flash Says:
My cat is on prednicare, he lost 20% of his body weight and then they found he had tumours in both kidneys. He had become really lethargic and wouldn't eat. Since giving prednicare (steroids) he has started eating again and even asking for his meals again, which is a huge improvement and the fact that he is eating makes him feel better in himself too. He's still an old and sick cat but he is much more how he used to be, he's back to being affectionate and communicative. Also, the vet said that steroids can slow the growth of the tumours (whereas extending life by chemotherapy would be wrong as the side effects are worse than the effects of living with the tumours). I have another friend who has an old and sick cat and it is also benefiting from steroids. So if your cat is old, or has untreatable tumours, this may help him get his appetite and hence his well being back to some extent. Now we just have to see how long our cat remains stable, but we are enjoying the time with him even if he doesn't enjoy swallowing tablets!

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chaz Says:
I was told a few weeks ago that my cat has cancer of the white blood cells and that he had to lumps one in his neck and one in his chest thats why i took him to the vet when i found the one in his neck and i thought it was a fure ball that wouldent come out. Hes started cemo and with in a week the one in his neck was gone and the one in his chest went down from 5cm - 1cm and he was put on prednisolone tablets and in part remision. 5 weeks later i dont know whats going on the vets have not scaned him and but him on prednicare tablets insted of prednisolone. i have not been told any thing when i go to the vet my cat was to have a scan a few days ago but they didnt even do that. im at my ends with this i just want to know whats going on with my cat is that to much to ask.

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des Says:
Prednicare caused my dog to have less control over her bladder.She has NEVER urinated in the house before.Until the vet prescribed these for a skin rash.She also seems to pant more.Not happy so she is coming off them.

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des Says:
Her appetite also became ravenous & we had to clear her deposits up quick or they would be very quickly recycled.

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Weller's mummy Says:
Our wee dog has been quite ill for several weeks now, it started with lots of blood for his rear, then came the pain like a spasm, back all arched and yellping with pain even if you went near him. After several visits to the vet, full blood checks, full body xrays all coming back clear, our vet prescribed prednicare for meningitise, he has now been on them for three days and i must admit there is a big improvement in him but after reading some of the other comments i am becoming a little concerned. He is 12 years old and there has been no proper diagnosis this is just the only other option open to me from my vet would aprecciate any second opinions.

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Louise Says:
My cat has just been put on Prednicare Tablets as she has tumours. Does anyone know if they can have this in injection form as its very difficult in getting the tablet down. Thankyou

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georgaline Says:
I took a little Yorkie in 3 1/2 years ago. He is so loveable. Then in July 08 he hadheart failure and went on Vetmedin and frusemide. This June he had kidney faailur and was put on Fortekor and corvental.
Last Friday night he was coughing and gasping all night. I took him to the vet and he had 3 injections.
Last night he was coughing and it was really bad. Today he was given a Frusemide (Diuretic injection) as well as Millophyline. He was given Prechinicare to take 1/2 5mg tablet twice a day for 5 days.

He starts them tomorrow, he has come home and just fell asleep but at least the coughing has stopped.

I am worried about these ne tablets as he is already on 2x Frusemide, 2x Vetmedin, 1x Fortekor, 1x corvental per day.

any help from anyone with a dog with these problems would be great.

I have 2 other Yorkies around the same age with no problems

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Clarksmith Says:
I just wanted to say that one of my cats have been put on a daily tablet dose of prednicare indefinitely with a red blood cell production problem. It has helped her a lot and we find it easy giving her the tablet squashed into the end of a small piece of webbox tasty sticks, she does not notice the tablet at all!

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mic1000 Says:
Hi, my 6 yr old staffie has developed MMM (masticatory muscle myositis) which means he has considerable muscle wastage on the left hand side of his head (apparently caused by a parasite). The vet has put him on Prednicare, which has been having the usual side-effects of making him very thirsty and hungry but nobody said anything about his breathing getting 'puffy' and he just seems agitated -any ideas?

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Debs Says:
My 31/2 year old ferret has just been put on Prednicare for suspected IBD. I'm due to give her the first does within the next hour and have been told by the vet that I can crush the tablet down into her food. She has to take half a tablet once a day. She's lost a lot of weight in the last week and is very weak, i'm hoping that she'll soon be back on her feet again with the help of the steroids and hopefully there won't be too many side effects.

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debbie Says:
my cat is ill and lost a lot of weight the vet put her on prednicare and antibiotics because blood test shows her immune system is attacking it self she does drink but wont eat even when i help her to eat ive tried all foods to tempt her nothing works she is hungry cos she goes to the food bowl any ideas welcome

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Debs Says:
In reply to Debbie about her cat not eating but still hungry. Does your cat have dried food or tinned? My ferret has dried food and when she wouldn't eat I started to soak it in some boiled water and then puree it down (as you would with baby food.) I also mix it with a little Heinz, Mum's Own Recipe chicken baby food and add a little more boiled water to make it more soupy and she loves it. She's getting better slowly but i'm still feeding her some pureed ferret food mixed with a little baby food twice a day (I was feeding her 3 times a day before now) as she's not eating as much as she needs yet of her dried food. If it's tin food you're using you could always try and water it down a bit with some boiled water. Your cat may also,for now, eat better if you sit her on your lap and feed her from a bowl or even off a plastic or wooden spoon, it worked for my ferret as she couldn't stand up very well when she was really bad.
Fortunately, we haven't had bad side effects from Prednicare far, so good! :-)

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sharron Says:
I have eight cats of diferent ages,one is 23 this year. He has kidney disease. My vet put him on futekor in january, since he has had blood test ect. My vet cant believe what age he is, he eats great,infact hes gready,hes put on weight, and can still jump up to quite high places. He also has oestoearthritus,which is a side issue of kidney disease,cats do not usually suffer with this,unless they have kidney problems. He is now on 1 fortekor a day, which is palatable,and 2 prednicare,which are murder to get down him. Without these drugs he would be sick in pain and ill, and i would reccoment fortekor to everyone. For a cat to reach 23 and still be active eating more than my 2yr olds,talks for itself. Not all drugs are bad, remember, a short while ago 7 was the average age of a cats lifespan, its due to the right drugs for the right animal that increases their lifespan, also of course a brilliant vet, which i am lucky to have,by the way all of my cats have the corona virus, and i have only lost 1 to fip because of medication.

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sharron Says:
debbie i know how this is i have 8 cats with this problem, my vet has tested & treated, we now know what it is. It sounds the same as mine which is the corona virus, which can turn to fip which will kill. My cats get regular testing at glasgow university, Dianne addy is the formost vetinary for this disease and has spent 40yrs ,trying to find a cure, but none are available and nobody knows why or how the corona virus turns to fip. They can have or carry the virus all their lives, and never break out to fip,but the symptons you talk about are the same as mine. My vet reckons that the virus is in many many cats,we just dont know until something goes wrong,and the one thing that turns it into fip is stress, just like humans with cancer. Most catteries have cats with this disease. Mine get b12 every 3 months something to help them eat, and other medication to help the immune system. This can only be passed on if a cat is shredding continuously which is persistant sneezing or if they use a litter tray that they share. It can be lived with and i have a 22 year old and 2 16 year old, who apart from this at the moment are healthy. If they get anything at all, i am straight to the vets to get help for their immune system. Ask your vet about this horrible disease, or go to catster,where most of the carers of cats have either lost cats to fip, or live with the corona virus. Hope this helps. I wish i had known about it before,i might have saved the cat i lost.

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pauline Says:
my cats on prednicare as she has lukemia fudge is 12 yr old she has good days and some awful days wghen i feel im being cruel when is the best time of day to give her medication
as she gets so stressed she has half a 5mg tablet daily she is off her food at the moment and she is just so unhappy but she still tries to get about in the garden which she loves
but she does seem unable to clean herself today as i ahve had to clean her bum for her i really dont mind as i love her so so much and cant bear to put her to sleep while she has a little fight left i owe her that much should i wait till evening when she does seem stronger to take the pill as usually we give it her before my husband goes to work so i can hold her while he uses the vet thingy to give her meds any advice would help so much

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loula Says:
if i were you i would go to another vet as we have had the same sort of problem with our vet,we are now seeing another vet and we are getting more sense from this one! i know sometimes its a hassle to do this but if you can get better advice etc its worth it in the end

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