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Potassium Cyanide

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Can one buy a small bottle of 300 mg - potassium cyanide capsules?

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vikram Says:
i want to buy potasium cyanide capsules

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halagula Says:
i require some quantity of potassium cyanide, anyone please let me know where to find.

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Horst Neumann Says:
May I buy Potassium Cyanide

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Horst Neumann Says:
May I buy 2 capsules Potassium
Please give me an answer.
Best regards

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Horst Neumann Says:
I am looking for Cyanide capsule

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Horst Neumann Says:
I am looking for 2 capsules
Potassium Cyanide

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nanuva Says:
i m looking for a capsule of potassium cyanide.
please help

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mahesh Says:
I would like to know where and how can i get potassuim cyanide capsule.

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mahesh Says:
any one please help

where to get potassium cyanide capsule .I just need one capsule

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sangram Says:
I wants to buy potacium cianide based capsule for some experiment.where & how can I get it?

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melissa Says:
would like to know where can i get potacium cyanide from?

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skswen Says:
I just finished reading about potassium cyanide we are doing an experiment where could we get a capsule or two.

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Ashwin Says:
i found da way.
formamide(ch3no) + potassium hydroxide(koh) = kcn + 2(h2o)

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Yogesh Says:
I want to Buy Potassium cyanide pls tell me

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sarfraz Says:
i need potassium cyanide

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fuzzy Says:
i need potassium cyanide

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anu Says:
i didn't see the cynaide medicine.i need that cynaide medicine. We want help, address pls help me..

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brianthedog Says:
Cyanide doesn't come in pills; it never did. Some governments have provided specially-made pills for a select few of their citizens who possess vital military secrets and who might be captured by an enemy and give away those secrets under torture. But no-one makes cyanide pills on a routine basis--after all, they can only be used for one thing and civil authorities tend to discourage that.

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Ismael Says:
Anybody in need of KCN I'm your man info strictly business

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Jose Suarez Says:
hello. we are a company in Colombia. we can provide potassium and sodium cyanide

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