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angela Says:
has anyone else known oxycotin to rot the teeth, i used to be on vicodin until my doctor told me i needed to swith to a morphine based meds she put me on ms contin but i had problems with it so she put me on 80mg oxcontin eventually my body built up a tolerance so she kept raising it, i have am now on from 4-6 per day of the 80mg tabs, it scares me that this is what rotted my teeth because only 5 yrs ago i had only 2 cavaties that needed filling and then only 1 yr after going on the oxycontin i had to have all my top front teeth pulled as they where rotting from the inside out the dentist said my mouth looked like a heroine addicts mouth looks he called it, he said it was shocking to him that normally he only saw such damage from someone who smoked crack or did heroine with so much dental damage, but i have never done any street drugs and have only take my prescription meds as prescribed to me, now i have lost 80% of my teeth and as a beautiful 41 yr old mother its devasting i cant afford dentures and sure cant afford implants like i would like to have. i am a single mother and i refuse to date because i have lost my teeth now, i had beautiful teeth before i started on the oxycontin and only 2 small cavaties that needed filling. can anyone help here does anyone else have this same problem and if so why hasnt the company making oxycontin warn patients of this possible problem, if i had known this would cause me to loose most of my teeth i would have never agreed to go on it, course my family doctor who has been prescribing them tells me she hasnt heard of any other cases yet when i researched the med online there where others like this why hasnt something been put in the warnings about this med, i sure would have prefered to have lived in pain the rest of my life rather than loose my teeth and be unable to even eat now, my health has gone downhill fast as i cant even chew foods necessary for good health all i can eat now are yogarts, and liquid type of foods which isnt much. my kids are 7 and 9yrs old and they watch me cry when we go out to eat and they order steak and i can smell it but cant order one as i know i wont be able to chew it, this is so devasting me i want teeth so badly if i could wish for anything in life besides not to be poor anymore it would be to have a full set of real teeth or implants but i could never dream of having them, and i dont know anyone out there willing to just help me get any either, i have always helped others all my life, but cant even help myself, i have had to have 29 surgeries now since 1991 when a drunk driver hit my car and caused me major injuries with my lower back and knees, i have had a full lower back fusion and 8 arthroscopic knee surgeries until a year ago they finally had to do a full right knee replacement and now they are talking about doing my left knee soon, so my life has been up and down with surgeries and i would go thru one more surgery just to have teeth implanted if i could. but i could never afford it, but i would like to know why these drug manufacturers are making a medication that could cause teeth to rot like this without warning us patients or even warning the doctors about it. this is just terrible of them i think, as now i am the one paying for this by having no teeth to eat with at such a young age now, i am a vivrant young 41 yr old at 5'3, 120lbs slim woman nice looking too as i was a model in my younger days so i keep my looks up, but to have no teeth now i never smile anymore, i am to ashamed to smile even though it wasnt my fault i lost my teeth i think they should pay for me to have new teeth but no one wants to admit that the med causes it, but my diet wasnt the problem back when i started the medication and i wasnt drinking coca-cola either or doing street drugs so i know that wasnt the cause either. the only thing that changed within one year to cause this was starting the oxycotin medication. well if anyone out there can help me let me know thanks.

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pete Says:
your scewd u should have known better and shot it p your toes.....

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John Says:
No NO you shoot it up your arms dumb ass

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Dude in SE Florida lost all teeth in 5 years Says:
Before I had reached my 50th birthday I never had a cavity. About age 45 I started Oxycontin (MAINLY) within 1 year on 8 X 80mg /24hr (4X80 am + 4 x 80pm=640mg/day). One day after brushing my great looking teeth I noticed a bright color on every tooth just above the gumline. I thought it was some kind of bone cancer. I was the kind of kid that did all the wrong things as far as dental hygene is concerned. I ate tons of candy, only brushed once in a blue moon (untill I hit teenager years) but I LOVED milk. 1 gallon a day was no rare. Then almost overnight my front top tooth cracked in half. Thank God my lps hang over them but then more teeth started falling apart. Not the base The base of the tooth was strong. Here it is 5 years later and I have lot almost 95% of all my teeth except what bone is below the gumline. After reading this article there is no doubt in my mind that Oxycontin caused me to loose all my teeth. I should add that I hurt my back in the 1970's and took percoset and many other pain pills most of my life. I NEVER had any teeth issues until Oxys. My mother took Vicodin and Darvon for a bad back for 40 years and never had teeth problems. I think that teth are mainly effected at high dose Oxycontin or Oxycodone. Until Oxycontin came out the most pills a person might take would be 10 percoset in 1 day. We had to conserve because once we ran out we were doomed to more pain until Rx renewal time. So I disagree with the one reply that I read that says it is not compensible. I think Perdue Pharma should be liable for a) Each person to be given the option of rapid detox or detox aproved. b) Full top and bottom teeth implants. My guess is this teeth issue doesnt occur until a person has been on high dose for extended periods such as a couple of years. I also never had trouble with my knees. Both knees are one on bone and I never had been diagnosed with artritis. Aparently like the reply stated Oxycontin depletes something in the CARTLIDGE and the BONE that causs incredible wear. (leave up top the scientist to figure that one out). Perdue messed up when the sued and got the generics off the market Now the finger ispointing to Perdue only. I feel Oxycontin WAS a Gosdent at one time. NOw that I have developed a tollerance to it and must wake each AM at 4 to 6 am to take a done just to allow me to go back to sleep (because I am actually in a phase of detox despite I just took myt last dose at 8 pm) They stop lasting. I seriously doubt that Medicare and or Medicaid will approve Oxycotin next year. There are going to be many of us in severe detox. God I wish I had been warned about alll this nightmare. When you read that you may develope tollerance you dont comprehend that the medication will eventually nearly stop working. You dont comprehend that you will require the drug just to keep from getting ill (going nto detox) It was so nice at first, getting a great nights sleep easy 8 to 10 hours sleep when before I could barely get 4 to 6 hours. But now I barely get 4 or 5 WITH the medication. Now I have a $2,500 a month habbit (retail Rx price) I fear so much that I may have to turn to the strets to buy Heroin, A drug I never never even thought would enter my body in any form. I wonder if a bullet to my brain would not be the only answer. If it ends that way you can ay that Perdye Pharma executed me. I do my best to keep my mouth closed when I laugh. My guess is after reading this my new docs probably think I am already a Heroin addict. or Meth addict.

After I got my first prescription of Oxycontin prior to me going to the pharmacy I read the ingrediants. Then Percosets were 5 mg of Oxycodone. I could not beleave the calculator when it showed that one Oxy had as much Oxycodone in it as 16 percosets. Back when I started they made oxycontin in 160mgm (32 percosets a day worth of Oxycodone. One doctor started me on 2x 160mg q 12 hours, still 640mg a day or the same as 128 Percoset 5 mg/day I remember taking my Rx back to my doctor tearing it up in front of him, telling him I wasnt an addict and to prescribe me something more logical. He gave me the 80's but at that point I needed meds and went ahead and cashed them. Boy do I regret that now. I should have never got them filled. To answer your question ....

YES OXYCONTIN KILLS ALL THE TEETH in your mouth if you keep taking them. I am no scientist but what I gather is that there is some type of acid that is created in the stomach that gurgles or bubbles up through our airway that is very detrimetal to the enamel and material that make up the teeth. What worries me is even if I can get all the teeth pulled is since they are all down to the gumlines the teeth cant be pullled they must be cut out there is no teeth for a dentist to pull out. I will likely have little gums left for false teeth to adhere to. As far as the implants I feel the price will drop dramatically after they catch on. Hell there are just 4 post that seem to hold the top and another 4 for the bottom Pulling whats there is the expenive part.We need to have a lawyer thats willing to pull in the people for a class action. There are enough people on Oxys for long enough now where missing teeth should be commonplace. I have my Rx records going back 10 years and 95% of my fills are for Oxycontin. or for a short period the generics.

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Dude in SE Florida lost all teeth in FIVE years Says:
Oxycontin users. Look at the post most peoples teeth are breaking of not truly rooting.

I beg of you Oxycontin user (I'm one)

If your lucky enough to still have your teeth (takes about 2 to 4 years on igh dose before they start to fall apart)

Take a flashlight to the bathroom and look as close as possible at your teeth. The area just barely above the gumline. You could easily draw the conclusion that it is plaq that you see. It may not be!

Aparently the teeth start to die at the gumline. One post said it is like they die from the inside out.

The white line will go completely around the top and bottom of all the teeths gumline. As time passes little parts of teeth start to break away right at the gumline.

My dentist didnt say a word about the white line just adjacent to the gumline.

I am not sure if the Oxycontin cause a special chemical to form in our stomachs or lungs but it appears that the teeth most exposed to air accross them break apart first. The backs near the Wisdome teeth wil be the last to go. Many peoples mouths and teeth are different do use my idea as a general way to inspect your teeth.

If you see this white line much damage has occured. It is VERY hard for the detist to work on a tooth that meets the gumline. They will try to put fillers in but its just to brittle of an area.

Some how some way you need to switch from Oxycontin to some drug that is not known for ruining the teeth.

It only took me 5 years to go from not one single cavity in my laters fifties to every single teeth that I have being 90% GONE.

Like one poster stated they just break off. Mine did both. Some crumbled others broke even with the little white line.

By the way this white line is as thin as a hair so you must look very close to see it. Once you se it you will know it for sure.

It is weird because the white line adjacent to the gumline despite its small size is a very white white. Almost as if you took an industrial bleach and painted the whitest white you have ever seen on the tooth nearest to the gumline.

You can go around a considerable amount of time with the white line before your teeth go to hell.

I'm not saying changing to a different opiate will stop damage but in my heart of hearts I feel my teeth rot was soly due to Oxycontin.

Good luck and for Gods sake wouldyou scientist please come out with a pain killer that doesnt ruin us mind body and soul.

C o l e

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sal Says:
To all of you who have had posted their stories of teeth problems, my heart goes out to you all. Nobody can know what its like to feel that you can't smile, eat and enjoy life the way you used to until your teeth start falling apart. My problems don't stem from taking Oxycontin but i suffer terribly with dry mouth. In my case this was caused from years of smoking, and a history of bulimia. I am no longer bulimic and have since stopped smoking but the damage has already been done. Apart from loosing 2 back teeth and cracked my front bottom tooth i have still got all my teeth but the remaining teeth have been stripped of calcium, floride and enamel that I can't go to the dentist anymore without leaving with a huge wopping bill of hundreds of pounds. Over the last 4 years i've had 3 crowns, 2 extractions, 2 root canals, dental bonding on all my teeth and still need to have a further crown and 2 implants which is seriously getting me down as I don't think i will ever have enough money to pay for this and all the ongoing work that i will need for the rest of my life, and the financial sacrifices i've had to make so far have been immense. Anyway the reason i am writing this post is just to let Angela and everyone else who has taken oxycontin not to beat yourselves up about it. You had every good reason for taking this medication in good faith, under the instruction of the so called medical proffessionals so don't listen to some of the nasty posts you recieved after your heart renching cries for help, and again my point is there are many medications that can cause dry mouth or dry rot such as antihistamines and oral contraceptive which also don't give the true serious implications of what this condition can cause to your teeth. So its not just the medication you have been taking (as i've been doing lots of homework) so don't blame yourselves. The problem seems to be the dry mouth side affect, which they don't explain clearly enough for people to take enough notice. I truly believe if you all get together and contact a lawer you may have a case where this product will have the real health warnings issued as soon as it has been prescribed as all doctor's need to be fully aware of the risks and should warn all patients prior to prescribing it, and the people who have taken it in good faith should be compensated for the years of grief that you have all had to endure, including getting your teeth restored to the way that every human being deserves. I think it is an absolute joke that dentist feel free to just keep pulling peoples teeth out and judging them on the circumstances around it when they should all agree that it is every humans right to have a full set of teeth whether natural or false. I wish you all the best of luck and hope you have the courage to get some legal advice. I am with you in my thoughts and prayers, sal x

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Joe Says:
To Angela, do you live here in Sacramento, my dr. Currently has me on 4 200mg ms contin tablets but doesn't seem to want me to switch over to the oxycontin. Is your dr. In California

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trudi Says:
Angela, I too am in your shoes. I was involved in a bad auto accident when I was 32 years old. For the first three years, I was taking percocet and anti-inflammatory meds along with physical therapy, acupuncture, chiropractic. I never took an aspirin before the car accident and never saw my doctor except for those annual visits and now I was seeing at least one doctor every day! I have always believed in the natural way too. Unfortunately, that changed Jaunary 18, 1999. Three years into this accident, my doctor retired from being a medical doctor and went into the holistic approach, he stated that I would still need some sort of pain relief. That's when my nightmare began. My new doctor placed me on 80 mg of Oxycontin 2x a day, with lortab 15 mg for breakthrough pain (8x day). On certain days, I took 100mg of imitrex for migraines. My right shoulder and neck muscles are not allowing blood to flow through-- it's basically like having a charlie horse in my neck/head and shoulder 24/7. Over the years, I have had steroids shots injected into my trigger points, I have had two cervical surgeries where I have to be awake to tell the doctor when he has hit my nerve and then he lasers it out. Now this is not pleasant!!! The first time, I cried the whole surgery. To feel them burning out your nerve. Not a good feeling. I have seen 4 pain clinics, mayo clinic, neurologists, everyone I can. On my 40 b-day, my younger sister told me that she thought I had food stuck between my teeth, it turned out to be a hole. Yes, I use daily a $200 toothbrush, floss, scope, dental waterpik. I have always been a firm believer in using these items after each meal or snacks, etc. I saw a dentist every 6 mos. Well, after this hole was discovered, it was determined that I needed 3 root canals and crowns. What?!! I did a payment plan and the dentist charged me $2000. Now you may think that was alot, but 1 root canal and crown usually cost $2000. I had 3 done. I'm still paying on that today, $50/mo. I have had two teeth pulled on top because I couldn't afford anymore. And within this last year, my four front teeth has vanished into my gums. I forgot to say... I had braces while growing up, had 4 teeth pulled for them, I had widsom teeth removed for the braces. So, I started with only 10 teeth on top and 10 teeth on bottom. I never had a cavity in my life. As of today (for the past 2 years), I don't go out in public because of my teeth except for my doctor and dentist. I finally gave in and found a dentist and oral surgeon who will work with me. I don't have dental insurance. I started seeing my new dentist 1.5 year ago. After all the tests to determine what was the root cause of my rotting/breaking teeth, he stated it had to be the Oxycontin. My teeth is rotting from the inside out!! I immediately threw away my Oxycontin, called my doctor and begged for some other meds. She refused and I found a new doctor. I am now working with my new doctor and dentist. My pain, I take lyria, neurontin and I purchased both a TENS unit and a light therapy unit. In addition, I take a anti depressant because depression goes along with pain. My brother in law is a lawyer whom I am working with to see if we can do anything... to alert others of this danger and/or compensation. As of Jan 28th, I am having my top teeth removed which I will be using a anesthesiologist because they have to get into my gums to find all the diseased bone. Since my mouth is normally small, I can not have a pallet which goes along with dentures. So I need to have a implanted denture that I can take in/out. It's not fixed, but it will be attached to 6 screws. I have been informed that I am a tough candidate because of my age and that I am not having my bottom removed at this time. The fun thing is after my teeth is removed, I need to wait 6-8 weeks for healing and then the implants will be inserted. This takes an additional 8 months for the gums to adhere to the screws. Then, I can finally have my teeth!!! I feel for you. You and I are kindred spirits!! I have not worked for 3 years. No will hire anyone me looking the way I do, without teeth. That is, not in a professional position. I can not work standing on my feet at a Walmart or so because of my back. I have limitations. I will say this, I didn't know what to do either. A year ago, I married a friend for his insurance. He has good medical insurance. No dental. I have been working with the medical insurance because if this oral surgeon does everything as a medical procedure and not as a dental, I could have most of it paid. I will say this, at this point in time, I am in pain, buying the anbesol for my holes, I eat soups, mashed potatoes, puddings, anything that does not have substance. I can't remember what it is to bite into a steak, salmon, chicken or even a taco. I loved tacos and grilled chicken. If you do find anything that helps financially with dentures, please keep me informed or updated. I stumbled upon you because I am searching. Angela, I think more people need to start alerting others of the dangers of taking a high dosage of oxycontin for a long period. The more I am researching this, the more I am finding that people are having this problem. I would have never agreed to take oxycontin if I knew this. I trusted doctors. It pays to research, which I do now. People are complaining about the abuse of oxycontin, but if people who cared what they looked like knew it would take their teeth, maybe they wouldn't be so keen to get the drug! In addition, the day that I threw out my prescription, I went 24 hours without any meds and then went into my new doctor. He informed me that I was lucky I did see him that day because I was already going into withdrawals. He stated that I would have ended up in the hospital of worst at the morgue. This is something that my doctor who prescribed this to me denied would happen to me. I was on Oxycontin when Rush Limbaugh came out stating he was addicted to it, when Heath Ledger died from it (he wasn't even abusing it! He had taken what the doctor prescribed and cough meds)... everytime Oxycontin was in the news, I did ask my doctor about it. Asked if I was addicted, if I could be in harms way... the doctor assured me that in no way was I addicted because I took it the way she prescribed. However, I always questioned why she stopped the imetrex, the cymbalta, all the other meds I occasionally took. Angela, stop taking anything that changes you, but first find a doctor you feel comfortable with and start a new game plan! Like I stated, I looked into a TENS unit and laser therapy. Look into areas that you can get off the meds. Good luck!! I feel for you. I am only 43 years old-- too young for all of this! Thank you Oxycontin and the other car driver for all this pain....

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femme Says:
Curious. but looking at your videos, being an ABA therapist, I see no Autistic behavoiurs in your child, so either he is extremely high functioning, or he was misdiagnosed.
Other things I wonder from your videos and pictures, you sure move very well, for a person in such pain and speak and seem rather typical for a person without teeth and again in such pain.
One last thing, were you using these medications when you were pregnant? Not sure about the timing with your oldest, but clearly according to what you have posted, you were on all sorts of medications before you got pregnant at least with your other two. Might these have helped cause their problems?

It just seems your myspace stuff shows a different picture then you paint on here.

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samie4 Says:
I can understand your distress with the situation that you are in but you have to do for you.I also taking the ox because i had a blood transfusion 25 yrs ago and it was tainted I am now a stage four which means that it can get no worse, hte meds that i'm on is the same as cemo and i lost my upper teeth. my only consern is everytime u reply things are worse then u first stated. there alot of people out there that need the help that u need and we are in a depression. I chew steak just cut them in small peaces. i also chew chips just little peaces. I dont understand why u are not getting food stamps and why did u not sew the driver that hit u he had to have insurance if it were me with is depression going on if i were u i would be more worried about your kids diabilites and the programs that are going to be cut for them more then your teeth. Also i go to food pantries and they give u more then noodles u said that u go out to eat u dont eat steak why are u going out to eat with what you pay for one meal out u could buy meals for a week. I am not trying to put u down but there are things that u are saying that i a little hard to swallow.

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Yeah, they ruin your teeth. I watched my moms fall out like crazy. I haven't had too many problems yet.... I'd suggest you sell them babies. Hell for fifty a piece, what they go for, you can have that mouth fixed in no time at all. Maybe even some more plastic surgery.....

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MothersAgainstOpiates Says:
You are absolutely correct that Oxycodone and other opiate laced prescription drugs can cause the teeth to rot! Drug companies have failed to disclose this fact to the damage of innocent people! Doctors are not trained in pharmacology! My 19 year old daughter will lose all her teeth to Oxycodone before she reaches age 20!!!! File a class action lawsuit against the drug manufacturer's!

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Simply Sue Says:
WOW! I thought that was the problem with my teeth but was not sure. Mine are rotting away like crazy and getting infected. Just 2 months ago the infection caused me to have a seizure and was rushed to the ER. I have 6 teeth left of the bottom. One missing on top in the front and now the rest are starting to go. Eating has become a nightmare. Now I am mostly embarrassed to go to the dentist. I need to but even the cost to fix this will be nuts. I have been on everything for the past 10 years. Currently on Percocet for the past 5 years. I wish I would have known. I did not have my first cavity until I was 23. Now 42 and this is just ridiculous!

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mikee Says:
for thr girl with the teeth problem i will buy your 80s call me 215 3782311

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clean in w.va Says:
ok yes wv is a big addiction state its in the top 5 & yes i know many ppl whos teethe r bad do to the use for taking oc it sux i know but whoever said sell them have u not read what she has said she needs them she is iin pain yes they r alot of money on the streets here where i'm at ppl pay 100.00 for 1 but i am clean at this point & have been for 9 months now but my back teeth are bad i have lost 6 & have 3 bad ones now the oc weakens ur bones which causes ur teethe to weaken as well i am sorry for ur suffering & wish i cld help u

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Sorry to hear Angela. it is true. I had 23 teeth pulled all at once. i have been on pain killers for 15 years do to a severe car accident plus a serious bone/spinal disease dentures. I have a great smile and when going to bed just dropem in a glass with the cleaner. Good luck and keep smiling!!

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jake Says:
my teeth have been decaying very fast especially the back teeth and they start to decay from the inside then out about 4 years ago i had perfect teeth

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Char Says:
I also suffer from teeth rot and loss from long term oxycontin use for chronic pain control.Mine actually starting after taking the IR version of it Roxicodone.Then a few yrs later I was on Oxycontin,and this had the last 6 of my uppers pulled and all but 8 of my bottom teeth.I was told my mouth is extremely dry from the meds,and therefore saliva does not wash away the stuff on my teeth as a normal person.I am only 36, so I feel your pain.My immediate upper denture was only 400 dollars,maybe you can find a dentist with a payment plan? I live in IN and I know some low income dental offices,and of course Medicaid will pay for an upper if you have no teeth.I am not much help to your question, but wanted to let you know I feel your pain.I had my teeth out before I turned 36 this year.We are too young to lose our teeth and it is not fair.A denture is no picnic either unfortunately,and like you I cannot afford implants.

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Char Says:
I was also told Medicaid would not pay for a denture by a couple dentists.But they will.You have to find a dentist that knows how to file for it.Because mine will pay for my replacement upper, already approved for.I paid for the immediate so I did not have to wait to have teeth again.Medicaid just makes you wait 2 months after you have your teeth pulled before they will pay for it.But since you have no upper teeth already,that should not be a problem. My immediate denture was only $400.The permanent will be around $500 but paid for by Medicaid, but will go against the $600 of coverage they provide for a year.Where are you going that they are charging such a huge amount for a denture? I was told that the lab I had mine made out of was a high cost one too.Mine look great too, very real, they are just hard to get use too.I wil have to get a partial for the bottom,and I am not sure if Medicaid will cover that though, but it is around the same cost as my immediate was.You need to look around more for a different dentist,and call Medicaid yourself regarding what is covered for you.Good luck.

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ebunners Says:
Hi Angela . . .I realize that this is an old post, but hated to hear all of the rude people scolding you for something that is completely out of our control......Pain.
Back in 1996 I was in a horrific roll-over car accident. I was driving a beautiful re-furbished 71 vw bug to work that morning, approached a 4-way intersection and proceeded to go through, as the green light was on for me, as well as 4 cars ahead of me had already entered the intersection. However, as I was just about half way through and in the center lane, a large white work truck ran the red light, which I saw coming at me through my passenger side window. Well sure enough he plowed into me, rolling me over two lanes in my direction, over the center divider (small island) and landing on all four tires in the far left lane of oncoming traffic resting in a small grove of trees and plants at a gas station. Upon my coming down right side up, is that my seat belt wasn't tight (older cars don't have the retractable belts) and I ended up coming down hard on the pull brake . . . that I must have pulled up during my acrobatic car show, right on my tail bone . . . which didn't really hurt so much when I got out.
I was just glad to be alive. . . .
OH yea.... it turned out to be a hit and run . . . NICE. Other witnesses followed him while he hid...turns out.he spoke no English. Had NO drivers license, and . . . of course . . . NO INSURANCE!
After several months, my Dr. had me on all kinds of pain meds and I continued to work.
It wasn't until late September that I decided to get off the pain meds...because I wasn't in pain.......WRONGO! We had been masking the intense pain all those months that I had NO idea I was in any kind of pain.
I had compressed my lumbar discs, and had my first surgery in Nov. 1996. 2 months later, I am still in pain...but worse...so Jan 1997 I have my 2nd discectomy. Only to end up back having surgery once again, this time to fuse my L5-S1. . .that took place 1 year after my 2nd in February of 1998.
It wasn't until 2000, that I finally had to be put on some strong pain medication....oxycontin 80mg.
Fast Forward to 2008 . . the screws and hardware in my fusion back in 98 had rested next to my nerve root . . and was almost shearing my nerve like a saw.
Couldn't live any longer . . .AND definitely didn't want more surgery....next surgery I vowed would by my Autopsy.
Not so...September 2008 I was having my 4th back surgery, and left the hospital with a 4 level fusion and in more pain than ever.
I have been taking oxycontin for about 11 years and really benefit from it's long lasting pain relief...even after 11 years. Before I took the oxy 80mg., I was laying on my bed for 22 hours a day. I was declared to be permanently disabled, and took a nose dive into depression, having to leave my job at Genentech, Inc. - a biotech company here in California, where I had been happily employed for 11 years when I had to climb out of denial and face the facts about my health.
I did however, get a small part time job at a craft store for 2 or 3 hours a day and felt good about my self.
Within the last few years, my crowns began crack at the gum line..breaking my lower and upper molars off. (I was born with Little to no enamel on my teeth and have had a lot of teeth problems all my life . . .but nothing like what I am experiencing now)...Then more upper teeth . . .some I had pulled,but lets face it...I cannot be paying 3-400 dollars per tooth to have pulled . . . .but they were just breaking at the gum line. Right now, I have my two upper front teeth and two next to them are gone. I just can't afford the cost (even with good dental insurance) of the procedures, then to buy new teeth! I opted to leave the ones I do have so I have at least ''something'' to chew my food. Takes forever just chewing on the two front uppers and lowers. I look horrible and try not to go out much. I was gluing my crowns back on for awhile... then I stopped that.
I Understand EXACTLY what you were going through, or still are. I feel your pain, and I know that I didn't ask for my life to turn out like this. Nor did I want to get hooked on such a powerful drug like oxy. My dentist told me that he doesn't think this tooth loss is from the medications, but more like it's in my genes.
I don't know your situation now, but I just spent a most miserable month with my first prescription of the New formulated Oxycontin . .to keep it out of drug abusers hands. It doesn't work as well now for my pain, and has pretty much probably turned the street value of these once great meds, into 0.
I am now searching for something something comparable (which there is not) because, these new oxy's are just NOT breaking up, and are causing me nausea, which is how I know that hours after taking the medicine, I can see that the pill is just breaking up like the old medication. Being on pain management is like a full time job...especially when your insurance co. decides that I can't get 180 pills a month (6 a day) anymore...instead they will only allow me 90 pills a month....three a day. So I am still working on something for me that will once again work.
I hope you or someone will read this...I realize that I'm replying to old posts . . .but hey I got nothing else to do today!

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lota pain 15 Says:
angelan i don.t know where you live but you mentioned 6 hrs. to michigan. ky ha a place in florance that does dentures for 699,00 you can do ita friend of mine did it and it turned out good. they dopull all teeth in one day. the teeth problem my dentist told me one the capullaries in your gums constrict so when you normally would have bleeding gums they don,t bleed. two narcotics make you crave sweets, and 3 it doesn.t sound like you get to go to a dentist at all. i don.t have dental ins. either i called all the hospitals where i live because i broke a tooth, they sent me about an hour and a half away to a sliding scale all places have that even with that it was hard to afford but dig and you can get someting.

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