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Oxycontin Op 80 How Long Does The High Last

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oxycontin op 80 how long do the effects of this tablet last?

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Verwon Says:
Since it cannot be broken down to get all the medication at once, there is no high to be had. It was things like this that it was designed to prevent.

Side effects remain the same: nausea, drowsiness, dizziness and dry mouth.

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MIKEY01291089 Says:
I am not a professional health care provider but you do get a rush from the op pills as I have experienced it before... It usuaally lasts about 2 to 4 hours for some reason it varies different times when I take it!! You do experience side effcts from it longer than that but the actual effect is 2-4 hours!!

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whatever Says:
WRONG! its an opiate and will get u high as such.

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john Says:
I am on a methadone clinic. I missed two days and got pretty sick. I was on 120 mg. It seems the definitely have initially knocked off the symptoms but I'm waiting for the inevitable. I don't want to get high, just want to get well. How long will this relief last? How long do the effects of this last? Its my first time taking them and I refuse to go back on heroin. I didn't wanna do this I just held off as long as I could and finally gave in. I would appreciate any responses.

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Amy Says:
WRONG...yes it's an opiate but NO it will not get you high. I have been addicted to painkillers for 4 me I know....The OP's are abuse proof for the most part... the OP's are straight JUNK

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omarlittle Says:
Amy, no offense but you don't have the slightest idea what it is you are talking about. SWIM has taken 2 40mg OP's today, followed by half of another 40 about a half hour later and SWIM is feeling tremendous. The Remoxy stuff they've used to prevent the pills from being abused doesn't magically remove the effects of opiates, it simply prevents it from hitting you all at once.

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Ricky Says:
Amy do you have any idea what you are talking about.

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GungFu Says:
I took 2 op 80s and I've been feeling good for about 6 hours

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Rob Says:
I love forum doctors lol

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gaypillboy Says:
Amy you are dumb! I have been on 80 mg ocs for a 3 years and and ops for 5 they give me the same buzz you just cant abuse them so it doesnt hit you all at once and last. 30mg OCs arent meant to be crushed its still oxycodone, if you dont know what your talking about don't say anything.

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Picasso Says:
The difference is how much of the opiate is attaching to your receptors within a specific amount of time. With the OP's having the time release built around the opiate, there is a smaller amount being metabolized than compared to immediate release oxcodone. With this being said, you can take a larger dose to get an effect and it will last longer. The difference in highs that are felt from the same dosage taken at different times is due to what your body is stabilizing at that time. If you eat, your metabolism speeds up and the blood flow increases to your digestive system thus giving you increased effect. There are ways that people try to get around the time release such as microfreezing or soaking in soda. I personally have not tried this as I normally use roxies. I also have never actually read an actual description as to why or how these methods work so I can't vouch for them. To sum up, yes the ox OP will give you an effect. Hope I cleared things up.

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Airick Says:
SWIM took an op 80 at 11am this morning without chewing. SWIM has no tolerance to ox and has been feeling fantastic all day. SWIM doesn't feel it to be wearing off anytime soon.

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mondelo Says:
From alot of the comments I have read. There are people who are looking for help with there pain. For the people talking about "THE HIGH or CRUSHING etc. You are the ones making it difficult for people who need pain meds for PAIN!! Maybe you should be looking for the nearest NA meeting. Sorry.

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Disgusted and Disappointed Says:
I hear ya mondelo!..... Here's to all of you out there who have been abusing, crushing, snorting & shooting up prescription pain medications: It's because of you and ONLY you, that the FDA put a ban on the medications you've been using to get high on. I know you could care less, but there are many of us who actually required those medications that you've managed to convince the FDA to ban through your abuse. We don't need them to get "high" like you, but to live some what of a normal life due to the chronic pain we endure 24/7! What are you junkies going to do if one day comes that YOU are in so much pain that you wake up screaming in the night? or you cry out in agony every single morning just tying to get out of bed because the bones in your body are deteriorating?....I know exactly what you're going to do. NOTHING! You're going to lay in bed and suffer because your doctor won't be allowed to prescribe anything for your pain! Good job!

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Barbie Says:
Y'all go ahead n chase a high with these pills n it'll gettcha just like it did my friend who is DEAD NOW

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Mondello Says:
Who is this SWIM guy anyway? You all treat him like some hero. He is an addict and I don't care about what or how he gets high. As a person I feel sorry for him. He needs help. Like NA. I pray for him. I really care about the people who need these meds. Like myself. It is hard to believe how difficult it has gotten for people to get these meds. SWIM I hope you will get help the right way. I pray that you will. For everyone.

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LambOfGod257 Says:
The FDA wouldn't be banning the drugs that you are persribed to if the people who are prescribed to them would quit selling them. So it has a lot to do with dumb doctors who are prescribing them to people who have no need for them. Its the crooked doctors fauults

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JD Says:
via mobile
I too have been addicted to pain killers. Ive taken every pain killer imaginable. The OP 80 WILL DEFINITELY work unless for some strange reason it just doesnt for you and a few others. Ive taken OP 80s multiple times they work every time. Yes it is true that the OPs are not as good or fun as the original Oxys but OPs are still decent. Theres no way to break the time release on OPs but I still get a nice mellow relaxed feeling from the OPs. Think about it for a second: An OP 80 contains 80mg of oxycodone. Of course you will feel relief unless your tolerance is high. 3 of my friends also have taken them and they had pain relief.

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mike Says:
via mobile
Barbie. The if it bothered u that bad. Wtf are u doing on this kind of chat? I know excatly what i typed in to get me here. Sorry for ur friend. But i feel like ur a hypocrite. I feel like if ur friend did die. That u would have posted the how and y to get people to realize that it could happen to them. Next time i wouldnt throw out ur friends death so easily.

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