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please give me a list of doctors that will prescribe me xanax. i have bad anxiety

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sjei Says:
if I leave an email address the website will block it out

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D Says:
via mobile
Can help with a lot of diff meds.

Leave email address and ill reply

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Ridgerunner007 Says:
@Pordicha on your October 2013 post: I agree with @StarryEyes who posted Sept 12, 2011, post number
15. I have been taking benzodiazepines off and on since I was 21 years old in undergraduate school. That
being said, things have changed radically in the USA since the free wheeling 1970's. Most any General
Practicioner, or "Family MD" would write a USA adult citizen up until around 1975, either no 1 selling Roche
Valium, or Roche Librium. The DEA scheduled benzo's as a abusable C-IV in 1975. My various "family M.D.s, (the elder ones) gradually tried to switch me to milder benzo's by 1980, or, frankly, cut me off, by referring me to either a Neurologist, or a Psychiatrist. I was encouraged to switch to Ativan, or, Ludiomil, a
anti-depressant, or the tri cycle gold standard Tofranil. By 1981, I found I could still get Valium, but, the amounts were significantly reduced, from 4 x 10mg per day, to 2 x 10 mg a day, if needed, and from 4 refills
to one refill. Switching M.D's did not matter. By 1990, when Xanax was king of the hill, again, a regular M.D
or General Practioner, 50% of the time would only give me one prescription for Upjohn Xanax, for like a months supply, and, or Xanax samples, "but no refills" and strongly referred me to a male or female psycho-
therapists, and/or a Psychiatrist. This happened from the very late 1970's, until, all of the 1990's. I live in the Carolinas of the SE USA, and, I can tell you, that, I do not know of any M.D who keeps their patient on
Xanax year-round. However, I do know of 1/2 dozen middle aged adults, who take, either, Klonopin, Xanax,
not both benzo's, and on occasion Valium, "beyond the PDR recommendation stating past 4 months is up to the treating M.D's discretion. "meaning to me they are abusable". The American way IMHO has been for the past 23 years, to, as long ago as the past 33 years, to see a Psychiatrist, all who have a DEA license, to
prescribe controlled substances. There are likely exceptions, like in small rural towns, long away from a large urban area, or with perhaps a few "old school" M.D's who wrote Valium in the 1960's/1970's who are still practicing medicine in the USA, but are a dying breed...IMHO..but would save you a pricey office visit,
compared to a Psychiatric Intake, (normally 50 minutes) and the follow-up med checks to come. Even Psychiatrists, are rare who will give you say "Alprazolam 2 mg, take every 4 to 6 hrs for extreme anxiety" with a pill count of 60 or 90 with say 2 refills, (a total of original 60 + 120 more = 180 Xanax bars) between
visits. My most liberal Psychiatrist, after he trusted me, (that took 2 years of visits) like 6 times a year, finally
he would write me 100 tabs of 1mg Xanax, but with no refill. That was in the years 1993 thru 1995. Another
psychiatrist, "before PMP programs" would write me 60 Xanax 2 mg bars with 4 refills, to take up to 3 bars a day for extreme anxiety. That was the last time, I got a liberal dose of a strong benzodiazepine, and, even then, 18 years ago, I and my family, and friends, all had to go to a Psychiatrist, The local M.D's, PCP's, even Dentists, would not write a prescription for even Valium, unless it was for maybe 6 pills or 12
pills with no refill, due to some extensive surgery, Periodontal surgery all 4 quadrants, or, a $5,000.00
cosmetic hairlift. "male hair transplant for alopecia" and maybe 1/2 dozen C-III Vicodin 5/325 or 5/500 mg.
NO REFILLS + a designated driver to take me to and from the practioners office (Dentist or Plastic Surgeon
My current Psychiatrist, whom I visit every 8 weeks, for my 13th year now, as I age, for my multiple dx's
including Anxiety Disorder NOS, had me on Searle, later, Sanofi Ambien for 10 years, the script was written this way, take one tablet at night with water at bedtime. 30 count of 10mg Ambien with 1 refill, and,
only in the 11th year, did my Psychiatrist, "when I asked him for Klonopin" did he reluctantly switch me, to
30 tabs of one mg Klonopin (Clonazepam) for each day of the week for evening anxiety, with one refill.
In January of 2013, my Psychiatrist, has decided, to cut me down to 1/2 of one Klonopin per evening, that is a C-IV prescription for 15 tablets, with again one refill. ( I also have adult ADD inattentive type, and this
same M.D, writes me 90 Adderall take one@9AM 12Noon 3PM. for many years. He charges $360 per hour, for a new intake patient, or a existing patient in a crisis, with life damaging consequences, otherwise, I
have to pay $90.00 cash for a 15 minute office visit, face to face, to get Adderall & Klonopin. IMHO, Xanax,
short life, and, for some individuals, the "relief" one perceives, from Xanax, borders euphoria, and, I am no
Doctor, but, I am surprised, that our DEA, has not reclassified, this anti-panic drug as a Schedule III or Schedule II, because I found the drug so very addictive, in my long ago past. I respect benzo's, but, I must take breaks, from benzo's like Valium, which is my favorite, to avoid tolerance and addiction, and side effects.
I am now a 60 something, thus, I have lifelong anxiety, that shows, OCD that shows, and ADD that still
shows, in spite of moderating my behavior with meds and 250 hours of MSW/Ph.D group therapy from 1995
off and on until 2010. I am not trying to advice you how to run your life, I do not want to be a boundary
invader, or get kicked off of this harm reduction board, but, sometimes a friendly pharmacist, especially one who is the owner and operator, (a dying breed) has inside knowledge, after they get to know you, say for years, and may share with you, (MD friendly Doc's to interview, for seeking benzo's) why? the Pharmacist,
especially in a medium size town, to smaller town, has the intimate knowledge, naturally, of who perhaps, has the propensity to write more benzo's than the other physicians in the area. Another way, is to attend
self help groups, thru a church, or, clones of AA, such, as N.A., C.A, ACOA, Dual Diagnosis Anonymous,
CoDa, even Food Addicts Anonymous, all are free, to meet social acquaintances, and to network for info.
I had a Upjohn Xanax Addiction, from May of 1994, until November of 1995, going from 2 x .5 mg per day,
to 3 x 2mg "bars" every day, and close associates recognized my significant mood swings, "I entered private therapy "Relapse Prevention Therpy" founded by Terrance Gorski, and it took me 12 weeks to taper
down from 6 mg of Xanax a day to nothing. I did not feel near normal for nearly one year. Hot & cold flashes, tightening of the chest, shortness of breath, free floating anxiety, a paradoxical feeling, if I did not take a Xanax, I feared I would have a Panic Attack. (the drug sometimes tricks the mind). Taper down ever so softly, and gradually. I had group support, twice a week, Alanon, and a Alanon Sponsor, and, a
individual male psychotherapist, I met for one hour every other week, for my moral support. Thank god I had very good insurance, or, I could not have afforded either Relapse Prevention Training or DBT.

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pordicha Says:
Anyone know of doctors to help in Asheville, NC or nearby. I have had a doctor in Costa Rica prescribe valium but need a doctor here.

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Shiloh Says:
Here is just some of what people go through and everything I'm still going through. And I truly have an anxiety disorder
The Stages of Relapse

Relapse is a process, it's not an event. In order to understand relapse prevention you have to understand the stages of relapse. Relapse starts weeks or even months before the event of physical relapse. In this page you will learn how to use specific relapse prevention techniques for each stage of relapse. There are three stages of relapse.(1)

Emotional relapse
Mental relapse
Physical relapse

Emotional Relapse

In emotional relapse, you're not thinking about using. But your emotions and behaviors are setting you up for a possible relapse in the future.

The signs of emotional relapse are:

Mood swings
Not asking for help
Not going to meetings
Poor eating habits
Poor sleep habits
The signs of emotional relapse are also the symptoms of post-acute withdrawal. If you understand post-acute withdrawal it's easier to avoid relapse, because the early stage of relapse is easiest to pull back from. In the later stages the pull of relapse gets stronger and the sequence of events moves faster.

Early Relapse Prevention

Relapse prevention at this stage means recognizing that you're in emotional relapse and changing your behavior. Recognize that you're isolating and remind yourself to ask for help. Recognize that you're anxious and practice relaxation techniques. Recognize that your sleep and eating habits are slipping and practice self-care.

If you don't change your behavior at this stage and you live too long in the stage of emotional relapse you'll become exhausted, and when you're exhausted you will want to escape, which will move you into mental relapse.

Practice self-care. The most important thing you can do to prevent relapse at this stage is take better care of yourself. Think about why you use. You use drugs or alcohol to escape, relax, or reward yourself. Therefore you relapse when you don't take care of yourself and create situations that are mentally and emotionally draining that make you want to escape.

For example, if you don't take care of yourself and eat poorly or have poor sleep habits, you'll feel exhausted and want to escape. If you don't let go of your resentments and fears through some form of relaxation, they will build to the point where you'll feel uncomfortable in your own skin. If you don't ask for help, you'll feel isolated. If any of those situations continues for too long, you will begin to think about using. But if you practice self-care, you can avoid those feelings from growing and avoid relapse. (Reference:

Mental Relapse

In mental relapse there's a war going on in your mind. Part of you wants to use, but part of you doesn't. In the early phase of mental relapse you're just idly thinking about using. But in the later phase you're definitely thinking about using.

The signs of mental relapse are:

Thinking about people, places, and things you used with
Glamorizing your past use
Hanging out with old using friends
Fantasizing about using
Thinking about relapsing
Planning your relapse around other people's schedules
It gets harder to make the right choices as the pull of addiction gets stronger.

Techniques for Dealing with Mental Urges

Play the tape through. When you think about using, the fantasy is that you'll be able to control your use this time. You'll just have one drink. But play the tape through. One drink usually leads to more drinks. You'll wake up the next day feeling disappointed in yourself. You may not be able to stop the next day, and you'll get caught in the same vicious cycle. When you play that tape through to its logical conclusion, using doesn't seem so appealing.

A common mental urge is that you can get away with using, because no one will know if you relapse. Perhaps your spouse is away for the weekend, or you're away on a trip. That's when your addiction will try to convince you that you don't have a big problem, and that you're really doing your recovery to please your spouse or your work. Play the tape through. Remind yourself of the negative consequences you've already suffered, and the potential consequences that lie around the corner if you relapse again. If you could control your use, you would have done it by now.

Tell someone that you're having urges to use. Call a friend, a support, or someone in recovery. Share with them what you're going through. The magic of sharing is that the minute you start to talk about what you're thinking and feeling, your urges begin to disappear. They don't seem quite as big and you don't feel as alone.

Distract yourself. When you think about using, do something to occupy yourself. Call a friend. Go to a meeting. Get up and go for a walk. If you just sit there with your urge and don't do anything, you're giving your mental relapse room to grow.

Wait for 30 minutes. Most urges usually last for less than 15 to 30 minutes. When you're in an urge, it feels like an eternity. But if you can keep yourself busy and do the things you're supposed to do, it'll quickly be gone. Do your recovery one day at a time. Don't think about whether you can stay abstinent forever. That's a paralyzing thought. It's overwhelming even for people who've been in recovery for a long time.

One day at a time, means you should match your goals to your emotional strength. When you feel strong and you're motivated to not use, then tell yourself that you won't use for the next week or the next month. But when you're struggling and having lots of urges, and those times will happen often, tell yourself that you won't use for today or for the next 30 minutes. Do your recovery in bite-sized chunks and don't sabotage yourself by thinking too far ahead.

Make relaxation part of your recovery. Relaxation is an important part of relapse prevention, because when you're tense you tend to do what’s familiar and wrong, instead of what's new and right. When you're tense you tend to repeat the same mistakes you made before. When you're relaxed you are more open to change. (Reference:

Physical Relapse

Once you start thinking about relapse, if you don't use some of the techniques mentioned above, it doesn't take long to go from there to physical relapse. Driving to the liquor store. Driving to your dealer.

It's hard to stop the process of relapse at that point. That's not where you should focus your efforts in recovery. That's achieving abstinence through brute force. But it is not recovery. If you recognize the early warning signs of relapse, and understand the symptoms of post-acute withdrawal, you'll be able to catch yourself before it's too late.

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Shelbie Says:
I so agree with you! Who would ever want to go through this again! I do have an anxiety disorder and back in Janurary I started through the most horrific time in my life. I went into treatment but was not tapered off correctly and I do not believe it was understood what I was going through. I know it scared the HELL out of me! I never took the Klonopin other then what was prescribed but I started having problems with sleep and I didn't know it was the beginning of my HELL! But what do people who truly have anxiety disorders do? It seems like once you've been on this medication, there's no other med's that are going to work. I have an appointment with my Pshycologist tomorrow and I'll talk to him about this because the anxiety and panic attacks are driving me nuts but I know I never want this medication in my body again! If you are taking Benzos, I suggest you get help getting off of them. Unfortunately, you will be told it's more difficult getting off of this medication then H. I think it's weird there's medications for H addicts but no meds to help people get through the Benzo withdrawls...

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dayglo Says:
via mobile
I just moved back to Indy. My drs have all retired. Please someone is geting these meds then selling them on the street. So ppl like myself have been denied. I've been on a lot of meds. I have a lot of health issues. I havent had nothing since May. I hate to keep going to different drs to get my meds. Its pretty bad that the ppl tuat dont need them get them but ppl like myself that have been on xanax hydrocodone soma thats to name a few. But I need these meds and I dont get them. So the ppl on the street makes it hard for everyone else. And movie stars also. But they had money to pay for private meds. And the meds weren't needed. So again we have to pay for this. My dr here in Indy gave me naproxen...whoa stop it. That stuff is about as equal to tylenol. I would hate to drive to KC MO just to get my meds. Please of there is anyone out there that knows of a dr around Indianapolis area ppease let me know before I do something stupid.

Thank You

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Jordanross Says:
via mobile
I have ptsd, horrible anxiety and panic attacks, insomnia, nightmares and have never found 1 dr who has been able to help me. Im desperate for help.i cant wait the 3-6 month waiting period for a psych dr and feel totally hopeless. Ive attempted suicide 3 times because of my anxiety and doctors still dont perscribe xanax which is the only thing that calms my nerves. Whete do i go, what do i do???? Im literally atvthe rnd of my rope. MN

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tina Says:
via mobile
Does anyone know where a dr that will refill my meds? Ive been on xanax soma hydrocodone lyrica . I've been on these med for over 15yrs I have the proof. I live in Indianapolis. Please help me I am going crazy. Who knows what I'll do. I'm going through dt's. Someone please respond. Please let me know ASAP.
Thank you

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mansu Says:
anyone know of a doctor in dallas that will perscribe xanax for anxiety. my doctor will only give me lexapro . but i dont want to take something every day. I just want it to take when my anxiety gets really bad

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bri Says:
via mobile
Email me for information on a xanax doc {edited for privacy}

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plzhelp Says:
via mobile
I have anxiety I was on ativan then got put on a mil other things the only thing that helped me was the ativan my doc now doesn't believe in benzos im from cleveland ohio can n e 1 tell me what my options are. .. and if ur gona tell me about therapy or working out or natural garbage dont waste ur time I've tried all that I know what works 4 me and I cant keep having these attacks or not sleeping n e more. ..thank you

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james Says:
Hi Vickie. One of the major problems is that doctors who refuse to prescribe benzos to a patient who is already dependent or addicted (two different things) on them is really not helping. In order to get safely off benzos you need a well-planned lengthy taper. Without a proper taper you can have serious life-threatening side effects. Some withdrawal symptoms from rapid tapers, abrupt withdrawals, or just getting off the dang meds, can last the rest of your life!

Medical negligence if they prescribe to you and medical negligence if they don't. I'm sorry you're in pain every day. I'm in horrible pain too and back on the med. Convulsions, seizures, etc... will never go away for me apparently.

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patrick Says:
via mobile
I have bad anxiaty and depression and bypoler i need a doc that will prescribe me xanxx cuz thats the only thing that helps.'

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CodytheCodeman Says:
Hi my name Is Cody, I live in PANAMA CITY FLORIDA, Im currently going to the Treatment center of panama city, AKA METHADONE CLINIC, I am leaving on September 1st/2013 In about 4 days, Im not going to have methadone for my bus trip to MAINE for 2 days without methadone, My councler suggested I go see my primary care doctor But IU haven't had one since ive lived here, She told me to ASK for Clonipin or Xanax, Something for withdrawls, ANY ONE HAVE ANY IDEAS OR DOCTORS NAMES?? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME!

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paul Says:
via mobile
I live in Tuscaloosa Al had 3 back surgeries & have crohns disease need a Dr. That prescribes oxycodone, please help.

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Vixie Says:
The thing is this. No one wants to become addicted. No one should want to take medication if they can get by with something else or with not taking anything else at all into their bodies. I have tried Melatonin and Valerian root and all the calming teas. Exercise when I can walk. Anxiety disorder and PTSD are within you. Spinal stenosis and ruptured disks are within you, as is osteoarthritis'fibro. I have been without any meds at all for a year now. I am only hanging on. I have seen 3 physicians in the past year since I lost my doctor of 8 years. I live in pain and stress. I gave up finding one to help me.One called me "drug seeker: HA! I just hang on day to day. My life sucks. God Bless You All, may you all find someone or something to help you in a good and safe way.If you are on this site to find and abuse drugs only, then please seek help for yourself.

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Eddy Scottt Says:
In Nevada I found out to get your recommendation for Pot you see a Psychiatrist. They also specialize in Pain, and Benzos. Try this dude Dr.David Linden.

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Soraya Says:
via mobile
Which Dr in Las Vegas is not scared to prescribe Xanax to patients with realistic high anxiety and panic attacks?

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katie Says:
BILLY- I have recently had to move back to long island area after a divorce. I have been on medications, the same ones for years, since about the age of 17 ish. Its a PTSD situation. severe panic attacks. I came back up here, with my prescription lists, and showing what i hav ebeen on, records transferred and the Dr goes a TOTALLY different route and I am back to square one. Almost like "he is the better dr, knows best, and lets try this out instead.." - I rebounded right back in the worst way. I am simply trying to go back to my regular medications. I cannot keep on paying 50.00 co pays to walk out empty handed. Mind you, I am 29 now, going through a divorce thats pretty bad on top of all of this. I am just trying to get my regular dosage, and keep it at that. I never went early to refill, I never go to other doctors. But I am noticing a trend in a lot of dr's that a) they refer you straight to a psychiatrist, b) the psychiatrist throws you on at the least 2-3 medications at a time. So I dont feel comfortable when I had it down to 2 medications that worked well, and I was able to cope. Do you have any suggestions/ advice/ etc.?

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