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vicky Says:
does anyone know if there is an ongoing lawsuit against the company who puts out Lyrica. I am a mess from it. Do we have a leg to stand on when it comes to the side affects they found out from people like us. I am a long termer. I have been taking 900 mg since 2005. Is there any one representing us? thank you vicky

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aubrey Says:
Mr. Moss Why do you think the lawyers will not go after pfizer? Are they just to big or are ther amount of true damages not worth fooling with?

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Dawn Says:
My face is is like melting....and I know that it is from Lyrica. Someone help

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Not sure... call an attorney or look online for Lyrica lawsuit to get info. Good luck!

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Get hold of the prescribing physician ASAP. Don't wait as the dr. may have you stop the prescription. How long have you been on Lyrica??? The swelling is a known side effect. But to describe your face as "melting" is a rather different way to describe swelling....

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Lyirca isn't safe for everyone. There are untold number of side effects. I took it for relief for pain after having Guillian-Barre. Then had short bout of it for generalized pain as it supposedly calms nerves that trigger pain. I was miserable on it. I gained tons of weight and felt lousy! So I stopped it and now refuse it. Show it as allergy on meds list! NO MORE LYRICA FOR ME!

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Never knew correlation of Lyrica with problems with teeth! I had to have my uppers all replaced with denture and most of bottom. I have been off of Lyrica and Gabapentin for several years, through choice, but suffered dearly when I took it. Sadly, the one doc I see believes I am just wanting narcotics for generalized pain from fibromyalgia, but not true! I want pain relief. I want to live a good life. I am 64 but still feel young at heart and want to live as such!

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I would see a neurologist for your problem. Not a GP for sure! Neurologists are more familiar with it's side effects (from my experience) and be square with the Neuro doc that you are suspect about Lyrica! I suffer alot with pain and take occasional Hydrocodone w/APAP ... just when I really need it. So I suffer alot... I am tired of docs trying to put folks on stuff that is often more dangerous than narcotics. I don't want to be hooked, but I want to live life comfortably! They DC'd my pain meds in hospital recently while I was admitted for MRSA sepsis. Even gave me methadone to substitute for Hydrocodone. Came home with RX for Hydrocodone as they know I need it. Sent a caseworker to visit my home to see my pill bottle as someone called and told Adult Protective Services I am abusing my RX! HAHA... two visits one month apart proved I am not abusing my RX as my pill count showed I was using less than prescribed. How about them apples? Sometimes bureaucracy steps on toes they should avoid! If I find out who called them, there will be some hell to pay!

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Roy D Moss Says:
Hello Aubrey and William,
You have probably looked for a attorney as I have to go after pfitzer. I put out a nation wide search for a lawyer to handle this case and the result was "0". No lawyer has dedicated the research (money) to commit themselves to handle this, at least none have stepped forward. Aubrey perhaps they believe pfitzer is "too big" as you said, but ask yourself if they are above the law ? If you or I stole a candy bar at a local store and got caught, we would be held responsible for our actions. It is a money game, pfitzer thinks they can avoid the inevitable but the facts are facts and the law is the law, in this case for example "they stole the candy bar" and therefore will pay for thier actions.
Aubrey you asked also about the amount of compensation, or at least made reference to it. Honestly no one can put a price on the damage lyrica has caused, but know this, it will be the largest settlement that any drug company has paid in history,
and will probably remain the largest for a very long time. You will have enough money to burn !
Now listen, if any of you cannot wait for me, try to build a fire under some lawyers ass. If you find one please let me know, I have enough evidence to put pfitzer away. I will share it with them.
This is going to be big, very big. I noticed that this forum deleted my email in the last long-winded statement I made here. I am on Facebook under Roy Moss, I welcome any of you to contact me there to discuss this in more detail.
Together we will make pfitzer accountable for all damages. Until then, remain strong, and retain all of the medical information about yourselves that you can get your hands on. Ask the Dr's and Nurses for copies of all items that are related to your injuries, and any that are particularly related to damages that lyrica has caused. Write all Dr's names, phone numbers and addresses that prescribed lyrica to you. Don't loose this ! We will go after the Dr's as well. If you are unable to do this, please ask a relative or friend for help, it is very important.
Through Christ all things are possible ! I will write again soon.

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Diane Says:
I took Lyrica for about 3 months roughly, and I started having a heart arrythmia at night when I went o bed. I took myself off of it about 3 weeks ago and now I am at home unable to drive or go to work becaus ethey are now trying to figure out why my blood pressure is so high and now I am having the arrythmia during the day and almost passing out because I have vertigo. Does anyone have an idea of an attorney that will take our cases and if my arrythmia is a symptom as well?

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Lilly of the valley Says:
@ Roy Moss....I tried to find you on Face Book but there is about 100 or more Roy Moss there. How do I find you? I have been on Lyricia for around 5 years and it has destroyed me. I have gained about 75 pounds, am losing all my teeth (they just crumble and fall out) I can't afford to go to the dentist. I have recently been diagnosed with diabetes, pretty sure this is due to the large amount of weight I have gained. I can't think of correct words, have blurred vision and stagger around like I am drunk. I tried to go off it and the side effects were so bad I had to start back on it.

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Roy D Moss Says:
Hello Lily of the Valley,
Please email me. I hope this gets to you. Today I found a older experienced Attorney today that has agreed to take on Pfizer. He is currently reviewing all of our horror stories on this site right now. He's going to do a Class-Action Lawsuit. He will call me tommorrow afternoon. I will post his name and number as soon as I get it, at least that will help us out a little. This will be the largest class-action lawsuit in history, we're talking 100-500 million dollars and quite possibly alot more, plus going after all of the sorry Doctors that pushed this "miracle drug" on us. At least we won't have to worry about money anymore. And I'm requesting that he ask the judge for free health care, the best the United States has to offer for all of us. Please spread the word.
My Facebook Page is a picture of me standing beside my plane, It is pearl white with blue stripes and should be by my Roy Moss. I hope you can find it, I'd really like to hear from you. Please take care of yourself, I'll be praying for you.
Roy Moss

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curleegirl Says:
i also tried to find you on facebook but there were too many results. there is a group called lyrica survivors on facebook and there are many of us looking to file some sort of lawsuit. its not the money...i want to make sure ppl quit getting hurt by this stuff. Lyrica ruined every aspect of my life alot of which i cannot regain.

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Amy Says:
Curlee Girl- Lyrica Survivors is an offshoot of this site. Several of us thought it would be a great way to get the word out about Lyrica. Roy is a member of the group so that's an easy way to find him.
Roy- WOW, that is great news!!! Thank you so much for your work in getting a lawyer - the impossible is now possible. Its the only way others will be spared - you're amazing!

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Diane Says:
On top of all these side effects. Lyrica caused me to have two Mini strokes. TIA's, they call them. Trans eschemic attacks. It also rots your teeth out. I went to a low cost(poor people) dental clinic and the doc wouldn't touch my teeth cuz he accused me of doing meth. thank God for backspace keys cuz I can't spell anymore. My short term memory is still bad and I quit the med about a year ago. Needless to say, I scarred the hell out of my children (in their early 20's). I don't Pfizer has enough money to make us all feel better.Too bad, so sad.

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Charley Guinness Says:
Vicki, I hope you are able to taper off Lyrica completely. It is bad medicine.

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Charley Guinness Says:
I was only on 300 mg per day but I felt horrible on Lyrica. I knew within a month that I needed to stop taking the drug. It took me months to taper off, 25 mg less each 2 weeks. I took passion flower, magnesium and stress vitamin B supplements 3 times per day. It's bard people but I can't stress this enough...... Get off Lyria - it is the worst type of poison.

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Diane B Madrid Says:
You know everybody; even if we do sue Pfizer and get a boatload of money(which I don't need; just need teeth) we will never be able to replace the times that our loved ones (my kids) felt helpless and horrified. They thought I was really losing my mind. (I'm all they have in the world) And they thought that maybe I was misusing my meds. The look on their faces and the tones in their voices is something that I will never forget.

I am still in pain, still have edema in my leg; am deathly afraid of having a stroke, weigh so much that I won't even socialize anymore, can't spell and can't keep a train of thought. I actually 'sculpt' teeth out of superglue and then paste them directly to my gums. I swear, people can't tell. Or maybe they can and they are just nice thinking I can't afford a dentist.
And, I was on 600mg daily. I had to go off cold turkey cuz my psychiatrist quit mysteriously and opened her own practice. She won't return my calls. MHMR told me that Lyrica was not on their med list, so no one could prescribe it to me. They did give me all their samples.(If they can't prescribe it, why did they have samples?)

On top of all this my skin hurts, yes, my skin! Not all the time. Just most of the time. I still see MHMR for depression/anxiety, ptsd, adhd, disociative disorder but I'm still depressed, still anxious, stil ADHD'd.

Mr. Moss, I will indeed pray for you. Please help others and please get Pfizer! I got disability, a huge 800 to survive on per month. So technically I'm OK. I believe that we all deserve good doctors and good medicines. I tried going to the 'free' clinic to see my 'primary care physician'. A P.A. and she thought I was drug seeking. Wow don't we have a good opinion of our fellow men/women! So, my point is that I am praying that I and all others can have good doc's. I'm currently saving my money to see a pain manager doc. $350.00. Are these people made of gold? Are we paying for their brand new Lexuses? (Lexi?) Don't get me started about Pfizer! But I ramble. You all have my prayers, know that, and keep the faith. (It took me three times to spell 'faith'!) Ya gotta laugh sometimes
I am also on facebook, San Angelo, Texas. If you need talk.

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amac Says:
I was on Lyrica for only a few weeks and started having really bad side effects from it. My husband was very worried and my boss even told me to get off the stuff. Everyone around me saw a big change and it was not a good change. I called my doctor and he said he would lower the dosage and I told him I wanted off the stuff and he told me NO and he would not put me on anything else. Well I took myself off and with in a few days everyone could see a difference. I will never be put on that stuff again. I would rather deal with the pain. It is hard, very hard but Im doing it. Dealing with it every day. Hang in there.

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Vanessa F Says:
I was on Lyrica for nearly 2 years to treat a ruptured disc in my spine. I went from a size 6 to a size 16 in the space of 7 months, and tried to go off twice by tapering off my dose with terrible withdrawl symptoms. I am extremely intelligent, having been in the 99th percentile aqcademically during my high school and university years, and also found that with Lyrica I had trouble finding everyday words in conversation and came off sounding like an idiot. I also had thoughts of suicide, where I would have to consciously restrain myself from picking up a pair of scissors and stabbing myself in the neck. When I brought up my depressive and suicidal symptoms, my doctor's response was that "any time someone's in pain they aren't going to feel very happy". Right. I also noticed that my eyesight had deteriorated. So I asked my pharmacist to give me 25mg pills instead of the 75mg so that I could wean myself off more gradually, and it took 6 months but now I have been Lyrica-free for 5 weeks and am so relieved to have that poison out of my life. And ultimately the cessation of Lyrica had no effect on my pain levels, I have learned to live with debilitating sciatica because the "Lyrical" alternative (pun intended) was worse. I hope this helps, and please try to find a sympathetic doctor or pharmacist to help you get off before it's too late.

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aubrey Says:
My wife noticed that the number of Lyricia commercials has gone down on TV mabey this is a sign that someone is starting legal action and the company is backing off from the sales.Everyone watch and see if any legal buzz starts then we wil have the victory that we all deserve.rf

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