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Just Want To Take Suboxone For A Few Days To Detox From Heroin Will It Work (Page 5)

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Comments Submitted Says:
hey guys, i have been taking dilaudid for about 5 months 4,8mg a day then switched to heroin for 1 month 2 bags a day,now my friend gave me 4,8mg suboxones and told me it would help me get off h for good, i waited 24 hours took half a subox and i must say it works for wd's but when i run out witch i estimate will be in 2,3 days will i just suffer again;like where i left off or will the h be out of my system and the wd's light enough to withstand, please help, im not a newbee to drug abuse had bad h habits in the past and know the nature of the beast, just want this stuff out of my life so i can go back to work and live again, i need the truth or as close as i can get, can i beat it like this or am i wasting my time,maybe i can get one or two more subs from my freind

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elton Castro Says:
23 years old now I just bought I've been on percocet for two years and I've been taking them for two day so far feel so far feel great hopefully the withdraw fro hopefully the withdraw from the subs is not to bad but like another person on here said I seen the light at the end of the tunnel I just got tired taking drugs just to feel normal talk to you later on every talk to you later on everybody good luck

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tipppecannu Says:
Thank you for the post. I just found out my 19 yoa son is addicted to Oxycodone. he takes 2 30mg pills a day by splitting them up and snorting them. He is completly embarassed and it was difficult to get him to admit. He is asking for help and wants so bad to feel normal. I read your post and he is goign to take the route you described. We know it is not guaranteed but it is something. We are making a Doctors apointment for the suboxone. Regardless of how much the Doctor pprescribes; he plans on taking the smallest dose possible, as many times as he needs it and hopefully beat this in the shortest amount of time. We have discussed the pproblems with switching one drug for another. I also expplained the problems with once he beats it that he may feel it was easy and then relapse. I exlained it will be harder the next time. He has spent a minimum of $15,000 in the last year because he just doesn't want to feel sick. You have an encouraging story which I have shared with him. Getting him to the point to admit has been extremely difficult with his avoiding me for the last 1 1/2 years. You see..... I'm a cop. I have made many drug arrests over the last 20 years. I almost always ask the arrested person his or her story of how they became addicted and how they fixed it if and when they ever did. They all say they just wish they didn't think they were the one who wouldn't get addicted and had never taken that first pill/heroin bag, etc. I have seen so many good peopple with an addiction. Unlike some of my compadres, I see the good in the people and realize some are just caught up in the addiction and need to get out. I caught a guy doing heroin after he just got revived from EMT's. He told me he screwed up and was due to go to rehab the next day. His parents confirmed it. I couldn't arrest him. I told him that if he went to rehab and finished the program then I would ditch the case. I also told him that if he left the program, I would charge him with the heroion and put him in jail. He finished the program and it is now 12 years later. He is still doing great and is a productive member of society. The pills are so avalable I believe it is just a matter of time before someone tries it. My son is no different. If I think of it; I will let you know how it worked out. Good luck to you and you need to realize these positive stories at least give people hope. Thanks

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sandstormtakeursonsvirginity Says:
noone cares about your stupid NA meeting experiences. this is totally irrelevant to the topic of the thread. people are looking for answers to the original post, and ONLY answers to the original post. all of your experiences and bulls*** youve gone through to get clean are irrelevant to the topic of the thread, and noone really cares what youve gone through. if youre looking for friends and support go somewhere else or post a new thread. people clicked on this thread for an answer if you can detox using subs for only the time you are withdrawling and them stop taking subs. obviously you wont be taking more than .5mg/day or you risk getting addicted to subs which is far worse than any heroin, oxy, vic, roxi, etc.. addiction.

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jp215 Says:
sandstormtakeursonsvirginity, you are a complete fool.

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Jnuffsaid84 Says:
I was on a suboxone program for over a year clean then my birthday came around and it started gettin warm and i slipped, my messed up thinkin said oh go ahead and do that one bag of heroin its ok..yeah right within a week ibwas full blown shooting a half a gram a day..but i got wise fast and got my script for 45 2 mg strips of suboxone and kicked I started with 16mg starter dose then another 8mg throughout first day, 2nd day i woke up and took 8mg then 6mg throughout the day, 3rd day i started with 4mg then 4mg throughout day, 4th day 2mg start and 2 mg throughout im back on track with my 2mg strip a day program...oh i waited 18 hours after my last use to take suboxone and i was ok...and i had a few chills here and there but nothing like full w/d's..I hope this was helpful...

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Danni Says:
Dear Pat, Don't listen to what anyone has to say about the way you choose to get clean. Even though you are on methadone, you are not on the streets copping and living the lifestyle of an active addict. You know your body and you know what works and what does not work for you. If the methadone will keep you off the streets and prevent you from living the filthy life of an active user then more power to you. AT LEAST you acknowledge that u needed help beyond abstinence and you are doing something to make that lifestyle change! more power to you. Methadone is not for everyone i agree, but it wouldn't be in existence if it deemed unnecessary or non-beneficial in certain circumstances! Good luck to you Pat., I believe there is nothing wrong on being on a certain medication indefinitely. Addiction is a disease. It is ridiculous to hear a diabetic saying they are not going to take insulin because they wouldn't be considered being "clean". If methadone is what it takes to keep your disease in remission than it is certainly better than being an active user ! I hope my advice helped ,,, Good luck - Danni

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Kaylee Says:
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Hi, im hoping for some advice. I have been on 8-12 (5 mg. oxycodone/percocet tablets for back pain for 13 years . I have tried coming off them a few times, a couple off times with methadone tablets at home and stayed off the percs for 3-4 months (I only stayed on the methadone for 5-6 days weaning myself each day. Never felt NORMAL . Went back on percs. Ive tried taking suboxone a few times using them only till I got enough money to buy my percs or my doctors appt. ( I get 90 a month ) The suboxone gives me horrible headaches . I finally felt like I had enough . Yesterday I started with a 2 mg. sub in the am and felt like crap all day .about 8 hours later I took 2 more 2 mg. tablets and felt a lot better . This mornlng I took 2 (2 mg. ) tablets and a half of one 3 hours ago . My question is how do I proceed and what dose so I don't feel like crap and don't become dependent one the suboxone. Thanks for any help you can give me.

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Melissa Says:
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Wow Matt. I am sitting in my car with a box of unopened sub tabs, perusing heroin detix/addiction boards and just read your post. In the past year I've been working on weaning off H to go on a sub detox and I just can't make the jump. I'm so scared to do it. I want it more than anything and have hit my lowest of lows. Your post is encouraging...I'm going to save it and tape to my fridge. Thank u

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HopeForMyFuture Says:
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Wow!!!! Your story helped me so much Matt!!!! So so so much!!! I am starting today with the sub and gonna do exactly what you said to do and exactly how you did it!!! Take only when needed... I have read so many stories today online but for some reason ( most likely my higher power) your story spoke to me the most!! Your story gave me hope!! You are a very good writer.. Maybe a trait you need to do more of in your bright future!!! Thanks again and I hope my story ends as happy as yours did!!! Omg though I can't stress enough how much your story spoke to me and how much hope you just brought to me... Thanks a million!! Ill post in five days the outcome of it all!!!!!!!! Xoxoxo!!! I would love to give you real hugs and kisses just for bringing hope and a smile to my face!!! Thank you!!!

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HopeForMyFuture Says:
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To the cop,
We need more cops like you that understand addiction a little more. I know some cops do have a child, relative, or loved one who is an addict and they are more understanding of certain situation. I just want to say thank you for having an open mind and a huge heart when it comes to us addicts!!!! I hope everything has and continues going well for your son!!!! He is blessed to have a parent like you!!!! Thanks again and stay safe out there!! Thank you for putting yourself out there everyday in danger in order to make this world a safer place for our future!!! Cops do not get the credit they deserve!!! So thank you once again!!!! Love: HopeForMyFuture

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Adbo Says:
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I have been taking subutex for about a year now,it wasnt easy getting from 3-4bags of H a day to subutex tablets each morning but i goy there in the end. Recently ive started reading posts etc n wud Really like to know what the diffrence between Subutex and Suboxone is?! Is suboxone the american version? Hasnt suboxone got some more ingredients other than buprenorphine in it? If anyones got a sensible n accurate explanation then do please let me know. Cheers peeps.

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Jonny G Says:
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Hey guys. I have a 3-4 bag a day habit, and a friend gave me 5 8mg subs.. Any advice on how to take them? I wanna be done once and for all and just need to get through the worst of it. Plus I took my last shot 6am today.. When do I take the sub?

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Sallie ford Says:
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You have to wait ATLEAST 18 hours if not longer then take a 8mg if you don't feel comfortable within a hour take some more like or four more mg then just ween down a little everyday for five days

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Wiser without it Says:
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Kidd.. I ended a six day detox with subutex (same as suboxone just no blocker) on Wednesday.. It is now Sunday night and I'm still withdrawing, haven't slept through the night yet. It is a long road of detoxing it definitely doesnt take only 3-5 days it takes longer, of course it depends on yor habit.. Using subs to detox will help with the initial pain but eventually you Hve to face the music. I refuse to pick up because I NEVER want to go through this again.. Best of luck to you and me and everyone else in the world battling this horrrible disease

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Arab Says:
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I was told the less suboxtone you use the better off your suboxtone detox is.

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Swim Says:
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Take one every 24 hrs

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Kat Says:
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I wondered why you took that comment co personally,until I read the last sentence of your comment. I don't go to NA,but in my opinion,if you are on any opiate,you are not clean. If you are using something like suboxone to help yourself get off harder opiates that were abused,and it works for you,good!! Who cares what anyone's definition of clean is. Whether they go to NA or not. Opiate addiction is no joke. And neither is getting off of them. However we all have to do it,then so be it.

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Slick Says:
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I'm currently in the same situation, and although I'm no doctor, I can say what works for me. Try to wait for full withdrawals before you take any subs. Me, I'm a little b'tch when it comes to WDs, so I take them as soon as I start feeling lousy. Take as little as possible just to get you through the day. I take 2mg day one, and it's no picnic, but it gets me through. Take another 2mg the second day, try to delay as long as possible. On day three take 1mg, and that's it. Sounds simple, but by then you will not have H in your system, and you won't be taking subs long enough to have any dependence. My regular use is 15-20 bags a day in the nose off that Hartford CT stuff, and it works for me. Good luck to anyone reading this while struggling with opiates. You can do this.

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Arab Says:
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Thank you for your post. I'm on day two of suboxone withdrawal I took 10 mg day one. 4 mg day two. 1.5 mg day three .5 mg day four. I have not slept not eating. And I feel weak. How long will this go on?

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CJ Says:
I have been struggling ! Hard- every day. I took A LOT of oxycodone (15 mg every 4 hrs), oxycontin (80 mg every 8 hrs) and dilaudid (8 mg every 4 hrs) for the last 3 years. The previous 7 years I was also on oxycodone & oxycontin in smaller amts. On the outside, it may have seemed like I'm normal (I now pray for before pills - normal), by normal - I mean I managed to make it to work every day and pay the bills. I've spent a lot of money supplementing my legal habit by buying morphine from a co-worker, etc. For over 10 years, I was fighting this battle in my head. It got to the point where I simply could not take enough pills. I just wasn't getting high anymore. I knew for years (in the relentless battle in my head where the disease tells you that you don't have a disease) that I had a problem. I finally made a decision to "get clean", and drove to California to go to a detox center that I paid for. I did not want it on my records for my work/insurance, didn't want anyone to know, may have wanted to resume my habit again one day, etc... On June 27th, I took 12 of my 80 mg oxycontin pills so I could get that last buzz the day before my long drive the next day. I was so disappointed at the time, all I got after about an hour and a half was a headache, no buzz whatsoever. I only added this to show what a high tolerance I had, please tell me there is someone out there who has used as much if not more and is better now that they are straight. When I say I am on a learning curve with this addiction/getting straight thing - you have no idea, that is - I had/have no idea. So I drove away after 7 days and honestly my quality of life was so low, I did not want to go on. What I went through during this period of my life was agonizing, there are no words, well I guess there are. But before I learned those 3 words - I drove an hour to a hospital in Alameda, CA (recommended to me by a leader I met at an AA mtng we were all taken to while at the detox house), I unburdened myself (after waiting for over 3 hours) - and I learned that even with insurance, help is hard to get. The fact that they never followed up with me - ever, even after I confided to them EVERYTHING, what I did for a living, how I felt like I couldn't go on, I mean - I put it all out there- is sad. I was not suicidal, this is something they kept asking, I kept saying no. I said "I am trying to get better" - there is a difference. "I just do not want to go on" "Please help me live, I don't know what to do", etc. I left with the hope that I would be picked up the next morning at 8:00 AM and every week day for all day group therapy & activities. No one ever came, no one ever called. This was shocking as the lady I talked to seemed genuinely concerned. She did mention the word "should", in that - as I had come on a Thursday - someone "should" contact me before the wknd. By then I was starting to rethink the living thing. The hoops I had to jump through to get some help - unbelievable. By late Friday I was frantic and now knew I was going to have to go into the wknd desperate for help. Unless you've had it - it's hard to explain how bad it is. Every waking moment being a never-ending horror show. After many frantic calls - I got an appt w/ an addiction specialist that day who diagnosed me with PAWS and told me I would have to be on long term suboxone maintenance (irony here is that my insurance does not cover the suboxone - it was cheaper for me to get opiates!) - due to the years I had been taking pills. Yes, this saved me for that weekend, it got me over that famous hump that long term addicts know is almost impossible to get over. I took Sub for 3 days and then stopped taking it (I did confer with the Dr on this). My thinking was: Why go back to a life of prescriptions & doctor appts - it really is - to me, anyway - trading one Dr's office for another. Also, it did not give me a buzz; although, yes, it got me past that concrete wall. I heard about people struggling to get off of Sub and I was very afraid of getting addicted to something else. Afterward, I struggled like a mf to make it through every day. Went to the gym to try to get a "real" high from working out like I used to get after running- someone told me that is the only way to get high now. I try and try - I sometimes workout more than 3 hours - and still, I feel nothing but the same ol' drained and aching to feel something. Anyway- fast forward to now - I am not "better". I wanted to feel normal by now, I thought I would feel that electric charge of energy from being straight all this time. Wrong. How long does it take? 2 weeks ago, I find the best (perhaps worst) present, an oxycodone pill under my nightstand when I moved it. Couldn't believe it, as I had always, as I think most of us - perhaps just me - know exactly how many pills I had at all times. Anyway - I waited 24 hours mulling it over, then took it. It felt so good not to feel so bad. I felt peace and got a good night sleep for first time since June. Cravings just don't go away, though- so Always looking for a buzz - I was reading reviews about the Suboxone, and since I had a month supply just sitting around, I read it can give you energy and a buzz, and I was like, well, hay, I am set, and surely it will feel really good now - after all these weeks of being straight, so I a strip yesterday morning - I felt absolutely nothing. No buzz, no energy, just disappointment. Straighter than hell, but lower than ever. I thought Sub would perk me up, I may as well throw that s..t out. Tell me, anyone, when does it get better. How many more days? Perhaps when I hit 90? 100? Did someone actually say their PAW didn't go away. I am so glad I am not the only one with this problem. It's like I have zero motivation. Thank you all for giving me the forum to ask these questions. I simply want to know that it is going to get better, because it does not feel better! Yes, I'm straight - but does anyone understand the zero motivation thing? I do the minimum required, just like before - I appear on the outside to be normal. I go to work & pay the bills. I feel nothing. Guess I should be thankful/grateful I'm alive & straight and count my blessings, yeh yeh I get it. Yet I am functioning at minimum capacity. I just barely care enough to survive. Is this my new normal? Can a person get back to where they were before the pills? 80 days isn't enough? When, then - 100 days? Never?
Please be kind. Thanks, again.

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