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Just Want To Take Suboxone For A Few Days To Detox From Heroin Will It Work (Page 3)

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Comments Submitted Says:
hey guys, i have been taking dilaudid for about 5 months 4,8mg a day then switched to heroin for 1 month 2 bags a day,now my friend gave me 4,8mg suboxones and told me it would help me get off h for good, i waited 24 hours took half a subox and i must say it works for wd's but when i run out witch i estimate will be in 2,3 days will i just suffer again;like where i left off or will the h be out of my system and the wd's light enough to withstand, please help, im not a newbee to drug abuse had bad h habits in the past and know the nature of the beast, just want this stuff out of my life so i can go back to work and live again, i need the truth or as close as i can get, can i beat it like this or am i wasting my time,maybe i can get one or two more subs from my freind

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David Says:
bless you....thanks for the hope

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Bama fanatic Says:
I really need some advice. Was taking about 10 loracets a day for 3 years.. I was determined to quit.. So I bought some sub films from a friend.. This is my 3rd say taking them.. I don't want to get addicted to these too.. I feel ok but they give me a headache and I feel nervous and a lot of anxiety. Mostly because I'm really scared of this big step.. My question is.... Can I take these for a couple weeks without being addicted and having withdrawals from them?? I'm only taking 1/2 sub a day.. I plan on going lower and lower then just quitting completely. Someone plz help me.. I have a 5 year old and a full time job.. I can't afford to be sick and don't have anyone to watch my child... Thanks..

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Erin Says:
I know this is late but hell yah give him the benzos. If he's really quitting opiates it's worth it. As long as he doesn't take benzo's too long as to where he'll be addicted to those

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Thepiney Says:
Even if you taper down with suboxone you will still withdrawl up to 5 months there are money hungry doctors out there who have NOT studied on opiate recovery it only s hould be used for short term detox and your still not feeling the good and bad its still blocking your natural state that you should be in... what happened to the recovery option to not be on any opiates???? is that not an option anymore

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Thepiney Says:
In my experience if you just take them up to a 5 days you will be fine... even a week or two as long as your going down mgs everyday.... i have done it before and it works you will be fine!!!

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tee Says:
I came on this site to see what others have done to ease the wd from h or roxy..I relapsed after 7 yrs clean about 4 yrs ago..I started smoking weed then taking e then coke and then someone gave me a perc 30 and I sniffed it..I loved it and the use progressed to about 10-15 perc 30 a day for a yr and half then I got pregnant and was scared I cut my use down but sneer up having my son addicted ( I wasn't using a lot the month he was born) but he still had to stay in the nicu to wd:( he is perfect and healthy and u would never know but ell right before he turned 1 I was still using and figured Wtf I mine as well so h again..its cheaper and I can get high and that was march now i got my fiance to do it and we both been spending every extra $ on it..Aw tried

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tee Says:
Continued bc my Droid cut me off..bottom line my fiance and I haven been sick and tired of feeling like losers even though we haven't literally hit rock bottom we both emotionally are done..we got 4 suboxzone each and are weaning currently..this is my last attempt to do this privately before I have to tell my family the bad news that after all the yrs of being clean I really wasn't for the last 4 yrs..I did the jail thing, rehab, na, counseling and I'm so embarassed I need to do this on ny own and walk away and never look back..I know I'm done with it ..this time I have a son and I gotta stop being selfish and stop numbing my pain w drugs..I did it before I know I can do it again.. good luck to everyone bc it can be done..mind of matter

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Mickey Meyers Says:
I am doing 2 shots of h everyday for a month now, before that 70 mg of methadone for a year. I want to stop. I was sober for several years and miss life. I try to detox at home with nothing but only last 2 or 3 days and then all the responsibilities build up and I have to go to work, I'm also working on my masters degree right now. I'm thinking suboxone. If I just knew how long this would last. Does anyone know?

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Tired Says:
Dee youf post has given me hope I have been taking opiates for 4 years and I am to at the end of my rope im really tired of this train. I just want my life back I am down to 50mg tramidol twice a day and im getting 3 subs today 8mg do you think with this and alot of mental strength I can get thia out of my life?

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dlmic Says:
with only 3, it'll be challenge. because you'll need an 8 the first day. the 2nd day, TRY 4 MG. if you're good, then good. the 3rd day, try 3mg, and then go down 1 mg so you last a week. you see, when you go down to .5, it's gonna be rough. but nothing like full agonist w/d's. YOU CAN DO'll just have to deal w/anxiety and depression for about 2 weeks

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jacob Says:
I have been on suboxen for 3 days.. 8mg... I fill normal again.. I've been taking 6 to 15 10mg norcos or perks for 4 years.. I know hope to be completely off suboxen in the next few days... I am so thankful for suboxen it is really the best drug for addiction ever.. I hope everybody can be off painkillers someday they ruined my life

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Finally me again Says:
Im going thru the exact thing as you now, i started on sub 3 days ago after taking 10-20 norcos/percs a day stemming from an old back injury and have tried to stop cold turkey and ween off them. The WD were so bad i would never last more than 2 days. I finally told my doctor I have to get off of these and just deal with the back pain on my own. I got a script for 2 8mg/2mg subs a day and was scared as hell when i ran out of my pills. On top of that I moved into a new home and had a s*** load of stuff to do for the move and was afraid of going into WD and being useless. The subs have literally SAVED my life, I feel like a new person now and have not had a single craving. It is amazing! Good luck to you and to anyone else reading this give them a try , they REALLY work !!!

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dlmich Says:
now that you feel great, you got past the 3 days of the worst. SO WEAN WEAN WEAN down or you'll get hooked as bad as any opiate, including meth

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jacob Says:
I am down to 2mg suboxen and after today no more anything .. I fill so much better. It can be done.. just remember to stay positive and Xanax help with anxiety .. with a low dosage .. trust me it fills good to be normal again.. good luck to everyone it can be done.. I am a licensed pharmacy technician and suboxen is a miracle drug.. trust me it works.. ill never go back to painkillers
. Family is most important remember just have strong will power good luck to all...

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sissy Says:
im doing H, about 4 bags of really good a day. ive been trying suboxone and it's not relieving the cravings. it helps about 50% with the WD's, but the dr says i should be feeling great. but im still sweating and so slugggish. i took 3 8mg subs today and still sick. im considering just tapering with dilaudid i have from a script. any advice on that? ive never taken dilaudid but if i can take one in morning and one in evening so i can still work, taper to half that, then get 3 days where can take off work, do you think that's enough time to be ok to go back to work? also, maybe just give the subs more time and use them for 3 days when i can take 3 days off. i can take off for 3 days in 2 weeks, that's really all the time i have. is that enough time ya think?

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sicka tired Says:
Well, for starters, nowhere does ir say that NA made up the saying about trading one drug for another. Some drug addict somewhere probably said it and it makes a lot of sense since I was also on Methadone for a peroid of time and it was the worst experience of my life. I was definately not clean!!! I was just using methadone everyday!

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Thepiney Says:
hey SISSY/??? the trick is take oxycodone for your last high and not H.... when the oxy wears off then start the suboxone for some reason it will work a lot better!!

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adrian Says:
i was clean for 10 yrs from 1988 to 1998 my husband started using H again instead of me leaving I joined him. doing 100 to $200 a day. in 2006 moved to a place I didn't
know where to get H. I started doing Methadone recently I found out I couldn't get it any more. I reduced my dose to 20mg a day from 60mg I started feeling bad so in order to get rid of the meth I went back to H its been a wk since I had meth been doing $50 to $70 a day today I only did 2 $10 bags already feel very bad, I have some suboxone when and how much do I need to take not to be sick? Will I be able to go to work I do 13hr shifts will I be sick or will I be able to handle it? Please help I know once I get past the wd I will be able to stay clean once again. I am in need of info please help. How much sub should I start with and how long do I have to wait after my last hit of H before I take sub so I wont get sick

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Harleygurl Says:
Are you still trying? Use sub when you feel WD symptoms and you'll be fine. If you use sooner, you'll get precipitated WD. Some can use it 6 hrs after last H, some 12 hrs. You need the methadone to be gone out of your system too.Take sub for 4 days (starting w/the least amount possible for your 1st dose .5 mg?) You can always take more if need be after about half hr if you don't feel better. You will be able to work on subs. Make sure you decrease your amount of sobo or just stick w/the .5 for four days and stop everything. Even skipping the 4th day in a row and take your last sub dose your 5th day. Don't take sub any longer than that or you'll have way worse time quitting sub. Some report WD's up to 6 months of zero use (a month+ of pysical WD's). Best of luck, I know this is late but I hope all is well!

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