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Is It Possible To Snort The New Op 80s?

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silly girl Says:
i have been prescribed to OC 80's for 6 years now for my debilitating pain. i started snorting them about a year back when i learned that it works much faster and better. i'm currently up to 4 a 5 a day. yesterday i got my script filled to learn that they had come out w/a new generic replacement that has OP on the side that used to say OC. i've tried everything in my power from hose clamps, to files to try to crush these damn things down to a powder to snort them and nothing seems to work. taking these pills orally does NOTHING for me except make me feel tired and sick to my stomache and i had to stay home from work today because of this. i know there has to be a way to break down these new generic pills and separate the plastic from the oxycodone, but have yet to learn what that way is. so far, i got instructions from another site to microwave and freeze repeatedly a couple times but am still not satisfied w/the results. someone please, how do i break these new generic pills down to a snortable form?

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mikeee Says:
you can smash it down flat with a hammer and then use a hose clamp to make a powder,but even when you get the pill to a powder form it will instantly become jelly in your nose. you better get used to swallowing them because the snorting days are over unless you buy real herion.

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Sasha Says:
{edited for safety reasons} Put a little in your mouth to test it :D
NOW, you might notice in the end, it looks like LESS powder, BUT, I assure you, you DONT lose much, the reason it looks like less, is because I think the binders and gel stuff burn away. Just taste the end result, it tastes REALLY strong depending on what mg you use.

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its ova Says:
it dont work...try sucking on them as fast n hard as u can it stays a gel for mad long....snortn days is ova it sux! n predues gonna lose a lot of money!! so hey maybe one day theyll be back???

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silly girl Says:
wow, you guys (2 of you anyways) have been so helpful! thank you so much! i really appreciate you taking time out of your day to help me w/this issue of mine. i only wish i could return the favor. karma is real, and you will get yours. thanks again.

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Lowdown Says:
I wonder if lemon juice would break down the gel, citric acid can possibly blind you, and Im not saying to try it but its a possiblity, it works on other things.

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sucks Says:
so silly girl, did it really work? it kinda sounds like ur a little pissed that they told u to do it and it messed up ur pill or something?

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Stevemar Says:
The Reason Your OXY. Is Not Working In the Way You Described, Is Simply Due To The Fact People Like You,Cannot Snort,Shoot Or Take The Drug Any Other Way You Choose To Take This DangerousDrug,Except To Swallow & Hope For The Best..Unbeleivable You Folks Actually Try & Snort That S@!T,If It Was Made To Snort The Drug,They Would Have Made It That Way.The Drug Companies Know What's Going On,With The Consumer, & I Think There Only Covering Their Asses!

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silly girl Says:
sucks- yes, tried and true, the microwave method really does work. i've already done it multitiple times w/proven success for not only me, my boyfriend, and a friend of ours. the difficult part is getting it completely to a powder. once you get that, its all gravy baby. my best method for that has been {edited for safety}

to stevemar- you take the s*** too and no matter which way you choose to injest it, your just as bad as me. difference is, i'm smart enough to make it better than you to at least make it worth the damage it does to my body. just keep listening to what they tell you to do so you can be their puppet like most of the population.

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Verwon Says:
The new Oxycontin OP was made to help prevent abuse of the medication. Since it turns into a gummy goo, it retains its rime released properties.

It is, however, still supposed to work the same and have the same side effects, such as: nausea, drowsiness, dizziness and dry mouth.


Are there any questions?

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cwbkid405 Says:
ya s**t dont work man tried it 3 times becuz i thought i was doing something wrong but f*** it just swollow it hits alot harder

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sucks Says:
ok since ur mastered the microwave technique could u post a vidoe showing us all how to achieve success?

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MissAlli Says:
I f***ing hate these new ops! i gotta do like 4 times as many as usual.. bulls**t! im gonna try the microwave way. hopefully it dont f*** up my pill.. here goes

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silly girl Says:
no, im not posting a damn video. we figured it out ourselves, you can too. you have step by step intructions, what more could you possibly need? of course we messed up quite a few times, but thats natural when learning something new. the best way to know its ready is by tasting it. it has that strong ass yummy oxy taste and by the drip- if you get a drip its definately working. and the guy who said it hits harder when you eat it is a dummy. according to verwon, no matter how much you crush it up it will still retain its time release quality. and to missalli, i hope you have a few to play with because it takes a few mess-ups to get right.

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convict Says:
no matter what they come up with the public will figure out a way to combat it. No matter how we combat it they will come up with a way to change it. It's all a part of the game of life. I say just legalize pot

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Kyclone Says:
Yes the microwave does work..did it last night with an 80 and just worked with a 40

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Kyclone Says:
And didn't mess it up once, it's not that had just watch it the first few times through

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Jen Says:
I have been prescribed narcotics for quite a few years now due to a disease in my hips that I was born with and became increasingly more painful over the years. I don't have insurance rite now so i have to go through the streets. My honest opinion is that if your spending this kind of money for narcotics why take the risk of losing it by messing with it? I have been sucking the outter coating off the pill until it's white. then I swallow it. It works the same as long as you suck the coating off it. If your one of those people that has the money to try and figure out a way to crush and sniff then best of luck to you and keep us posted. Until then if your like me and don't have the money to waste, then just do it this way. you won't be disappointed.

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addictOC Says:
dont try this it wont work and will ruin your pill

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broken back Says:
its a bunch of bull s*** the longer you cook it the gooyer it gets it never turns to old school powder its just a gummy mess what a fukin shame stil looking for the way to snort them with out getting motzarella cheese nose op sux can anyone help with turning them sniffable the microwave and the oven dont work i was told to dust one up and pour about 2 inches of coke on it and stir for 1 minute itll turn the soda into almost jello then drink it down but its not the same as sniffing it who can break the op code if some could the y could probally make some coin selling the way to turn it into powder

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broken back Says:

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