Is It Okay To Chew A Fentanyl 50mg Pain Patch
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I've been prescribed fentanyl 50mg pain patches and i was just wondering if it's okay to cut one in half an chew on it?

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Mizzle Fizzle Says:
I just cut 25mg fentanyl patch in half and put inside my cheek.. ive taking opiods before, oxys, & have a high tolerance to drugs... hope this is a good experience. any way to boost the high?

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I have a c-2 fracture of the neck that has calcified into c-3..very painful. Also have degenerative thoracic spine in my mid back.. plus rheumatoid arthritis in my elbows, wrists and shoulder. I cant move in the morning unless I have 35mg/2 patches, aa12 and q25... They don't work for hours...I also have OxyContin 5mg for breakthrough pain. I find I need the oxy to get going..wish I didn't..If I use a 25mg patch it goes away...I see no problem.. Do you think I need a stronger patch so I could avoid the oxycodone?

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Just sayin Says:
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If you know who sold the medication then it is your responsibility to report it and report them to the state or the county who can build a case against them and they can go to jail for what they have done. You should know that that is murder and they should be punished.

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Thomas Says:
I have been using these patches for about 5 years now for chronic pain. I have honestly learned about everything that there is to know about Fentanyl and one thing that I have somewhat playfully/seriously said was "when these are no longer enough then I wil eat one or two". Chewing one would be a spot on way to control pain forever!! There would be no more pain, no more sunshine as well as no more hugs, kisses nor love. It would be the final thing that you may do. Should you find that the prescribed amount is not enough for effective pain relief then consult your Dr. About increasing the Fentanyl strength. I use 150 mcg. Or take a breakthrough medication such as what I am using Oxycodone. Work the issue until you get it solved and it does take time.

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anna Says:
When I was younger, I smoked. I quit because it made me paranoid. I knew this guy that use to get THC pills I'm assuming from a Dr. I am now a whole lot older & have serious medical problems with one being unbearable pain due to a broken vertebrae a few years ago. My Dr. just started me on 15mg fentanyl patches. He says I have to change the patch every three days but I only get some relief for about a day and a half. What's your opinion on this? Thanks

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Lostdesertgirl Says:
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SWIM can take a small piece and put it against SWIYour cheek, sticky side to cheek. DO NOT SWALLOW SALIVA. Let it sit in SWIYour mouth for as long as possible because stomach acids break the drug down quickly and SWIYou may actually vomit it up.
SWIM would start with less than 1/10 of a 50mcg patch.
SWITch can chew it after its been In the mouth for a good while.

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JOCO Says:
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Good Morning Everyone-

I want to comment on a few important subjects to dispel some misinformation. I also want to give real advice if anyone wants to listen.

So, I will start by saying I am a CPP that has bracchial plexus neuropathy, complex regional pain syndrome, herniated discs and many other issues that come from 20 years of playing football. I started receiving pain management medications in an effort to stay on the field. Those medications were different from opiates or opioids and generally were aimed at numbing or desensitizing through anti inflammatory properties. After my years of being a big strong man that could handle pain (lol),a very great doctor finally convinced me that gaining back quality of life and living with somewhat mitigated pain was not something for me to prove I was strong enough to not need, but rather I was unfortunate enough that it was obvious I did. After that time (June of 2010) I have been on medication that are of the opiate/opioid class as well as neuropathic medications, heavy combination of PT, active release therapy, many inj's. and so on. I won't go through the details of how I finally got my diagnosis, but I will tell you that it can be a really... Well, a really unnerving process. I lived with no desire to take any meds, was convinced to finally try, but as my diagnosis was hard to actually find, I found myself being treated like a seeker. I had one doctor straight up say it and I just laughed and left. If you find yourself in that situation, please don't give up. The glory of my story comes after and would have never happened if I quit.

So skipping ahead to when I had my diagnosis, it is important to know that bracchial plexus neuropathy is my main issue and accounts for 80-90% of my pain. Nerves in the bracchial complex do not grow back well at all, even in infants or in adult trials using stem cells. Be your issue pre ganglion or post ganglion, if we are dealing with the nerves to your arm through the thoracic outlet/bracchial complex, real recovery is extremely unlikely (more likely in pre ganglion issues though.)

Due to the status of my issue in the face of current medicinal practice and technology, the only way I have effectively found relief has been through a multi-modal approach to pain mitigation. I would like to tell you the different regiments I have been on, but note that in every case I have done physical therapy, nerve glides, active release therapy (type of chiropractic approach), and I have gotten any inj. you can think of,from stellate ganglion blocks to facet joint inj's. to steroids and even a bracchial plexus block (worst idea ever.) Now, knowing that I have done these things consistently through the duration of my treatment, I will now detail the medications I have been given:

-i started by getting hydromorohone 2mg alone as a prn along with neurotryptiline.
-this lasted only a few months before I switched to MSContin 30mg ER and the same prn script.
-ms contain didn't agree with my stomach so I switched to oxycontin and oxycodone as my pen (20 ER and 15 IR)
-unlike most, I despised oxycontin. I didn't even take the whole month before I switched. I then went to hydromorphone ER (exalgo) and hydromorphone IR (dillaudid)
-after a while I switched to the fentanyl patch and still used the hydromorphone as my prn.
-i got up to where I used 15 100mcg patches per month and I was prescribed 4 4 mg dillaudid a day. (this was the exact prescription I was on when we finally got my real diagnosis and I stayed in this for 4 years with no increase)
-i had insurance troubles and found myself going on my 5th month of paying full price out of pocket for these meds (2k+) and all of a sudden I couldn't make the money work. As a result I went to a methadone clinic because I needed something to avoid the wd and help with the pain enough to work. (this was the single biggest mistake I ever made)
-my mistake wasn't in going to a clinic or some lame social stigma people complain about. Come on, if you have verified, documented, serious issues there is no doctor that won't work to help you. If you don't show respect, dress wrll, clean up, and present yourself as a respectable and honest person, well then your issues with social stigmas are on you.
-methadone was an issue for me because I stabilized at 70mg but the doctor there wanted to help my pain more so he gave me more and more and more. I ended up at 135mg per day. This was my issue because that was just way too much. I got side effects like weight gain and libido suppression and even crazy sleep cycles. Things I never had on any other medication.
***hey,I went from 135 mg of methadone for 2 years to back on my fentanyl and prn script over night. Never had a doctor act like it wasn't the right move or like I shouldn't do it. I have never experienced a real informed doctor actually doubting my issue. I don't think it's that common when you have countless diagnostics and documented procedures.
-the fentanyl was not working for me as well as before, which honestly sucked. However, me and my doc switched me to oxymorphone ER 3x40mg a day and oxymorphone IR 3x10mg a day.
-quick note... I stopped listing anything but the opioid.. However, I started with neurotryptiline and moved to gabapentin and then to lyrica with cymbalta as an off label neuropathic med (of those the cymbalta being least effective.)

That is my current prescription and it works like a boss. 3 oxymorphone er and 3 ir along with lyrica and cymvalra. Without meds my pain will sit between a 7 and an 8 on the real scale. I will breakthrough around 9 and rarely up to a 10. This isn't said lightly... A 9 is crying and a 10 is crying nonstop and the inability to move. With my meds working at the absolute best I can get down to a 5 and almost a 4.

Now, hopefully people can tell I have experience with fentanyl and can see my issue wasn't ever taken lightly. With that said, I need to state some things about the patch. Depending on brand, the patch is either a gel-matrix (ie the newer duragesic or the my lab or reformulated sandoz) or it is a gel pouch (Watson or the original duragesic). In either case, the medicine can never be guaranteed to be distributed perfectly uniformly. If you cut a gel-matrix patch, no matter how precise you are, it could be a very different dose than expected. Cutting the gel pouch patch makes even less sense since the only option post slicing is abuse and misuse. HOWEVER, while I would personally argue that if you need to cut a patch, well you are going about things the wrong way. I won't judge you, people are so little when it comes to trying to judge others. It makes me laugh. I would strongly recommend you keep communication with your doctor open instead. Tell him or her your issue and why you feel you need to misuse the med. In my experience the doctors want you to be ok. If you aren't getting relief they will work with you (ie my change to oxymorphone from fentanyl.) if you have documentation and many years of proof that you have battled for quality of life, I haven't met a doctor that won't work with you ( DEA be damned.) if you don't have time or documented proof then I could see a doctor being far more suspicious.

So say you tried and your doc is suspicious and there will be no chance your meds get changed. Ok, you feel you have to misuse the patch. Well I feel awful for you. However, you can do buccal absorption of fentanyl relatively safely. That's why they make subsys and actiq and even sublimaze. Don't ever do this fast or without being opioid tolerant, but you can do it. I personally never did but I have researched it more than I care to admit. This was to satisfy personal curiosity but it still sounds iffy. Never take any thing like this if you are not tolerant and always feel your own limits. Just don't by in to the shame society puts on you, that's on them.

Quick aside, no, it isn't my fault your loved one used a drug and overdosed. I never misused meds and would never recommend someone should. However, if this is going to happen then mitigating danger is far more useful than hate bashing a judging. I am sorry, but when a person chooses to abuse a med, that is only on them. Not the supplier, not some ten times removed pharmacist or doctor. It is squarely on them. They were either desperate for pain releif, for which I sympathize, or they wanted to be high, with which I couldn't sympathize with less. Dealers she'll drugs because people will misuse them or at least use them off script. That is a fact. It isn't their fault someone uses the drug. I mean look at the state of the war on drugs (laughable) or even worse look at prohibition. Did that stop or even curb use? Hell no, it actually just made transactions and the abused product many times more dangerous.

Emotions tend to make people think very weird. I feel the pain of loss and I hope it never happens to anyone again. It will though. While I feel that pain and sympathize just try to be smart about real fixes. Eliminating the meds makes everything far more dangerous. It is just reality.

So, my last point is two fold. First, I am a great cause study in how meds can work really well when used appropriately. I have never been ashamed and I never will be. by he fact I use my multi-modal approach to maintaining an (albeit limited) quality of life. Secondly, I know many things about all the meds and techniques I listed. I am a resource to anyone who wants to learn or needs advice. PLEASE use me. Ask questions and express concerns. I am a man without judgement and with experience. I could help a lot...

All of my best.

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MikeGz0 Says:
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Everyone says how dangerous it is. But I chew the 50mcg and nothing. I'd probably try 2 if I had any left. And can't anyone just answer the asked questions on these things.

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Real talk Says:
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Sorry for the loss.. but she made the choice all addicts are trying to escape some type of pain and the symptoms are always there but no one sees them or are to busy with there life to notice.. I know so many beautiful young woman on drugs to escape themselves then something happens to them and everyone wants to blame someone else when most of the time it's the family's fault and the way they were brought up parents don't realize the mental stress they put on a child not strong enough to handle it and it never can be fixed once done stop blaming others it's her fault for one and behind the scenes the parents fault even though they had good intentions..

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Leroy Says:
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I chewed a 100. I weigh 225 and a lot tab 10 got me just as much pain relief.

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May Says:
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I chew a 100 mg patch after it has been used for 48 hours, does this hurt internal swallowing issues

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WyldRaider Says:
Don't waste your breath trying to make them understand exactly how hard it is to see a new doctor and have to prove to him that you are legit and are not abusing, selling etc... I am so lucky to have the same doc for years, who knows me better than I do myself. If not for him, I don't think I would find one due to all these F****** addicts ruining it for us all.

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Dangerous pastime Says:
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I found chewing a fentanyl patch extimely dangerous I chewed a 100mg patch and hit the deck ,it's a lot more dangerous then morphine,if you value your life stir clear of these patches as the patch releases 3days of the drug in a couple of hrs,your messing with fire and you be lucky to walk away with it hands burnt,fentanyl kills simple

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Steve Says:
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Something tells me the patches you were chewing were either fakes or were very low dose patches. There are a number of different makers of them and some are very cheap generic garbage ones, they might be the ones you decided to munch away on. I will say that chewing fentanyl patches is a very bad idea. Had those patches been real strong ones you might not be here today... Hope you don't have any kids doing that stuff, i'm sure they would be upset knowing they lost their parent because they decided to chew drug patches.

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Ronnie Says:
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I was prescribed sertraline for depression a while ago now. I took 20 tablets with some paracetomol. Will i be safe? Because i needed the pain relief

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Dog Says:
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Bull buddy you would pretty much OD if you took that

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Mahogany38 Says:
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I am on fentanyl 75mcg and Roxi 15 4x day and my pain is still excruciating. I've tried to change doctors because because I would rather be on medication that I wouldn't have to take so much of. Even though I'm prescribed this high dosage of medicine, I still don't find pain relief and every few months I still have to undergo Bilateral Faucet Injections in my spine. My current doctors say they don't prescribe methadone but when I lived in another state I was on methadone and it worked far better than what what I'm forced to suffer with now. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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Peterson Says:
I've used Fentanyl patches before (50 /mg) and they do nothing and they wind up falling off within the first day of wearing them. So I tried to chew them. There was no reaction. I tried chewing them for an hour. I tried chewing 2 of them together and still nothing. I don't do opiates, so there's no level of dependence but I got the patches from a family member. I drink alcohol too and STILL, there was no affect from chewing two 50 MG Fentanyl patches. And they don't taste very good either. I don't see how people are OD'ing on this stuff. Weird.

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TKRJ0813 Says:
I have been using the 25 mcg duragesic matrix style patches for 4 months. They are no longer lasting the three days nor are they helping for the first 3 hours after the new one is places. Since there in no gel, can I cut them in quaters and placeone inside my mouth for about 30 min just to get the pain relief and then do the same when the pain gets bad again?

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April Says:
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I took fentanyl patch for one year. I started on 25 mg and very quickly went to 100 mg because they were not helping my pain. I had seen a friend take one off his arm after he had worn it for a few days and he said that helped him a lot. So I got the bright ideal to do it myself. At first I would wear the patch for three days as prescribed then I would eat it. It didn't seem to help me at all. One day I decided to try eating a fresh one. I had the good kind where you could get all the medicine out of the patch and it wasnt necessary to eat it unless you wanted to. It helped with my pain a little better than wearing it. The only problem with that is I was eating one a day and one of them was supposed to last three days. That meant ever month I was going through withdrawals that was hell on earth it seemed.
Finally I ask my doctor if he could put me on something different that they just wasn't helping me that much. He switched me to another drug that works great and I don't even have to take as many as prescribed a day.
After reading all about fentanyl I realized it was the Grace of God that I'm alive. According to everything I've read on people abusing fentanyl I know with out a doubt I should be dead or in a vegatated state because I abused them worse than anyone I read about. I just thank the Lord Jesus Christ that I'm alive today.
The medicine I'm on now has been a life changer for me and it gets rid of almost all of my pain. I don't have the urge to take more than I'm supposed too. I always feel clear headed and not dopey.
The danger of fentanyl is you can put on several patches or eat several and never feel like you have overdosed. If you take to many oxy ot hydrocodone you get sick and throw up or just pass out and wake up in ICU. I know because I did that a few times.
The medication I'm on now is 10 mg of methadone. It is by far the best pain medication I ever took. I been on the same dosage for five years. I am mostly completely out of pain most of the time. For me it's been a life saver in more ways than one.
I'm thankful to be alive because by all rights I should be dead. I would not recommend fentanyl to my worse enemy.

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