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Is It Okay To Chew A Fentanyl 50mg Pain Patch
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Comments Submitted Says:
ive been given fentanyl 50mg pain patches an i was just wondering if its okay to cut one in half an chew on it?

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Flash Says:
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I have chewed on quarters of fent parches, soboxin patches, morphine patches and eaten a lot of methadone in my day. I'm not saying it is the right thing to do, but to each his own. Moderation is the key that's what I always say. And if you have never done it I would advise not to take that detour in life. May you live long and prosper.

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Patricia Says:
My Dr. told me the other day that pretty soon you will have to come in and pee in a cup to make sure you are not selling the patches.....They want to put a morphine pump in me which is so stupid because I act normal I do not get sick or high from my patch ...the only reason they want to put the pump in me is to get rid of the patches the Dr. are so watched with these that they do not want the hassle they would rather me sick on morphine. Are they care is about there license. I am lucky my Dr.s. understand the pump is worse morphine makes me sick. The patches I am totally normal on they just stop my pain from 40 years of Scoliosis.

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Yosh Says:
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With Fentanyl being 80-100 times the strength of morphine, and at times stronger than H, why would anyone need to even think that chewing it is okay? If you can't wear the patch and control your pain, then you have a problem. A recipe for disaster. I've been on every opiate under the sun. I have level 9 chronic pain along with Diabetes. I properly use fentanyl patches. There is no need on this earth to consume this stuff faster than a patch can apply.

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JOHN Says:
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In that case just get 5mg Percocet and swallow that. It will work better and it's cheaper. Tell your Dr. To give you the Percs instead. Is there a reason you need a Fentanyl patch ? It's Micrograms to. People have died from sudden induction by mouth. It's a powerful drug mostly used for cancer

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kendg Says:
be careful dont cut it ok

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upstate NY in pain Says:
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I just don't get why a 1/16th or 1/8th of a 50 ugm patch chewwed isn't acceptable. It's no where near the amount to kill you but will still get relief needed.

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pq Says:
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no one died by just touching a patch ,people always have to one up someone else with a story, the fact is just follow the dr's orders

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michael Says:
Sorry to inform you - some people actually have sell to 50% of the prescription to afford it - example (broken fema in 5 places) oxycodone 30 range in price from 50c to 7$ - guess what pharmacy does not except prescriptions and the other does not except new customers because of dea maximums. $1000 each month - what would you do?

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Michael Says:
I feel your pain - the only way a friend of mine (broke his fema in5 places) is to get his oxi 30 at a pharmacy that does not exept insurance and raises the price 700% .
At least he never had to wait unlike other who were without pain mess for 30 days - nice withdrawal.

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steve Says:
cut em as lil as u want!! I recommend very small at first like a 1/4"
just drink alot of water or gatorade daily or u will get very constipated!!!
Alot of greens help too!!

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dnvest Says:
advice like this will definitely get someone killed. Why would you want to do that?

If it's true that you can put half of a 100mcg patch in your mouth and not take a dirt nap, then you must be very experienced doing these things. Most other people are not, and don't have near the tolerance you have. If someone who weighs 230 lbs & no experience with fentanyl were to follow your example, they would most likely die from this.

If you must share such info, please be more careful about how you phrase your instructions - unless seeing others die is what you want.

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dnvest Says:
You are lucky it was partially used already - and that it was a tiny piece. If it had been a fresh patch and you swallowed part of it, then you would have taken a dirt nap most likely.

If you are taking patches that were pre-used by someone else and putting pieces in your mouth, then you are sucking on that person's sweat and skin cells. That's pretty gross. I don't know if you can really get "high" from that, but it seems to me that it only makes you feel edgy and nauseous...not worth it.

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dnvest Says:
shaun, I wouldn't laugh too hard. Chewing fentanyl patches IS abuse, whether you die or not. When you take a script in any form other than what your doc prescribed with the sole intent to get "high", that's ABUSE. That is why the DEA is cracking down, making it difficult for those who really need the medicine for pain relief. We are being punished along with the abusers,'s not fair to us.

And one more thing: people HAVE died from chewing Fentanyl patches. Just because you don't know anyone who has (yet), doesn't mean it's not happening. And... if you continue chewing them, shaun, you won't even see your own demise when it happens. good luck!

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shaun Says:
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hahahaha its not going to kill you unless u abuse it ive been chewing on them for 5yrs ,i know several other people i do not know any1 who has ever dropped from them, the only person who did banged it "injected" it,

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dnvest Says:
It's odd to think anyone would want to chew these patches to feel high. I've been prescribed these patches for a few years now, and there's no way you can feel "HIGH" from taking more than prescribed - not even by chewing them. these patches provide excellent pain relief, and it makes you sleepy.

I never get that "false sense of euphoria", not even when I've put more on than I was supposed to - just more pain relief, which was my goal. Not even when I put a very small strip of a used patch under my tongue a few times when my pain was unbearable --it only gave me almost instant pain relief-- but no "HIGH". And there has been an occasion or two when I had to quickly yank off my patch(es) due to flushes of hives, super hot and heavy heartbeat/breathing. But, did I feel "HIGH"?? Hell no!

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Cinamngrl63 Says:
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Thank you for speaking your truth! My son was injured in a car accident in 2013 and after relocating to a rural area earlier this year, he has had one hell of a time finding a dr. who will prescribe his pain meds. It appears that due to the high rate of prescription drug abuse (by those they are prescribed for and those who obtain them illegally), medical professionals are becoming more reluctant to write scripts for pain meds. They are opting to send their patients to pain management clinica instead. Unfortunately for my son, his insurance denied the referral to the pain clinic. We had to "shop" for a doctor in this area that would cover his meds.....and he isnt on anything stronger than Tramadol. Then you got this guy....with patches that he wants to know how to they're candy. Frankly, it really pisses me off. What a sorry set of circumstances....

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babygirl Says:
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Wow lady it's not their fault they were trying to educate their self to not hurt them self it's his choice whether to do it or not so put him trying to kill himself on him he needs to go to a doctor and u can have him admitted any parent can now stop trying to blame every one else no one forced him to do that it's his own choice he's 20 some freaking years old maybe u didn't raise him right put the blame on yourself and he makes his own decisions.

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JOHN Says:
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People - it's not mg it's mcg - 100 mg of Fentnyl would stop your heart in about 2 minutes. Sucking the gel via the gums only puts more drug into your system faster thus increasing risk of OD. If you don't die you will pass out or fall asleep. You won't feel high only put to sleep / it's like killing a sick dog or cat. Fentanyl patches can only be used as a patch because you have no idea how much of the drug will get into your body and only an i**** would risk life for what will only be a dirt nap or a 13 hour sleep coma

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Pearl baby Dixon Says:
While I agree that chewing a fentanyl patch is not a good idea, as I know two people who died doing this, this year. However you need to realize that some people are going to try it no matter what you tell them. In fact telling them not to do it at all, may increase their desire to take their high to a new level. Keeping all this in mind, I would tell people that if they are going to do this, they should first chew on a TINY little piece of the patch, and then wait an hour and see how they feel. You can always add more, but you cant remove it if you are over dosing. I, personally know 2 people who died of this in the last nine months. So, if you must try this, a 100 mcg patch has a total of almost 17mg of Fentanyl. So, even if you cut the patch into 16 pieces and chew one piece, you are taking over 1000 mcg's of Fentanyl. More than enough to kill an average person in the 160 pound weight of a person who has no tolerance to it.
Also, I get so angry at people who abuse this type of drug because I suffered a spinal chord injury, and I am in chronic pain. I have had surgery but it was too late, as the nerve is permanently damaged, and too much time went by the time I got injured and the time I got to surgery. I legitimately need pain medication, and have always taken them as prescribed, and never gave even one pill to anyone, ever. So because these stupid kids and adults are getting their hands on these drugs they are dying by the bus load, and making it nearly impossible to find a doctor to prescribe me any medication that comes anywhere near relieving my pain

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tom Says:
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If I take the patch normally would it make me feel high?

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