How To Shoot The New Oxy Op

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you dont. lay down the needle freak

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Verwon Says:
The new Oxycontin OP has actually been specifically designed to help prevent such abuses. In spite of attempts to break it down, it still retains its time released properties.

The active ingredient is still Oxycodone and side effects are the same: nausea, drowsiness, dizziness and dry mouth.


Does anyone have any questions?

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ian rice Says:
sorry dude screwed the post. i deffo ignore the adbice to add vinigar and espehally lemon juice and they contain mites that can cause fungal infections and i have witnessed this happening. yellow snot literally oozing from a dudes eyes. hospital said he lucky to not loose sight. why not try citric acid available from pharmacies or sometimes those pakistani r oriental food shops do it. we use it to cook our smack ere as we get base smack here straight from good old afganistan and the taliban. as bad as they are they produce some great heroin. i have spent much time in NYC and couldnt believe ur smak cooks without citric aded. another thing about the coating issue try sucking the coating off it we used to get morphine pills here same issue with cookin them but sucking the coating off worked a treat, n fact a lil too good from time to time seen many with blue lips fom them. best of luck but if u take anything from this avoide the lemon

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311fan Says:
Now, I have nothing against those who choose to abuse Oxy or any other pharmaceutical drug because it is frankly none of my business. We have been trying to stop drug use for over a century and lets face facts, if people want to do drugs then they will find a way. Anyways, SWIM has found a way to cut the binders and make these new OPs ready for abuse. Keep in mind this can also be used for those of you who are not wanting to shoot or snort them. While this process is somewhat tedious, the end result is a higher grade of pain medication. I am not sure if the majority of posts on this Web site are from people who are actually suffering from side-effects which resulted from the new formula or they are genuine addicts who are looking to beat Purdue's new menace. Regardless here are the steps to beating the block (THIS ACTUALLY WORKS, IT MAY SOUND WEIRD BUT BELIEVE SWIM, I WATCHED THEM DO IT.):

Step 1: Use a damp paper towel, or similar, to remove the outer coating. Remember to dry pill rather quickly.

Step 2: Use a grinding tool, preferably an unused PediPaws (NOT A PED EG as stated in an earlier post, this just doesn't work nearly as well). Grind the pill onto a ceramic plate, grind the pill so it goes away from you and onto the plate. Takes a few minutes. (PILL MUST BE GRINDED AND NOT CRUSHED DUE TO NEW FORMULA)

Step 3: Spread the ground up pill evenly as possible on the plate. You almost want an even layer of pill throughout.

Step 4: Place the plate in the microwave and set for 3-5 minutes (TIME WILL VARY WITH MICROWAVE STRENGTH). For new people, you might want to check it at about 2.5 minutes just to be sure you are not melting or burning the pill. Also, having a see-thru window helps, as you may monitor the pill's progress. WHAT YOU ARE LOOKING FOR IS AN END RESULT OF YELLOW POWDER. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT TO THE PROCESS. The entire pill powder must be yellow for this to work. So just be sure to find the perfect median point of turning yellow without burning.

Step 5: Scrape powder up with credit card (or similar). Now supposedly the pill may be snorted in this form, however, SWIM was not doing this to snort it, rather to IV.

If you are not choosing to IV the powder then you are done. The heat destroyed the binders in the pill and it can now be taken orally and will have results similar to the old formula, possibly with 5-10 mgs less due to heat but this is of course pure assumption. SWIM said it feels like the old 80s if not better, however SWIM was high when he said that. But at least this provides some hope that the process does in fact work.


Now for those of you wanting to feel the rush here is the final steps.

Step 6: Heat water in spoon, prior to adding powder, this will not only help decontaminate the water but will also aid in the following steps. Bring about 120 units of water to a boil in spoon and then put lighter away as you will no longer need it. (You use 120 units because the pill and heat will reduce it to about 90-100 units)

Step 7: Now, add the powder a little bit at a time, stirring as you go. Keep in mind, the solution will not be clear. So if this bothers you then I suggest you just swallow it. Believe SWIM though, even though it is a little thick and yellow, it is fine he says.

Step 8: Because most of us are not chemists, micron filters are probably not readily available. Therefore take a cigarette butt and use that as you normally would. NO COTTON SWAB, this causes cotton fever. Now hopefully you have a syringe with a removable needle tip (these can be found in the .5ml insulin syringes but not in 1 ml 100 unit syringes). If you don't have a tip that comes off then it will take a while to draw up through the filter, but have patience it will happen (about 10-15 minutes). If you do have removable tip, take it off and place a piece of filter almost into the opening, not all the way because you don't want it to suck in when drawing. Draw up the solution, it won't take long with this method, and pour into a separate spoon. (WHILE MOST LIKE TO SKIP THIS STEP, IT IS WORTHWHILE).

Step 9: Repeat step 8, drawing the liquid up through a fresh filter. Now, you could theoretically repeat this step but two is enough. At this point you should reattach your needle tip and well, you know the rest.

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Mister C. Says:
Okay well I dont use these in any way at all but A close member of the family does and is unfortunately addicted so we tried in earnest to come up with the simplest method possible and so far its worked wonders. Get it down to powder as best u can with pedegg dremel whatever we found pedegg quick and easiest. Place in tblspoon evenly spread, with a lighter candle whatever slowly heat until it turns golden brown and starts t look like plastice melted to yur spoon. with spoon stil hot immediately add your syringe of water and stir baby stir, you end up with what I am told looks like H, drop in your filter and pull it on up and yall know the rest. Now I cant say for sure how it worked personally but I can say they went from zero to 60 pretty damn fast. All I can say is try it out, we tried all the other ones listed and couldnt garner a result he says was anywhere near this one and that it was very damn close to the old end result, so close had it not been know he doesnt thnk he would of been able to tell the difference. Please I dont encourage abuse of any meds I only did this to keep from having to bury a friend from a clot from gel or worse.

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Allie Says:
i've personally done this

step 1. get it into as many small pieces as you can put it on a plate
step 2. put it in microwave anywhere from 2 to 5 min depending on your watts
(watch it to make sure it doesnt start to melt, if you see a small part of it start to melt take it out)
step 3. throw it in the freezer for about 10 min.
step 4. you should be able to get it into even smaller pieces but it is not necessary to have it totally ground up. throw it into the amount of water you use. i use about 70cc or 80. i keep the lighter on it a little longer than usual and def. use a cotton ball to filter cuz it obviously got more crazy cut in it than you would want to put in your vain. hope i've helped.

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Thatdude Says:
didnt work for swim, made it into a drawable yellow slightly thick lquid but it didnt do anything, but swim is alive so far... so.

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nico Says:
dude you can shoot it up. oxy op has a gel ball in the middle to prevent iv/snorted use you put it in the microwave for a minute and ull notice its squishy. take a knife and scrape it into the spoot and once you see the little gel ball take it out. they your good to go. have fun buddy (:

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nickname Says:
I just tried it for the first time, its simple and not time consuming like the other ways. Wash yours hands with soap to prevent contamination. Remove the green coating wih a dry or very damp cloth, if it to wet its stickier and harder whn grinding down. Grind to fine powder, i used a clean metal file. Clean the file first. Once in a fine powder put it in a spoon and cook with water untill it turns brown. I lit it then waited and lit it again to prevent overcooking an avoiding a boil. Mix it up then add about 60 cc water or an estimate oc your choice. Reheat untill slight boil, mix, then get a cotton or ciggarette but put it in spoon and rig it up as normal and shoot. It works i just did it :)) yaay goodluck

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only for experineced users Says:
chop with razor finely 20-30min scrape top with razor pulling outer shell with the razor will be white light and fluffy i call it glugel its the outer coating this stuff no good gells up your day cokk at $400 degrees for app. 10 min or untill golden brown scrape up with razor fast and cool down in freezer 15sec blade gets cold quick chop up and enjoy your oxi any way you want the glugel will look white shell like uff to pull apart kinda like plastic !!!!!!!!!!!!1important!!!!!!!!!! only experienced users should do this people who need it and have a tollerance keep your kids away from drugs please i hope this helps guys may you live happily and pain free!!

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Shoebox Says:
this kinda works, i got the green coating off mine and cut it in to 4 pieces, did the oven and freezer thing, and boiled it down in the spoon and a candle 2 or 3 times and felt good but not the full potential

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TokinTom Says:
TokinTom has your back this is how ya do it break into small pieces after taking the coating off of course.Throw in a spoon turn on the range top on your oven full blast place spoon on coils stir with toothpick until you get a brown paste like substance. While on heat hit it with 1 cc water stir and Vwa La you got something you can actually draw up. Hit the main vein to relive pain. Stay safe guys

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Addy101 Says:
Swim nailed it just did it thank god it's was the only 80 I had n it stopped those terrible withdraw Symptoms. Good for now but the hell with this s*** I'm goin to rehab before I kill myself. I hope the people who use just for the high instead of relieving pain wake up n get help to. I wish the best to every one this is not a fun addiction

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bat Says:
via mobile
Can it be done with the white .5m

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Breezyb Says:
via mobile
Get coating off. Shave with a metal hose clamp until ground put powder in spoon cook until brown have your rig ready with filter dump water100ccs or so n spoon mix an pull!! have A wonderful day

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