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how to inject m 30 oxycodone i did plain water & pill and got no feeling at all

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Bdncan Says:
Did sombody ask about other peoples problems?? Because that's all I've read so far.. Who has the saddest story post.

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jimmyboy1951 Says:
The Word of God is God! Read it and try to live by it and know that He is the only help.I pray for all of you and all of us.Don't be so arrogant as to think you don't need Him.As a child calls on his father--God will listen to you.Blessings will come.

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Am Says:
omg no you never shoot up that TYLENOL- that will kill you. You shot up 5 mg of oxy and 325 mg of Tylenol.

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jason Says:

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Swimmer swim Says:
No.. He is not using Tylenol mixed pills. Oxycodone 30mg IR does not contain APAP. {edited for safety} Be careful.

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BigJohnson10 Says:
Amen to that, their argument of course will be that "you just wait and it will get bad I promise" Bulls***, no it won't at least not for everyone. Some people are able to control the habit and just really enjoy getting high. Those are the lucky ones, the true addicts are much less fortunte.And just because you re a drug addict DOES NOT IN ANY WAY MEAN YOU WILL END UP STEALING FROM FAMILY MEMBERS, FRIENDS AND PAWNING S*** OFF, OR THAT YOU WILL ARE GOING TO DIE.... hint hint: some addicts still have morals, in fact all addicts have the capacity to still have morals and know right from wrong. Bottom line no matter how bad off you are, rock bottom, you don't steal and do scumbag crap like that. Thats a problem beyong drug addiction my friend, means you got no morals. Im not gonna say oh Ive been here and done this, cause honestly who gives a s***.....

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jax Says:
There is no way to fully dillute it; that crap left behind is a filler. You can add water a second time and do a rinse later but thats it...

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first off i agree with the people saying-DONT START-u will ruin everything you care for in this world, life will fly by and you will only be remebered as a drug addict. is that how you want people to remember u as--SECONDLY-u cant shoot anything with tylenol in it.must be a pure,instant release pill.if u have a high threshold, it will only keep u from getting sick, no real why put a hole in your body..remember-LIFE WILL PASS YOU BY, before u know it-you have nobody left who cares for you..I did it for 10yrs, thank god i got tired of it and was able to stop 15yrs arms are still scared and a reminder to me how much life i wasted hurting people who loved can stop--the rewards for you are get to live and have people care for you can be great..if u have kids and your doing it--they know u are--they sence it..your hurting them, its possible they could start too.....THINK ABOUT THAT

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jubber Says:
this web is for ppl with real pain and real problems and because of ppl like you alllll we arent able to get our medicine that is what it is you know not to get high it is to relieve pain go to addiction treatment and get off this or go by herion or some kind of street drug leave perscription meds alone so ppl who need it!!! can have access to it you all have created a world of pain and suffering for ppl who are in horific pain everyday and need these meds to do simple things like get out of bed take care of kids go to school or work just to have some quality of life. you all are so selfish and have no idea the trouble you have caused just to get high SHAME ON ALL OF YOU THAT USE PERSCRIPTION MEDICINE TO GET HIGH!!

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jubber Says:

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jjio Says:

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Cantwealljustgetalong Says:
U cant bang them. I just spent a good hour trying. they turn to some serious gel. {edited for safety}. SO. U CANNOT INJECT PERC 30 114 WHITE PILL. THEY GEL UP.

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Gwen Says:
as you read this play the song by Mike Ness of social distortion called "dope fiend blue" i have much to say on this topic but i will refrain untill i get thru what is already posted! thanx i may make thru this night w/o using b/c of ur stories.

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Gwen Says:
loved that post i was thinking the same thing!!!

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mike1974 Says:
don't inject at all especially vinegar !!!! hope u sort yourself but dude try your very hardest not to do that a ex user myself have been clean for 12years now ..please please leave the needles alone my friend think of your family but most of all think of yourself my friend,slowly try and ween your self down good luck ,from the heart !

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Dave Says:
Thanks Jason, I agree 100% if all these ABUSERS would stop or at least have a deree of taste other than junkie style we would all be happier and we could get what we need and not what we WANT!!

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LionsDen10 Says:
Dude I could not agree with you more on that, perfectly put. I always say the same thing. Ive got a job, I work, I provide and make enough to easily take care of my self, no matter what I have priorities. Still (maybe controversial) but God, Family, Work, then have fun on off time, take care of s*** first. It's pretty damn simple if you really want it. And yes i am an addict, been thru rehab and learned that self discipline is key and whose to say it isn't, gain control of yourself.

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Rock GODDESS Says:
The person asking the question clearly wanted an answer other than lecturing about how dangerous this is. Some people LIKE to party.

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Rico Says:
Some of you are serious Prudes....quit whinning about how we are taking away from people getting there prescriptions. Thats far from the truth, you are going to get them anyways and we will get our highs too. Just deal with it

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Bob Says:
Do you understand what the question was? We don't want to hear your sobbing, and whining.

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