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How To Inject Phentermine
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Comments Submitted Says:
I have been taking this medication for years and am wondering how you inject phentermine

Thank you

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Ruby Says:
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My family went on a cruise and they stop in cosamel mexico and she brought me back some phentermine HCl 30 mg blue and white capsules and I can't read the info for it is in spanish ,Can you get them in the states or have to order them from their the price on bottle says $600.00 are they that much

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Sweet Says:
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Everyone's going back and forth with the heat and no heat on the phentermine 37.5. What to do???

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junkiesareppltoo Says:
So if you just do one, you wont feel it? I took one and didn't feel it.

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sandy Says:
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Someone please tell me how and if u can inject 30mg capsules..and how many in a 1ml would be needed for a decent hit...once empty ingredients out, do I need to separate granules or something? And some are saying you do need to heat and some saying u don't? Then obviously need to use filters, how much water, plz help soon

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Todd J Holden Says:
I bust the balls up 1st,right? bout 100 units ,split w the ol' lady. 50 50 on everythiing butwe have 2. Hope it don't gel up too bad. thanks man.....I'll /we'll do 1 a piece.Separate spoons. I'll let u know the outcome ,I bet its gonna be a rush. blue & white capsule K28 & white balls too.

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badhabits Says:
HI there so you have shot Phentermine pills how much did you inject

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legs Says:
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I have phendimetrazine 35 mg. Do you know if you can inject those and if so do you know how to break it down?

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green slug Says:
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shaking are u talkin bout the blue 35mg phendimetrazine that can be iv

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green slug Says:
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Does anyone know how to iv a blue 35mg phendimetrazine or if its even possible and if u have to do anything special like heat it or anything

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green slug Says:
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Did u every find out how cause I'm curios to

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what should I do Says:
how do you separate white from blue when its crushed....

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shaking Says:
Technically yes because it's another form of amphetamine

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nicole Says:
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Does adipex,vyavanse and meth show up as meth ir ss the same thing in a drug test

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hanging out Says:
can i inject 40mg duromine tabs and how do I need to do it? pls help

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Cat Says:
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Thanks u actually answered the question

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jay Says:
You are correct

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jay Says:
Just use water,don't need heat,it will turn powder blu

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jay Says:
So am i

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ral Says:
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Do u use heat, ice water or just water and draw up

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Sara Says:
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You need serious help!!!!! You sound like an addict.... Turn yourself in!!!!

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