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How To Inject Phentermine

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Comments Submitted Says:
I have been taking this medication for years and am wondering how you inject phentermine

Thank you

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Sunshine Says:
I've wondered the same but for different reasons. though I am NOT judging. At all. I'm doing a research on intraveneous users in high schools.

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Verwon Says:
Trying to inject a medication that is not intended to be used in that manner is actually quite a dangerous practice.

Most tablets contain fillers, some of which are not intended to be broken down by the human body, they are normally expelled in our waste. When you inject them, you are putting these substances in your body in way that it cannot dispose of them.

This can lead to blockages, that may cause stroke or embolisms.


Are there any questions or comments?

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ASexyChick Says:
Yes you can inject it. {edited for safety reasons} Great feeling! But be perbe up for a while. It gives lots of energy and makesme get everything accomplished! It is a wonder drug!! Well IVing it is... once a shooter, always a shooter!

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SeXyMan Says:
ur right sweetie once a shooter u will try n shoot erything but thinks to ur advice i enjoyed the phentermine jus u didnt say it would jell if i cooked it too long lol

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Capt Kirk Says:
You don't need to heat it. {edited for safety reasons} Suck it up through cotton and hit it.

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Curiosity shooter Says:
How much are you(anyone) shooting? .. (15/30 or 40mg caps) in a single shot/1ml, does it go cloudy like ms contin,kapanol/morphine? or does it draw up pretty clear like oxycontin? Is the cheaper chemist brand better than the duromine brand? coz they make the chemist brand ones in a lab at the rear of all pharmacies? Please let me know, i need to know anything, everything my fellow trackers, thanx guys.:p

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Ace Says:
About 70 to 8- CC's in a 1ML Syringe. Add Heat until boil,count to five. Draw through filter. Bam! Your Good.!

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Mr Perkins Says:
you seperate the powder from gold stuff first obviously. Turns into clear liquid.

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Sylverstarduster Says:
via mobile
Im curious about which phentermine pills y'all are talkin bout? There is also a phentermine resin I heard about that doesnt look like the speckeled eggs. Whats up with that?

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Candice Says:
If your pills are white and oval shaped can u break yhem down to ?

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Capt Kirk Says:
Yes, the blue is just an identifier. Unless it is marked as sustained release. It is just the white that has the drug. It crushes and disolves nice in water. Do not heat it!!! Draw up through some cotton. I do it a lot with no problems.

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Wanda Says:
Although the blue is the identifier dont those still have phentermine in them?????

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Capt Kirk Says:
I don't think so, I crush it up really good anyway.

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jason Says:
does it draw up with a blue color?

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Capt Kirk Says:
No it's opaque off white, little clody, been doing for quite a while, no problems.

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twisted24-7 Says:
u wasnt kidding. i can hardly breathe. what a rush

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Usher Says:
What did you use to get the rush?

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twisted24-7 Says:
a lil heat on the speckles and nice good sized piece of cotton. they gelled up but i got most of it on the 1st draw up. not exactly how i did everything but it was like shooting 450 mg.s of methamphetamine. push the gel down and hit with a lil more hot water. get the wash and the main in the same. had a bad day took a few xanas and i havent slept in four days due to those. i think 4 who knows. hahaha

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twisted24-7 Says:
37.5 mg phentermine

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twisted24-7 Says:
bout to do another. mine turn really blue when the dissolve.

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