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How Long Does Oxycodone Stay In Ur System For Me To Pass A Urine Test?
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poohbear Says:
I need to know how many days a perc or roxi or oxy stay in ur system for a uraine test?

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Lets get real people Says:
Honey, It is usually 3 days yes. Please do not become dependent on it. Unless your prescribed this medication. Its easily addictive. Its a Schudle II medication. Meaning you have to take a acutal script into the pharmacy. They can not call it in ever. And they will make you show ID to pick the medication up. They will not give the person meds earlier than the 30 days they are allowed. Meaning if someone took the meds from someone else they cant just get more earlier and whom ever was prescribed this... will be in pain before they run out. I speak from experience. My sons GF used to have a habit of stealing mine. And to go without mine was terrible. I had to set and tell my pain management Dr what happened one time.... and I was showed not pity. I was in that much pain. He give me a patch to help with withdrawals for the next 5 days until I could get more. Sorry I went overboard in replying to your question........just letting you know what happens when whom ever gets the meds and if they were taken not given. Not saying you did that.... But 3 days.......and I would suggest allot of water in those 3 days. it does not stick to fat cells like pot does. . Ir is a delayed release drug. Good luck and i do hope you wont have to use it again. If you are..... it will only take you about 3 good days being off of it to detox but the days are not that fun..... you wont get the shakes .......or I didnt...but the day you wake up and are better it seems life is better. I wish I could take something else besides what I do.... but I cant. Good Luck.

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sweetness Says:
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How long does 5 mg of 325 oxycodone stay in your system

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David Says:
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Drug test in three days will oxcy be gone

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sam Says:
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No vicidone is hydrocodone

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Kris Says:
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No. It will show up as hydrocodon.Some urine tests now can go back 30 days and detect the smallest traces of anything. If u take a regular urine test as long as you take any hydrocodone pill you'll bee fine as long you were prescribed a hydrocodone script. If u got a Percocet script u need to take pills that are in the oxycodone category. Hope this helps.

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carlos ais Says:
Oxycodone is synthetic opiate, vicodin is real opiate,,, they show up different

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Lets get real people Says:
Its good to see you passed Bat man. I watched your struggling from the beginning. And your right its not worth stress and worry you do to yourself in the long run. I am in hopes....... that you can stay away from it now. I do know once your in the military they pop test you... meaning they just come get you one day and your gonna pee for them. Then the next day here come the MPS. I had a friend whose husband was recruiting here...... he had a easy easy job. Used marijuana allot. I suppose he thought he was not gonna get popped. Sure enough along about 10 am the order come down to test him. The men he worked for had to do the test. I was positive. However......... the men he worked with told him they had sent the wrong sticker to put on the bottle. It has his name but his SS# was Wrong. They did not ask him if he had used it. They told him to keep coming to work.... and work on *IT* Her husband could not take the entire time waiting for another one........ he folded in 2 days and went AWOL. His boss called him and told him come back to work it would be 2 weeks before they would do it again. Give him the date. He could not take it and never went back. So hes AWOL. He gets pulled over...... for not yielding the right of way. They run him and it shows hes AWOL. He never thought they could find him like that. He goes to jail here for 3 weeks until the Navy come up to place a charge on him and let him out. He left her with 3 kids under 5 no vehicle because they impounded the car. He should have been paid the day after the bust.... but nope...and she could not get the car out for transportation for work. She could get no help what so eve from Social Services because her husband was in jail. Not a food stamp nothing. I was her boss where we worked. I would pick her and the kids up to go to the sitters then work. In the afternoon.....same thing. I let her take my car to which the entire day was spent at Social Services and the food bank trying to get food for her and her kids. They had nothing. I had a Fifty dollar bill I was trying to save for my sons birthday. It was during that time in his teen years he only wanted money. I gave the 50 to her and took her to the grocery store. I was asked not to let any one know at work about any of which I could not take up money because of it. Her power was cut off......and it would make her late 9 years. Allot of stuff yall did not want to hear.........but if you can get off of what ever is worrying you about passing....... do it. And not let your family have to did what this young girl did to live while he was in jail and not listening to people helping him. We did not think she wold leave him.........but oh yes she did. Not long after this incident. He was left homeless no job and no vehicle to go anywhere. Its better to see it that way than the other way around with your wife and 3 kids under 5.

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Stan Says:
Estimated urine concentrations of oxycodone metabolites cannot be simply calculated from half life estimates, which are primarily useful in determining dosage intervals. The table linked below provides empirical data re urine elimination and could be used to estimate expected concentration over time for any particular dose profile. Just add the expected concentrations derived from all doses over the previous four days.

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VICKIE535 Says:
2-3 days. Dosage does matter in a way. It depends on your body size etc also. If your not precribed this medication....... its not that hard to go off of it....and when you do, you will find....... withdrawals are not that bad like other meds... and the time is much shorter. I am prescribed this medication....and I ran out 5 days early because I took to many a day near the end because I needed more than what I was supposed to take. So yes I am opiate dependent. I have been on meds now for over 5 years and really thought I would really suffer....... my pain med Dr is one....if your out will wait until the day to have more. The second day was worse for me....and it was all in my mind that I had not taken my meds all day. The third day I woke up feeling better than I had in years. Fresh and clean as I called it. I went on the 5th day to see my Dr and told him the truth and told him I needed a bump up in the strength. He did bump it up so no more taking more than I need. If you have at least 5 days to get clean take all 5. I know the bare minimum is 2 full days. Drinking allot of water and sweating.......and then you do not want it to clean. Yes you can be to clean and that raises suspicion. Good luck let us know how it went for you. If I was gonna tell anyone straight up I would tell them 5 day.....3 days is a toss up either way.

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BatmanIsWorried Says:
Update: I passed. Eating 2 roxicodone 30mg a day, with 7 days from last dose till the drug test, i passed a military grade drug test. Drank a lot of water, took between 4-8 250 mg cranberry pills per day, and actually didn't work out at all (and not since around september before that).

The anxiety and stress leading up to the test was not worth it though.

For those doing around 60-90 a day, give yourselves 5 days if you can, and 7 days if you wanna be really safe. However the stress and anxiety is terrible. I wish i had stopped 10 days before my test, just to feel super safe.

People, i would NOT listen to everyone saying 3 days. Like i said, i consumed 2 roxicodone 30's a day (in tact, swallowed, not tampering with time release) and the 5th day i was faintly passing. Give yourselves a week. And if you must, and are like me, and want to push it and do oxys as long as possible: 5 days. Drink water, grab cranberry pills (they clean urinary tract) and eat a bunch at multiple times a day, and drink 8 bottles of water a day if you can. 5 days and you will pass. I would have failed if i had only 3 days, and i was doing 2 oxys a day from august-november straight.

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BatmanIsWorried Says:
Also, i purchased the drug test. $45.00 for a 12 panel. Negative for all drugs! Makes me feel great and confident knowing i still have over a day and a half for the first test and over 2 days for the second. Going to continue drinking water and taking cranberry pills, but not too much as to dilute within the final 12 hours.

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BatmanIsWorried Says:
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So i ended up tripping. It was powerful on an emotional level and really made me feel sad for all the opiate abusing. Tripping can really help with ego-loss and guilt.

I basically spent $1,200 in November paying $30 per pill. Felt terrible for selling my tv, games, taking from my dads credit card etc. I really don't wanna go back to that. Waking up everyday terrified of how I'll get my hands on $60.

I'm feeling great also. Happier now definitely, but I still miss the experiences I had. Every now and then I get freezing cold all of the sudden and need to wrap myself in blankets and drink tea or something, but other than that im fine. Thanks for all the responses.

- also, the 12 panel at my local drug store is $40!!! Insane. I have to purchase one though to ease my mind. I would've ordered online for cheap if I had more time.

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Lets get real people Says:
If you have not taken any since the day you stopped you should be just fine. Unless they have something new I do not know about. Nice of them to let you know when your having one. And since you have been clean all this time...... how are you doing with it? I hope well. If I were you honey, I would do my best not to take it again honestly. If you have been this long without any...... Try to see how long you can go. Now this is me. We all do stupid things in our lives. And one day it can come back and bite ya. I hope all goes well. And for the mushrooms..... never did them and never wanna try them lol. I would be more scared of that showing up as something than I would the other just because you have stopped the other for as long as you have.

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Jessica Says:
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No, there is a blood test that we can do that shows how much you use but in urine test you cannot tell the dose amount.

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BatmanIsWorried Says:
Also, i was thinking of purchasing a 10 panel from a drug store. If i buy one, should i do it tomorrow (5 days in), so i have a day and a half to prepare myself for the worst, or do it today 4 days in? I'm just pretty worried lately. My cousin also wants to take psychedelic mushrooms tonight, which i don't know if thats the best idea with a risky pending drug test. NOT because mushies pop you on the test (not even on a 10-12 panel), but because of the experience with the recent stress.

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BatmanIsWorried Says:
Thank you for the response. Sadly, i was doing them illegally in college. I have to show negative on a standard off the shelf test (if it's a 5 panel i know i'm auto-safe, but if its a 10-12 i know it's risky). The second day, approx will be 7.5 days into being drug free, will be a test at MEPs, or military entrance processing station. They run the samples through a standard test, which is a 10 or 12 panel. If it comes up positive for anything, they run it through the mass spectrum thing for confirmation at 15nl or whatever. I basically have 6.5 days to pass an off the shelfer, and 7.5 for a lab test. The last time i ate a pill was monday at 9:30pm. First test is this coming monday at 12:15pm.

I am simply worried, because my friend told me he did 3 roxi 30mg a day, but nasally. He said on the 6th day, he was still popping. However, he used suboxone to get off but i don't think off the shelf tests check for bupe. I was doing 2 roxi 30mg a day, eating whole. I am praying i do not pop on the 6th day. It'll have been 6 days and 14 hours since my last dose, but minus the half life maybe 6 days and a few hours? Idk.

Just trying to ease my mind. Any advice with this new information? Thank you.
Also *** If i fail the first test 6.5 days in, my recruiter simply says come back in 15 days, and i tell him i took one of my parents pills for a tooth ache, im sorry. If i pass the first, go to MEP's and the second day i fail the lab test, i am forbidden from enlisting in any branch for the rest of my life.

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Lets get real people Says:
With drawl is not that bad no. I was surprised myself when I had to go without for 5 days. Its all in your mind. Its because you did not take one when you normally do. On the 3rd day I woke up mind actually clear... I felt like I had the most peaceful sleep in years.

If your prescribed this medication and your taking it like you are supposed to ...... you will be fine. Are you trying to pass a drug test with only taking what your supposed to be? Or are you needing to quit it cold turkey? and show no evidence what so ever of it? With this med........ its easy to take another one..... and not think about it. I think that is where the abuse of it comes from. It does not make me high, Never has. I use it for chronic pain nothing else. I suppose that is the reason I do not get a high feeling from it. But yeah...... you will be fine as long as your taking it like your supposed to. And if your taking it without a script....... give your self at least 4 days totally being clean to make absolutely sure. Best of luck to you.

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BatmanIsWorried Says:
Hey, i gave myself 6 days and 14 hours for an off the shelf drug test in a cup. The first 2 days were SLIGHT withdrawal and green tea and some water, the third day (today)i started feeling better, drinking water heavily and urinating heavily. I intend to continue this and go for runs through the 4th, 5th, and 6th days clean. The morning of the test i will probably drink minimal amounts of water to not dilute. My dosage was 2 Roxicodone 30mg blues per day, swallowed whole, at 6:30pm (1st pill) and 10pm (second pill) every day. The second test i have is a more strict lab test and will have been 7.5 days from last dosage. Do you have any advice/what my chances are for passing? 5'7 140 male 21 yrs.

Also, when i say SLIGHT withdrawal, i mean, WOW. I was shocked. The first night (24 hrs without one) i had some anxiety realizing i can't dose up tonight. From then on i've felt perfectly fine physically, getting 9hrs of sleep per night. Literally no withdrawal. And before i used to take one 30 per day nasally and w/d'd pretty damn hard.

Anyway. Im just super worried since i took the pills in tact without tampering with their time release, because i was seeking a longer lasting high with more bioavailability.

Sorry for the long post and thanks for any responses.

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Lets get real people Says:
I will be honest with you. You will more than likely fail. You need at least 72 hours for it to pass though you. You can drink allot of water etc.... and try but nothing else is going to make you test negative. It really does not matter the dose either. It is a narcotic your taking. No more than you are taking.... you should just go to your Dr for pain and let them give you something for pain. Good luck with this...... but I am afraid you have failed already.

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Spoken4 Says:
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I have taken only half 15mg Roxie once a day for the past 4 days. I may be drug tested tomorrow and can not fail. How is the best way to pass this test. Its a lab test that measures your creatin levels and can tell if you've been drinking too its a very strict test so please help me

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