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How Long Does Oxycodone Stay In Ur System For Me To Pass A Urine Test?
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poohbear Says:
I need to know how many days a perc or roxi or oxy stay in ur system for a uraine test?

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Lets get real people Says:
I will be honest with you. You will more than likely fail. You need at least 72 hours for it to pass though you. You can drink allot of water etc.... and try but nothing else is going to make you test negative. It really does not matter the dose either. It is a narcotic your taking. No more than you are taking.... you should just go to your Dr for pain and let them give you something for pain. Good luck with this...... but I am afraid you have failed already.

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Spoken4 Says:
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I have taken only half 15mg Roxie once a day for the past 4 days. I may be drug tested tomorrow and can not fail. How is the best way to pass this test. Its a lab test that measures your creatin levels and can tell if you've been drinking too its a very strict test so please help me

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Lets get real people Says:
This is to help all types of questions for all. First of all....... if your having a drug test done for employment... and if you are on any medications what so ever...... take the bottle with you. Sometimes other meds can cause a false positive. Most test for employment only look for up to 5 different kinds of classes of drugs. Which can be a bunch to show up. It depends on the type of job your applying for. Usually the amount of pay will kinda of determine the type of test they give you.My son took a test once for a grocery store. They pay above average and I told him they would be using an advanced test. He did not listen. Got him come Golden seal and drank it. They used the salavia test. They told him that he failed right on the spot. Another person I knew found out she would have to submit a hair test. The thing was she never knew when it would happen. She worked with a temp agency until the test come back. The bottle of shampoo was over $100 a bottle and only her about 10 days. She had very long hair......and after $1,500 out of her own pocket she did one and passed but got fired in 2 weeks for being late for for work.

As far if your in pain management..... You need to take your bottles with you each time you go. They WILL test you from time to time...... to see if what they have prescribed you is in your system and ENOUGH of it is. Along with other drugs that are not supposed to be. If you fail it as far as not having enough.......or something else in your system... well its a 99 percent chance you will be dropped as a patient and not seen in that office again. And the wait to get in and to see another one will take at least a month if your lucky to get it that soon.And never with the same group of pain Drs you were seeing. Forget telling them you lost your medication or telling the truth that someone stole your meds...... they will more or less tell you..... oh well you have to suck it up until time. You cant blame them really. If they went on and prescribed them to you.....they would be licensed drug dealers. You know how they make you be seen often and you have to have a script in hand to have refills each time? Its law. Just make sure you see them again before your meds run out. I did that once and never again. I have a RX of Catapress, just in case mine or stolen or if I have taken to many before being seen again. It helps with withdrawals. If you have ever went though them you know how important it is to never run out not even for a day. The longest I have went was 5 day..... 3 of which were total hell. the 5th day I was more clear minded I have been in years. The 5th day was gonna be hard also but seen my Dr and told him I needed a bump in meds because I was taking way to much Tylenol with my Oxydocone. I was telling the truth. I can not take anything with Acetaminophen or Aspirin in it. Now finally how long it stays in your system.

No matter the dosage really. If its any of the name brands such as Oxy or Roxi etc.... they are all name for Oxycodone. It will take atleast 24 hours to 72 hours. It will depend on your weight. How much you drink to flush it out of your system....and your natural metabolism. I personally probably keep them in my body for an entire week. My Metabolism is slow always has been. I can drink allot of water or what ever but can tell it never flushes out well because of the color of my urine. And if you drink to much....... it will be to clean looking.... meaning it looks like water and not pee! Yep too clean. They will mark that in the remarks section. And it goes back again to the type of test they are using. If your doing Oxy and know your having a test within the next 2 days and your using it and are not supposed to ....... yep you have messed up and should know better to begin with. I know allot of people are in pain and need the meds........ then you should insist on going to a pain management Dr and getting your own Rx for it then. They will follow you and that is what everyone needs to have done. Gone are the days family Drs so this. They used to until it became an addiction. And if your on probation and doing this med..... you already know better.......... plain and simple. Its the fastest way to get put back in jail. What are you thinking? Your not. Good luck to everyone regarding this. If I can be put on this for over 6 years and go though 5 days of detoxing because of something stupid I did to myself i know anyone can. I hate being Opiate dependent but I am and I am not embarrassed. Its a part of my life. And if any one are on them without a script.... stop now. Its not that bad to detox from them. Go get a script for them if you truly need them. I am a disabled nurse and do know what I am talking about. So you honestly need a total of 72 hours to be clean from it. Good luck.

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alilnervous Says:
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If I took a roxy 15 yesterday and another today and have to take a mouth swab on Friday will I pass

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dede2121 Says:
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I took three 10mg o xycodone on tuesday. I have drug test for a job Thursday afternoon.Will I pass

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tmoney27 Says:
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I been clean for 3 and a half months and insufflated a 15 mg oxy Monday night. if I get a urine test Tuesday or wednesday will I pass with drinking a lot of water??

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jumper nickname from childhood as I hopped around Says:
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Seriously dude. It isn't your right to judge ppl. And not all doctors will prescribe you pain medications cause they'd rather you just "deal with it" I know this to be true because I've been there many times before and I'm dealing with it now. I have a bulging disc in my lower back and I'm 33 yrs old with a 26 month old boy that's into everything and most days I have to walk with a cane because the pain is so unreal it makes me cry and it affects my tailbone, legs and feet. It's causing insomnia because of the pain but my Dr won't give me medication for it or fix it. And I have MS and my body will draw up and twist and my blood pressure will go through the roof. I get headaches so bad from severe muscle spasms that I feel like I'm going to die. But he took me off everything landing me right bank in the situation I was in when I first started seeing him a year ago. I took two oxycodone from a friend cause I feel and hurt my back even more cause my landlord does a half a** job with the property and pulled the fence up but didn't fill in the holes in our yards at the 4 apartments on the property and it's not well lit at might and I was carrying in soda and other groceries and couldn't see the hole and fell in it almost knee deep and everything went flying. I was in tears by Monday and couldn't move and I took two of my friends so I could take my 2 year old to story time st the library so he could meet kids and he enjoys it. I'm not an addict. I needed something. I've been taking niacin, drinks with green tea and green coffee in it hoping to detox it out of my system before a drug test at my Dr office tomorrow. I haven't taken those in 3 months either. I'm 5'7 1/2 inches tall and 149lbs. I need to be fixed and ready to leave my Dr cause they would change my meds every 2 months and he took me straight off oxycontin 30Mg and oxycodone 10Mg which I took the oxycontin 3xs a day and the oxycodone 4xs a day as a breakthrough med I was so ill. He just dropped it after being on oxycontin for 3 months and oxycodone for 2 years and that made me really sick. You don't know what ppl are going through or their situation so you have no right to judge. You shouldn't judge anyone. You need to look in three mirror everyday before you open your mouth about anyone cause you're no better than the rest and I'm sure you're doing wrong yourself. Think about that and what you may be hiding!
I really hope that I pass since I only took 2 and I've been taking niacin, green teas and coffee and antioxidants and a high fiber diet. I'm scared! But I needed it or my son wouldn't have gotten to do his stuff we had planned and I couldn't keep up with him.

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Hummer Says:
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I have been taking oxy for about 9 years for pain . 5 mg tabs . I cut them in half and take 2.5 mg at a time only so I can work . I only take 20 mg total a day . Now , have a drug test for work which they are testing for oxy . I weigh 195 lbs .how long is it safe to say it's out of system ?

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tickedoff Says:
What pisses me off is that I have Chronic pain and take pills everyday. But because of the drug addicts in this country I have to take a piss test to make sure that I don't take others too just for fun......A**holes!! Lmao

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borderlinebum Says:
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if they want to go to the expensive they can determine how much you have been taking but they have to establish a baseline for you and everyone is different so there is margin for error. They can tell you what you have taken and give you an approximate amount...which better not be more than you are written for. Good luck

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carrie Says:
can they detect how many pills you take on a drug test?

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duh Says:
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dogs can f***in smell anything that's why they bring them!!!

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treetopluv Says:
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So does oxycodone and vicaden 10 up the same on a drug test for probation and parole .ran out of my regular script.

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failedbylisteningtotheseposters Says:
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Absolutely right ! Most on here post to feel knowledgeable but JACKIE us by doing so!

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bluewater Says:
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It dissolves for 24 hrs till u deficate then it takes 2 to 4 days to get all filtered thru liver Because of its halflife.Jeesh

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bluewater Says:
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I'm testing the 21st and my last blues were on the 15th at late hours. I hade one big meal. I'm not eating much at all and keeping hydrated a ton. I have been banging an average of 45 mg daily for a year and am 170 lb and 5'8". We will find out if I pass my pre sentence drug test with my PO in 2 More days

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failedbylisteningtotheseposters Says:
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TOTALLY WRONG! I took 20 mg of percent on Wednesday tested following Friday -57 hours after consumption am fit 132# 5"3......56 hours POSITIVE!

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Boogie Says:
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Whoever has told you 3 days or 24 hrs is full of CRAP! I've taken a 80 oxy on a Thursday and the next Wednesday SIX DAYS LATER I pissed dirty! So i would give it MINIMUM 7-10 days

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josh Says:
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I used to take xanax bars and oxys all the time it would take me 3 days I would always pass my drug test. but I would also flush my system with alot of water, plus I'm only 145 pounds and I have a very fast metabolism. I don't know where the hell these people are getting 6 freakin weeks they are retarded.

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lynn Says:
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I took a half of oxycodone ten and a half of vicodin ten on monday night. I dont ever take pills first time in like 9 months. Will I pass a urine drug test friday morning or afternoon? ?? Please and thank you for help.

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