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How Long Does Fentanyl 100mcghr Stay In Your Urine
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Comments Submitted Says:
i need to know how ong fentanyl 100mcg/hr stay in your urine. how long can it be detected after taking your patch off?

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Lefty Says:
Good for you that fentanyl is some bad s*** great for pain though I don't believe Dr's release the fact everyone system is different when they prescribe fentanyl they should make contract with the patient that when fentanyl is stopped it should be done in a slow process not cold turkey I know we ex users all went threw hell if you 've been forced to do it cold turkey it's been almost 4 months for me and I still get have with draw it keeps getting triggered back some how

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Del Says:
via mobile
I take fentanyl 25 mcg every 73 hrs and I haven't took in 2 weeks will it still be in my system

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Annia65 Says:
I am in UK, not sure if it makes any difference, my doctor told me that it takes weeks for fentanyl to leave the system. My kidneys clung on to the last vestige for 5 weeks, I am clear now. I stopped using patches, 75mgm on 29th May.

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Bob Says:
I'm kinda in the same situation. I used fentanyl one day but it was a lot. A week later I had my pain doc appt, which was last week and they took a urine sample. They hadn't done a test in 3 months so I think I was overconfident and did the fentanyl. STUPID. I'm really scared it's going to show up and I'll be getting a letter in the mail dismissing me from their practice. I've had 3 back surgeries and I have severe chronic pain. I've been on pain meds for 20 years. If I'm dropped my life will pretty much be over. About your friend, it depends on if they send her sample to a lab. A lab will probably find it. I've been told that the tests they use in doctor offices usually don't detect fentanyl, BUT others say they do detect it. There's a lot of diversion on the internet regarding fentanyl and drug testing. Unfortunately she's just gonna have to cross her fingers and wait cuz there's no definite info on fentanyl drug testing. Good luck.

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Annia65 Says:
The sweating old be caused by fentanyl, it is one of the many reasons I stopped using them. It took me 3/4 weeks before my urine was normal.

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marsha Says:
my friend chews patches that she cuts them into 4's. she has used a 5 100 mcg, 75 mcg, and 50 mcg patches as i said she cuts them into 4 pieces. She has injected some of those patches that were also cut into quarters. She used them on and off for 1 month. Some days she just did 1 quarter a day. SHe has thankfully quit completely and took all she had and cut them up and flushed them. Thank God! She was also using her dilaudids that she is prescribed. Well now that she quit she has 19 days and has to pass her pain doctor urine screen. This past month is the only time she has used fentanyl and some of those days she wouldnt even use a whole quarter of one. She never wore the patches at all just chewed them a injected just a few times. She is a small person like 5'4 and 117pounds. Shes always been in good health and definitely has a high metabolism. She is 46 and is going through menopause and she sweats constantly especially at night she has to ghet up and change her tshirt she sleeps in sometimes 2 times a night she has to change. Now that she has stopped completely do you think she will be clean for her urine screen in 19 days? I have told her how stupid it was and I was glad to find out the person she got the, from went to jail was just sentenced and got 6 years on probation violation. So glad he is gone!!!! She is stresses oout Ive told her im sure 19 days she will be fine but what are you all's thoughts. Most of the days she only injestingless than 20 mcg. PLEASE PLEASE someone respond so I can show her what is being said by other people other than me. Someone her size with no fat on her and all the constant sweating she does Im sure she will be clean in 19 days. Asd many people as possible rewspond because she is driving me insane and obsessing about it. This has scared her so bad I know she would never put herself in that situation again even if someone other than the guy that went to jail offered her some. Please someone give good sound advice so I can calm her down, Im scared because she has bad panic attacks sometimes and shes had so many over the last few days its ridiculous. I have told her how extremely stupid it was for her to do this and now has to sit and worry herself sick over this. I dont want to be to demeaning to her but I had to tell her that it was one of the single most stupid things she has ever done. Please nobody be mean with your responses she is in a fragile state and she definitely know how dumb it was. I let her know it could have killed her and not to mention jail time if she was caught with those things. i knew something was wrong with her and then she had nobody to talk to. Im thankful she told me and im taking her to her first NA meeting this thursday. She has scoliosis and she is on dilaudid 4mg but she said her tolerance to her medication is causing her not to get the relief she needs. shes scared to tell her doctor that the dilaudids arent working like they use to because she may label her a pill seeker all though her scoliosis is pretty severe. So with that all being said please give some good solid responses so I can ease her mind. I think she will be fine in 19 days so please help me out here. She is my roomate and driving me up the wall! Thank u in advance for taking the time to help me with this.

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Annia65 Says:
You are doing the right thing, fentanyl has such awful side effects. Because of the patches my kidneys started to fail, I could only pass a small amount of urine & was in pain. I was lucky as my cleaner works in a nursing home & knew what was happening, I thought it was bad cystitis. I am clear now & will be really careful what I put in my body in future.

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Bob Says:
I have been reading articles and personal posts for about six hours, regarding the question how long will fentanyl show up on a urine test. It's almost funny. I've read anywhere between two hours to two months. Why is there so much mystery behind the drug fentanyl? Why aren't the straight facts readily available? I need to know how long 2400 mcg, taken in one day by oral spray, would be detected in a urine test. And now I know.....anywhere between two hours and two months! Lol

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Bob Says:
I've found that doctors know very little about the real facts of pain meds, withdrawals, which drugs are worse withdrawals etc etc.

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Annia65 Says:
I gave up fentanyl a month ago, I asked my doctor how long it stays in the system, she replied several weeks. Only now am I realising the nasty side effects, cosmetic things like nails splitting, bad things like kidneys packing up. Short temper & being away with the fairies.

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omnidon Says:
Same type of problem happened to me, except with methadone. I was taking 120mg a day for five years. My
fault because a dentist gave me a script for 8 Tylenol 3's. Good lord, so I could not get a refill at all. I begged and pleaded for days just to get a refill so I could wean myself off gradually. They just did not care. Any time I ask a Dr. For pain-control these days, I am automatically tagged as a drug seeker. I have spine diseases, fribro and scoliosis. I am always in horrible pain. I am about ready to toss a brick thru a pharmacy window so maybe I could get a referral to a methadone clinic.

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Annia65 Says:
I stopped using fentanyl patches 2 weeks ago after using them for 4/5 years. I stopped as I was fed up with sweating, found they were not stopping my pain & other side effects were beginning to appear. I have had quite a bad withdrawal, seems okay now - apart from burning urine, which I assume is the last problem. May I say that if people can run a mile or two to ease the withdrawal, why were they using fentanyl? I used the patches for severe spinal pain, I can hardly walk a quarter of a mile. I stopped the patches 'cold turkey. ' as I am between doctors & did not want more
chemicals. Good luck to you all, just remember you have only one body, abuse it if you must, your choice.

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staceyK Says:
via mobile
I've been on fentanyl 50 mcg for 2 years and told my gp I wanted to come off as it made me feel dead inside. He weaned me down the 12 mcg over several weeks and 8 days ago I took the last patch off. I'm still feeling so ill and am sick and hv diorreah, ache all over and cannot face food. Haven't eaten for 4 days and have lost 9 lb. How long will this go on for. I do not want to go back onto fentanyl but I'm really struggling

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Too Young To Suffer Like This Says:
via mobile
You don't have to suffer.... There's this herbal tea that does miracles! Its called Reishi liver guard made from a mushroom in China. My body got addicted to Cymbalta in December last year. I was put on it forpain associated with my skeletal system however that Dr didn't know anything. Anyways you can find this tea online only you can Google it or look on Ebay, Ebay is the cheapest. Get like 2 boxes and drink one cup (using 2 tea bags) a day after you decide to stop taking Fentanyl or whichever med your body is addicted too. Trust me, this WILL help! Keep doing it until you notice you feel better. I did it for about a week every night before bed. I've never known anything else to help addictions. And this is the healthiest way to do it. It'll flush all the toxins out of you're organs and liver so you'll feel better. I hope this helps you and anyone else who is battling addictions! :)

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Wendy Says:
I don't think it would come up as fentanyl because I use the 100 mg patch and I had a urine test and they said it showed up I was taking methadone. At the time I didn't know what methadone was so when I got home and looked it up it's under opioid class of drugs. So if you are already on methadone it should come up as such. Be on the safe side and look up methadone and fentanyl. But I do know that fentanyl is an opiate.

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Mark Says:
via mobile
Huge difference is you smoke it. It stays in your body the longest if you use it as intended which is as a patch you wear. The majority of the fentanyl goes into your blood stream. The half life of fentanyl thru nasal or mucus is only like 6 minutes to 20 minutes where transdermal is 20-27 hours. Also every persons body takes different amounts of time to metabolize the drug. So depending on how you use it it could be hours or days. Hope that helps. Also I agree people don't need to preach on here. People with scripts and without come here for info. You can have a script but use waaaaay too much of it and be afraid of failing for too much of it in your system. I'm not sure if that's possible, but I'm sure if your getting tested you will worry.

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Wendy Says:
I just found out that if you are taking anything that is an opiate like the morphine then it can show up as fentanyl or in my case it showed up methadone. I guess it's the amount of drug that's in your system. I certainly wouldn't worry about it. I was so mad at the a-hole that accused me of being on methadone when I was taking fentanyl when I called my regular DR. about it she said it was probably the patches. She had me taking 100mg every other day and now she and all her patients are up the creek. She is really going up the creek. Just ticks me off that she puts me on all this stuff and I didn't know how the patches would get addictive and now I'm screwed. I take 4 meds and these dr's act like I'm a junkie. I'd like to see them live with my issues. Just don't worry about the patches it's the morphine.

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Too Young To Suffer Like This Says:
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Wow that's pretty s***ty... I've been having a hell of a time trying to find a pain Dr that cares myself. I've had 3 spinal surgeries and I'm only 23 so all these pain doctors think I'm a junkie when in reality in just a young person trying to deal with all this BS and trying to heal. Now I got all this hardware in my back and trying to be normal. I was put on Fentanyl 50mcg just Wednesday (2 days ago) for the first time in 7 years I felt great like a different person, but today I've been sick, vomiting, sweats, it was horrible. I decided to stop taking it even though I know I'll be in excruciating pain soon... I jumped from Norco to the patch so I'm going to try Percocet this coming week. I couldn't get over the thought of that patch...good luck with your Dr hunt, its not easy I know. Male doctors have been more judgmental to me than female, maybe think of that? Also something I do before I go is look up reviews, its super helpful!

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greeneyes Says:
WRONG. Fentanyl stays in your system for at LEAST a week. My Dr tested me after I had taken it OFF a week before, it still showed up. If you need to pass a test take it off at LEAST a week before, if not sooner. These people that INSIST it's out of your system in two days MAX could be setting you up for a bad test. Don't take some anonymous writer's word for it. Tests are getting more detailed, and can check for everything, longer. If you want to be safe, DEAL with your pain, your addiction, whatever it is your dealing WITH and take only what you're prescribed. It's better to have a little bit every day than to have nothing until your next visit. I'm not prescribed near enough, for my pain and I often run out. Try KRATOM. Sold at head shops and many gas stations. You're not going to get the HIGH you want if that's your goal but you're not going to deal with withdrawls.

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Wendy Says:
I just came back from a DR. and I have a legal script for 100mg patches. That #@$%^& started telling me I was a junkie etc. and it showed up that I had Meyhadone in my system. I told him he was so full of it. I don't use illegal drugs. Then he went on to say I needed to be detoxed and that the 100mg patch was the equivalent to 288 grams of morphine! I think he's nuts. But I will guess it will be in your system. I smoke 1/2 pack cigs a day and that is cutting down to that after 40+ years of smoking and he said he doesn't wait on patients that smoke. Looks like I'm in the market for a new DR.

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