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How Can I Get Fentanyl Shipped To Me Without A Prescription?

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yup yup Says:
im wanting to purchase fentanyl online. Does anyone know about a website thats legit were i can have prescription drugs sent to me without a prescription?

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Brad Logan Says:
Looking for injectable fentynal or 100mcg patches depending on prices. Are they shipped discreet. I believe we dealt with other things before.

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Verwon Says:
This site does not manufacture, nor sell any medications or products, it is an information only website.

And as to a legitimate place to get Fentanyl without a prescription, such a place does not exist. If they were legitimate, they'd require a prescription.

If you order somewhere without one, then you would have to take the associated risks.


Are there any other questions or comments?

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HeyJo Says:
Hi, I live here in the Philippines and have level four prostate cancer which has metastasized to my bones. The bone pain is unbearable. is there anything better or as good as Fentanyl . The government does not allow the pain killer to be sold here anymore. thanks, HeyJo....

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BrooklynMa Says:
Im so sorry to hear of your plight. That must really be a horrible thing. What about Dilaudid? Oxycontin? I know it isnt Fentanyl, but its pulling right up next to it. I hate to say it, but, U may have to move in order to not suffer. Hope you're doing better. Take Care and be safe.

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ElGORDO28 Says:
Hey im a youn guy ho had nccident and am no taking the fentanyl patches and have to pay for them out of pocket can anyone let me know what is usual price for the 100mg transmerdal system

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Drug free now Says:
Having been weaned from Fentanyl 100 mcg after 6 years of use. The last time I used it I was paying $ 1000.00/ month and that was my deductible. Last use was 18 months ago so its probably higher by now!

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M Says:
I was told today that 100 mcg/hr (Sandoz brand which I think are best) cost $125 for 5 patches. Which is closer to $250 for 30 days. This is from a pharmacy in Bronx NY. Im sure all these places charge medicaid/ care quire a bit more. Nov 8, 2013.

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Larosa Says:
I am in Costa Rica with a very sick cancer patient. She does not want to be injected anymore and we hope that she could switch to Fentanyl patches. These are not provided by her insurance and they are very expensive here--$50 per 72 hour 100 mcg patch. I am hoping there is a reputable internet source where they can be found at a lower price with a prescription from here. (We receive items through a service in Miami.) We are desperate because she is in terrible pain and we are very new to internet pharmacies. We will get her first few weeks' supply here but hope for something more affordable after that.
Thank you so very much for any advice you might have. I don't even know where o start looking.

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Shannon Says:
So sorry for your pain, maybe try methadone for pain. Not sure if it's available in your country, but if it is, this should help. Again, I'm very sorry for your illness and I pray to God that you will be healed, in Jesus name I pray for you to be healed and that your pain be gone. God bless you ....Amen

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Sandra Says:
Hi Where in costa rica can I get Duragesic (Fentalyn) 100mcg box plus a 50mcg box, what is the address and phone number of the pharmacy. Can you get me a price for the 50mcg. box please. I live in NY and my prescription cost 4,000.00 a month and I will no longer have Medicaid. I read on your ad that for a 100mcg box with 5 patches it is $50.00. Can u kindly write to me {edited for privacy}. I need your help.

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sjb Says:
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There are no sites that sell fentanyl online. Maybe 10 years ago, not now. I am prescribed fentanyl every month by my dr, he is in orthopedics and pain management. Get to the dr and tell them what works for you and hopefully you can get a dr that will prescribe you some fentanyl. Good luck

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navyspecwar Says:
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I'm looking too. Please help, I'm a 100% disabled veteran with copper shrapnel in my spine, as well as my cervical neck joint deteriorating from shrapnel as well. I'm a 33 year old father of a sweet baby boy of ten months and a faithful husband to the most wonderful wife a guy could dream for. My injuries are degenerative and I don't have long before I'm once again confined to a wheelchair and soon afterwards I know I'll be reversing roles with my son. As he grows into strong healthy young man, I will regress to that helpless baby in need of constant attention that he once was. Fentyl is the only pain aid that will ever work for me. However my family and I live on a limited income combined by VA disability and SSD. I have come to terms with the realization that I will never get back what a terrorists brutality took from not only from myself, but my wife and child as well. I am not able to afford what this drug will cost monetarily in the U.S. I need help obtaining this drug by ordering from overseas or whatever help or info I can get. It's about quality of life now. Not being in pain so I can play with my sweet boy. It would be a God send to just be able to spend an intimate date night with the love of my life and have the confidence of pre-injury me; with no pain and being able to treat my all Nikki like the woman she deserves to feel like from her hero. If anyone can help, God should have your spot reserved in heaven. Thank you from all three of us

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Lori Says:
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My heart hurts for your predicament.
Although I don't have a solution for you other than tell you to seek pain management, I want you to know how much I appreciate your service to our nation. Your sacrifice is incredible!
The true heroes of our country should not have to suffer after having paid such a price. Thank you for what you've done. I'll be praying for you and your family.

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Nikki Says:
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Can you please tell me where in the bronx I can get these patches

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jody Says:
Is it true you can get patches without a prescription? Jtd

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Martin Malone Says:
Your comment(s) on the procurement on Fent withing the US is most likely spot-on. Do you or are you aware of how it could be sourced outside the US?

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Martin Malone Says:
After 23 surgeries following 18 years in professional cycling my pain management regimen is scarcely keeping up. I'd like to find a way to procure a small batch of Fentanyl patches for evaluation. If anyone knows any way to do this I'd be immeasurably grateful.

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Brenda K Says:
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hydromorphine is better than the fentanyl patch. It resolves alot of ur pain.

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Operator Says:
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My brother in arms, where are you located. I do know of a few places that may be able to help you. Of course you will have to express extreme caution in ordering, but if it is worth the risk I pray deeply it can help! I Am disgusted by the way this country asks from its veterans the ultimate gift of ones self! And have countless amounts of life altering medicine that they won't allow the Heroes of this nation to use to better their quality of life! These opiates are on the whole naturally occurring and if not simply synthesized in labs in unbelievable amounts! How can I contact you?

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Jes Says:
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Could you please tell me where I can find fentynal patches 75mcg or 100mcg

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