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Help Finding Legitimate Online Pharmacy/no Rx

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Suzanne Says:
I am trying to find a legitimate online pharmacy to buy tramadol w/out a RX. I've already thrown money away on some green pills, Tramadil that came from India. I would really appreciate help from anyone that has had a good experience with an online pharmacy. There are so many on there and I don't if any exist that aren't scams. Thanks.

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chrys Says:
Health solutions network is very reputable, and is in New Jersey. There are no scams, you can buy only non-controlled drugs, like tramadol. I've been using them for 2 years now.

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Suzanne Says:
Thanks so much for the information. I feel much better ordering from US pharmacies. I placed my order today, so hopefully it will be approved and the medicine will be legit! I noticed after I ordered that they have many affiliates with different prices. Do you have any affiliate sites that you would recommend that are the least expensive?

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Verwon Says:
Whether they are in the U.S. or not, any pharmacy that lets you order a prescription medication, without a prescription is not reputable and you are going to have no way of knowing what they are going to send you or where it was manufactured.

It is illegal, in the U.S., so they are skirting the law and have to have some shady business practices to be able to get away with it.

So, please proceed with extreme caution.


Does anyone else have any advice or comments to add?

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heather Says:
did you ever get the meds and where the tramadol legit?

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maranda Says:
Hi I was wondering if you ever recived your meds that you ordered. I am too looking for a good pharmacy that has good medicine. Meaning not fake. Thank you.

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Janett Says:
Hi Suzanne, just wondering if you ever found an hoest pharmacy. I have been using the same one for years. And I order xanax, and rent-a, The person that said it's illegal needs to do some reasearch! Everytime I place my order it gets gopned at customs, then is sent to me. It's legal if you order up to a 3 month supply.

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JojoBowers Says:
You said that you wasted you money on the green capsules. I have some that say they are Tramadil Capsule's containing Tramadol Hydrochloride BO 50MG, I can't find much useful information. I was wondering what your experience was with these? Did they not work at all?

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Janet Says:
not illegal anymore, customs opens the package, and if it's not acid, etc. They send my meds right on through. I order xanax. So yeah, it is legal

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KateJohn Says:
I usually buy tramadol online at xxxxxxxx They offer excellent prices! and really fast shipping. I've been using them for quite some time now without any complaint.. They accept COD (Charge on delivery) as a method of payment which is a Big Plus for me since I don't like using my credit card online and starting a week ago they started offering ZipZap payment options also!
Excellent site in my opinion!

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SAM Says:
{edited for SPAM}


If you want to order Branded Tramadol along with Free Doctors Precription with Next Day Delivery please contact xxxxxxxxx, try us once and give the feedback on the Internet.

Thanks & Regards

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Clare Says:
Hi, I don't know of a honest online pharmacy that carries tramodal, but never, ever order anything C.O.D. I found that out the hard way. With a credit card you are safe. You always get your money back if they are fake pills, or scammers. Just a word of warning

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Peggy Says:
Who can I order provigil from that is ligitiamite ?

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Abby Says:
im looking to order xanax too.Ive been prescribed them for years but my insurance run out.No longer can afford the doctors visits and price of meds.I see you had a source but its marked out.Is there a legit place to get without an Rx..Thanks so much for any help

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Peggy Says:
Please let me know when you do

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Leslie Says:
Janet...where do you order from? I live in an area where physician's do not like to prescribe xanax for anxiety, but rather other SSR-I's & I DO NOT need anything for depression. Xanax works for the anxiety I experience when under stress & I don't want to take more moeds than necessary. Help!

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B Says:
Am looking for generic fioricet from a reputable online pharmacy for my headaches.W/O an RX
Can anyone help? I was using Health Solutions (EPharmacy), but don't see the website anymore.

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XtAcY Says:
Are you still looking for no Rx trams?

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nn Says:
which site would that be

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Mark Says:
Janet, please tell me the web address for the online pharmacy for xanex. I appreciate it very much

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Rhonda Says:
Where can I get a reputable online pharmacy to order from? Please help:-)

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