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Doctors Willing To Prescribe Pain Medication
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Anonymous Says:
Can you tell me about any doctors who can prescribe Vicodin

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Used up Says:
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Report the Dr for undermedicating to your State medical review board.
Surgery like that can be excruciating.
Aspirin is negligence on your Dr's part.
Report him.
Find a real Dr.
Good luck

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Isaac Says:
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I just had surgery and I need pain meds for my Achilles tendon.

My doc won't prescribe me nemore ...keeps telling me to take asprine. However it is useless at this point...

Please help

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guess who Says:

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Kelsey Says:
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I have a chronic lower back pain. I have had it for 8 years now. I've had two surgeries and have lots of titanium hardware in. I just recently moved to the Kansas City area and had to find a new doctor. I have been turned down medication 3 times now already and am almost out of my medicine from where I moved from. I feel hopeless. I've been on 8 hydros a day for 2 years til now. Can anyone help me find someone that will continue my pain medication

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Raymond Says:
I need a doctor in Florence SC or Dillon to provide me with 15mg Oxycodone and something for panic attacks please, I was in a head on collision and I was hurt bad was in the Hospital for 54 days and had 10 surgery and I have bolts in my left hip and pins in my right ankle.

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Princess P Says:
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I was hit by a car at the age of 7 and suffer daily from migraines and neck pain. I'm located in the Charlotte area and am looking for a new pain management Dr. Does anyone know of any that don't treat you like a junkie and just write you what you need? Thanks in advance :)

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Karen from columbus Says:
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Janet Marie. It's like u said... It's a terrible burning that like swirls around up & down on my left leg & top of my foot. Then some on the right leg. I hope ur doing ok.from ur mammogram.u r all in my prayers.still can't believe this 1 doc I saw just from X-rays wants 2 cut me open put in nuts & bolts for my back.then asks how I'm going 2 pay 4 it

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Karen from columbus Says:
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Janet marrie. I can't believe since I still can't sleep well or feel better. That scrolling down I saw u mention about ultram. The brand name 4 tramadol ... Wow not a narcotic. It is a class 4 listed that change since August 28th. 0 14. Y was this ever given out as I read like candy. So many R so sick from this med.ive posted how horrible & toxic it's been. My left leg keeps going numb & now into a bit on my right leg !! Great. It's hard enough 2 find any relief on Tylenol 3... & now not even sure on March 5th I won't b turned down since this doc won't do any better. I've been looking yet again y does it take so long . Let's u no how many need help. Now those who crave it R out. & seeking it. Such s shame as we all keep saying wat happened 2 care in the system.where have all the backbones & respect gone from these docs. Y R they even practice.or say still in practice.u say 2 them U feel so sick U show them the blisters that itch & explain ur concerns. Yet I saw same thing on some of records... Left out so many things & some is even wrong info. I hope all R on here I've had the pleasure of meeting R holding on. U r all in my thoughts & stay informed. Write 2 the food & drug association they want & need 2 b kept informed. So does the a merican pain association. Keep writing send ur info. My best & as always stay safe.

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No More Real Doctors Left Says:
Hi All,

Believe me I feel your pain. I suffered bad allergic reaction from Sulfa a few years ago causing Stevens Johnson Syndrome and now I have a burned up corneal eye that is down right horribly uncomfortable not to mention all of the other conditions I suffer from due to this horrible ordeal. As of late I had an old school doctor who understood me and would listen and was giving me my pain meds on a normal basis. In the past these i**** network doctors only suggested anti-depressants which made me gain 50 pounds and feel the most miserable I have ever felt in my life. I have been through all of the anti-depressants I don't want any of the crap ever again. I found my perfect pain medication muscle relaxer cocktail with this really nice old doctor. Just today I come to find out he is in the hospital suffering heart issues. Now I am left in the cold. this medical system is so so horrible. These new generation of doctors, if your lucky enough to get one that speaks english as a first language, are so compassionless and view you as a chunk of meat. I am in the San Francisco Bay area so if any one knows of a good old school compassionate pain management doctor I would really really appreciate some referral information. I am in a big dilemma now. It is not going to be good. I do not know if my doctor is coming back and of course the other urgent clinic they referred me to the doctors gave me some stupid bull s*** about how they cannot give out pain meds. This world of medicine has become a horror story. They told me to go to my primary and the i****s knew that I was there because my primary was in the hospital and unavailable. Oh what to do. I feel everyones pain here this really really sucks. I wish I was alive back in the 50's 60's where the doctors were real and did their jobs. Any advice for a good pain medicine doctor in the San Francisco Bay Area would be very appreciated. Thank you,

Hopelessly Screwed

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karen Says:
janet marie, sorry to hear about all the burning pain, that kind of pain is so hard to get away from. ill say my prayers for you about the mammo in the morning. good luck

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Janet marie Says:
Kari I'm sorry about that problem you have described. I initially wanted to put a question out there. Before I had a chance to write about it, I had a new experience
on Monday. I saw an OB/GYN because my left breast is in burning pain. I am going to have a mammogram 9:30am tomorrow. I'm having anxiety. I can feel my heart beating a little more than usual. I still want to look up that serotonin thing. I also hate the fact I have a voluminous records, from my previous neuro. I cannot imagine a specialist that doesn't want to see the pounds of labs and narrated hours
of clinical observations made since 1992. I was prescribed Vicodin, muscle relaxers, Benzos, The pain in my leg burns. I am not living a quality of life that can be measured. Irony is that the pain in my left leg prevents me. The irony is that the
pain in my left breast is also a burning pain.

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NJShore Says:
via mobile
Thank you Karen from OH and all the rest who have sent such thoughtful and caring messages!!!! Regarding the disrespect comments i feel for you NO ONE should ever be disrespected just because your sick and need help!!! I am a huge advocate for us all and people who suffer for all reasons, I have some tools in the pipeline that i know will helpful for so many.. When its ready my friends you will be the first to know!!!!! Try to keep positive i know its so hard and i too suffer but despite all the caca ... We have to try to make the best out of this lousey system lol.. Something has to give and will.. Mark my words its a cycle... I know what u r thinking but i hope i make through the cycle. Thats why we have eachother for support. All my love to all SINCERELY, and sending good energy NJshore ps tramadol is so toxic ...only ok for a few days but any longterm horrible in my opinion and NOOO different then traditonal narcotics regarding medical dependency maybe worse since it makes u so sick xoxoxo

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karen Says:
hello to all, and welcome to all the new folks here. I find the whole prescribing thing ridiculous. all a doc has to do is maintain adequate records to indicate the need for pain meds. they should be keeping adequate records anyway! they take an oath to care for their patients. although they do choose what kind of practice they have and they can choose how to treat patients it does not make any sense that they would knowingly and deliberately not treat someone who needs care, just because they don't want to keep up with paperwork. I don't understand why this is not considered malpractice. any physician who turns a patient away and does not treat them is so cruel. we treat our pets better than our people. we give them our care and compassion but not our people. ive been in the medical field for over 30 years and this is down right embarrassing. although I was not aware of the severe problem until I found myself in the same situation. in the medical world we used to take care of each other, but now because I am a nurse they think im just drug seeking even though I have the records, when reviewing my chart it is very lacking there is so much that has been left out. how do you make a doc keep accurate records?. I am thankful to meds chat and all of you for giving me a voice. god bless my prayers are with you all.

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Sophie16 Says:
I have just recently moved to the Jackson,Tn area and I am in need of a good pain management doctor. I have been on Norco in the past. Anyone know of a good one? Thank you

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Karen from columbus Says:
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Thanks USED UP .., & hope all is going better. I've posted my horrible problems from such a toxic drug!! Still in bad shape not being able 2 get better help. The withdrawls r the worst! Still feeling so sick from such a VERY BAD MED. like 2 say hi 2 all. Wish things would b better 4 us all !! Hello 2 F100 also & hope things R better 2. Since Last we posted ! U r all on my thoughts & prayers. So many I've been glad 2 meet on here. I still can't get over how I'm still so sick from that tramadol & the SERITONIN syndrome !! Then a doc that won't help, like the ER doc wants. So my best & as always stay safe & stay informed ask ur local pharmacists they seem 2 way better informed than many of these docs! xoxo

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BABS Says:
Used Up...Thanks for putting this subject into a different perspective. Your certainly right about the doctors not having ANY backbone whatsoever for their patients. I would think the doctors that specialize in Pain Management would be standing up, That's their livelihood for goodness sakes. Statistics show H use has increased 66% since the change in these laws and unfortunately it will continue to rise along w/the deaths of our young. Too bad they've taken away the "Doctor-Patient Care" and forced the hand of that 66% into finding a "Dealer" that has no problem in taking care of your every need...For the i****s out there that think these new laws will reduce the deaths in our young society, do your homework!!! Doctors will lose their patients, parents will lose their children and drug dealers will get richer and richer! Now isn't that ironic??? Hmmm...

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Jack Says:
via mobile
I am having a lot of problems with my pain management specialist. I am disabled and receive Medicaid. I have s lot of ailments and was receiving 6 roxicodone 30mg tablets per day. From your experience do you know if this office accepts Medicaid and do you feel that they would be willing to prescribe the high dosage I have been receiving for the past 7 years of my life? I don't currently have much access to the internet so I wouldn't be able to check an email. I live in Hendersonville N.C and my # is {edited for privacy}. If you could share the information you have about the good pain management practice in Georgia it would be so very much appreciated. I hope to speak to you soon. Thank you again so much for your help.

Best Wishes, Jack

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Christina M Says:
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Well said Used Up. I couldn't have said it beget myself. Everyone should truly educate themselves before dinner pointing, mudslinging, blaming, and shaming.

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Used up Says:
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Please go easy on the political finger pointing. The new drug laws all began back in '99 when Florida's Governor Jeb Bush's daughter was busted for drug possession. One of those drugs? Oxycontin. She also was admitted for possible OD near that time.
Her Dr. appealed the FDA and DEA to reschedule the Oxycontin. Well, that snowballed over the early 2000's to include ALL forms of narcotic pain relievers.
President Obama was barely in congress when the DEA approved the scheduling change and set the date for November 2014.
Obama never had a hand on this. But it seems to be a good ol standby venting target. Say nasty things about someone else and blame your troubles on the Prez.
Me? I blame speculators, pharmaceutical companies (the alternative meds we are getting cost WAY more than what has been working), and I blame the Drs for not having the spine to stand up and advocate for their patients. My blame has more grey in it than "That @$(&&#! In the White House"!!!!

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BABS Says:
Hey there 'painsucks' thinking of moving to the Bay area, do you know of any good pain doctors out that way? Im from Texas and been here all my life. Had an accident in 1979 and its only gotten worse throughout the years. I had an excellent doc but that all went downhill with the new drug laws. Ive been offered help to get off these meds and that'd be great if I weren't in so much pain without them. The addiction isnt the problem, ITS THE PAIN thats the problem. Ive been on somewhat of the same regime for over 30 years and cant comprehend the reasoning behind lowering my dosage or in some cases taking me completely off the meds that did work. More and more people will be forced to self medicate this awful pain. I'm afraid the H and other drug dealers will win this war... Unfortunately this is how Obama will pull off 'Population Control' without getting his own hands dirty!!! I'll put money on it he'll supply all the syringes for free. Thanks Mr. Obama! We couldn't have done it without ya...

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