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Doctors Willing To Prescribe Pain Medication
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Anonymous Says:
Can you tell me about any doctors who can prescribe Vicodin

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Meranda Says:
Does anyone know of any good pain docotrs in ohio? Cincinnati or even up by columbus. I have been to two pain doctors and they have retired now and i have to find a doctor. I want to find a dr that will write anything and who is laid back. I am on roxy 30's 5/day, for my back. I have herniated discs and nerve damage in both legs from car accidents. Does anyone know of any doctors out here in ohio? Any suggestions would be appreciated! thank you.

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archangel Says:
need doctor in pa for pain meds be with same doctor for 13 years now I just moved hear trying to find one in my town

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CO Susie Says:
The Wall was here in Colorado this past weekend. I can't find the schedule of it's next appearance yet, as soon as I do, I will post it.
A few years ago, I was able to visit the actual Wall in DC, along with the Korea memorial, which was great.

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linnietea Says:
Co Susie:what state will the wall be and do you have the time

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Marianne Says:
To Whom are you replying to, BL. It sure would be nice, some of the folks here, would write the names, of the posters, they are replying too. Some of us don't know and wonder if they are replying to us.

BL, even though you gave your opinion, I still believe you truly don't understand all the suffering, of the chronic pain patients, here. Obama care doesn't work for us. I tried to get health insurance for my ex-husband who badly needs it, being blind and with other health challenges, but can't. He has to wait, until November, but even then, the insurances out there are far beyond what he can afford. He needs $10,000 to get help from a doctor. He is told, even though he is getting disability money, that he can't get Medicare for another two years, not being old enough. I don't understand why, for I got it, when I became disabled, even though I was not even 60 yet. I don't know where or how to find insurance for him. He is low income, there is not state medical help for him, as well. Obama care, even though I am not against Obama, except he's not listening to our pleas, I feel he has a lot on his plate. He trusted those who designed this thing, Obama Care, but it backfired on him. Now he is losing his standings and the faith of the U.S. citizens, who voted for him. I feel bad for him. So, please, don't suggest Obama Care, to us, for it isn't working. It is only for the rich, but even they are squawking about it. So, Obama Care isn't the answer, what is the answer it that we all get together, write the President, bug him, with our writings, making him believe our suffering and how much it is endangering our lives, some of us are just committing suicide, from the horrible sufferings. We need to sign my petitions, too. Did you sign it, BL? That is what you can do for us, fight for us, make the people, like the DEA/FDA and non-sufferers believe we need our medications. To live a normal and productive lives, to be able to see our families, again, our friends and become a viable part of our communities.

I had to refuse to see my sister, after not seeing her, for over 15 years, who was on her way back to CA, after attending my youngest brother's funeral. But, I had to tell her, not to come out of her way, for I was too much in pain, suffering horribly and in bed, the day she wanted to visit. I will probably never see her or the rest of my family again, for she is moving to Washington State, much further away from me. The rest of my family, is in Illinois, they can't afford to come and see me, so I will never see them again. I lost my father, my mother, (just last year) and my brother, in the last few weeks, because I couldn't go to their funerals. Do you have any idea how much that has hurt me? No, you don't for you don't know the suffering of people, like myself. How our lives are ruined, do to pain we didn't cause, didn't ask for and nothing else, has helped. Do you think, we aren't desperate enough to try everything and anything, just to get out of pain. You are wrong, if you think we haven't. You are just plain wrong. So, please, don't write your negative advice and comments. It is obvious you are a stranger to pain, not telling the truth and perhaps are justifying the way the DEA and others are working against us. I truly believe they are trying to kill us, like Scrooge wanted to get rid of the poor, the sick, etc. in the Christmas story. There is even paperwork secretly given to the doctor, who was head of others, in fighting AIDS, which showed written conversations, how scientists were given directions, to make this horrible disease to rid the world of the poor, people who are not like us, to lessen the population of the world, which is so huge, now, there are doubts the world can no longer support the population, now. I believe want the same thing. I believe you are not hurting financially, don't want taxpayers to pay for the tests, desperately needing things like MRI's, (which I was refused, being told it would cost the "Taxpayers Money,"), etc. that would help them. I am a taxpayer, I paid and still do, plenty of taxes, in my entire life. Yet I was refused, by my doctor, to get an MRI, to see how badly my body is affected. I am most likely filled with cancer, for I had moles removed, just in time, before the cancer could take hold, in my body. I was told I was fortunate, my mother saw how badly my moles were and when the doctors, tested them, found they hadn't yet, spread to my tissues, but am carrying cells, non-active, in my blood. This was a long time ago. So, even though you may not believe my stories, or the others, it is all true and there's no doctor to help me, now. They are refusing to see chronic pain patients, like myself, in this area. I simply can't travel to Tucson, where they are making more money, there, than here, to see them. It is four hours away, both ways, with no one to help me get there. Not to mention the pain of sitting in a vehicle and becoming exhausted from the pain, it takes me a month to just recover. No, BL, I am sorry, you are heartless and not correct in your thinking. If you can't offer help, for us, but just dictate, then you are better off, leaving your comments where you are more appreciated. Not here. Unless you offer some solid advice, help for us, please, just stop writing. We are here to get advice and help from other sufferers, not to get lectured.

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CO Susie Says:
Don't forget to give some guidance on where in the Act, I can find all this information on how this is suppose to help me OK?

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Marianne Says:
Thank you, Co Susie, You are a good person, to ask me to help Karen. You are a good friend, too.

Karen, I am so sorry you are having such suffering. I completely understand what you are going through, but will not repeat my challenges, as I have already written them. But, I am trying to help others, by listing my petition, on this site and the President's "Front Porch" web site, where you can write about your challenges and mention how you read about all other sufferers too, asking him to help us, keep our doctors and meds. The more people do this, the more maybe we will be helped. In the meantime, dear Karen, I have you in my prayers, and if I find answers to everyone's problems, I will certainly post them, here. There must be something that will help us all. I just wish the DEA/FDA will focus more on the drugs, I see coming across the border, the junkies, etc, and not us. For we are NOT junkies, our medications work, without giving us the "High's" the junkies get. The pain medications, we get, does give us our lives back. Also, Karen, I have a friend, on another site, called "Heroes of Healing," (if you google it), his name is Dennis Kinch. He is doing all he can to help us, wrote a book, trying to help and is also starting a web presence and perhaps a television program, making all non-sufferers aware of the 100 million chronic pain sufferers losing their medications and doctors. Please look for him and say hello. He is a good man, suffering terribly, himself, but it doing his very best to make every one aware of us. He even walked across the state's talking to other patient's clinics and doctors, trying to get information to help. This was when he wasn't as bad as he is now.

Karen, if you scroll down to my other posts, you will see the links for my petition and the President's website, if enough of us sign and write to the President, he will be forced to do something. And don't worry, you will get no negative rebuttal from doing this, for I have been and others, for awhile, now. It is our "freedom of speech," we are using to get help and make aware we are suffering if not as much, but more than most cancer patients.
May God Bless you and keep you...


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CO Susie Says:
If you can, please give Karen H some encouragement. She sounded down to me and sounded as if she could do with some of your wonderful information.

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CO Susie Says:
I am extremely chatty today LOL. Cymbalta was one of the "designer drugs" I was prescribed by a doctor last year. I didn't react well to it, and did some online searches and scared myself silly with what I found. I stopped the Cymbalta immediately. Opiates have side effects, very true, but not the life ending diseases as side effects that you can contract from the use of some of the "designer drugs".

I guess the doctors in VA are running scared like most of the doctors in CO. I am taking an ER, Opana ER 20mg and oxycodone 10mg for breakthrough pain. I have trouble understanding why a doctor would be unwilling to prescribe a ER pain medication for a legitimate pain patient. I understand what their concern is with the IR, such as the 30mg oxycodone I was taking year or so ago.
There are lots of people who know the "right" thing to say to get pain meds, but as your condition isn't new and you were getting the other pain meds before, I don't "get" what the problem is.
Wish you the best of luck and hope someone in your area sees your post and can give you some guidance.

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CO Susie Says:
Old timer
I asked BL to help guide me to the portion of the Affordable Health Care act that he/she seems to think is the answer to pain management problems we all face. I have read portions before and wasn't able to wade through a lot of it. This wonderful act, hasn't been so wonderful for us.

I didn't have health care insurance, because we couldn't afford the cost of dependent care on my husbands policy. I was receiving my health care through a program provided by the State, which disappeared when the Act took affect. The insurance programs that I researched on their website were not affordable and were not even the minimal coverage I had thru the State.

My husbands insurance thru his company was changed, and not for the better, due to the Act. The cost was increased to the point the company could no longer afford to pay for employee coverage, so now we pay a portion of his coverage. My coverage was again totally out of our financial means. His deductible has increased and the amount he has to pay yearly "out of pocket" has also increased. The "donut hole" of the non coverage is so unbelievable, I don't know how anyone can tell us with a straight face that this Act was a benefit to us, and they can completely take out the word "Affordable".

Common sense should tell people that this was a bad idea from the start. Insurance companies have stock holders that demand a profit. If you legislate that they must cover pre existing, cover pregnancy issues, birth control, and other costly items, along with coverage that isn't even what most people need, but is still legislated. Someone has to pay the bill, and unfortunately it's the working class who are barely scraping by.
The economy hasn't been booming, so there hasn't been wage increases in over two years at my husbands company. So this price increase hits us hard.

Thankfully, my Medicare kicked in May, so I now have coverage. Unfortunately many of our working poor in our county, no longer have the coverage that they did have, due to the State program being eliminated.

I've been reading a lot of what BL has to say, and I am trying to decide what the angle is. Is it anti drugs for those of us who truly need them; is it a political statement, justifying another bad deal provided to us by Congress?
BL seem to start with the position that narcotic pain relievers are not a necessary part of the pain management programs for chronic pain sufferers and seemed to move to making political justification for President Obama's support of this crazy health care act, that the Clinton's couldn't get the support to push through Congress when Bill was in office.

I feel BL is entirely entitled to a different opinion than mine, and it doesn't upset me that it's voiced. I do wish more sensitivity to the suffering of others would be voiced by BL. In my case, pain management is the exercise that I am physically able to do, non medicine like my TENS machine, hot showers, heating pad, etc., along with the narcotic pain relievers (that don't have the horrible side effects of the new "designer drugs", side effects yes but not nearly as horrible), just want to add, the pain medication is what makes me able to function so that I can do the exercise LOL

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CO Susie Says:
Karen H
It's a wonderful thing that you aren't an animal, that someone would decide to "put down". The hopelessness that you feel some days may be due to pain wearing on you. No more of that sort of negative mind set allowed OK?
No need to be embarrassed that you aren't able to do some of the things you were.
There's lots of us to tell you: You are not alone in this, people do care, and negative thoughts aren't helpful.

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Ken Says:
via mobile
Hello i live near Lynchburg Virginia and I'm disabled i have degenarative disc disease sciatica nerve damage pain in my spine and neck are severe so i got a. huge tolerance to all medicatiins i been on everything and strengths so i decided to take a break off opiates for a year to bring my tolerance down so i lasted a year i was in so much pain and almost gave up in that year but i made it now the pain is worse than before more issues now after my doctor said i won't let you stay in this shape he has all my records proof of all my problems even my new ones so its been 4months and he won't give my pain meds back he said take what i called in and that will help you if not come back in 30days and go from there i picked up the meds cymbalta,and meloxicam been on them before so i take them and no releif i had bad reactions stomach pain and legs running at night it sucked so i go tell him he said take the cymbalta anyway and gave me amitriptaline so been on allthose over 2now3 times i got so sick still in pain times 2 does anyone no a doctor that will prescribe pain meds in or around Lynchburg Virginia cause got proof just not getting the help i need thanks Ken

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CO Susie Says:
I've tried several times to "wade" thru the Affordable Health Care act. You seem to be certain that this act is the answer to the problem, so perhaps you could provide a little guidance as to which portion of the Act and how do I get there to read it?

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CO Susie Says:
Karen H.
You mentioned that your parents lived in Evansville IN. I'm familiar with Evansville, had family there. Did they live there long, attend school there? My mother is buried there.

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CO Susie Says:
Karen H.
Continuing on LOL, in May this wonderful doctor has changed the medication part of my pain management program to Opana ER 20mg and Oxycodone 10mg for breakthrough pain. The Opana ER is a miracle drug for me. I no longer have the ups and downs that I experienced with the immediate release 30mg oxycodone. The pain relief is at a level constant point on most days and I am able to function again. As I am able to function, I can do the swimming exercise that he prescribed, along with the additional walking.
Xrays were done in May, and the gym visits that he hoped to add, are not possible, but increased swimming and walking are. I also have a TENS machine that I use on joints that decide to give me fits. The cervical traction device is now a "no no".

You mentioned other problems you are having. I am taking Metoprolol 25mg for irregular heart, Rantidine 150mg for stomach, Warfarin 5mg for the blood clot I developed in June and occasional Etodolac 400mg when my right shoulder refuses to work.

I do hope for you that the heart problem was caused by a medication and has now gotten better. We did try Lyrica for a few months but it isn't effective for me and doesn't make me feel well, so we aren't doing that any longer. My husband has type 2 diabetes and some other health issues, that we battle with too.
Please let me know how you are doing

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CO Susie Says:
Karen H.
First, so sorry to hear about your parents. It's very hard to lose people so close together. Our prayers are with you.
One of my best friends has a degenerative back disease, suffers daily, and is now totally disabled. We talk several times a week, not always about our meds and our pain, but to be honest it is a part of almost every conversation. He suffers daily.

Pain is such a powerful thing that seems to effect every part of our lives. We fight daily to keep pain from "controlling" every aspect of our lives, but sometimes that is a lost battle, before it begins. I do a silly mental thing, where I try to separate the effects of my diseases from the effects of my pain. Some days I can separate them and other days I can't. I don't know why that I feel there's a difference or that the difference is important, other than pain I can work at controlling, and the disease is going to do whatever it's going to do, so there isn't any control.

Last year my great doctor retired, and his replacement was a completely insensitive doctor, who was only concerned about "getting all these chronic pain people off narcotics", and that is an EXACT quote of what she said my first visit. She also voiced that their clinic was writing entirely too many prescriptions for narcotics and that she had promised her new employer that would change. OK so what sort of pain management does she have in mind? Turned out she had no problem prescribing expensive new "designer drugs" that haven't been proven to be effective for chronic pain, have numerous serious side effects, and weren't even marketed for pain control, I wasn't aware of how dangerous some of the "designer drugs" are, so I took what she prescribed for me.
Her "program" wasn't effective for me and also caused me to have depression. I started crying and couldn't stop for three days straight. I was totally unable to function. Called her office because I was falling completely apart and never even got a return phone call.
I was very lucky because a friend of mine was able to get me an appointment with a wonderful doctor (who isn't taking any new patients, he is totally booked, and has a long waiting list). The friend "begged" me in. Thank God. His pain management is effective for me and I am again able to function several days a week. Some weeks I am able to function more days than not, which is absolutely wonderful.

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CO Susie Says:

I have another "mission" now, to contact the City Council about the MIA/POW event of this past weekend. The Wall wasn't set up at the main event area, due to the incomplete construction, it was placed at the high school with no transportation provided to the high school from the event area. No posters or information were made available as to where it had been placed, so lots of walking and asking to even find where they had placed it. Good thing we don't have any disabled veterans attending a MIA/POW event, cause they may have had trouble getting from one location to the other !!

Lots of the bikers were leaving an hour after the event began. There weren't a 1/4 of the booths that are normally at the event. Normally several booths sell MIA/POW pins and patches celebrating the event, but wasn't able to find even one. Disappointed as I always get my father-in-law (30 year ret. Army, Korea and Nam vet) a pin for his hat.

The small booth area did have several booths that were selling lots "Nazi" trinkets. Which I thought was in very poor taste. Part of serving our country is to insure people have the right to sell "Nazi" trinkets, or anything else in poor taste, but I feel there's a time and place for people to exercise that right. Felt it was very disrespectful to our WWII vets and their very elderly relatives. The KKK or the Nazi Party have the right to rally and set up booths, but it should not be allowed at a civil rights rally either.

Didn't see any of the local military installations (Fort Carson, Peterson AFB) making their presence known, as in the past. Over all very disappointing display for our MIA/POWs and veterans. I got very ill two hours after arriving, so I didn't get to the Wall (couldn't make the haul up to the high school) and had to return home. I am fortunate because in the past, I have been to the Wall in D.C. and was also able to visit the Korean memorial there. As I said in last post, I haven't given up because I do want to see the "mobile" one, so I'm going to start tracking it.

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Karen H. Says:
via mobile
Hi my name is Karen. I live in the columbus area. I've been through it all for @ least 4 yrs.just as those who I've read about. So many people abusing or selling pain meds. I have had no luck @ all in finding any relief from lower back pain,degenerated disks pinching my sciatic nerve plus some arthitist.ive tried all these contraptions that say they help, some have 4 a bit. It gets me mad that it seems there's no relief.even Chiroprator.the worst thing I ever did was get shot in my back. I then had 2 start taking diabetic meds again.i had been diabetic for about 2yrs. & was able 2 stop meds.that laid me up 4 @ least 4to 6 weeks not able 2 barely move. It seems like that's all the pain management wants 2 do. I will never do that again! I've been put on drugs that caused so many problems I thought I was going crazy.then came an ER trip again 2 the hospital. I think I own a wing @ the very least for what I've had 2 spend going back & forth from the hospitals because of the drugs that weren't working for me. It's a long list.amitriptaline , gabapenton lyrica worst was savilla I no my spelling is of but it's the best I can do. That savilla was the worst nightmares 2 being paranoid.which then sent me 2 an other ER run I had such pounding in my chest though I was having heart attack! That's when this ER Doc. Put me on tramadol , which may work 4 others for me it's like nothing. I've talked 2 my PC physician,it doesn't work & she's seen me a few weeks ago I couldn't well @ all.& she had 2 c how bad I looked. It's embarrassing. I've always been active & worked out daily @ the gym. Then this happened. During all this trying 2 walk or even stand long enough 2 take a shower is 2 Me a very cruel. We all want 2 live better. & there's so many things I need & want 2 do plus what we are supposed 2 do. My mom passed away from cancer within a week in July last yr.then my Father passed away in September so close together. They live in Evensville in.& buried in Cleveland oh.this about did me in by itself, but with the pain,no sleep etc.had 2 travel back 2 sell the house & have movers come & I could barely walk without crying in pain. They said if I was an animal I would b put down.& that's how I've felt @ understanding was that I wasn't 2 stay on the tramadol ; very long , yet it's seems as if they won't listen. I want 2 live again.if anyone knows where 2 go 2 get a better prescription for something that will work better for me ,Please if anyone can help I thank you.

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BL Says:
You must be informed and educated if you want to bring about change. It is a good thing that no one here will have the opportunity to talk with any of the politicians who might be interested in helping. The reason I say that is none of you actually know the laws and facts. What would any of you say if you were asked the following question. "What type of impact do you believe pain mangement will see because of the Affordable Care Act?" You have no clue because you believe this has to do with having to buy health insurance. You are so wrong.

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Old timer Says:
via mobile
BIG LIAR AKA BL how much to you get paid from Hussein Obama. You are clueless. Jump of a bridge and do all us a big favor. I thought I herd all the trash talk in the are culled about that fools Obama Care. I do not one person that saved 2.500 everyone I know pays double.Do us all a favor and jump of a bridge and break you stupid neck. Clueless in BL land. What liar are coming up next. I'm a doctor if you are you suck at it. I'm so sick of you BS it hurts more listen to crap than the Sevier and chronic pain. Fools everywhere and we just after have one here. Semper fi. BL do you know what that means. My quess you will need to look up.

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