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Doctors Willing To Prescribe Pain Medication
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Anonymous Says:
Can you tell me about any doctors who can prescribe Vicodin

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Marianne Says:
Well it's all good to go to Washington and March, but most of us can't march, let alone travel. I can't afford long distance, to make calls, either. I am just doing what I thought would help. However, I am writing to President Obama, on his "Front Porch," site and telling him stories of mine and others, to get his attention. But, he doesn't have pain, he doesn't understand, yet, I will be a pain in his side, if nothing else. But, it does take more than one person to be a pain, to him. This is why I've posted his site, so everyone can write, that way, telling their stories. If we fill up his website/mailbox, it must get some attention.

Co Susie, thank you for your great support. I do appreciate all you have written and trying to get people to read my posts. You are a good person, suffering too, so I think there will be a special place in heaven, for you. I won't be able to reply to everything, you wrote, as I am in more pain, than ever. On top of that, it is going to be in the high 90's and my swamp cooler has leaked into my dining room. I can't run it now, so it will be very hot and I am not heat tolerant. I will have to figure something out, hoping to find someone to help me with this. In the meantime, I am staying in bed, in front of a fan. I will be thinking of everyone and may GOD bless you all....


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Old timer Says:
via mobile
No. Hardly can use my hands still in a lot of pain from my herniated disc and rotator cuff And knees. But it just got more painful being screwed around by a government that you served six years for your rights and then they have taken them all. Until we all stand they gather as a nation go march on DC by the millions petitions calls to your congressman or senator's will not do the bid a good. The only way when you call your congressman or if you call a senator they have to vote on the fifth amendment of the Constitution which gives the State right take back your right. It was put into the Constitution just for a reason like this the government tells your state what it has to do it they both with the fifth amendment did you State is not have to follow all those government Obama laws. Or as far as that goes a lot of other laws that are on just to you your family friends that were written before this communist Obama came in office. Please tell your friends family and anybody else to tell them to get the states rights back from the government because if we do not start now you dumb for it's going to get worse and worse and worse. Read the fifth amendment in the Constitution read the fifth amendment in the Constitution. And as for the pain I'm in pain that I was before i started the pain medicine

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LINNETTA: YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY RIGHT. WE ARE AT THE BOTTOM OF THE ANY ISSUES. NOT EVEN A CRUMB. EXCEPT TO THE DEA AND FDA. However these facilities have no problems releasing medications that young boys end up with breasts, medications that cause cancer, death and if you really listen, these side affects are very scary. But they are worried about us, "accidentally overdosing". What a crock of s***. They release drugs that ACTUALLY KILL people but there number one concern is the pain sufferer. Go figure. I will disagree with one thing, it won't be the final pill. It will send people to the streets to get help. This way the DEA can keep their jobs. Since they can't get a handle at all on the meth problem lets screw with the chronic pain sufferers who WOULD be contributing to society if we could move, but without the aide of medications we can't. When someone important steps up with chronic pain, then maybe it will be taken seriously.

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Runt Says:
this is runt again i am in bay city texas and i have cronic pain in my wrist from crushing it few years back now i have the pain running up to my shoulder and into my neck i have been to see two different doctors they tell me its a torn rotory cup no insurance need a doctor who will prescribe hydrocodone for me till i can afford to go threw surgery to have shoulder fixed

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CO Susie Says:
Reading the posts, you know I got a lot to say about your last post LOL I don't know what President Obama thinks personally about the chronic pain patients, but I don't believe his "front porch" is there because of his personal beliefs. In fact I seriously doubt that he even reads it. I'm fairly certain that a political aide reads it. President Obama isn't the last democrat that will run for office, and that's why the numbers of chronic pain patients who contact them is important. As long as we vote, and pay taxes, there is some consideration given to our opinion, because we also have family and friends who vote. We spend a lot of money on medications, so even if the pharmaceutical manufacturers try to ignore us, they too will take notice if it effects their pocket.

Foreign policy plays a large part in release of Americans held in other countries, and as the public we aren't always aware of all the implications involved in the release of an American held on foreign soil. We are only aware of what the government decides to release to the Media, and what the Media decides to release to us. By the time the "facts" get to us, there may not be much fact left. We could debate the benefits of the release of the Army soldier who the US did take measures in his behalf. Turns out he left his duty post and wanted to become involved in that mess. Pretty much his choice to be in that situation.

Euthanasia is a whole topic. There may be cases that euthanasia is a reasonable option. The biggest concern would be, who gets to make the decision if it is reasonable or not. Are you chronically ill? What pain issues are you suffering with? We do care.

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linnietea Says:
Many of you may think this insensitive,but President Obama-doesn't give a rip about us pain patients,we're just another group of losers to him.The marine Sgt held in Mexico,he has had a petition over 100,000 /jack has happened -all the president would have to do is pickup the telephone. Do you realize it's been 3+ months.
The Christian pastor,being tortured in Iran,I'm sure is suffering,Obama hasn't intervened at all.
Writing the president isn't gonna do a thing,if he's not willing to help these people,Please!. WE ARE PART OF THE OBAMA PLAN:
The end- basically that no one cares about.Haven't you figured yet,if pain is the issue-pain is an illness.which has no cure just maintenance.Sooner or later,we will all end up being given a final pill.
The antidote for chronic pain.-euthanasia .
Whether you believe or not; the government doesn't give a damn how much we hurt,how bad it screws up our lives.
If we aren't productive,we are takers.. I'm sorry if you're offended,life sucks sometimes,truth sometimes sucks more!!!

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CO Susie Says:
I know you are gone for a few days, but it'll all and I do mean all LOL, will be waiting for you when you get back LOL. I agree with what you were saying about college. It's so nice for those families who could afford to send their children to college. I believe it really made a huge difference in the earning power of people who are in our age group. Then student loans and grants were made available to almost the entire population, which seemed to affect the value of the college degree.
Have run into several young people in their 20s who have just graduated and used student loans and grants (if they qualified). They owe lots of money now and for some silly reason they feel as if they should be earning 80 grand a year or more, without any work experience and without working their way up in their profession. Now, unfortunately they are using their lack of the 80 grand a year job, to justify why they aren't paying back their student loans. You borrowed it, you owe it. Truthfully they don't seem to be as well educated as most of us were, when we came out of high school. Worked in the office with a few of these type of young people, who can't spell, can't compose a letter, have no math skills. I'm not sure what they paid the large sums of money to the college to learn.

I didn't have a family that could afford to pay for me to go to college. There was also, even at that point in time, an attitude in that part of the country of why should a woman go to school, she's just going to get married and raise children. She will never work long enough to earn back what was spent to educate her LOL. To give them a little credit, they didn't realize that our economy would get to the point that the "stay at home" mom would get rare. In many situations it takes both mom and dad working to provide what a family with growing children need.

I had to continue my education in bits and pieces. 3 courses short of my degree, I finally decided as I was getting closer to the end of my working career, it just didn't matter any more if I had the degree or not. Paid off the student loans that I owed and thought that maybe at some point in my 60s, I would get that piece of paper so that I could frame it LOL.

Between us, we have a total of five children who are all married. One son is an electrician, one son is in sales, one son has a college degree in computer science, neither of the daughters work, they are both married to military men. The electrician son is married to a cosmatologist (does hair dang it LOL), the salesman is married to a Property Manager (with a college degree), the son in computer science is married to a stay at home mom (with a college degree and he is repaying her student loans LOL). The salesman and property manager have the highest income by a large amount, the electrician and the computer science son are about tied in earnings but with the family of the electrician having the higher total family income because she does hair and the other doesn't have a paying job. Coming in last in earnings are the two military families, but it's their choice to be stay at home moms rather than have that extra income. Being in a trade, selling, hair (a service), are fields that can pay well without that piece of paper. Lucky for us, all five families are able to afford to live a middle class life, with reasonable autos, money for vacations, all the things we weren't and still aren't able to afford. All with 3 "stay at home" moms in the group, as rare as they are becoming.

I thank God that all five families are in good health (except for the daughter with the bad back) and are able to afford all the things that we weren't. They all work hard for everything that they earn. They all know what the word "save" means, they all pay the debts that they owe, and they are all relatively happy with great kids. We couldn't ask for anything else for them. We are very blessed.

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CO Susie Says:
Anyone else who is having trouble with a particular brand of medication, the FDA has a website, that you can let them know what sort of side effects and problems you are having. It's, then you select Report a problem, then you select Begin Report as a consumer/patient.

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CO Susie Says:
Re reading your post of noon time on the 27th. Cause you know that chatty me, has something to say LOL

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CO Susie Says:
YEAH ME !!! The pharmacy had ZyGenerics brand and not that poison KVK Tech. So I am set for another month

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CO Susie Says:
Painfully Stressed
If you go back in this thread, you will see in several of Marianne's posts the website information for a petition to help with the problems we as chronic pain patients are having. There is also information for contacting President Obama on the front porch. We are all hoping that if our problems are shared with the President, that perhaps someone will listen and help address some of our problems.
Our thoughts are with you and if we can help with information, or by just listening, we would love to help you.

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CO Susie Says:
Painfully Stressed
First you are definitely not alone with problems finding a doctor who can treat you with understanding and compassion. Marianne is one of the people who post here and if you read back on this thread, you will see that she has had lots of problems with just that.
Our daughter is in her early 30s and she has had a problem with her back for over 10 years, since the birth of our grandson. She has seen various doctors at every location they have been stationed. Until this past year they hadn't even done an MRI to find the problem, they just assumed that because of her age, she must be after drugs. Occasionally there would be a doctor who would prescribe Percocet for her, of a 30 day supply. She dislikes drugs so much, that when she would return for the follow up appointment several months later, she would still have over 20 days of pills left. Boy that must be a sign of a druggie, not someone who takes a pill when they can't function any other way. Percocet has been about the only drug that allows her to function on her bad days, but again she is facing, even with the results of the MRI, having any doctor prescribe anything for pain. She has a degenerative bone disease and several of her discs are already crumbled.
I know it's not much help, but Arkansas is not the only state where you will have the problems you are having. I hope that knowing you aren't alone with this and that we all care about what's happening to you, is some comfort.

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CO Susie Says:
WOW Did some posts to you last night and they still aren't here this morning

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CO Susie Says:
It's almost 10pm, so you must be finished with todays ordeal. How did it go? Hope it wasn't too awful.
Don't know if you saw her post yet, but Painfully Stressed could also use some of your words of encouragement and maybe some guidance. We moved to the mountains 14 years ago, because I don't like neighbors any more. Sometimes I say that I don't like people anymore, but that's not really true. There are a few left that are likeable LOL We still have neighbors so this isn't as remote as I would like, but at least there is some space between houses. Still have examples of what I don't like about neighbors or people. Across the side road is a small house that is only used for a few weeks in the summer by "snow birds" as we call them. They seem like normal everyday people. She is afraid of most of the wildlife here, so I do wonder why they purchased and visit every summer. We had a family of bears, who as bears being bears, will get into the garbage if you place it outside.

You can put garbage out if you wrap and treat with chemicals to make it smell unpleasant and not like food to the bears. Anyway to shorten the story, we had several new families move into the area, who not understanding the wildlife continued to put out garbage and worse yet, to actually feed the wildlife. So the Papa Bear and Momma Bear (who would bring her cubs with her), took turns raiding garbage cans. Papa Bear would even sun himself in my side yard, which makes for watching closely when you come outside. And no I really didn't want him using my yard as his sunning spot, cause being too close can result in very bad things happening. Some of the new people and some campers were really nice and actually put food out for the bears to eat, to save the bears the trouble of raiding the garbage cans, I guess. The "snow bird" who is afraid of wildlife kept calling the Division of Wildlife on the bears, people who couldn't figure out not to put their garbage out, were calling the DOW also. Ended in the DOW killing Papa Bear and Momma Bear and relocating the babies to another area. Those bears did nothing wrong but get too used to people (cause people were feeding them). People caused the whole situation which resulted in the death of those poor bears. People are so wonderful and do things that just make you want to hug them.

Up the road a nice normal older couple (50s) moved here from Little Rock. First they were putting garbage out (attract some bears please so we can have some more dead bears), then planting flowers for the deer to eat (the previous owner had built some wonderful flower boxes on the upper deck for flowers) then complain because they eat your flowers, parked his large RV where it interferes with our view, not his. LOL, Latest is the bee hive he has purchased and filled with bees. Again, not near his house, but on the edge of his property where it joins mine, near where my swing, kids sandbox and picnic table are. Guess it's OK if it's my grandkids that get stung, just as long as it's far enough from his house so that it isn't him or his wife who get stung. But never fear, as soon as these bees make honey, we won't have a hive any longer, because the bears will see to that, and once again we are drawing bears near our homes, which could result in the death of the bears. People are just wonderful, makes you want to hug them.
These people put out food for the deer, who really like white bread, which is awful for health. But lets not worry about that, it makes for really good pictures that the deer will come that close to you. In fact they will eat right out of your hand, isn't that wonderful. Oh but please be careful, that group of young bucks have antlers and you will get hurt. The does who have young can be very aggressive and will raise up on their hind legs and their hoofs will cut you. Don't forget to stop and buy some extra white bread for the deer on your way home OK?

Tomorrow is my "prescription saga" again, so wish me luck. I'm not feeling so wonderful, so I think I'll head to bed. Hopefully I'll be able to get my oxycodone prescription filled without the KVK Tech poison pills being a huge issue again. With the pain and feeling bad, and fighting to function, I really don't need this prescription problem every month. Again, please let me know how today went

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CO Susie Says:
Don't know what's wrong with your wrist and shoulder, but I have problems with my shoulder. I already take pain medication for other things but the pain in the shoulder gets where my pain meds don't help it. My doctor prescribed Etodolac for the shoulder and in two days it's like magic, pain all gone.
I only take it when the shoulder flares up, because it's suppose to be hard on the stomach.

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CO Susie Says:
Back pain,
Don't know whose fault or what with the car accident, but I you are going to have an auto insurance claim to be settled. Keep all the receipts for medications and supplies you have to purchase because of the accident. They could all be reimbursed by the insurance company.

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CO Susie Says:
Back pain,
When I didn't have insurance, I found stacks of different types of prescription cards on a table at my doctors and sometimes on the counter at the pharmacy. Some of the cards the pharmacy would give me a discount and others they didn't accept. If you have insurance, they may not let you use the discount cards with a copay. Did you do a search online for coupons/cards to help with cost? I have found coupons online that give up to $75 off on "name brand" purchase, I did the search by using the "name brand" of the med.

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CO Susie Says:
Old timer
Great about being off the oxycodone by yourself, that must have been hard. Why did you decide to do that? Has your pain lowered to a point you can function without medication? That's especially wonderful if it has.
Ninthwardrapper is right about green tea, dark chocolate, at least for me. One of the things I have with the fibromyalgia is sleep issues, then add pain medication sleep issues to that and add the pain issues and LOL anyway sleep is a weird thing for me. Green tea is a new thing I have tried this year, so far it seems to help relax me where I can get to sleep. Dark chocolate I have to be careful, if I eat too much it seems to wake me up instead. OH my goodness RED BULL, my husband drinks that daily and I tried it one time only LOL. Red Bull does wake people up!!
When I have a period of exhaustion I try to eat lots of veggies and fruit. Fruit as oranges, tangerines, grapefruit, the high acid ones seem to give me energy. Maybe cause they have more natural sugar in them.

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Painfully Stressed Says:
via mobile
Its taken me a while to build the courage to ask for advice but here it goes. I'll try to sum it all up so its not so much detail.

I'm 29 yrs old. I had my first migraine at 5 yrsold & my first surgery along with my first prescription narcotic at age 14. Over the yrs I've developed additional issues that have kept me needing pain medication most of my life. I live in Arkansas & it seems the doctors here are extremely reluctant to give narcotics which has caused me to be sent to numerous doctors and to go without any pains meds for extended periods of time. In 2008 I broke my pelvis in an accident which also damaged my back & has left me with extreme daily pain. I have 2 kids that are my world & I hate that my physical activities with them have to be limited due to lack of help with controlling my pain. I can't walk through the grocery store for more than 30-45 mins without thanking God I have a buggy to lean on to help me walk. I'm very limited, but push myself to the max when it comes to making my kids happy and then pay the price when I'm in bed at night praying for the slightest bit of relief.

So, I just had another surgery in May & have been seeing that surgeon for the past 3-4 months who has been giving me Vicodin regularly. He always made sure I never went without. But being a surgeon he could only take care of me for a certain amount of time, so he sent me to a new doctor, who he believed would continue the medication. He was wrong. This doctor refuses to do anything. Just abruptly cut me off after several months of regular use, taking 5-6 a day. He wants me to see a PM doctor, which is great, but will take 4-6wks just to make an appointment. He still refuses to give me anything just for the time being until I see the specialist.

Every time I see a doctor, I feel so ashamed to ask for anything bc of the way they automatically look at me with suspicion. Like I'm selling or abusing. How is this fair??!!! I go through enough on a daily basis. My doctor should be at least one is person I can go to without judgement or question. I'm just so disappointed in my doctor choices here. And I guess maybe I'm saying the wrong things? Am I causing their looks, judgement & suspicion and not realize it??

So my question is, Are there certain words/phrases to avoid when wanting a doctor's help with pain medication? Are there certain things I should be sure to say? They haven't even made my appt with the PM dr yet. Will probably still be several weeks. But I need to know how to talk to my current dr in the mean time and also what things to explain to the PM dr.

Any advice is greatly appreciated. I just want to live my life as pain free as possible, enjoy my babies, & function as normally as I can. Is that too much to ask? Apparently it is here in south Arkansas.

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Back pain Says:
I have a very high deductible and need a prescription from a doctor for a refill after a najor car accident can someone help?

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