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Doctors Willing To Prescribe Pain Medication
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Anonymous Says:
Can you tell me about any doctors who can prescribe Vicodin

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Norton Says:
via mobile
After 2 years my pain dr. Has closed his doors leaving me with no names of possible Dr. To see I have been on pain meds for 10 years but am having trouble finding a dr, who will prescribe pain medication .. Please help I liive in Kansas City Missouri .. If anyone knows of a good Sr. That not only writes scripts but also gives good care .. Thanks for any help I am getting desperate

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will Says:
via mobile
Im in utah area which i would be in utah county and salt lake city county and i need to find a doctor who will prescribe oxycodone 30 mg ? the first visit i just moved here and im out off my meds and i dont want it to take two weeks because the doctors are back up on appointments for two weeks

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Marianne Says:
Thank you, Java!
I appreciate your backing me, on my quest for the good for all of us. We all need to be heard, otherwise we will continue to lose our battles. I am dedicated in getting all of our sufferings are heard and acknowledged as real illnesses, real sufferings. We are humane beings and deserve to be treated as such, so we can live like non-sufferers do. It is wrong to be treated like drug junkies, when we are far from that. So, Please, everyone, go to my links and sign my petition and go to the President's site and write your stories. After all, I think he could use 100 million Chronic Pain Patients' votes, too. We must be heard, we must have our doctors back, we must have our medications, that help us live a somewhat normal life, to care for ourselves, our loved ones, our homes and more.
May GOD Bless us all, may HE help us in our quest for our freedom from pain...


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ninthwardrapper Says:
I have it on facebook I paid to spread the word bless you for trying!!!!

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JAVA Says:

You have been on my mind. You stated thank you. Does this mean you have found the support that you need? I hope so. Your posts are very small, with a small post we don't know what you are referring to so we guess.

Know that I am still looking out for your name... On this site.

Your in my thoughts I don't know you but am worried for you.

I hope your with people you love and who care about you and are helping you through this extremely difficult time in your life.

Be safe....

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JAVA Says:
Marianne: Signed it, signed yours. Keep posting. Maybe we will be HEARD. Those afraid to sign or think it won't help. We will get nowhere unless we stick together.

I am NOT affiliated with the work that Marianne is working on, but I believe her quest as it is our quest. One person can't take on a battle for us all.


Keep up the good work Marianne....

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Marianne Says:

I just found this site, American Pain Rights Petition:

It is a well written petition, about our rights, as chronic pain patients to be heard and our pain addressed, legally, without oppression.
It only has 194 signatures, one is mine, so please, also go here and sign this petition, which is a letter addressed to President Obama. The more we can do, to be heard, about our suffering, our oppression by the DEA/FDA and others, the more we can get help. I know I'm asking for you all to sign this, sign that, but it is so important we are all heard, so we may eventually get the real help we need! Feel free to write to me, telling me what you've signed, I would love to hear from you all. May GOD bless you and keep you in HIS heart...


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Mrfixitt Says:
If live near Charlotte and you are willing to travel about 30 miles you need to go to Mooresville N.C. Go to see Dr. Mark Hines 170 Medical Park Dr. Mooresville N.C. Phone# 704-360-2260. I moved here from Chicago Illinois I called him on a Monday and was seen that Thursday. First off I need to tell you that when I came here to N.C. I had none of my records with me and I do not have health insurance. I walked into his office at 8:00AM and walked out at 8:30AM. I have been on narcotic pain killers for 20+ years. I started with Darvocet 10/650 from there went to Tylanol #4 (60mg codeine phosphate ) then to Vicodin ES 7.5/500 (Hydrocodone) for the past 10 years on Fentynal Patches and Oxycodone. He asked me what worked the best for me and wrote for just that. With no records in hand I walked out of that office with a 30 day script for 15 100mcg patches and 150 Oxycodone 30 mg tabs. You go for 2 months once-a-month and on the 3rd month he writes you for that month and gives you post dated scripts for the next month. Now you only have to go every other month. Once you are at that point if you pay cash it's 125.00/month. By far this is the best doctor I have ever had, he is very efficient and treats you like a person. I heard so many people say that you start to get looked at like you are a drug seeker well I promise you there is none of that here. First of all every one in that office is there for the same thing. TO GET THEIR NARCOTICS FILLED! So you feel very comfortable there. You are required to sign a opiate contract and are given a UA every time you go for an office visit. DO NOT COME UP DIRTY FOR ANY THING THAT IS NOT SUPPOSED TO BE IN YOU. Also be sure you come up positive for what he prescribes for you. That means if you run out of your meds don't go buy something off the street to get thru. He also checks your levels of opiates in your body. it must fall within a certain range. if they are not high enough he will figure one of two things either you don't need that many or you are selling them. I would highly suggest that you follow your opiate contract to the letter because as every body says these doctors are very hard to find. I have been going to him for 8 years now and I promise you, you will not find a better doctor any where. He listens to you and works with you to the very end. Remember if you screw up there is no 2nd chances you will be immediately dismissed. If you know anything about opiates you DO NOT want to go thru withdrawls or have the pain that you had before you went to him. This man will manage your pain better than any doctor you have ever been to. My pain never exceeds 3 on a scale of 1-10 and that is a wonderful thing. So any body that is within driving distance of Mooresville N.C. This is the doctor to see........Good Luck. I promise you will feel like your old self again.

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Marianne Says:
Hello Java,

I couldn't have written your last post, any better! I am using that, in my writings to the President, on his "Front Porch" website, where he wants to hear from us, what our lives are like. I am continuing to write him, as much as possible to get the word out, about all chronic pain patients, demise, thanks to the DEA/FDA and some politicians, who think we are drug junkies.

I invite others to write the President too, for the more he hears about our demise, our intense suffering, how we are being treated less humanely than animals, he will listen. After all, it's 100 million chronic pain patients, who also vote!

Here is his website:

It is important, everyone helps me, to help us all. The more people who write to him, the more our demise is heard. Please, don't be afraid to speak up, for yourself, for others, too. This is our "War on Getting the Help We All Need!" The more people who sign my petitions, the more people write to the President, the more our voices, are heard.

Again, here is my petition, which some of you have already signed. Thank you for that. For all others, please go here and sign my petition, we all need to be heard, they all need to know the immense suffering we are going through, some of us are contemplating suicide, too! Not over dosing, which the DEA is using an excuse to take us off our needed medications, we are all safely taking, just to live somewhat a normal life. A life we deserve, like the non-sufferers have.

Also, all those, who are suffering, as Veterans, be sure you write, too. Your voices may be heard, even more than civilians.

Thank you all, for your helping me get this horrible situation, this horrible thing that is happening to us all, who suffer terribly, out to the public, the President, politicians and of course the DEA and FDA. We need to make them know, they are killing us, with their non-medical backgrounds, their assumptions that we are drug junkies.

Thank you, all for your helping me get this important issue out to all those who can help us.

May GOD Bless you all, you are in my nightly prayers...


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Marianne Says:
Hello All,

I wrote to the President, again, only this time, I not only described my suffering, I also copied and pasted, some of the posts here. No, I don't mention names, but referred him to this site, and others, to read our demise. I don't know if he will reply, but he has, when I've written him, in the past.

They have such other issues, non-important, people write to him about, but I believe our issues are far more important. I've been reading all the posts, here on this site, and others, there are many who are continuing to think about suicide, for lack of help. I am doing my best to get the word out, about our demise, our intense suffering and the lack of medication and help from our doctors, thanks to the FDA/DEA and other politicians. Won't you help me, by signing my petition at:

Or better yet, write directly to the President, on his "Front Porch Website," where he wants to hear how everyone is doing.

Help me, help us all, so we can all live a more humane life. It is so wrong we are all being treated so harshly, losing our doctors, our medications, which is the only thing that works, after trying everything else. Animals are being treated more humanely than we are!

Thank you, everyone, for your help in this matter!

May GOD Bless you all!

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ninthwardrapper Says:
Thank you

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JAVA Says:
Anton, you nailed it. Difference in being "Drug Dependent" and "Drug Addict"

That is what the DEA and FDA are missing in their equation. It's apples and oranges. The human body, after being on NEEDED pain meds, naturally the body becomes dependent. There is no way around it. However, those such as us, take as prescribed. We don't run out early. We don't change the medication as the "Drug Addict" does. We are given diagnostics, safe guards ALREADY in place. Pill counts, drug panels including that what is prescribed is in our systems, no illicit drugs, safe guards at the pharmacy level, we sign contracts we will not go to another Dr, exactly which pharmacy we do go to. DEA reports are pulled on us. So then WHY? WHY are we being looked at as the addicts? We are doing and following what the Dr. has ordered, without hesitation, complaint. WE are NOT the problem.

The way the VA is handling the "Way around It" is by giving nothing. This is not the answer. It is unfair and inhumane to take these much needed medications away from anyone, VA, civilian, everyone who needs it. How many trips to the emergency room, taking away from Dr.'s needed for others? The ER is already over crowded just to get out of the pain we can't handle any longer? There is not enough staff at the VA hospitals, and the others who have little to no insurance will they spend their money on much needed relief from pain for an emergency room visit? Or will they take what little money they have and turn to the streets.

These topics are not seen nor heard by the government agency's. These topics are at the very core as to the WHY they will be turning more people to the streets.

If you stop and think, is that WHY, so people WILL go to the streets? Just so these agencies can prove their numbers? Dr.'s not allowed to keep their oath? Dr.'s follow a calling as a priest, they want to help. To tie the hands of a Dr. to NOT allow help, the Dr.'s that are or were treating us, they know us on a HUMAN level. Not a STATISTIC.

The DEA and FDA need the numbers to prove their allegations regarding accidental overdose.

The numbers WILL now be proven. Unfortunately, what they don't SEE is it will fall on the heads of the DEA and the FDA.

We individuals, whom are in pain can only tolerate a certain amount of pain before we become desperate. That desperation will spill into the streets.

There is NO need for this to EVER come to pass. The employees of the DEA and FDA and any other affiliated agency, the Dr.'s that are pushing these very small studies, should ONLY be those who are chronic pain suffers. If that were to occur, then maybe there would be hope for all. Take a look at what happens when these small studies of new medications occur, the real "Study" happens when the medication, whatever it may be, side effects etc. happen AFTER it is released to the population. THEN, there are recalls, side effects not foreseen, death. Jesus Christ, can't remember the name, but a medication is now in litigation because young boys are growing breasts. Some medications, CAUSE CANCER.

These are ok though? Interesting.

We are dealing with politics. I doubt we will win, and afraid for those, as us, will be the losers, by loss of life. By the hands of a government who is claiming they are helping us.

The DEA and FDA are hurting us. I have read the studies, it shows CLEARLY that relief of pain, QUALITY OF LIFE (a term I cant stress enough) improves with the opiate compared to the placebo group and the non opiate group. It IS CLEAR that the opiate GIVES US OUR LIVES BACK. WE CAN MOVE MORE DO MORE. Quality of life is the most important topic rather they would be more swayed by the loss of life by people going to the streets or suicide. They DON'T understand. THE government is hurting us not helping us.

I could go on forever on this topic because I was one of those people who almost took their own lives by driving into a telephone pole because I could not take the pain any longer I just wanted it to end. I feel suicide is the MOST selfish thing anyone can ever do. And I almost did it. Almost took away a Mother for my children. Was I thinking of them at that moment? NO, I wanted the pain to stop, that's all. I was not going through withdrawals or needing a fix or whatever it is called. Just wanted the pain to stop.

This will be my last post. I can go on forever, hoping the DEA and FDA are actually reading the posts. But I am interfering with those who are seeking help. I would not want my posts to outweigh someone in need.

Good Luck to ALL!!! I truly hope you find the help you need...WE NEED. I also hope that the FDA and DEA realize what they are doing to us. Not FOR us. Please be safe.

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rachel Says:
are you still going to the same doctor? im searching very hard but cant seem to come across a doctor right for me. please let me know!

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Srfspud Says:
I'm in Galveston, Tx and looking for a doctor after I totaled my motorcycle. Please advise.

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Anton Says:
I agree JAVA, being a veteran and commander of my VFW post we have VA reps that have been there for decades and have seen the changes... the Vietnam vets coming home in the 70's, all through the 80's and even into the mid 90's the VA stance was prescribe them everything and anything to help them forget their tours in country. I have been helping vets since the 1990's driving them to the VA every month and I too have seen the changes in the way they prescribe, the VA has done a complete about face on the way they treat vets. Now they do not like to give narcotic pain meds or benzos and sadly many of these men and women really need them. I agree that these new regulations will force many to find them on the streets and increase the chances of OD or suicide if they cannot find relief from their daily pain which is sad considering what these men and women gave and how it has changed and effected their lives forever. All they want is relief and to be pain free or at least get enough relief from the pain to function, yes they like me are dependent but there is a HUGE difference from being a drug addict and being drug dependent. Unfortunately the DEA does not see the difference, to them if you take narcotics you are considered an addict

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ninthwardrapper Says:
If in the new orleans la a sure thing DR.Troy beaucordrray metairie,la 504 885-3737 he is my dr and he takes medicade and up nice man you will leave w/something kewl dude and good looking ladies A WRITEERRR

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53 Says:
I am looking for a pain doctor in Iowa that will prescribe heavy pain medication. I have full body RSD also know as CRPS and Fibromyliga a long with a list of other things.
I have been looking for a doctor for over 2 years. If anyone has any ideas please get in touch with me.

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Big Rev Says:
via mobile
Tom as long as you have proper MRI n paperwork check out the Freeman Pain institute. As long as u follow their rules, they will take care of you. Btw, don't smoke cannabis and don't run out early. But they will keep upgrading you as you go month to month. Best of luck

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JAVA Says:
Yes I am sorry to say that I am right. I believe that the veterans do deserve better treatment for keeping our country safe and suffering the consequences when on the battle field and worse not coming home to loved ones safely. It is very shameful for this country to kick veterans to the curb. It took me MONTHS to get my spouse who is a Vietnam Veteran to even get close to a military hospital. With the help of wonderful person Jim (props) who was in the same war, who worked out of the VA. He called my husband almost daily and just talked to him soldier to soldier. Survivor to Survivor, or is it brothers? This man went out of his way to help me help my husband. And now. That help has been taken away in a blink of an eye. Like an order from your commanding officer. It is not ok. It is not ok for any one to be treated this way. Civilians included such as myself. All I see in the future is the suicide count rising, and more people going to the streets for help out of PURE DESPERATION to STOP THE PAIN.

I know I almost ended it, in front of a telephone pole, ready to go, I was told to go immediately to specific Dr. The Dr's are AFRAID. Its ridiculous.

So the DEA and the FDA will get what they want. They say people are overdosing. YA you bet now they will. Because the DEA and the FDA is going to FORCE people to seek help. Seek it any way they can, and it WILL spill into the streets and their statement of "accidental overdose" will come TRUE. But the Kicker is it will BE THE DEA and FDA fault for these so called accidental overdoses now that they are forcing the hands of the entire population CIVILIAN AND MILITARY ALIKE. THESE ACCIDENTAL OVERDOSES AND MORE DRUGS ON THE STREETS WILL BE DIRECTY THE FAULT OF THE DEA AND THE FDA.


Sorry, got mad there, but it's true. They say this is why they are doing this? Do to accidental overdoses. Well now they can say it's true, they will have the numbers to prove it.

But hear me, IT'S NOT ACCIDENTAL. PEOPLE WANT TO GET OUT OF PAIN. SUCIDE rate Will go up. I know it will. Like I said, I almost did it. Not by overdose. It was because, I COULD NOT TAKE THE PAIN ANY LONGER!

Please scroll and find the petition to sign. It will help the civilian world as well as the military world (I was corrected and the petition is for all, I apologize for my error)

We will bury more people, we will bury more vets, military of all walks of life. WE have our FDA AND DEA TO THANK FOR THAT.

IF WE ALL SIGN THAT PETITION IT WILL HELP. I SIGNED. WHAT ELSE CAN WE DO? Like I said in another post even President Kennedy had chronic pain and a Dr. at his side. He would not stand for this. He would know what we are all going through as he suffered as well. We don't have the luxury of a Dr. at our side, or like a celebrity, we don't have the resources to buy off a Dr. These fools are part of the problem. I could go on. But I will leave it at...

Sign the petition below. That's the only way to fight. Right? Or we will all just lose. The saddest part is that some will lose by taking their own lives. Not by overdose, by something bought on the street from a stranger that they don't know because we can't handle the pain any longer so we will do anything trust anyone and that is the scariest thought of all. More drugs on the streets. I thought the DEA was trying to prevent that. My mistake. (to the person that proof reads this before you post it. Please don't remove the portion where it states the DEA and the FDA will have blood on their hands, because they really will. This is their fault. If you the proof reader are in chronic pain then you know, the human body can only handle so much pain, before we reach a breaking point. thank u...)

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BL Says:
JAVA, you are correct about the private drs. No one is going to receive proper pain management from VA. On the other hand no one seems to be receiving proper treatment for anything from VA. It seems that the number of vets who have OD and become addicted are the reason for this. The VA drs don't care enough about their patients to actually spend time trying to help them. I know a lot of private drs don't either. But, our Vets deserve much more and much better.

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