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Doctors Willing To Prescribe Pain Medication
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Anonymous Says:
Can you tell me about any doctors who can prescribe Vicodin

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Face it Says:
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You are all addicts

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Pain Says:
HA HA. You must think disability is great. So far I have lost my home and had to move into projects. When you go from an income of 50,000 a year to 10,000 a year their is not much that this will pay for when you include utilities and food. My child has also been affected by it as well since he can no longer play sports due to low income he has become with drawn due to getting picked on by kids at school. This is not living my friend. You should try it some time and see if you can live a good life on that.

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karen Says:
hello to all, ive been out of sorts lately, hope all is well to all of you. keeping it short cause im just not feeling it. oh by the way, I got scammed by an online site and they hacked my computer, learned my lesson. wish I could find a reliable site.
take care all

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Dallas Says:
Looking for a doc in Dallas to treat all the ailments that's been listed in these blogs. I've got so many things wrong with my back and neck, too many to list. I DO NOT Dr shop but just when you think your in good with your personal doc, things seem to change and then my treatments and medications have to be altered. Its been an up and down problem since the new laws came into effect. When you find a happy medium, then things should be left alone!!! Its led me to have to find other doctors which now looks as though I'm doctor shopping. I just want a doctor that will treat me with the same meds I've been on for 30yrs and let it be. Why mess with what works???

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Karen from columbus Says:
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Litigation is starting against (ultram) & the generic tramadol. B carefull.

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Karen from columbus Says:
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Janet Marie . Don't trust tramadol (ultram) I sent Othr messages I hate wen they put them under review. Please read read more find out b for u poisen ur body with a drug highly abused !! Withdrawals r horrible. My best .

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Karen from columbus Says:
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Janet Marie hope I got that right I haven't been on here much. Not doing well at all read learn b for u take tramadol (ultram) highly addictive & withdrawals r horrible. Sent a longr post under review. Read read more please they r currently getting prepared for many legal suits. My best.

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Karen from columbus Says:
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Janet Marie I hope that right & hello 2 all I've gtten 2 no. Sorry I haven't been on here. I saw this for tramadol ... Please please try 2 find something else . I no drugs work better for some or diff. For each. All I will c say is tramadol is worthless for pain. It changes U & u don't realize the anger the anxiety. No sleep & is a highly abused drug . I've been going through withdrawals from tramadol since I pulled myself off & ended in the er for this past thanksgiving. Yes it is a class 4 now it & the brand name ultram r now preparing 2 get involved with numerous legal suites.. I've written 2 the FDA & the American chronic pain ass. It has gotten so rediculuss for any in true pain. I said it b for. Please stop treating those in need with these so called cure all drugs. It pain plain & simple . Read more stay better informed & please all take care . My best. I am not doing well thanks 2 dea & these weird new drugs ment 4 other things wen they first came out. Depression & a long list. Ultram was a first tried for that then the tramadol generic of . Had been handed out so much. Then all the problems er was c ing & the squad runs etc. Teens & adults darting taking like 10 even 20 of tramadol. A lady left her husband after yrs of marriage because he changed & became so different she left. & went on 2 seek more & more of tramadol. I feel so bad hearing this stuff. .docs. Need 2 stant up & treat for pain the best way by listening better 2 us. We no wat we feel & say it's wrong they look the other way ! Yes I wish more dr. Tennants could b found. Bless u all & watch out for the cure all drug (fibromyalgia) stuff Savella will send u off the planet. Might work for some. B better informed . Do please.

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Frankie Says:
Looking for a doctor in Ma.

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Please Help Says:
Don't want to stay on disability all my life. IN Alabama have had my L-5 cut out of S-1, Disk Degenerative and had two nerve blocks, and epidurals doc wants to do surgery again. Do not want to go that route. Was taking morphine but tired of the mandatory epidurals. Does anyone know of a doc that doesn't make them mandatory? They are putting me in worse shape.

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boot Says:
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Need lower tabs for torn ligament in right arm and back pain

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NJShore Says:
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Wow lots of new people! NJShore here! F100, Karen, Karen OH, BL, MCJ, Minogueque, Marianne, Janet, Ladyinpain, Sandy, Charley, Theresa, Gin, I know I am missing so many im sorry for that ....miss you all and care so much for you my friends...All of it is so unfair and ridiculous I could scream! I wish I could take it all away! My crohns has been hurting but that's nothing new Besides reading your posts how are you today and what's new? Any good things happening with your docs? F100 has the best! Too bad Dr T can't like split himself up into like 50 people lol ... Ugg so much to do and when my tummy hurts I don't want to do anything physical.... Ya know? So hard to motivate you sit and think I have to do this and that and somehow we get it done...when you have a disease and pain for a long time you respect all meds and use them appropriately... The right doc should understand some of us have families or jobs etc and MUST use all our medications correctly (keep in mind we all agree at the correct dose that works for our bodies and health issues); no one knows you better than yourself! ...xoxoxoxox lots of hugs... NJ Shore.

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Hurtn in Dallas Says:
Hello, Pain in Texas! Well I hope your no longer in pain and have found a doctor to treat you with the medications YOU know works. I'm so tired of having drs tell me what works and what doesn't. Everybody has their own way of feeling pain, not all of us are the same. Ive tried over and over telling doctors what works for me but they will just waste my time and money with the stupid response of 'Well, lets try this, it seems to work well with my other patients'...UGH! Whats a person to do when theyre in pain and know what works for them but the docs don't listen??? I'm in Dallas and I absolutely hate the medical community here. Its all about the almighty dollar... Id drive to Tyler for a doc that will give me my medications that ive been on for over 30 yrs, why change it up now?

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pramid Says:
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Mumbai kandiväi est lokhandvala

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MJC Says:
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Mino that was a lot of information which I understood very little. But thanks for trying. I have never heard of the other medications you mentioned except for the morphine. However, I can't take morphine except for at night because of how tired it makes me. I have been given it in the ER for my kidney stones. I need something that will work for my pain longer than an hour and not put me to sleep because I need to work. I will ask my doctor if he has any ideas of something else that may work instead. I used to be on roxy 30s a few years ago and they worked great but since being on the methadone I'm afraid nothing will work anymore but I'm going to try. And to the person who felt the need to be so rude and mean and tell people to go get some Crack and stop complaining about cost, I say to go F yourself. Who the hell are you to judge what anyone needs to help their pain? Anyone who has been taking narcotics for pain knows that your body gets tolerance to the meds and an increase in strength is required to keep the same level of relief. If you have the money to spend $150 a day then great for you. But not everyone has that kind of money to spend on relieving our pain. We come to this website and post to talk and get support from each other. And information. We do not need someone treating us like we are drug addicts when we get that enough already. So take your negative and mean comments elsewhere.

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janet marie Says:
my dr said that tramodol is a narcotic. he gave me a sript for 50mg pills
and told me to not get addicted. i

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John Blevins Says:
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If your on disabillity then you should take some tylonol and go to sleep save your money for some lotion

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John Blevins Says:
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I have been on pain meds for over 10 years now and ive taken everything if your body is ok with soma and advill and tramadol you got no problems that's a. Cheap fix when the docs dont give me perc 10/325 i have to go elsewhere and now paying $1mg for them and somas $3ea so i have red a bunch of these postings talking about ins. And cost i am like wow are they serious i spend $150 per day and u guys are talking about ins and cost like that what thats basicly free to millions of ppl like me you guys should take some tramadol and chicken soup and a little ice cream i guess and use would be ok with that and to the person with the perc 15s and wants 30s forget the pills get u a bed and take crack cause u must be a crack addic to want moore than a 15mg perc and saying about pain if your truly in pain then if a 15 perc with a 1000 mg of tylonol to back it with then scrw it take some crack or somthing lol just saying hope u guys find a doc for about $25 And free prescriptions lmao GOOD LUCK

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minoguesque Says:
MJC - a couple of great opioid analgesics which are both potent and have duration of action of 4 hours (Sevredol (morphine sulphate) lasts for 6 hrs but declines within four to the level that I feel pain again) are Dextromoramide tartrate (Palfium) and DIPIPANONE with cyclizine (Diconal, Wellconal); I do not know where you are located but the latter is not permitted to be prescribed in the USA because as I said below, unbelievably for such a superb analgesic it is classed there as having 'no clinical use'! If you are OUTWITH the US then Diamorphine HCl (H HCl) is available in oral form, 10mg tablets, as well as powder for reconstitution for IV/IM/SC use, but as with morphine, bioavailability is very low - between 35 and 45% dependent on the patient, thus requiring in my case a dosage of FIVE tablets PRN Max three doses daily for 'rescue' purpose as I use Oxycontin which only lasts just over half of the advertised twelve hours. My morphine dose is 80mg, one each of the three doses available of 10, 20 and 50mg tabs. The drawback with morphine, which does not seem to occur with DIAMORPHINE, dextromoramide or dipipanone, is that it is relatively sedating despite its relative weakness compared with most opioids. I do not like the loss of motor and cognitive functions that comes along with its use, even though it DOES very effectively eliminate pain when given in the correct dosage for my body type, weight, BMI etc. Palfium is my personal favourite, even over Diconal, for its speedy onset and the UNsedating feeling of well being which cancels the horrible feelings I have when either in full pain or even when at the stage where the pain is dulled down to a level which is just bearable and no more.

I have said on many occasions that high dosage tabletted hydromorphone would be a superb addition to the UK NHS and oxymorphone has a reputation here as being as good as Diconal - ai just wish we could procure it, and have actively been looking for somebody in the US who would be able to get it prescribed in 15mg dosage tds and I would pay for the Rx and tablets (even though here in Scotland, we do not pay for anything at all thanks to our Natinal Insurance scheme which has been operating since 1948 ensuring that any person can be treated with the same drugs for the same conditions regardless of income, ability to pay, rather according to NEED which is of course the ideal; in the USA it is a sorry state because the pharma companies are pretty much unregulated (except by themselves which is always a recipe for disaster) and blatantly fix prices seemingly without any comeback.

But back to the pain. Can your doc not order parallel imports of drugs not generally sold there if the need is considered to be there? That method seems to work fine everywhere else, why not there? Our problem is also down to the US which refuses point blank to export medications for clinical use, which given their preoccupation with making more and more money from peoples' misery, makes little sense! I am seriously thinking of getting a half a kilo of Oxycodone base and getting one of my friends at the Uni to make oxymorphone HCl from that, quite a simple chemical operation but not exactly permitted legally. Not that I care about laws when it comes to solving my pain issues. I have a criminal conviction for nothing more than attempting to keep pain free. The whole thing is f***ed up thanks to opiophobic laws and the greed of the big pharmaceutical multinationals. So why not do things through friends? There used to be a website which people used to advertise and swap medicines but that was closed down by the U.S. Govt (though operating from the UK, a Liberty if you ask me) in around 2003. WE NEED SOMETHING SIMILAR AGAIN MORE THAN EVER. Then threads like this one need never have to appear.

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janet marie Says:
I haven't had any sleep.The pain comes on whenever it does. I don't know if I told the neuro about that or not.
Besides the pain, I stay awake thinking. I think about the fact that this
professional has the nerve to blow me off this way. What happened
to First do no harm? It's almost 1AM and I probably won't be able to sleep now. I am no lawyer but I look at it like this, I wasn't in this amount of pain 6mos. ago. He could have helped me.He didn't.
He won't even try to put me back to the way I was. I know that if he fixed this it wouldn't be getting worse with time.
It is like this, the begining of 2014, I just very tired. If he wasn't my attending physician I would probably seen one of the other 99% of neurologists. I have lesions all over my brain. He is a sadistic. I shouldn't have to find a pain management whatever.

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