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Anonymous Says:
Can you tell me about any doctors who can prescribe Vicodin

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Srfspud Says:
I'm in Galveston, Tx and looking for a doctor after I totaled my motorcycle. Please advise.

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Anton Says:
I agree JAVA, being a veteran and commander of my VFW post we have VA reps that have been there for decades and have seen the changes... the Vietnam vets coming home in the 70's, all through the 80's and even into the mid 90's the VA stance was prescribe them everything and anything to help them forget their tours in country. I have been helping vets since the 1990's driving them to the VA every month and I too have seen the changes in the way they prescribe, the VA has done a complete about face on the way they treat vets. Now they do not like to give narcotic pain meds or benzos and sadly many of these men and women really need them. I agree that these new regulations will force many to find them on the streets and increase the chances of OD or suicide if they cannot find relief from their daily pain which is sad considering what these men and women gave and how it has changed and effected their lives forever. All they want is relief and to be pain free or at least get enough relief from the pain to function, yes they like me are dependent but there is a HUGE difference from being a drug addict and being drug dependent. Unfortunately the DEA does not see the difference, to them if you take narcotics you are considered an addict

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ninthwardrapper Says:
If in the new orleans la a sure thing DR.Troy beaucordrray metairie,la 504 885-3737 he is my dr and he takes medicade and up nice man you will leave w/something kewl dude and good looking ladies A WRITEERRR

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53 Says:
I am looking for a pain doctor in Iowa that will prescribe heavy pain medication. I have full body RSD also know as CRPS and Fibromyliga a long with a list of other things.
I have been looking for a doctor for over 2 years. If anyone has any ideas please get in touch with me.

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Big Rev Says:
via mobile
Tom as long as you have proper MRI n paperwork check out the Freeman Pain institute. As long as u follow their rules, they will take care of you. Btw, don't smoke cannabis and don't run out early. But they will keep upgrading you as you go month to month. Best of luck

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JAVA Says:
Yes I am sorry to say that I am right. I believe that the veterans do deserve better treatment for keeping our country safe and suffering the consequences when on the battle field and worse not coming home to loved ones safely. It is very shameful for this country to kick veterans to the curb. It took me MONTHS to get my spouse who is a Vietnam Veteran to even get close to a military hospital. With the help of wonderful person Jim (props) who was in the same war, who worked out of the VA. He called my husband almost daily and just talked to him soldier to soldier. Survivor to Survivor, or is it brothers? This man went out of his way to help me help my husband. And now. That help has been taken away in a blink of an eye. Like an order from your commanding officer. It is not ok. It is not ok for any one to be treated this way. Civilians included such as myself. All I see in the future is the suicide count rising, and more people going to the streets for help out of PURE DESPERATION to STOP THE PAIN.

I know I almost ended it, in front of a telephone pole, ready to go, I was told to go immediately to specific Dr. The Dr's are AFRAID. Its ridiculous.

So the DEA and the FDA will get what they want. They say people are overdosing. YA you bet now they will. Because the DEA and the FDA is going to FORCE people to seek help. Seek it any way they can, and it WILL spill into the streets and their statement of "accidental overdose" will come TRUE. But the Kicker is it will BE THE DEA and FDA fault for these so called accidental overdoses now that they are forcing the hands of the entire population CIVILIAN AND MILITARY ALIKE. THESE ACCIDENTAL OVERDOSES AND MORE DRUGS ON THE STREETS WILL BE DIRECTY THE FAULT OF THE DEA AND THE FDA.


Sorry, got mad there, but it's true. They say this is why they are doing this? Do to accidental overdoses. Well now they can say it's true, they will have the numbers to prove it.

But hear me, IT'S NOT ACCIDENTAL. PEOPLE WANT TO GET OUT OF PAIN. SUCIDE rate Will go up. I know it will. Like I said, I almost did it. Not by overdose. It was because, I COULD NOT TAKE THE PAIN ANY LONGER!

Please scroll and find the petition to sign. It will help the civilian world as well as the military world (I was corrected and the petition is for all, I apologize for my error)

We will bury more people, we will bury more vets, military of all walks of life. WE have our FDA AND DEA TO THANK FOR THAT.

IF WE ALL SIGN THAT PETITION IT WILL HELP. I SIGNED. WHAT ELSE CAN WE DO? Like I said in another post even President Kennedy had chronic pain and a Dr. at his side. He would not stand for this. He would know what we are all going through as he suffered as well. We don't have the luxury of a Dr. at our side, or like a celebrity, we don't have the resources to buy off a Dr. These fools are part of the problem. I could go on. But I will leave it at...

Sign the petition below. That's the only way to fight. Right? Or we will all just lose. The saddest part is that some will lose by taking their own lives. Not by overdose, by something bought on the street from a stranger that they don't know because we can't handle the pain any longer so we will do anything trust anyone and that is the scariest thought of all. More drugs on the streets. I thought the DEA was trying to prevent that. My mistake. (to the person that proof reads this before you post it. Please don't remove the portion where it states the DEA and the FDA will have blood on their hands, because they really will. This is their fault. If you the proof reader are in chronic pain then you know, the human body can only handle so much pain, before we reach a breaking point. thank u...)

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BL Says:
JAVA, you are correct about the private drs. No one is going to receive proper pain management from VA. On the other hand no one seems to be receiving proper treatment for anything from VA. It seems that the number of vets who have OD and become addicted are the reason for this. The VA drs don't care enough about their patients to actually spend time trying to help them. I know a lot of private drs don't either. But, our Vets deserve much more and much better.

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tom Says:
Hello. Iam suffering fRom knee pain after 4 unsucessfull surgeries. I am looking to find a doctor in northern new jersey who will prescribe pain medication. Thank you

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Marianne Says:
To Java and everyone,
I just finished writing to the President, who wants to hear from everyone, how things are going for them, here is that link:

I wrote and told him of all the suffering chronic pain patients, including the vets, are being denied their medications and the doctors are either disappearing or are refusing to treat chronic pain patients, with the only medications that have made their lives more humane.

I believe, if we all went to this site, telling our stories, of pain and suffering, how we are being denied our human rights, being accused of being junkies and being oppressed by the DEA and the FDA, including some politicians, because they are ignorant of what is happening to us. Animals are being treated more humanely than we are? We have the right to live our lives, pain free and as happy as non-sufferers too, yet we are being targeted, along with our doctors and pharmacies.

So, please, everyone who reads this post, go to this site, write your stories and tell others, you now to do the same. I am going to other sites, where sufferers are posting, giving them this link, as well. Please pass it on, to others, this way it goes directly to the President.

I pray for all of us here, and on other sites, too....


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JAVA Says:

I say again. I am so sorry for your loss of your Daughter Whitney. It appears that you posted again after reading my first post to you. To offer more information so others may point you in the right direction for help. I know, by only the experience of coming very near to death, my only Son. I will state again. NO ONE can understand, except others who have lost a child. They try to be empathetic, offer kind words. But I know, their hearts are in the right place but honestly they truly don't grasp what you are feeling. They can't. Unless they have lost a child. There are not words to even try to explain how you feel, I know.

I need to ask you, your on a site where others are looking for Dr.s to help with chronic pain. You must be a chronic pain sufferer. Otherwise how would you have found your way hear? If you have medications. Please use them very wisely, No disrespect.

I only say that because, your not on the very best site to seek the help that you need. You need help now. If your religious, maybe your priest, clergyman?

If your married, your spouse. The police must have notified you? Did they offer a social workers number in case you need someone to talk to? If they did, may I suggest to pick up the phone and call? Or call the police department that was involved with the accident, ask for a social worker.

If you have private insurance, or can afford to do so, call a counselor? A group environment is not the best or maybe it is. It just happened, and your not going to want to be in a group setting a more interment setting maybe? Maybe that's why your hear? It seems intimate?

Your on this site for a reason. May I ask respectfully, why you picked this site to share your story? If we know a little bit more, maybe someone reading can help. Or is even near you and can help in person?

Are you alone? Do you have people with you? Your on this site for a reason and only you have the answer to that question.

Can you please share that with us so we may help you? I mean no disrespect in anything I said. My heart goes out to you, I don't know you, I only know what I went through. When my son ended up in Trauma ICU on life support, I stopped updating everyone. I could not talk. I could not type the tightness in my chest, the icy cold I felt inside. No one could understand so I stopped communicating, except with close family and only via text, and only very short statements as you are using. It was too much. My friends, understood, I told them thank you it's a family situation now, they did not know I stopped communication with family as well. I just could not talk, words were hard to form.

Your reaching out which is very good, I would like to help. Keep reaching out until you find exactly what you need.

If this site gives you comfort, then keep posting. I will be watching for you. I am listening. I understand. For a brief time I understood, and I still remember exactly the feeling your feeling. But, I am not enough, I don't think anyone on this particular site, is enough.

If it helps you to be hear, then stay hear.... I AM so very sorry for your loss. The loss of your Beautiful Daughter Whitney.

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JAVA Says:

The VA won't listen to you because an order came down. This is info I got directly from the VA Dr. The VA will NO LONGER prescribe any pain medications for chronic pain suffers except METHADONE. How this order came about? I don't know. But how can we fight the VA? My battle to receive treatment of any sorts for my disabled spouse was a three year battle, just before a nervous meltdown. He was given 100% disabled... With the help of no one. Not even the American Legion who had the nerve to send me a congratulations letter, and asked for a donation. I fought, I went to my congressman. I did not GIVE UP. I was on a mission. I believe the mission was the only thing holding me together with what was happening to my spouse.

If we fight the decision, it will take years. I hate to tell you. Your option is a civilian Dr. That's what we had to do. Pay via Medicare. And the VA knows that we are doing this. All Dr's are kept abreast as to what he is on, where he goes for outside help and the civilian Dr is kept abreast as well.

I would not even know where to start, to fight this fight to get help. Methadone is not the answer. I believe Methadone, will only point the way to the street drug, H, and that is worse than any prescription written.

Read below, there is a lady trying to fight this in the civilian world. Sign her petition, hope it spills out to the Military Community.

We use Medicare for the Civilian Dr. and unfortunately pay cash for a prescription for pain.

Maybe another petition needs to be started to incorporate the battle against the FDA and the DEA to encompass both the Civilian world and the Military world...

With the RED TAPE and the FDA the DEA being federal, maybe the petition will be heard and will have to incorporate the Military World. I hope so. Sign it. She needs more signatures.

Good luck....

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BL Says:
ninthwardrapper, I am so very sorry for the loss of your daughter. The loss of a child is something no parent should have to endure. Please seek and get help for yourself for this most painful and difficult time.

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BL Says:
ninthwardrapper, I hope you have family & friends for support. There should be support groups in your area for those who have lost children. Put new orleans support groups AND loss of a child in your search bar. There is also an organization called The Compassionate Friends. There are also online support groups for those who have lost children. Put, online support groups AND loss of a child in your seach bar.

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ninthwardrapper Says:
Whitney was hit by a taxi on the innerstate she felt nothing brain dead would not recover so we donated her organs and pulled the pluug OMG

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nana56 Says:
I am a cancer survivor. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2000 then had chemotherapy and had found cancer again in 2006 and had radiation. The doctor at the time basically butchered my chest I had a total of 13 surgeries. Now I am left with scar tissue that is wrapped around my rib cage and live in severe pain everyday. I am looking for a doctor in Connecticut that is willing to prescribe pain meds to people who really need them not just looking to feel high does anyone have any suggestions.

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linnietea Says:
As a veteran who already went through a clearing process to take fentanyl patches,morphine sulfate,for breakthrough pain,the new PC issue overrode the medicine I was taking.I didn't go looking for more drugs,I needed a Dr to consult me for an MRI,follow-up. instead,the physician discontinued my breakthrough medicine,with intent to stop fentanyl.I've been on this 14yrs,never asked for increase in dosing,my quality of life is going into the toilet.because of pain,I can't function as before which causes more hassle.The Dr flat won't listen,I asked for second opinion consult,I was refused.what are they afraid another objective Dr would say?I physically can't tolerate the medicine that is being offered,adverse reactions,CHF. So NOW they give nothing,how cruel is that,I'm not believed,the pain clinic Dr and I have negative history,he uses against me,now I doubt I could get an aspirin.all seem so egotistical,never wrong!

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java Says:
Your VA Dr. took you off the meds because the VA is now only going to prescribe, wait for it...


My spouse is a disabled veteran. His VA Dr. told him this on the last visit. I and he are furious. He is not on H, so why methadone? I have been told that methadone, is like H. It does make you feel "high".

Why is the VA doing this? Due to the war on people who are in chronic pain. Who do have to thank? The FDA and the DEA.

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java Says:
Marianne: I will go to the site and share my story, and pass to others I know a total of 2. I hope you get the votes that you need. I signed, my spouse signed and I have 2 others I know will sign.

Keep posting so you stay on top of the site so people can SEE..!!

I would also like to make a suggestion: I notice a lot of posts asking for specific medications and Dr.s. I would like to answer the question but I can't as there are rarely locations posted with the question. Also, we can't ask for a specific medication, and the shame is to why that is. Because if you ask a Dr. for a specific medication and it is new Dr. you do not know. The first thing they are going to think is I am dealing with a "Dr. Hopper". Dr's are in fear of losing their license, they won't see you. It is up to the Dr. to recommend to us what they feel will be the best course of action in managing pain. I am sorry but what I said is true, as despicable as the idea of the term "Dr. hopping'. It is why a lot of people are turned away. Even if that person has been through the hoops and knows what helps and what does not. Let the Dr. do their job, and then let the Dr. know if it is helping or not. I am sorry, it's the truth, and it's a shame that their is a term such as that even with evidence in your hand, showing, that YOU ARE IN PAIN, you do not want to be labeled. This is the work of the DEA and the FDA, to come up with a term. Dr. Hopping. WE HAVE to HOP because they have taken our HELP AWAY! Yes, there are a handful of those who abuse, I don't see how this is happening with all the safety measures in place from the Dr. to the pharmacy to the monthly DEA reports that are pulled on you when you are in a Dr.s care. So you really can't "Dr Hop" for extra medication. We also sign a contract with the Dr. that you will not seek medications from another Dr. and you sign you will go to a specific pharmacy. I don't see how people are Dr. hopping. I see it as impossible. I believe what's really happening is theft. Within the manufacturer, the distributer, the pharmacy's and the raids, and this is how the pills are taken to the streets.

"Dr. Hopping", demeaning isn't it? Like a criminal, to be in pain we are now all criminals in the eyes of the DEA and the FDA.

I for one am tired of it. This is a free country, we are ALLOWED medical CARE! And we demand to be respected as law abiding citizens trying to live in CONSTANT PAIN and NOT BE LABLED..

Keep the post rolling for the petition!

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Marianne Says:
Hello Java,
Thank you for your post and the absolute truth of all of our sufferings, Chronic Pain Patients. This is why I wrote that petition! I am trying to make it clear, to the people in the government, the FDA and the DEA that we are NOT the criminals! They need to concentrate on the abusers, the sellers, (on the streets), the cartels and leave, sincerely hurting Chronic Pain Patients, along. Yes, it is true, our lives are ruined, by our incredible pain, we all are experiencing and the FDA and the DEA are making it worse. They are so worried, using the excuse that chronic pain patients are overdosing themselves, killing themselves, well, that's bull, too! First, doctors and the pharmacies, and like you had to take a drug panel, which my doctors didn't do, so that's the problem why they disappeared and leaving me without a doctor, now. Without my prescribed Norco or Morphine. But, they did know I was taking it, as prescribed, simply because if I asked for a refill, sooner than it was due, they'd know. But, more importantly, I HATE taking pills, so I had to take them, just to brush my teeth, in the morning. Yes, our lives are horrible and yes, we have to turn down invites, for family gatherings, etc. It is hard for me to drive to a doctor, for help, if I ever find one, for I have no one else to help me. I am also care giving, my blind, ex-husband, and trying to care for my home, so we both become ill. This is a sin, the way we all are being treated, having fingers pointed at us, and more! This is why I made that petition, but I only have 100 signatures. It is my understanding, President Obama won't look at it, unless it has at least 10,000 or 100,000 signatures. So, I'm requesting for you to go to this site: "Heroes of Healing" and write to Dennis Kinch, who has gone throughout the country, talking to clinics, doctors, etc. about Chronic pain patients. He has asked me, when I wrote about my story, suffering and losing doctors, medications, if he could publish it. He has a website, for us, is working with a close friend, to make a video, or a TV program, etc. to make more people aware of our conditions. After all, Java, there are over 100 million of us, suffering from this horrible condition. If you would like, write him, he is a good man and will be happy to hear from you, hear your story and use it.

I am suggesting all, who are suffering, like us, losing our doctors, our medications, to write him, tell him your story, so he can use it to also bring the point of our sufferings to the forefront! We all need to be heard and change this DEA/FDA and some ignorant politicians way of thinking, to stop them pointing the finger, oppressing us, our doctors and our pharmacies.

If you would like, you can copy and paste, my post about the petition, to other sites, as well, if you go to others. By the way, my name is Marianne, and I am so happy to meet you, and everyone here. May GOD bless you all, I have all of us, in my earnest prayers, we get the help we need, to live a happy and a humane life, again.

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java Says:
To ninthwardrapper: I wish I understood your post. If I read correctly, you have lost your child who was in a coma?

I am very sorry for your loss. If I understand she may have been in a coma due to medications? So your on the site because you are against medications.

It's a tragedy when youths experiment even adult children experiment with medications, or do not take as prescribed.

To lose a child is unbearable. I recently came very close to losing my only son, he was very close to bleeding to death internally with no explanation. He was in the hospital for over 40 days, they thought it was cancer, he had a mass which was in a place that was very difficult to get to. He was in the emergency room, and then immediately taken to ICU, after I don't know how many days, and how many Dr.'s they finally decided to do the surgery whithin hours he ended up on life support. Thank God, my son did recovery with no explanation from a very large team of Dr's, with the only explanation. "We have never seen anything like this".

My Son recovered. I am so sorry for your loss. To lose a child, there are no words that anyone can understand what it means for you as the parent. You can tell people, they will offer empathy, but I know through the experience with my son. No one will nor can understand the loss of a child except others who have lost a child. I don't know how I got through being in chronic pain being at the hospital for 20 hours a day, until they asked me to leave. I was running on pure adrenaline.

I would like to refer you to someone, a group? I don't know of any, maybe someone on this site has also actually lost a child and does know of a support group. The only people that will understand this type of loss are others like yourself. I can't express enough how sorry I am. Because I CAN imagine. There are no words when it's your child.

If someone is reading this and knows of a site, location as he did not offer one, please post and maybe this person may get the support that is desperately needed right now, this happened Sunday, you made your way to this site for a reason.

Please post again, and maybe someone else may be more helpful than I. I am very sorry...Be safe.

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