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Anonymous Says:
Can you tell me about any doctors who can prescribe Vicodin

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P450Metabolizer Says:


Awesome and great to hear that a huge corporate pharmacy is behind us folks.

We must hang in there yes!

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P450Metabolizer Says:

Most physicians when long acting preparations begin use felt we would not have BT pain due to the longevity. Research has shown over the years that generally BOTH a long acting medication and a short acting medication properly manage pain. Generally short acting is used in a lower ratio dosing then long acting.

Due to geographic shortages Oxycontin is not readily available in many locations. Further many States disallow pharmacy supplies to many Americans cannot utilize this Oxycodone based long acting as commonly as what was once prescribed. Further, often a short acting from another class then the long acting gives broader coverage.

I too along with my list of multiple pain diagnoses have end stage DDD and mornings are surely difficult for those who have it as you know. I applaud you for making due without a short acting preparation but these days they make short acting Oxycodone without Tylenol and other added drugs or also say with Ibuprofen to decrease inflammation.

Good hearing from you. Great post!

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P450Metabolizer Says:

How lovely to hear your stories of pain and how we next move through this government maze.

Jesse I believe you might qualify for emergency Medicaid which would allow you local treatment in your current state. The V.A. used to be great and am so very sorry to hear how you suffer and will pray that you obtain resources in order you get this help immediately.

BL I suggest again you share your true story for not once in all the time I have posted and other posts were HACKED in on my name have you suggested you had a pain disorder BUT were prescribed HC. Why are you getting pain medication if you are not in pain.

Due to my complexity I will never have a local doctor throughout my remaining life. Years ago when my pain specialist of over 12 years died a local neurologist saw the complexity. One must go where they are instructed. I have the two best surgeons known in the world today, and have had two pain specialists one deceased this in over 20 years. What does this tell you...Exactly.

BL be honest like people are here and tell your story. No one here needs the abuse they are here for help; your rendition of regulations is WRONG as a professional I feel it necessary to calm such rough edges and inference in order these dear folks suffering in pain get the TLC and help they so deserve.

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madashell Says:
P450, thank you for the informative, inspiring post. God Bless you and yours!

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P450Metabolizer Says:

You do not have to prove or disprove the party stole your medication.

Filing a police report in short means, you call the police department, they send an officer out to capture any information involved including the medication, amount, pharmacy it was filled, and physician who wrote it for you, and where it was when you found it missing. Proving who stole it or seeing them steal it is not necessary. I will tell you that this is becoming one of those excuses used, and I will say it again, 'keep your medication on you at all times do not leave it where someone can steal it, or worse yet can obtain it and potentially die from it.'

I carry medication with me even when leaving the house to go to the grocery store it is on my person at all times where I can see it for example in a bag, or purse for ladies--a book bag would be appropriate for a male patient. If I must travel it goes through security like I do, and the airlines are familiar with me having to carry medication.

Inexperienced physicians may need help with lab chemistries. Several drugs can come up positive as other drugs, and also older drug panels still used by some labs may not come up with some of the newer medications on the market--Opana caused quite a furor with some pain patients on this topic. Be willing to take a new drug panel immediately if for some reason there is a question.

A nurse who is a professional which I am (4 year degree and license) must be held accountable for malpractice. I have been a high documentation person for years and could be sued for medical malpractice for calling a patient an addict which is a psychiatric diagnosis if they were tolerant for example. If you feel or some other poster who mentioned a nurse had written something inaccurate in their chart you must address this immediately not wait.

Waiting puts you on the defensive when any other issues come up. Often physicians will have nursing assessments when the are trying to cut down on high level opioid users that they cannot get to accept lower dosages on. Physicians are currently being held by the short hairs; they are damned if they cut patients back due to these CDC and FDA recommendations but then if there is an overdose or death they are now LIABLE due to the CDC and FDA recommendations. Remember any physician who writes pain medications in today's current political environment is a saint for even attempting to help any of us. We must agree to principles of pain management that are NOT current and up to date because the government has gotten involved in the practice of medicine.

For now save your life. It is true if you suddenly lose a physician and taper drastically you are not only in pain but weak and distraught physically and mentally for periods of time. You feel attacked and you are for the most current scientific knowledge means nothing to these politicians running your physicians nationwide! I can tell you in America this cannot and will not persist. The problem is waiting it out, and accepting less than favorable medication amounts for the time being.

I encourage you as I would anyone including myself for I too have walked over a year long journey and am grateful to God for allowing me to live and maintain pain management in particular because I am far too complex to treat under normal standards. What you do when it comes down to the last opportunity and none exists. You must to save your life go to a Methadone clinic. For whatever reason the politicians are NOT PENALIZING ADDICTS but they are criminalizing pain patients. If they tell you that you are not an ADDICT you tell them you will be unless your pain is treated, and you are physically tolerant to your medications and need help now. You will once accepted have to report daily for a dosage of Methadone, and they will work with you on the amount and this can be uncomfortable for some time.

Methadone has a very slow liver pass. It builds up in the liver, and what might have felt inadequate on day one or week one may be more then adequate after a week has gone by. That is why this DRUG unless prescribed by very specialized pain specialists who are trained to understand the chemistry behind this drug can cause OVERDOSE and DEATH when obtained illegally, or administered by a physician who has not properly been trained. I have heard a frightening story here in Texas that the current Governor hearing the CDC and FDA recommendations immediately made all pain specialists cut patients who were pain patients by 90% immediately with no taper! This is a death sentence. This drug is very powerful and for the same reason must be reduced by a humane doctor in small increments over long time periods.

As well we know that Methadone was created under Hitler's reign by high level scientists. The story was back then there was a poppy shortage so Laudanum which was made in a syrup for pain many years ago was not available. Methadone was so powerful however, that when the patent came up for renewal Germany let it go due to the HIGH and IMMEDIATE TOLERANCE for the drug. An American drug manufacturer picked it up and it was marketed as Dolophine. The reason it will remain CHEAP is due to opiate addicts in American society. Methadone clinics allow addicts who need a fix every few hours and who break the law attaining fixes repeatedly a LONG ACTING REMEDY when dope sick; further for addicts of this level they can report at 6 to 8 a.m. for their DAILY DOSE and the go to work and become productive members of society.

I do not advocate this or deny this is a fact in America today. Drugs like Suboxone and Subutex do not TREAT PAIN and also for any legitimate pain patient will cause you DENIAL of pain management in the future. Further the reason the AMA does not allow ADDICTION medicine as a specialty is that physicians prescribing this drug are 'selling it out the back door' for a 40% profit by the manufacturer. Detoxification centers report that detox from Suboxone can take up to 21 days for FULL detoxification whereas opioids such as Oxycontin take only 10 to 11.

In this light full medical detoxification is pure biology and torture. Most places that do this use Suboxone on some level which speaks for itself. If you have legitimate pain please do not harm your medical records by such a drug although in many states now you might not have a choice of a Methadone clinic.

The government is to me in many cases FAVORING an addict over a pain patient. For that is what the CDC and FDA speak of people--the overdoses are coming from those not prescribed pain medications, attaining these medications and not being tolerant or LEGAL taking too much. For whatever reason we currently as pain patients are second class citizens and taking what help you can for now is the BEST you can attain; keep your physician and tolerate until we have new leadership with less emphasis on ACA proactive changes that will occur.

Do as asked and appear for first appointment in proper clothing, not tearful, and not the victim. As hard as it sounds this is your first step in the door. Even if unwilling BE WILLING to work with the physician on what they can offer you no matter what. Do not nag in between appointments or make persistent calls crying 'this does not work like what I used to get' for it will not help your case or the millions who are struggling during this difficult time. Do not have strangers in your home, safeguard your medication, and KNOW that you will be blamed FIRST regardless of your honesty or good faith because the government has undermined those with viable pain and illness as if lepers with the plague.

Peace to all here.

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P450Metabolizer Says:

If you filed a police report for a one time incident then I would hope your physician would be reasonable. Meaning if you had a relationship with him or her say spanning several years, then there is a baseline of trust. I always remind everyone that a physician who writes class 2's takes each patient home with him or her each night. The responsibility with all the recent speculation and government interventions are making liability a high issue.

1. Would you be willing regardless of where your house guest came from to admit this in writing, and remove this party from your home. That would be 100% necessity.
2. If such a guest steals these medications it is a felony, and further they may be an addict which also requires medical intervention and treatment.
3. If this happened more then one time the physician will not give you a chance; it is similar to the adage 'I spilled my pills down the toilet.' How many pain patients holds a bottle of Oxycontin or MS Contin over the toilet, spills them and flushes them. No one does this it is a common excuse.
4. Americans are being mistreated if they are not an ADDICT currently. This means that physicians are being put at high liability due to purported overdoses from prescription medications.

The OD's are from people who were NOT prescribed medications taking them and death occurs. I am willing as someone who near died from Central Pain and the current government interventions to stop pain management with opioids to ACCEPT that if I as a pain patient am not 100% responsible for my medications 100% of the 30 days written it is on me.

That means I carry these medications on me wherever I go. If I am attacked by a criminal I will likely die from having these medications on my person as the criminal attempts to take them from me. If I dare leave class 2 opioids in a medication cabinet or at home where others live and can access it is MY FAULT. Further I am willing to say that if this did occur that those individuals be convicted for a FELONY drug theft. That could mean a significant other, minor child, visiting relative etc. I must take my responsibility for these medications, and not allow these issues to occur. It does not matter that I live with intractable pain; if i cannot be responsible and during HARD TIMES in America earn my physician's trust then I should not be written these medications.

What we once had and I am a licensed professional nurse and published researcher was scientific knowledge that opioids are the SAFEST method for treating intractable pain. Many of us suffering for 20 years know the time came when the profit medical industry allowed open writing of opioids and NOW we face this government restriction. WE must all hanker down and hold the fort for now.

That means not attempting to force a physician who feels compelled to follow these recommendations from the CDC and FDA. Older and experienced physicians will do more to treat a patient fairly just to give an example then a young punk out of medical school who in recent years are taught NOT to treat with opioids. To earn a physician's trust you must present in a clean, well dressed presence, meet a physician's eyes, and not ask for high opioid dosages even if that is what works for you and has in the past. If you do it won't work.

Do not get hysterical or be demanding. Do not paraphrase how many months you have suffered and be the poor me victim. Granted you are and anyone here who suffers intractable pain will know this but it will not do you any good to make demands.

Inj's. do cause damage over the years. Fibrotic tissue forms, and in some cases you might end up like me with an added diagnosis of Arachnoiditis. If you are to undergo such a procedure ask the physician if he or she can ASSURE you no damage will occur. If they cannot in writing do so be prepared for as you know 90% of what is offered is not opioids and some pain patients will allow these procedures to obtain pain management medications.

Insurance companies are getting away with murder so sticking with less expensive medications, is imperative. The cost of opioids in some cases is 10 x higher in recent years due to forced shortages raising price. Insurers are finding loop holes under the Affordable Care Act (will use ACA to shorten in future writing) to stop medical care and dispute medical actions that might have been legitimate and still are medically. How you adapt as a patient who must have treatment will determine how you make it through this difficult time.

Demanding what once was will not work. Many of us have disorders that are researched at 100 x worse pain then end stage cancer, but unless you are terminally ill and in most cases those at the end of life go there quickly and will never require high dosages of opioids to control their pain for moccurs first, you will not get what may be enough to stabilize your pain.

In the past I have suggested all pain patients keep daily journals and copy this for their physicians monthly so they have a gauge to your actual pain. Get recent lumbar and cervical MRI's for they may have diagnoses not once seen, and allow the physician who treats pain a current meter for your pain levels. Be open to other treatments as long as they are promised not to be invasive or damaging.

Trust me most here know what I have been through and ultimately I turn it over to the only healer God who is the great physician. I after a year of a rigorous journey and knowing I was 'right' I am currently being managed and due to the complexity of my needs really I require the top in the U.S. to treat me. I am most grateful for being alive and talking to you here today.

We must circumvent the anger which increases pain, and turn around and do what we can do at this time. Again if you are willing to follow that police report with a name and the ability to remove such a person from your home it is easier to hope your physician will accept you back.

Each 30 days of medication you receive under this government intervention period should be sacred and kept safe. Under the ACA it was planned long ago to allow chronic illness patients to NOT receive care, so as most Americans vote wisely, and also know that when a new President is appointed he will not allow this ACA to continue destroying the lives of innocent Americans.

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P450Metabolizer Says:

Oregon has always been a dry state and their own personal laws on physicians prohibit progressive pain management.

Many from your state in past years have sought care in neighboring states if necessary.

Also if not mistaken you need a PCP to refer you for pain management, and for class 2 medications it is a necessity.

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Llawen Says:
via mobile
In my experience with back pain (cervical and lumbar stenosis, DDD, facet arthritis and likely a systematic arthritis and an osteophyte complex mid thoracic spine impinging on the spinal cord) I found the short acting opiods (Percoset et al) more constipation and had memory loss and the "high" that made me feel not lucid.

I have been on the same dose of oxycontin for a long time, and, after initial drowsiness, feel no "high" (Perdue removed the fast acting front end that both made it work faster and produced the high). I fairly often (even with med alarms) forget to take a dose (one tends to kill the alarm and then forget after ten years of use) and it is pain, growing more and more acute, which alerts me that I've missed a dose.

Although I have an extra 10 MG for breakthrough pain, I rarely need it. I would be surprised if took it more than once a month in the Winter. However, with the onset of cold, wet weather, I find that I am more acutely painful.

I like to remain slightly underdosed, as I feel that it is important to know if I become painful (anywhere). Pain is the body's warning system.

What I don't get is why doctors believe that Oxycontin is so problematic. However, Vicodin, Percocet and the other fast acting iterations do seem like they could be both dangerous and more addictive, as there IS a high one can feel. As well, I would truly worry about kidney and liver function with any daily NSAID.

I wish that the public would get more educated. My own neurologist/pain management specialist is also boars certifiable in pharmacology, which is how I came to understand which drug was doing what to me.

Because of Oxycontin, I can work out (only get cardio on a recumbent bicycle) which hasn't been possible for over fifteen years.

I would not touch the fast acting (non-extended release) versions of these drugs. Just the increased constipation (which put me in hospital once with a frozen gut) is enough to support my choice.

I hope that this is helpful.


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jesse Says:
via mobile
I too am a veteran, they had prescribed me 3 Oxycodone 5 mg which did help very little in a 24 hour period! the pain doctor was going to increase my dosage and put me on a stronger med it would have to be mailed to me because the VA does not carry it! when my mental health doctor found out they cut me off all my medicine! And now can't even get any meds! Even took all my anxiety medicine! Can't get any pain consult any more! can't even get appointments even see the pain doctors! my physician appointed to me was in tears my labs have always been what they were supposed to be in and nothing else! I have a ruptured and herniated L4 and L5! I believe my man pain is from ripped nerves and torn root nerve endings that turn to hard scar tissue in my lower back now! I hurt like hell all the time and as a grown man I sometimes cry! there are times I cannot even get to the bathroom cause my back feels like its broke! Even tho i can get around pretty good most of the time, my back hurts constantly! Pain runs up my back burning and into my shoulders, my right leg hurts the same kinda of pain like it's poke most nights, there is no moving my leg slowly or quick, it hurts like hell, an can take anywhere from about 20 min to several hours before I can safely walk good enough just to get to the bath room. The VA really ruined my life, with taking me off my pain medication, cause my psychologist said it was better to suffer than to be on medication! and the pain doctor dr. Friedman Charleston South Carolina VA dr. Stroud mental health doctor at the same VA he's the one that started it all, i went along with it he told me if this other treatment didn't work out that he would help me! Now he just says they did a study on a brain of someone on heavy pain meds and the brain who screwed up the same the pain meds I was on was only on 5 milligrams, the weakest they make! Now they refuse to see me and I can't find a local doctor to see me!

I can work but limited when i have medication! I'm nauseous all the time I can't do anything hardly at all cause I'm so impaired and hurt so bad without medication! I've lost everything I've slept in my car over a year an a half, I lost my home my truck my car my family! I'm renting a room right now, im late on my rent every month because I can't work enough to make enough money just to pay rent because I'm limited due to the pain and suffering. My new roommate did let me have a month free for Christmas! Other places I have lived I've had to move out and sleep in my car because I could not make enough money to pay the rent. im on the edge of being homeless again, the difference this time is I don't have a car to sleep in anymore.

A couple of years ago I went to a walk-in clinic that my sister took me to and they gave me a month supply up some 15 milligram pain medicine that lasted Me 2 months 1 month supply lasted Me 2 months! And I was able to work and get caught up on some bills but because of not being able to get a doctor that would see me on a regular basis I ended up losing everything again! I do not drink! I've never abused drugs! and alcohol! As bad as I hurt and feel like I'm dying because suffering so bad! I still will not stoop down to doing any other drugs unless prescribed to me by dr. This is the right thing God would want us to do! I just don't know how much longer we'll be able to hold on! I have had someone tell me that I could buy medications through other means just enough to where I can work and get by that way I can have some kinda of life. but I'm just not going to do that!

I have my MRI an labs with med records that show I've been clean and doing the right things all this time! I never even knew I was even being given a drug panel till my doctor was in tears when she found out they cut me off my medicine for no reason! If anyone knows of a compassionate caring good doctor in the Charleston or Summerville South Carolina area who will see somebody in need who does not have insurance that could come up with money from family if I can get the help! Please send me an email and let me know. Please. Thank you and God bless you all whether anyone can help or not. {edited for privacy}

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BL Says:
P450Metabolizer, if someone has the facts, ie laws, rules, guidelines, etc then they can figure out what to do next. I do not write any of these, I just pass them on. Louisiana Medicaid does not pay for Pain Management Drs. There are only a few other specialists, Family Practice, Neurology, etc in Louisiana that will accept Medicaid and might also write for pain meds. A number of our clients were on Medicaid and I still do work to help Louisiana Medicaid Recipients find providers and other services.

All anyone here knows is what someone tells them happened. Based on that info and the drs actions that followed combined with what the laws, rules, guidelines state and what I know from working with drs for many yrs, I reply to posts here. Hopefully based on some of my info a person might know what they are facing and figure out what they are going to do. Agreeing with them on things being unfair, not right, how wrong the drs was, etc does not help them figure out an answer.

P450Metabolizer, you were not able to find pain management anywhere near where you live. Fortunately, you have the money and resources to be able to travel from Texas to California to see Dr. Forest Tennant for your pain management. Few, if any here have that option so they must deal with the drs in their area or state.

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madashell Says:
Just received this from the "Peoples Pharmacy". It's kinda upbeat and positive, thought I'd share. Always nice to know the others on our side. Especially those behind the scenes:

"Thank you to all for defending an supporting us in our time of need.

Your powerful message will be posted to our website shortly. Thank you so much for sharing this message.

We hope that you have a compassionate physician who can help you overcome the obstacles the FDA, CDC and DEA have put in your path. It is still possible for physicians to practice personalized medicine for their patients.

We hope that you can continue to live a meaningful life with appropriate and compassionate care from health professionals who pay attention to what you need rather than what the bureaucracies want."

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P450Metabolizer Says:

What price you must pay for creating such hurt here among innocent people why do you persist. Just because I have not posted does not mean I do not reach out to the suffering for that is why God still has me here.

Addiction is not biologic tolerance. BL you are if on anything just a mild dose of HC if not mistaken. I do understand if you require a long acting, but instead of presuming other people here are fired or addicts why not tell them what happened to you. For you to reach out with honesty would give others here a better outlook.

BL I as you know am a professional and over the years have my share of enemies. After doing 10,000 plus pro bono referrals since my industrial injury many years ago I know all types, and have had street addicts who were not allowed into my private groups use my name or attempt to portray me on a number of forums. The truth is the Owner of this forum can reach me, I've provided my license in the past and most of all would rather when I post HELP those here who want to live and get out of pain then cause them more hurt and sorrow.

I hope you stop doing this. To come on here and see multiple posters upset due to one poster and see your attacks it used to be the poor folks on Medicaid in Louisiana, and now judging why a pain doctor releases a patient is all conjecture. I would know for I am a licensed professional. 90% of the physicians out there fear the CDC and FDA who are running horror shows not new regulations but all physicians in general are chicken and doing the same.

The best you can do people is stick with who you have and what they provide for now. When tin can man is sent out to sea once and for all we will get rid of the ACA and his little Hitler antics and become America again. Then physicians will get back to the business of treating pain and patients.

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P450Metabolizer Says:

The CDC and FDA recommendations were not taken kindly what you saw posted in public were commentary from physicians who make their money off ADDICTION, and multiple OD victims family members who blame pain management due to Obama flaunting government control of physicians and costing you scientifically what we in the health care industry have known for 30 years; you treat pain with opioids and it is safer.

The massive OD's are caused by people who are not prescribed dying on our prescription medications. I think anyone whether they do not safeguard their own medications as I contract to do with my pain specialist, or their teen age kid go to prison for this because WE as pain patients are being treated worse than ADDICTS.

You will find it difficult if impossible to get pain treatment currently if you are complex physicians under this ACA are being allowed to choose who they want. It is unconstitutional in America to see this happen.

I was near death's door myself for over a year now and am blessed for I am extremely bad off having progressed to Central Pain Syndrome and recent MRI showing Arachnoiditis when I already have RSD and the full complement of opioid necessary pain disorders.

Do not fire your pain specialist and hang in there people. That is the best you can do for now.

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Sunshine Says:
Keikee, Madeshell, Mpathia

I thank you for sharing your message with everyone. I suffer from fibromyalgia, along with having two back surgeries and the last surgery I had I was in surgery for an extra hour just for him to put my back back together and I was told by my doctor that did my surgery told me that I will always have pain and weakness in my legs. Which of course I do. I joined this thread to talk with people that understand the frustration of pain management in general along with suffering at the same time. I was discharged yes from my last doctor however, my pills were stolen two months ago by someone from MY CHURCH no less and I got screwed. I don't know if I could explain why I got discharged because it wasn't my fault. The rules are there I have never had an problem with anything until this person was staying at my home. My dr before him told me I needed a police report and I did that but ********d decided to tell me after all the effort of going to make a report I would have to physically see the person do it. I don't know what to do because now I'm screwed and the person admitted to it but what the hell do I do now?? put it with my medical records I send to other offices or what. I was only discharged once and that was my last dr. I don't know what to do at this point I just need a ear to talk to who understands what I am going thru because I am 31 yrs old and I have a long life ahead of me but I would like to be pain free again. My whole life came to a complete stop because of this person. I need help on what I can do to either find a dr who is willing to help me even though I was discharged for something that wasnt my fault. please help!!

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BL Says:
Sassym a sinus infection and drinking water won't remove the morphine from your system. Any new dr is going to get a copy of your medical records from your last dr so they will know about failing the drug panel. You may not be able to find a dr that will write you pain meds. It is also possible that the dr that called you in for the drug panel may have recently found out that you didn't have morphine in your system when you were in the er in November.

Mpathia, call your insurance company and ask them for a list of pcp's that accept your insurance in your area.

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P450Metabolizer Says:
Good day members,

Physicians are currently discharging patients for a variety of reasons. This does not mean you did wrong--most are overwhelmed by the CDC and FDA recommendations which are not DEA regulations.

The added issues of the Affordable Care Act segments you to direct pain specialty for opioids and this however, does not mean for those of you like me who are complex allowance or acceptance.

Addicts are better treated under this current government intervention in physician and medical care. It will pass. This is no time to change physicians and for those with true intractable pain do not relocate or you may lose your physician. Those who live through this will benefit when we have a loss of this ACA and a return to profit medicine.

I am sorry to have been off for awhile but my life was in the balance and have found doing pain support for many years hackers and enemies attempt to so discredit.

Patients are being discharged more so due to fear these days physicians are not up to the strength of fighting government.

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Mpathia Says:
My doctor molested a patient. Finding a PCP (which is mandatory in my insurance) is hard. Pain management in RI means cortisone shots. At least when I have called these "so-called" Pain Management places, that is what I am told. Or physical therapy. That won't replace my worn or missing discs. No explanation why a colonoscopy ruined my bowels, but I found out they cannot "clean" the instruments fully due to the way they are made. I walked into the place , had it done and came home and began to collapse. Five years of horrible pain. Also could have scar tissue and surgery could make it worse. I've lost my family and friends. That's it. I am bedridden most of the time. I'm lost in RI...thanks

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Mpathia Says:
It did not matter that the post was older... I read it now. 2016 First, let me say your courage is phenomenal. I thank you for ALL you and all our soldiers.. I hope with all my heart you get better. I lost my uncle in WWII which seems so long ago, but truly wasn't. My dad led his company out of the Battle of the Bulge. My brother was in Korea, so I do understand a little. I am in pain also, obviously or I wouldn't be on here. My back is bad, too. I'm female and no one can diagnose my abdominal pain. So, thank you. (Salute to you...)

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Sassy Says:
Does any one know of any doctors who are prescribing morphine in Washington County, Oregon or in Mulnomah County, Oregon?

I have 3 herniated discs in my low back. My doctor is reducing my medication again. I have pain in my back, up my spine and into my head. I have actually had a headache for 7 months. Day after day, week after week, month after month. Also I have pain radiating down my right leg and into my foot to where I can barely walk. All my doctor is giving me is any pills as long as it is not pain medication. First it was my high blood pressure and she gave about about 3 or so pills for the BP (in addition to 2 other BP meds I was taking.) and wait and see what happens. Then after an MRI she diagnosed as sinus infection and put me on antibiotics and nasal spray. I took those antibiotics for 3 weeks (I was told it would take three full weeks to see any improvement. Wait and see what happens. No change. So now they are taking me off gabapentin and lowered my pain pills. The doctor had me come into do a U/A and the test came back NEG for my morphine. I believe this happened because of the sinus infection I was told to drink lots of water. So perhaps it was diluted. Is that possible? And back in November I had a U/A done in the ER and that was NEG also. That was because my previous doctor lowered my morphine and did not tell me that so I took it as usual and then I ran out. I forgot to tell the nurse this reason. But anyway, my previous doctor also put lies in my chart to make it appear that I admitted I was addicted to the morphine and I was "coming around to the notion that I am addicted to the morphine." Now after my last U/A I found that the nurse put more lies in my chart. So that it appears that I am drug seeking. So I believe that my doctor doesn't believe I have this headache. The nurse put lies in my chart, anything for a reason to take me off pain meds. I don't know what I can do at this point. I can't go on living like this. This whole situation just plain SUCKS!!! My heart goes out to all the people in pain who can get no relief.

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madashell Says:
Keikee, Thanks! And, a thousand thanks to my fellow sufferers, I don't wish this upon you, but it's nice not to 'walk' alone.

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