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Anonymous Says:
Can you tell me about any doctors who can prescribe Vicodin

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Mitchell Says:
This is not correct, in NC anyways because you can not have refills on any scheduled substance and if any scheduled substance is mailed to you it requires a signature. I have downloaded the list of dea controlled substance's and Ultram which is the brand name is not on it. My blood pressure medication requires a prescription but is not a controlled substance. Sorry I don't mean to sound like a smart ass had a rough night. You can find the list here:

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christina Says:
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I'm looking for a doctor in Michigan. I have 2 disintegrated discs & it's horrible pain

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marivan Says:
I live in Southeastern AZ, about 15 miles from the U.S./Mexico borders. The DEA here, has bragged, on the radio how they have taken all people off opiates, except those who have cancer. Naturally, my two, primary doctors, one of 13 years and the other of one year have quit their practice. I was off the morphine, with the later doctor, but she had me on Buprenorphine, to help me. However, when she suddenly quit her practice, the clinic didn't tell me, nor did they tell me they canceled my prescription, so when I was completely out, I found out I couldn't get any more. I talked to the head doctor, (who once filled my morphine, when my primary was ill), and she said she was giving me the last amount of morphine, my last doctor had already gotten me off of, 180mgs/day. Then she assigned me to a horrible man doctor, who looked at me, for the first time as if I was a drug addict. This man, kept watching the clock, telling me there was nothing wrong with me, because he claimed my blood work was negative for ANA. However, he lied, because if he read my history, as he claimed, he would have seen I had positive ANA, was diagnosed, first with lupus, fibromyalgia, then finally with Mixed Connective Tissue Disease, which encompasses lupus, RA, scleroderma, to name a few. I also have scoliosis of the spine, never treated. Plus, I have a leaky heart valve. Yet, this horrible man tells me, when I'm off the morphine, (he gave me another script, which I refuse to fill), I am just to take over the counter pain medication, which stopped working for me, many, many years ago. I have a power chair, tens unit and can barely move, stand, sit and walk, without great suffering. Now, my heart is acting up. The initial symptoms, coming from my illnesses are back. I am hoping to see a new doctor, in July, when she gets her practice going, but in the meantime, I am only taking 60mgs/day, on my own. I tried to see other doctors, but when they heard I had chronic pain, they said they won't see chronic pain patients! The DEA has no medical background, yet they decided that only cancer patients can have relief. I took care of my dad and my fiance/, both who died of cancer, yet I can honestly tell you, I have such intense pain, it is as much or worse then they suffered. At least my fiance could still walk around and enjoy life, up to the day he died. I am now home bound and am trying to care for my blind/destitute ex-husband, taking him off the streets. It is so very hard for me to cook, do our laundry and run the vac, only a little bit, in one room. I am on disability, low income and can barely pay my bills. So, thanks to the DEA, my life is in shambles, unlike my being nearly normal, when I was on the morphine. I took it, according to directions, sometimes taking less, so I wouldn't have anything in my body suffer from it. So, I am, in no way, a drug addict. I don't think anyone here knows of a doctor, in Sierra Vista, that can help me, but just in case, I write this anyway. Is anyone having the same problems with DEA and if so, is there a website that has started a petition, to sign to send to the government, regarding the DEA taking our relief away from us. It is inhumane what they are doing to chronic pain patients, that have no cure for their conditions. Thank you, for reading my story, I will you all the very best and may GOD Bless you all.

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BL Says:
Any medication that you have to have a prescription for is a Controlled Substance. Tramadol/Ultram is a Schedule IV Federally. A few states have moved it to a Schedule III. Schedule III is more stringent than Schedule IV, so the state law superceds federal.

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desilu Says:
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What doctors off is this?

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Mitchell Says:
I just found this out in Illinois, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, New Mexico, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Tennessee, New York, Wisconsin and Wyoming tramadol in considered a controlled substance.

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Mitchell Says:
Yes I take clonidine myself but my VA doctor switch me to something else which I think works better it's called Amlodipine Besylate %mg Tab I take 1/2 a pill a day and also you can get a doctor to prescribe Tramadol pretty easy and Tramadol is a synthetic Opioid pain med which at the moment is not considered a controlled substance by the DEA and it works on the same receptors in the brain as any other narcotic pain meds and is in the same class as oxycodone and some of the others. I take 100 mg 3 times a day and it also stopped the withdraw's from the other narcotic pain meds I was on. I use to have my morphine delivered and I had to sign for it and had to call my doctor every month to refill it and now it comes in the mailbox and I have 5 refills on my bottle. Most doctors won't have a problem writing this. Tramadol is also addictive and if stopped sudden after taking it for a while you will go through withdrawl's. God Bless America and Good Luck.

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Jim Says:
If anyone knows a PM or PCP doctor in NJ. Close to NYC and Paterson I would appreciate it. I don't abuse meds. But my doctor said get can't prescribe anymore due to new regulations. I had 3 back surgeries and I would never buy H or anything like that. Percocet was the only thing that helped me.

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Casey Says:
I truly believe that, when history looks back on this period in time, it will be considered another shameful act of government total akin to McCarthyism: another Witch Hunt.

Read about The McCarthy Blacklist, and compare it to what is going on with genuine chronic pain patients.

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Casey Says:
Thank You!!!! Mitchell - For your service, and your very helpful information. You ARE a hero, and it is awesome that in your situation, you are still reaching out to help others, here. My husband is in a similar situation, I wrote about it earlier - It's a witch-hunt in Michigan - after 10 years of 160 mgs of morphine plus 4 norco a day, he has been flat-out cut-off because his doctors were getting threatened to the point that they retired (they were older). Now, even the pharmacists who fill opiate prescriptions are being harassed. As a last resort, my husband - whom is also a heart patient (having survived a major mycardial infarction) is thinking of asking for clondidine - does anyone have any info or opinions on this? Never heard of it......THANKS!!!!!!!!

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desilu Says:
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What doctors office is this?

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Jimmy Says:
May I ask if you got any luck? I had 3 back surgeries and it seems like all the docs are scared to prescribe necessary pain meds for fear that I will become an addict. I'm taking these meds properly and hate to be treated like an addict. Or a criminal. So if you know a good pain doc pls let me know. Thanks so much.

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Mitchell Says:
What is really sad is if someone was to neglect an animal allowing them to suffer in pain like I and the others here are they would be put in jail. I love animals as much as the next person but I don't think they should be treated better than us.

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BooBoo Says:
I need a doctor that prescribe oxycodone in Ft Collins Colo my doctor moved out of state

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Anton Says:
I agree, I am a Veteran myself, commander of my VFW post and a rifleman in the post Honor Guard and I have never used the VA... I helped some good friends back in the late 1980's to mid 1990's when the VA was handing out all kinds of meds like candy... Their thinking was to keep them so doped up that they forget all their problems, they have changed that philosophy in the last 15-20 years. I grew up in a time when quaaludes were in, methoquaalone was the social night club drug along with coke until they banned ludes... I still have an old shirt with a pill that had " Rorer 714" on it... The times, they are a changing... The gubamint want to get everyone on methadone, in bigger cities they have the rolling methadone bus that comes to your block, that way they can keep tabs on you and know what you are taking... Stay away from the methadone and suboxine unless you have an addiction problem, but real pain patients need their meds, the old saying is there is a big difference between a drug addiction and a drug dependency. Good luck and thanks for your service

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Mitchell Says:
Semper Fi I am a 100% total and permanently disabled Marine from the Gulf War and Somalia and I was going to a pain clinic and it shut down 3 months ago. Some advise to all my fellow veteran if you are coming off narcotic pain meds please please do not let them talk you into suboxone because once that is in your medical records you will have a hard time getting the medicines you need to control your pain. I was on 300 mg of morphine for 5 years and after a surgery I was in surgical ICU because the pain meds wasn't working and I was in hell for an hour until they came in and did a nerve block so after I decided to come down or even off off narcotic pain meds and instead of bringing me down they told me to go to a suboxone clinic which I did and now that the clinic as closed and I went back to the VA they will not give me any narcotic pain meds because of the new guidelines so I am now waiting for an MRI so I can be accepted to the VA pain clinic. They see anyone who has taken suboxone as an addit which is BS. All of my pain and problems are documented not to mention I wear the proof on my body permanently. They care more about their guidelines than they do about our quality of life which mine sucks at the moment. Semper Fi

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BL Says:
Tramadol is a Schedule IV by Federal Law. The other pain meds are Schedule II and Schedule III.

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David Says:
Tramadol ,is a controlled substance now ,so if you can get that ,then you can get your meds

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Carole Says:
I just moved to Abilene texas with my family. I am a rn and work on Labor and delivery. I have type 2 diabetes and have moderate to severe neuropathy. I rate my pain a 7-9 24 hours a day. I have been on everything. I take loratabs at night so I can at least try to sleep. I don't take them every night but I should. Does anyone know of a Dr who does not have a problem prescribing these and is not judgmental from the get go? I do not want to dr hop but start out with a dr and stay with him/her for as long as I am here in Abilene.

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