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Anonymous Says:
Can you tell me about any doctors who can prescribe Vicodin

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CO Susie Says:
I also know that the price of Opana ER is Very high. My previous doctor wanted to prescribe it for me, rather than me taking the oxycodone as often as I was, but he told me the price was more than I could afford. My current doctor didn't prescribe it either, until I got insurance coverage with Humana this May. After I started it, Humana did write my doctor asking him to consider morphine, because morphine is less expensive for them. Which tells me it must be close to morphine, if not a type of morphine (it's early and I'm on my 1st cup of coffee LOL)
Several people I know (me included) have gotten different "high priced" medications at a reduced price from the manufacturer. I got a deal from Libby for a drug I was taking a few years back. After I contacted them, they gave me the medication at "no charge", which was great as I had no income, while waiting for disability.
I love the ER part of this drug. I don't get the "ups and downs" of the medication taking effect, then wearing off. 1 pill every 12 hours with continuous pain relief. If I do have an extremely high pain day, I have oxycodone 10mg for breakthrough pain.

Careful with the Tylenol (I think the drug is called acetaminophen) is hard on the liver, especially with extended use. The very first pain med I was given had acetaminophen, which is why after a year or so, the doctor moved me from it to oxycodone.

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CO Susie Says:
Not sure exactly what Opana is, but I know it's a controlled substance, so it is probably opiate or some other narcotic. It may be a type of morphine.
LOL, now I have to look it up, cause you got me curious.

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Marianne Says:
Co Susie,
It is wonderful that medication is working for you. When I see a new doctor, I will ask him/her if they will prescribe it for me. I don't know if it is a narcotic, or opiate, but I will look it up and if not, then I will ask to get on it. I am suffering terribly and now am afraid that my kidney or liver is suffering from the daily Norco, I'm taking. I take one in the morning, (sometimes two) and two at night, at bedtime, so I can get at least 2 hours sleep. It is 7.5 mgs of some opiate, I think and the rest is 325mgs of the stuff in Tylenol. So, I want to get off that, too, now that I am off the morphine. I only take the morphine, 15 mgs, when the Norco really doesn't help, those are the worst days, when I'm in bed, the whole day, but must get up and fix dinner, for my ex. I haven't eaten well, since being off the morphine, since my doctors both disappeared, so I went down from 165 lbs., down to 119, in two months. Still losing weight, but the pain is too much. But, that isn't important. What is important is that you say the Opana is working for you and this is a good thing to know, I am happy you wrote that. So, thank you, again, maybe it will save me from horrible suffering too.
I am so happy you got to visit with your friends, how wonderful. I am so happy you finally have something to work for you. You deserve it, dear....

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Marianne Says:
Thanks, CO Susie..
I will look up Humana Care on the Internet and see what they have for my state, Arizona. Is this a supplemental insurance, to go with Medicare or can it be had, cheaply for my ex-husband? I will certainly call them.

Funny, the cuts in medical care, in your state, also happened here. What really made me mad was when my ex first got here, I tried to get him on State's medical program. He had no income, barely any clothes, etc. Yet, the woman next door, who hid $4,000 in her daughter's bank account, who also claims to be legally blind, got hers, at the same time. She is living alone, in a much better home, than mine, has had her bathroom completely redone, spent over $500 on plants, in her yard, more than that in bags of soil/fertilizer, spends money like it was free and manages to climb up on her roof and pound shingles that came lose, on her roof. She can see farther than I can! Yet, my ex- who is totally blind, was denied. They kept making excuses, one was because he didn't have a child to raise, the last excuse was he needed to be approved for disability. Now the program is closed. Isn't that nice? I did manage to get him on a sliding scale, in a clinic, but I had to pay the amount, which I could no longer afford. So, this is why I believe the government is trying to get rid of people like us. They are hoping we will commit suicide or just die from the stress on our organs, our heart, from the intense pain we are in.

As a matter of fact, I think I mention a Dr. Day, who was the head physician regarding finding a cure for Aids! I had tapes of her, I had bought and a book she wrote, about how she found out, from a good friend, who was in a high position, in the White House, retired, who managed to sneak copies of communications about how scientists were asked to create this horrible disease, that can't be cured. Then our military, spread it, in Africa and other countries, including ours, to make sure poor and the folks who are gays are destroyed! This smacks, to me, like a Hitler thing, don't you think? A perfect society, with no gays, no poor, just the rich. I truly think, our U.S. will end up like this. They can't even help our soldiers, who are wounded, needing the medicines and medical help, so what does that tell you? Fight for our country, but then die. I firmly believe the DEA/FDA were ordered to concentrate on Chronic Pain Patients, or any patient that doesn't have cancer, to do this to us. If there was a problem, years back, about our "Getting High" or "Over dosing," as they claim they are doing this for, then why haven't they done this in years back? Back when they started the ban on marijuana? Now, they changed their minds, allowing medical marijuana, but to whom?

I know one thing, I can't get it, not because it is denied to me, for I don't know that yet, but because I don't smoke and don't want to fill my lungs with that. I know, if my first love, my Scott, who passed from lung cancer, hadn't continued to smoke his marijuana, for enjoyment, he might have been saved, for the cancer doctor had said he could, at least, put it into remission, for a few years longer, for us. I am not against medical marijuana, but the establishment, firmly believes it can lead to H and other things, for recreational use. So, why are they allowing that, but denying our medications, which we don't get "high" on, we can't because we only get so much and it goes directly to our pain sensors in our bodies? Hmmmm, makes you all think about it. Get people on marijuana, then it leads to other things, (as they say) and then throw them in jail, or cut them off, so they can die from withdrawals of their recreational drugs, such as H.

Well, those are my thoughts. When it comes to our government, one can't trust it, any more, we will never get the right information, or any at all. Secrets, that is what there is and not to benefit all the citizens, just the chosen few? Anyway, thanks CO Susie, I do appreciate your telling me about Humana, I will definitely check into it. I wish you well, as well as can be, my friend...


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CO Susie Says:
To all the "Pro Medication for Chronic Pain"
I mentioned before that I am now taking Opana ER 20mg and it has been so wonderful for me and I have some "good" days that I wasn't having. I had a "good" day today and was able to visit with two friends today.
It was wonderful to be able to visit. Thank you Opana ER.
Good Night.

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CO Susie Says:
I mentioned to Old timer, that I am having trouble with figuring out what BL's angle is. BL started with an "anti drug" position for the chronic pain patients, then seemed to move over to a political position. Seeming to defend a "health" act that was so complex that Congress couldn't even dissect it. I remember seeing several of the members of Congress admit on CNN, that they voted for the bill, without even reading it. (Shame on them) Or is BL defending President Obama for pushing through a bill that the Clinton's weren't able to shove on us.

I am still waiting for help from BL on where and how this act is helping the chronic pain patient. Please show me where, it may change my whole attitude toward this bill.

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CO Susie Says:
It's sort of frightening, but you are not the only one who has pointed out to me, that Obama Care seems to be a method to deny health care to the working poor. The delay in Social Welfare programs, and the lack of coverage some of the programs provide, doesn't seem to be a safety net. Even the non working poor who have always received health care through a Social Welfare program were always denied coverage on some conditions.
People have been saying, if you don't treat these people, perhaps they will die, then it will save lots of programs, lots of money. That is hard for me to believe that could go on in America,
Other people have said "look how great Obama Care is". I want someone to show me "how great" for WHO. I haven't heard personally from anyone that this program has been a benefit to them. They only people I have heard say what a benefit it is, is paid commercials on TV.
If it's so great, then why does it need TV commercials to say it? We would be reaping a benefit and praising the program. Which opens another question, who paid for the TV commercials? Hopefully the Democratic Party, not the taxpayer.

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CO Susie Says:
Obama Care did a job on us all the way around. We were told how it was going to "help " us, what a joke.
My husband is a "blue collar" worker, who has been with the same company over 25 years. Part of his benefits were that his employer paid his insurance premium. After Obama Care the insurance has increased to the point, that his company can no longer afford to pay the complete premium, so over $100 per pay period is deducted toward his insurance coverage. We have never been able to afford to place me on his policy under the dependent coverage because the company was never able to afford to assist with that premium, which has always been over $500 and went up to over $600 with our wonderful Obama Care.
Along with the increased premium, the coverage has been gutted. His doctor office copay has increased. His amount of "out of pocket" has increased and his "donut hole" of no coverage has increased. We are still waiting for Obama Care to kick in and make things better for us LOL
I mentioned before, that common sense told us that Obama Care would not work. Insurance companies are responsible to provide profits to their share holders. People can not expect that they were going to provide coverage at a reduced rate to everyone. It isn't possible to do that and still make a profit. They are also being forced to provide coverage that wasn't even needed. Birth control is just one of them. Planned Parenthood (like them or not) made birth control available to everyone at a price based on a "sliding scale".

BL mentioned "sliding scale" health clinics.
I lost the "sliding scale" coverage that I did have. When I was working that "sliding scale" cost me $95 per office visit and I paid at the pharmacy for any prescriptions. When I became disabled and could no longer work, my "sliding scale" dropped to $20 per office visit and I paid $5 for some medication through the clinic (which has very limited meds available), and paid at the pharmacy for any other prescriptions.

I'm not going into the problems I encountered with Social Security when I did file for disability, that's almost a book by itself. But I will say, when you pay an attorney, your ailments are suddenly valid and are then taken seriously by Social Security. Of course, the "back pay" that you would have received, you don't receive all of it, the attorney gets a nice cut. So the debt that piled up while you did fight with Social Security, you no longer have enough money to pay off, the lawyer got someone's money LOL

As BL mentioned there is a large delay after you receive approval for SSDI or SSI, before your Medicare kicks in. Medicare is what I needed more than anything. Especially as Obama Care caused the State of Colorado to cut the "sliding scale" program that I was receiving care through.
I don't believe BL lives anywhere near the income bracket that I have lived in all my life. I worked over 40 years, usually in someone's office, and my husband has worked at "blue collar" jobs all his life.

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CO Susie Says:
I'm not sure what State you are in, but in Colorado, Humana has a policy that is very affordable, less than 50 bucks, called Humana Advantage. Please give them a call, they may have some program in your state that is affordable.

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Marianne Says:
Co Susie,
Thanks for your reply. I understand what you are going through, dear and wish I had a magic wand to make everything better for us all. As far as BL, perhaps he/she doesn't fully understand what it is you need for him/her to explain. Maybe he/she doesn't know much about it after all. I don't know who or where to turn to, who would really care, to give us better insurance answers and where we can find affordable insurance, for us poor and low income. This almost makes me wonder, if Obama Care was designed to get rid of the poor, the low income, by denying our health and our doctors and medications. They only want the strong and the rich living, from now on. I can't help in thinking that, by the very fact that my posts to the President continues to be ignored, with all the stories I've told him of all who are suffering.
May God Bless all of you...

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CO Susie Says:
Did the Affordable Health Care Act do away with the Medicaid Recovery Act? Or are all the people who are low income and receiving help from Medicaid required to repay this help?

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Marianne Says:
I'm sorry, BL, but the disability people, the man who did his interview, told him he has to wait two years. I don't know why, for Rich, just got his SSI/Disability, (it says SSI on his checks) and he owns nothing, not even a vehicle. He is blind and needs medical care, badly, but there is nothing I can find, insurance wise that is under $600/month. This is way too high for low income people. I don't know what the President was thinking, but everything is higher. I am below the low income level and I can't afford additional insurance, to go with my Medicare. Thanks to the man, I thought loved me, my last fiance' who told me he was paying my copays, with my money, I just found out, from my first primary, I owe over $1000! How am I supposed to pay for that, now, too? So, I am stuck and so is my ex-fiance. This is not a country for the poor, which we are, despite our working hard, all our lives, since 15. Circumstances made this for us, we did nothing wrong to get this way. We never bought new cars, we never went on vacations, McDonald's was only a treat for our kids, on their birthdays. Restaurants were completely out of the question. Struggling, all my life, even with a college education. Now, we can't even get help for our health. What a country, yet, I still believe in it.

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CO Susie Says:
BL is right about the delay of Medicare kicking in when you start receiving SSDI or SSI. I waited for what seemed like forever for my Medicare, which is the part I needed the most. State of CO had a program that helped low income people and our copay was a sliding scale based on our income for various clinics located in many counties in CO. This program was through the State but received lots of their funding from private donations and a group of Specialists donated their time to help those who couldn't afford a Specialist care. When the Affordable Health Care went into effect, the State cancelled that program. Which left me without any assistance for medical care and for my medications.
Medicaid was available for me to apply for. Approval for Medicaid doesn't happen over night either. CO has a program called the Medicaid Recovery Act, which means Medicaid can attach any assets you may have. I was close to finally getting my Medicare, so no way was I going to let Medicaid attach what small amount of assets I have, for a couple hundred dollars of help. No, before people start screaming at me, I don't think that Medicaid owes me coverage and that I should be able to afford a Caddy and let the State pay my medical. But I do feel that if Medicaid is a temporary help program that individuals are required to repay when possible, that should be made clear before they accept Medicaid.
I worked over 40 years and have paid taxes and paid into Medicare, along with my employer, as almost all working people do (self employed, business owners, have different rules but also pay). Now that I received Medicare, I am paying a monthly "premium" again to Medicare and as it doesn't cover all of what some of us need, I also am paying for an additional insurance policy (which is very affordable) to help with Part B and Part D. I have trouble understanding why I (and my employer) paid in for many years to Medicare and am still required to pay in, but that's our system. Seems that Medicare should be rolling in money.
I asked BL several times to guide me to the portion of the Affordable Health Care Act that covers the "great help" for chronically ill people, but I guess BL hasn't seen my requests.

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CO Susie Says:
Again, would you please provide guidance as to where the information concerning the chronically ill people is located in the new health care act. I am having trouble finding it.

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BL Says:
Marianne, if he receives SSDI, the Medicare kicks in 29 months after his Established Onset Date. That is 5 month waiting period + 24 months. If his Established Onset Date was recently, him having to wait for Medicare has nothing to do with his age. If his SSDI & other income is low enough, he may qualify for Medicaid. When you receive SSDI, you do not have to wait to turn retirement age for Medicare. If he doesn't have enough work credits & income & resources are low enough & he is receiving SSI, Medicaid comes with SSI. If he is currently receiving SSI, but he has enough work credits to retire when he reaches 65, that is why the Medicare won't kick in until he turns 65. But, he has Medicaid until then.
Either way, if he is receiving disability from the Social Security Administration, he has Medical Insurance.

There are Free & Sliding Scale Clinics, Federal Qualified Health Centers & Teaching Hospitals. There are also Patient Assistance Program from the Manufacturers & Prescription Discount Cards. If he asks his dr, maybe they will give him a discount if he pays cash.

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Marianne Says:
For you, Meranda and the other new people, just posting here. I made a petition at:

Also, you can go to the President's website, "Front Porch," and tell him your story, how you don't have a doctor, perhaps yours disappeared and your medications were stopped. This is all due to the FDA/DEA who are attacking patients like us, chronic pain patients, who do not abuse our medications, do not get, "high" on them, but need them to live a more humane life, out of bed. Animals are treated more humanely than we are, I'm sorry to say. There are so many of us, 100 million, presently, losing our necessary medications and doctors, ending up in bed, or worse, yet, giving up and committing suicide, to escape our horrible pain.

Please, write the President at:

The more of us use our voice, the more we will be heard. Don't worry about rebuttal the president is asking us to write him, telling us how we are doing. Tell him everything. The more emails he gets, the more he will listen to us.

We desperately need our voices heard and the oppression of our doctors and ourselves be stopped!

May God bless you and keep you...


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Meranda Says:
Does anyone know of any good pain docotrs in ohio? Cincinnati or even up by columbus. I have been to two pain doctors and they have retired now and i have to find a doctor. I want to find a dr that will write anything and who is laid back. I am on roxy 30's 5/day, for my back. I have herniated discs and nerve damage in both legs from car accidents. Does anyone know of any doctors out here in ohio? Any suggestions would be appreciated! thank you.

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archangel Says:
need doctor in pa for pain meds be with same doctor for 13 years now I just moved hear trying to find one in my town

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CO Susie Says:
The Wall was here in Colorado this past weekend. I can't find the schedule of it's next appearance yet, as soon as I do, I will post it.
A few years ago, I was able to visit the actual Wall in DC, along with the Korea memorial, which was great.

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linnietea Says:
Co Susie:what state will the wall be and do you have the time

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