Can You Inject A Hydromorphone 4mg Pill

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i have a small white pill with a 4 on one side and 54 over 196 on the other. Is this dilaudid and if so is it injectable?

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stever Says:
Seriously....don't use this unless directed by a physician, and then, or course, use as directed.

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Chris Says:
{edited for safety} Common sense bro, and when ur done w/ ur inj. cap ur syringe and put it into a sharps container, or box where u can discard of all ur used rigs after full! I would not what to see what there veins look like or the amount of blood clots they have gotten as a result of this! For my IM(intramuscular) inj. when I take steroids or testosterone then I use a larger 23G needle due to the fact that the the liquid is much thicker than water and is in a grapeseed oil instead. Hope this helps clear things up 4 U as there are so much misinformation out there and most of the answers are completly, or partly wrong so I erge u 2 do more research than just listening to a few kids giving there 2cents when they are not RN's and have no medical background! Stay safe, and remember less is more in the beggining, as to not OD while IVing drugs since this is not only the most addicting way to use, but also the only way to get 100% bioavailibility out of ur meds/drugs! Sincerely, CAB-

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pete Says:
I have a friend that uses Dilaudid 4 mg pills - he is an ex heroin user and it will kill him one day. 4 om one side and this on the other 54/195.

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Roopy Says:
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Im on 4mg dilaudid hydromorphone, at first i was easily taking them - they were yellow. Now i go to walgreens and these are soo bad.. M on one side and 4 on the other and they huge.

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sharon Says:
what is a micro fiber?

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meeeee Says:
I know someone who went through this and you can take the white ones too you just have to prepare it in a spoon with a cotton for a filter (just like with heroin).

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