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Can U Chew Ambien Tabs

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Tara Says:
i was just wondering if chewing ambien would give u a better high

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billy Says:
no it will just taste nasty

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Tammy Says:
Why would you be using Ambiem to get High with in the first place. It's not a drug to be abused. It should be used to help you sleep. Sheesh.

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laborphx Says:
can you actually get high from ambien? It's a non-narcodic isn't it? please do tell!

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mic Says:
no. ambein doesnt get u high , it helps you sleep and u should only take it if its perscribed to u. people in nursing homes use this alot for sleeping. its not good to take something if u dont need it , you canb cause damage to your body.

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PhD. Says:
Amiben (zolpidem) is a schedule IV controlled substance. It is a non-narcotic hypnotic with sedative properties. Although it is a non-narcotic it still has the potential to be psychologically and physically addicting, though not as much as benzodiazepines and barbituates. Be cautioned if you are taking this recreationally or are not under a physicians direct care.

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Ann Says:
This is a wonderful little pill that will help you get a good nites needed rest. That's all it's intended to do. It's not for long term use.

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pat Says:
Is it possible to overdose on ambien?

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Richard Ball Jr Says:
yes people you can and many people DO use Ambien as a recreational drug. Many methadone treatment patients use it like they do Xanax because the methadone does not block it out. To get high on Ambien is simple, take two and DONT GO TO SLEEP. Ambien can and quite often does cause a very relaxing feeling similar to benzos and also cause hallucinations and a small to moderate amount of euphoria. I am not recommending this, just giving the answer someone was looking for. Ask any of your doctors whether or not some people use it as a recreational drug, it's becoming quite popular. But I personally would not recommend it, it isnt safe, seeing as what Ambien does is basically shuts down a portion of your brain to help you sleep better, and if you stay awake on it, you're functioning with half a brain basically. Many people have had serious accidents driving or walking while high on Ambien, in fact one of the Kennedy's, a congressman I believe, was arrested with a DUI a year or so ago when he wrecked his car while high on Ambien in DC.

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