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Can Subutex Be A Small Whit Round Pill With 8 On One Side And An Arrow On The Other (Page 2)

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Comments Submitted Says:
My friend takes 8mg subutex and when he picked up his script today, they weren't the usual white tablet. They were white and the size of a 2mg subutex with an 8 on one side and an arrow on the other. Could his pharmacist have made a big mistake or are these just a different brand??

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Guy Says:
That's am Arrow generic 8mg buprenorphine tablet - see previous posts above. It's just a non-branded Subutex - same active ingredients, but different filler (the inert content) to satisfy patent legalities.

My chemist gets both and I never notice the difference, especially when taken sublingually as intended.

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Krisa Says:
I think I know who this is, & no you can't you have to have a prescription. Give me a call ok...

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meek g Says:
When it comes to pills size means nothing. These 8/arrows are subs, they're made for those who are serious about getting they're lifes back and not wanting to be a slave to oxys/roxis/hydros/blues/ yellows or whatever your hood calls em'. Don't snort them, just see a doctor, take as perscribed ,wheen as told how, then presto..back to normal living..hopefully..

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punkybum Says:
I have found that subutex & prefibin all come in bigger tablets & taste horrid. Buprenophine & temgesic are smaller & taste better and dissolve faster. They are all the same medication but cost differs. They all do the same thing. If in doubt open the box in the pharmacy and ask!!!

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Geoffrey Goss Says:
Ive been prescribed subutex since before suboxone was even available in 2003. A little over ten years now. And I've learned a lot. For the first 6 or 7 years I was prescribed the NAME BRAND Subutex which had a B8 logo on the front. But whenever all the drug companies started going generic on everyone I was switched to the generic 8 mg which has a 54 411 on the front. I've had every single kind of Subutex, generic, name brand, 2mg, 8mg. You name it I've had it. And one thing I do know is that the Name brand 8 mg are BY FAR the best ones. The small 8 mg don't have near the ingredients in them and they're just not as strong as the name brand, and the generic ones just are not near as strong, not by a long shot. But yeah, there are small 8mg and 2mg tablets, and big 8 mg tablets. If you can still get name brand Subutex (which I have had zero luck doing) then get them while you can.

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Kaitlyn Says:
The size makes no difference to the potency of the drug. If it says 8mg, then you are getting 8mg. I don't know if there's any truth in saying that the name brand, original Subutex is better than any generic. For almost 2 years I have been prescribed Suboxone and also Subutex, and have gotten all types of different pills for Subutex and they all have had the same effect. I actually prefer this smaller sized 8mg pill to the bigger one because the time it takes to dissolve under the tongue is greatly decreased. You don't get as much of the bad taste, and it's much easier to get more of the pill the right way. With the big ones I find that I lose a lot due to swallowing too often. Without all the filler, it's much more convenient to take. But like I have said, size makes absolutely NO difference. You could take either one and get the same effect, as long as you are taking it under your tongue as prescribed. Subutex, and Suboxone, are life-savers! Of course people abuse them and sell them or whatever, but for the people who really need them and want to get clean, it's a miracle. I am pregnant and take 4mg's of Subutex daily. I can't imagine being pregnant without being on this pill. It is the safest thing for an addict who becomes pregnant because going cold-turkey from opiates could be lethal for the baby, and the chance of any withdrawals in the baby are very low with Subutex. Any addict who is really looking for help getting off of opiates should definitely consider going to an outpatient or counselling center and asking if there is a Suboxone program offered.

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jungle micke Says:
suboxzone are the strongest ive had evry kind there is on the market and believe me suboxone are the best!!

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Danielle Says:
Kaitlyn - your last sentence is about the best I have seen it summed quote, " Any addict who is really looking for help getting off of opiates should definitely consider going to an outpatient or counselling center and asking if there is a Suboxone program offered..." it is the absolute truth and that is great you can take the subutex during your pregnancy and not have to worry about the welfare of your unborn child like you would be if u were still on the YoYo pill ride...thanks for saying that! I am on suboxone for almost 2 years now...i really struggled to get clean and I take a lot less now than i did before but still do not trust myself and though the doctor visit every 4-7 weeks is an expense i can do without, i wouldn't have the great job i have in order to pay for this doctor or the prescription plan that gets me a month supply for $10, it is much better than what i was doing before this....i hope to be able to find the strength to work with my psych doctor on an official taper down & off regime....good luck to everyone on suboxone and subutex, it does work if u let it and don't abuse this God send drug as an inbetween filler....

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lebanistos Says:
Well, I totally agree that Subutex is a life savior. I've been abusing heroin for 6 years, and sober for 2 months now due to my subutex program. The pill I'm taking is the small round white pill that has an 8 on a side and an arrow on the other, and it's really working for me. While I've heard from friends whom been taking the original subutex pill, that subutex is the best! I don't care whether it's the original marketed name or the buprenorphine arrow, the one I'm on now, or subuxone or whatever.. What I care about is that it's keeping me satisfied all day long and healthy and aware of everything bad I shouldn't go for! Believe me, just take anything your doctor gives u that contains buprenorphine. 8mg tablet and 2mg tablet are the same size from buprenorphine arrow, but the 2mg tablet tastes sweeter due to its increased fillers. Goodluck for everyone on this program, and I wish you all a safe ride.

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eddie b Says:
Feels like I have to take more of the little ones to feel something. I was getting the bigger subs they worked fine.

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Frank Booth Says:
Hey Ernie-
My doc had me on Suboxone for 3 years, and when my pharmacy coverage hit the donut hole, suddenly my $80 Suboxone was gonna cost me $699!!! I asked the pharmacist and he said to ask my doc to switch me to Buprenorphine, the generic form of Subutex - which is Suboxone without the Naltrexone. Since it's generic I'm only paying $80 for 45 days worth. If you haven't taken Suboxone at all, then you have to stop taking all opiates and start withdrawal - after 24-36 hours, you're far enough into opiate withdrawal and they then start Suboxone induction - suddenly, the dope sickness goes away and you feel - normal and human. NOT high, but no withdrawal. It's like magic (although I've heard that Buprenorphine is harder to withdraw from than Heroin or Methadone, because it has a long half-life - it can "trick" you into thinking your off and you're clean). Anyway, as with most things concerning getting off opiates, find a doctor in your community who is certified to treat you with Suboxone - no rehab inpatient stay necessary - they can do it on an outpatient basis! Here's a link:
Good luck! ~Frank B.

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Danielle Says:
hi frank booth - not sure if u frequent the forums often and will get this message, hopefully you do soon, or anyone else to happens to read it and has any info, i'd appreciate it! i'm sure all subutex/suboxone users have heard by now that they have stopped making the suboxone tablets...they are still in supply so pharmacies may still have them for a while, but my subox doc told me to expect them to be gone withini the next few/couple of months. i think it's total CRAP as to why they were voluntarily plugged, due to children having access/possible overdose...what dumb f*** would leave their meds around their children, whether it's a 4 year old or 12 year old child...there has to be more to it than that...for some god awful reason they want us taking the film, which i have tried with an open mind at least half a dozen times over the last 2 years, but i just can't take to it! i know they say it is the same ingredients (this is for the 8 mg suboxone, btw), but to me it is not the same...for one thing, it feels stronger to me, and not long after i've ingested it, i often feel sick to my stomach...this is for half of a film, mind you, so 4 mg suboxone film...i have never taken subutex before, though i am curious as ive heard all positive...i was never a snorter/crusher/shooter, so whatever the reason for the naxolone (sp?) in the suboxone to make it shoot proof, i dont need it for that and wonder if subutex might be better for me...i know with the suboxone tablets i sometimes got a little sick in my earlier days, and that is when i knew it was time to decrease my any event, i do not like the film at all and dread the day this is all that is available...

pardon my ignorance, but does the subutex have a film/strip format, or is the film just for suboxone? also, does anyone know if the subutex is going to be discontinued like the suboxone? I take much less than i did 2 years ago, but i still take it regardless but haven't dipped below 3-4 mgs...thanks for any aniswers to my questions, or pushing me to the right source...very confused....

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Sami Says:
Danielle, I too think that it is a load of crap that they discontinued the Suboxone Tablet. The film (for me at least), does not work as well as the tablet. Plus the film does not last as long as the tablet. It is very difficult for me to know how much is a quarter piece since I don't take half a film at a time. With the tablet I can know for sure how much I am taking. Maybe it's not like this for all people who take the film but, that's alright. To answer your question though, no, Subutex does not come in a film. It just comes in two kinds of tablets. The bigger 8mg with fillers, and a smaller 8mg pill with an arrow that personally is so much better. It dissolves much faster AND the taste is barely there. They are tiny though, almost in resemblance to a 15mg of Morphine lol! Nonetheless, I am so glad that I am taking my Subs. They saved my fiancee and I's lives and we have each been sober since January 2012. I hope everyone who reads this and needs to get off of drugs highly considers going to either an inpatient or outpatient clinic. You can also visit an Addictionologist to prescribe you Suboxone or Subutex because not every doc is able to prescribe this type of medicine. You have to go to a specialist. If insurance is a problem, try getting Medicaid as most rehabs or clinics will either only accept people with insurance or will charge you up the bum just to get a script, only to get it filled and have to pay $699.99 since they are $9.99 a piece. Good luck to everyone who needs help with this! It saved me and I know it saved everyone on this thread! I am very proud of all of you for sticking to it and taking back control of your lives! Best of luck to every single one of you!

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Bee Moth Says:
The n with arrow on one side and 8 on other they are 8mg
And there isnt any Naloxne in Subutex just (Bupinorphen) or however its spelled!! And i think they r better than the 54 411`s! O and FYI Naloxne is an opiot blocker which is in Suboxone Strips along with bupinorphen!! They r both made in 2mg and 8 mgs but they never give out the 2mg..... Suboxne is so hrd to get, and everybody I know thinks they wrk bettet, Dont take the strips unless Doc makes you, Trust Me!!!!!!!!!

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Bee Moth Says:
The n with arrow on one side and 8 on other they are 8mg
And there isnt any Naloxne in Subutex just (Bupinorphen) or however its spelled!! And i think they r better than the 54 411`s! O and FYI Naloxne is an opiot blocker which is in Suboxone Strips along with bupinorphen!! They r both made in 2mg and 8 mgs but they never give out the 2mg..... Suboxne is so hrd to get, and everybody I know thinks they wrk bettet, Dont take the strips unless Doc makes you, Trust Me!!!!!!!!!

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iTremble Says:
So here is my take with the small Arrow 8s. See I just started getting these as well and it seemed as if they weren't as strong as the larger Tevas or straight Suboxone.

I think the problem I was having and most others with the small 8s is that we are swallowing a lot of the concentrated bup. With the big pills you could let them melt over time.. and the release of the bup was steady.. it wasn't like if you swallowed once you'd loose 4mg.

So I am trying that now, because I have been eating these like candy. I haven't slept in two days. Argh.. in the shower, out of the shower, in the shower, out of the shower. Restless legs.. all I want is benzos now, but we all know that leads to darker places.

So, lets take another 4mg and just not swallow for 15minutes.. or try not.. to.. and hope I can sleep.

Also, the Suboxone is a scam.. People know how to shoot them regardless of the naloxone. It was just a way for big pharma to milk the money out of a generation that got hooked on all the pain killers they give out like candy to an heavily aging population.

I never met a herion addict that jumped into needles.. It was, and was for me.. nicking my parents back pain pills that got me started.

Damn.. almost swallowed...

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Ashley Says:
Please shut the hell up. Stop begging

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Danielle Says:
itremble, i just read your post...hopefully you visit often and will read my post...i've been taking suboxone (i'm embarassed to say and pissed that i am embarassed, i shouldn't give a f***, but anyway) for 2 years and 2's better than what i was doing before and i know everybody says that, too, but nonetheless, it's my truth...i am taking much less now than i did the first year and a half...i was curious about what u meant about the nalaxone in suboxone? i think i just butchered the spelling of nalax but o concern is that i guess they've stopped making the subox tablets...i think the strips are AWFUL. they make me sick...i have some. i got them for free thru the pharma co that makes them...i got 20 of them on 12/12/11 and here it is 12/19/12 and i still have 9 left. they've come in handy for emergencies and i always keep 2 in my wallet...the last time i had one about 3 months ago, i felt stoned out of my mind and could barely speak...i've never had subutex and im not sure i feel too good about it after all that i have read about stock piling suboxone and trying to have as much on hand as i can, because i dread the day i go to get my script filled and told they only have the film.

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Elizabeth Says:
Yes You are taking the right thing! They Br subs just a different maker! Some people have said they are even stronger cuz they have less fillers in them! Read all the posts above mine to you! Good luck to you!

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Geoffrey Goss Says:
Apparently you've never had the NAME BRAND Subutex. Because if you did, you would know there's a huge difference in them compared to the generics you've taken. That said, you can't really post your opinion about them considering you've, once again, never taken them. And yes there's a huge difference between the size. The smaller ones have less ingredients ( those which interact with the buprenorphine causing a different effect in feeling with the larger 8mg tablets) than the larger ones. I think that's a bit OBVIOUS. Read up on people's comments about the small 8mgs and you will learn that more than the majority prefers the larger 8mgs as opposed to the smaller ones. There just not the same. If they were, they would all be the same size. The small 8mg tablets are simply made cheaper. The less ingredients put in, the cheaper they are to produce. Not many people are prescribed the small 8mg tablets, and there's a reason for that. It's not that hard to figure out.

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