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Comments Submitted Says:
I'd like to buy cyanide potassium
in capsules. where can I find it avaiable for selling?

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Verwon Says:
Since this is an extremely dangerous substance, you will not find it that easy to purchase.

It is controlled and only available to those licensed to use it, such as pharmaceutical companies and chemical companies.


Why would you need a potent poison?

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kaus Says:
Please contact me on my email id

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Rodriguez11 Says:
Necesitaria cianuro. Pongase en contacto conmigo en mi correo. Gracias.

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kaus Says:
For personal use

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SpringSession Says:
you did not post your email address. contact me.

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swarangali Says:
any one there to provide KCN in India, for personal use? pl tell mail ID.

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Carlos Says:
Rodriguez you have to put your email in order to people contact you!!!

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Tia Says:
I need this potassium for person use. Thanks.

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Earl Says:
Hi, I am type one diabetic, where can I buy cyanide for personal medical use to keep my acid ketones down?

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Haus Says:
KCN for own personal use

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need for peace Says:
I'm in desperate need of help.

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need for peace Says:
Please do a noble work and let me know how and where to find cyanides?

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Loco Gringo Says:
I am looking for cyanide too, in any form, for the reason you suspect. I've reached the end of all my options.

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Raj Says:
where is email?

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Carlos Rodrigues Says:
I need cyanide too!! (the rest of the mail is in the next message)

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Earl Says:
Please get back to me on the cost, etc for your cyanide. I am currently in the hospital with diabetic complications.I AM NOT A SUICIDE JUNKIE!!!

Thanks, Earl,

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MedsChat Admin Says:
[ Site Admin ]
Please note that this web site is for informational purposes only, and we do not allow the buying and selling of medications through our discussion threads. We will promptly remove and ban anybody who is trying to sell products (legal or illegal) through our forums.

Thank you.

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Danny Says:
please contact me where i can get something

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johnny Says:
i need cyanide, quick. please contact me.

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Chii Alice Says:
I really need this. Please find me on THE book or email me. I am Chii Alice.

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