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Break Down Oxycontin Op

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can you shot it or sniff it

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jconnector55 Says:
has anyone found a sure way to break op/ oxys for injection

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2 Says:
no u can't that is the reason they started making them but i'm sure sum1 will figure out a way

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Verwon Says:
That is correct, even if you try to crush, chew or dissolve them, they turn into a piece of goo, so it retains its time released properties.

However, it still contains the same narcotic and can cause the same side effects: nausea, drowsiness, dry mouth and constipation.


Do you have any questions?

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charles davis Says:
yes yhere is a way google how to break down a oxycontin op you will see the forum there its not that hard and it works i have done it 20 times now you jus have to take your time

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charles davis Says:
this is how you shoot the op
In the same situation . I used up all my oxycodonnes and only have OPs left. Plus having problems w/ my doc. don't know what to do next month. But anyways, I took 4 30 mg OxyContin OP's and {edited for safety reasons}
I don't think this is the most ideal way to do this but as I said, it did work. It just seems a little unhealthy to shoot thick plastic looking stuff into your viens. Theres gotta be a better way. Has anyone come up with anything else? The problem is that all the methods, including mine, still have some of the gel in it, which makes it thick. There has got to be a way to get rid of the gel so you can end up with a thin watery liquid. Anyway, this is the best I've been able to come up with.
Tomorrow I see my PCP to explain to her my issues w/ the pain clinic and see is I can get Oxycodone or even just percs from her and some Soma. I would like do get to a point where I'm no longer dependant on this stuff. I tried pot for a while and it really worked well for pain management. I need something for daytime though. I don't like being stoned during the day cuz it makes me so lazy. Anyway, hope this helps someone.

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chareles Says:
i know a couple ways to breake down the new op first one is real simple you just {edited for safety reasons} then just a powder is left pull the powder out and do like normal any outher ways post it please

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BC Says:
The new Oxycontin OP CAN be prepared for snorting. {edited for safety reasons} It was tested on an aquaintence (being I don't snort the stuff) and he immediately felt the euphoric effects. And after approx. 20 minutes he felt really high and almost passed out. This effect occurred after snorting only 1/4 of one 80 mg pill.
Next, I have not experimented with the chemical consistency for users who inject the drug. But if it can be processed to snort I don't see any obstacles preventing injecting it. WARNING: BE VERY CAREFUL. YOU WILL OVERDOSE FROM THIS DRUG IF NOT EXTREMELY CAREFUL.Try a very small dose, (example,1/8 of one pill) and go from there to find your level of comfort and pain relief.
Finally, it would be so much better and less of a hassle if they brought back the OC version though. Those worked very well for my pain, and are of no comparison to the "s**t" OP formula.


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Shawty_Gurl10 Says:
I found a way to crush the op without any of the comments above....But it will take bout 15 mins..... {edited for safety reasons}....easy as one two three!!!

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macmike Says:
Can somebody please help me dire need

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Snorter Says:
What would be a legit reasoning of asking ur dr. For op's?

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bo vice Says:
yes but if you dont cook out the binders and fillers it will just goop up in ur nose i recomend {edited for safety reasons} works everytime as long as u follow the steps

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pimpin Says:
U wouldn't ask him for these... they made the regular OC 80 unavailable in pharmacies due to overdose from people shooting, smoking, and snorting.....they made regular only available INSIDE the hospitals... just like the OC 160's have been since 1 month after their release for use...

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cory Says:
whats the method w/ putting rubbing acohol on it and then just grinding it down? does that work, cuz i hurd from friend it does

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dickoff Says:
yall are all f****** drugies lay off the pipe

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anonymous Says:
Break down OP's 100% effectively! READ ALL OF THIS.
Ok here it is for everyone out there. With 10 minutes research on wikipedia and some chemistry know how i solved this new OP crisis on the first try! You will need:
{edited for safety reasons}
-Sorry I know this is long but felt i owe it to you all to give you all the info. Do research the chemistry and what you are reading here it is scientifically sound, and pass what you have learned on.

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anonymous Says:
oh yeah also just for the trouble, F*** the FDA the DEA and every tin god with a badge in the alphabet soup!

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jim Says:
I had a 160 before! Only once though and it was b4 2004!

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spunky Says:
k here it is guaranteed: {edited for safety reasons} throw in cottin and draw and so on and so fourth until syringe is full, color will be a light brown in syringe as well! walla, enjoy!

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spunky Says:
oven needs to be 350 degrees!

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Lots of seriously good info here. THANX Should solve my problems Can't someone just Call the DEA and let them know how bothersome these S^^TASS new OP/OC are

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