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zyprexa 5mg coated tablets / olanzapine
I found a box in my 14year old son & also lots of empty boxes. Why would he take them as our doctor has not given them to him.please can you tell me what they are used for & also the effects & side effects. How would he feel on them cause i not noticed. thanks ## Zyprexa contains the active ingredient Olanzapine, it is an antipsychotic medication. Side effects may include: dizziness, sedation, apathy and auditory hallucinations. As to why he would take them, it is hard to say why anyone does that, he may enjoy the effects they have on him, he may not even understand what they are used for. Learn more: Are there any comments or questions? ## Zyprexa is a anti psychotic medication. Its main action is stopping delusions and psychosis due to a mental illness. It provides sedatio...
Updated 3 months ago.
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Epitec vs Zyprexa
Hi, I have Bipolar depression since my childhood. I have been on Epitec 200mg for 9years now. I have not picked up any weight and honestly look terrible with being so skinny. I approached my Doctor and he tried to put me on Epilim but it did not seem to keep me stable so i moved back to Epitec. I've spoken to someone which introduced me to Zyprexa. I would like to know if Zyprexa would give me the same mental treatment as Epitec but will increase my weight. ## Hello, Mee! How are you? It might, but there's no guarantees and, even if it does, it will only last while you are still taking it. How tall are you and how much do you weigh? It would most likely be best to stick with using the medication that works for you, rather than trying something else, just because you're worri...
Updated 4 months ago.
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I have bipolar and was on 5mg of olanzapine and 20mg of seroxat. I was quite well for 8 or 9 years. I asked my doctor if I could come off the meds, and she took me off the olanzapine in December 2012. I had an awful relapse about 6 months later, ended up in hospital, lost my job and caused awful hardship for my family. I have asked my doctors and pharmacist if stopping the olanzapine caused the relapse and they all said no, as after stopping the olanzapine symptoms would occur within a week or so. I can accept this. However, I also asked if I had carried on taking it could I have prevented the relapse. Again,they all said no - that because relapse occurred about 6 months after I came off it, that there was no link between the two. Again I asked a few times if I had continued taking the ola
Updated 7 months ago.
pill light yellow oval with 555 on one side nothing on other
it's supposed to be zyprexa. is it? can't find it on the web. concerned pharmacy gave me wrong pills ## Hello, Daniel! How are you? Sorry for your confusion, I'm happy to clear this up for you. Yes, a tablet matching this description is listed as containing 15mgs of Olanzapine, the active ingredient in Zyprexa. Side effects may include nausea, dizziness, weight changes and somnolence. Is there anything else I can help with? ## Thanks Verwon. I've been meaning to reply to my own question before now. I talked to the pharmacist regarding my concern. She double checked what she had on the shelf to be what I had been given. She also said that it (Zyprexa) had recently gone "multi source generic", which would explain the change. Apparently, when a drug first goes gener...
Updated 7 months ago.
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Zyprexa Withdrawal Pins and needles Tingling
Hi everybody. I am currently tapering off Zyprexa. Have been on it for five years at 5 mg daily. I have been experiencing tingling or pins and needles on my feet and hands that switch around sides and sometimes disapears. I wouldlike to know if anybody has felt this while going off this med. Thanks ## Hello, Jorge! How are you doing? Have things improved, yet? Those types of symptoms can happen when withdrawing from pretty much any psychiatrically active medication, including this one. You should make sure to let your doctor know about them and seek medical attention if they get severe or you feel that you are in danger. Are there any other questions or concerns?
Updated 11 months ago.
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I saw on a website that taking Zyprexa and Tramadol is bad & causes seizures.
I think if this is true that might be why I've been having seizures (about 1 month). So I've taken myself of Zyprexa since I'm so scared of another seizures. This has caused my panic attacks and anxiety to sky rocket. I walk dogs for a living and am always afraid I'll have a seizure while no one is around. ## HI Mikki, You're correct, taking Zyprexa (olanzapine) with Tramadol can cause seizures. The anxiety you're experiencing is most likely one of the withdrawal symptoms of Zyprexa. Other detox symptoms include Insomnia, bipolar disorder symptoms (like depression or mania), and symptoms of schizophrenia (like delusions or hallucinations). I completely understand your reasoning for stopping this medication, but you should speak with your doctor immediately about ...
Updated 1 year ago.
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Oleanz indications and side effects
Patient with lack fore bearance, fear , anxiety, sleep lessness ## The active ingredient in Oleanz is Zyprexa, which is used for schizophrenia and anxiety. To learn more click on the link below... Common side effects while taking Oleanz are drowsiness, dizziness, weight gain, increased appetite, constipation, and dry mouth. Do you have any more questions or information to add? Please post back if you do. ## oleanz RT 20 mg + laprose 2mg is advised for me as maintenance , is it on the higher side of dose rate? ## From what I was able to gather 20 mg of Zyprexa is the highest dosage available. Click on the link below to view all dosage information... Zyprexa Please scroll down once you've opened the page to view dosage. Larpose is not from the US, it's a product of India. I did ho...
Updated 1 year ago.
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can you get high off of zyprexa ?
just want to know if you can. i don't need smart ass people making fun of something about. just got out of rehab and not trying to go back for this drug
Updated 1 year ago.
Zyprexa - 20 mg
What color and shape is it? ## 5mg zyprexa scored took some I cut out of bottle and they are now a pale green
Updated 1 year ago.
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lilly 4117 round white pill
how are you supposed to take the pill ## Hello, The pill in description is Zyprexa (10 mg); which is an atypical antipsychotic, approved by the FDA for the treatment of schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. The recommended starting oral dose for adults with schizophrenia is 5 mg to 10 mg once daily. The maximum recommended dose for Zyprexa is 20 mg per day. Manufacturer: Eli Lilly and Company National Drug Code (NDC): 00002-4117 Side effects may include (but are not limited to): akathisia; inability to remain still (restlessness) anhedonia (may result from the breakdown in the brain's reward system, involving the neurotransmitter dopamine) excruciating fatigue apnea dry mouth red eye mydriasis dizziness irritability sedation insomnia You can learn more about this drug on the page for ...
Updated 1 year ago.
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Zyprexa 2.5mg difficult to concentrate
Hi I am new this website. Hope someone can help me. I was diagnosed with Bipolar a year ago and took many medications (Effexor, Risperdal, Seroquel, etc.) to control it but they never seemed to work. Two days ago my psychiatrist put me on Zyprexa 2.5mg to help with my concentration. I feel no different on the Zyprexa (many people say it works fast), so I was wondering if anyone knew how long it takes to start working? Also, does anyone have any feedback about this med? Pro's only, no Con's (I know it is a weight gainer). I just want to get my life back! Thanks. ## Hi, Armand! Sorry about the difficulties you've been having. These types of medications do tend to have some effect immediately, but generally take about 4 to 6 weeks to reach their full level of efficacy in the bo...
Updated 1 year ago.
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Zyprexa 20mg
What is Zyprexa 20mg. Use for. And what are all the side affects you get from taking it. It's a white round pill ## Zyprexa is an antipsychotic drug some doctors have prescribed for sleep, which I disagree with as there are far better options out there for this. Antipsychotics have a whole different set of side effects than other meds, especially with long term use....some effects are irreversible. Please google zyprexa and go to a medical website for more info. Forewarned is forearmed. You are in charge of your health care and if you don't have a psychiatric reason to use this med find a different one. Don't take no for an answer! Good luck! PS, it works great for sleep but the risks far outweigh the benefits ( assuming there is no psych reason for taking this drug.) People...
Updated 1 year ago.
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HELP! Discount information for Zyprexa
My daughter-in-law has been diagnosed bi-polar and doesn't have any insurance and as we all know, when money is short, we as moms take the end of the line. When in fact, she needs to spend the money for the rest of the families sanity. Any direction you all can provide, will be greatly appreciated. ## I take zyprexa because of bipolar also and you can contact eli lilly company (the company that makes it) and they will give it to you for free because it costs ($346) and they know that some people can't afford it and they know that we need it. ## costco has generic Zyprexa for 16$ mo.Also Kroger pharma sells it at a matching price.(thats 5mg)
Updated 1 year ago.
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Zyprexa - discontinuing
I am thinking about trying to ween off of zyprexa to see how my body does on its own. I have never been properly diagnosed and in all honesty haven't given counseling, etc., a great chance. Now my family and I would like to see what happens if I ween off these meds. Any suggestions or thoughts? We're planning to decrease dosage every few days. ## To prevent the withdrawal and rebound effects, these types of medications must be very slowly tapered, so the schedule should actually be more like taking the dosage lower every few weeks. Learn more Zyprexa details here. It will take a week or so, each time you lower, for your body to recognize and adjust to the lowered dosage, so doing it every few days would be really pushing it. Have you talked to your doctor about it? They'll b...
Updated 2 years ago.
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Zyprexa side effects
Has anyone else notice a great deal of weight gain and loss of ability to orgasm, even with masturbation, with this medication? ## Interestingly enough, side effects of Zyprexa (Olanzapine) do list both, "weight gain" as well as "decreased sexual ability" as symptoms that can occur with treatment. Referenced from: If it has become too bothersome or severe I'd definitely consider talking to your doctor about switching medications or opting for a more natural approach that can replace Zyprexa. I hope the above info helps shed some light on things!
Updated 2 years ago.
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Oleanz Rt 10mg
Use of oleanz Rt 10mg and its side effects ## Oleanz is listed as containing the active ingredient Zyprexa, which is an antipsychotic medication. Learn more Zyprexa details here. I am not sure, however, if the RT contains an additional ingredient, since I couldn't find any information on it. The side effects to Zyprexa may include nausea, dizziness, drowsiness and weight changes. Does anyone have more information on the RT formulation?
Updated 2 years ago.
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Does Olazapine cause false positive drug test for Benzodiazepine?
I have been taking 10mg of olazapine daily for about 2.5 years, will my urine drug test be positive for benzodiazepines? If it is positive, can GS/MC drug test reveal the specific drug I'm taking? ## I am sorry, but yes. I went to jail last Summer for 30 days for this. I think what you are referring to is Oprazolam, or something like that, dont remember exactly what is is called. ## Zyprexa is an antidepressant right? You should be fine. Thats the good news. Now here is the bad news: You will be fine because the GC/MS test DOES tell exactly what drug has been used. Its not like it says "Opiates" and you are cool, wether you are taking hydrocodone or oxycodone..the GC/MS I hope this helps. ## No, Olanzapine isn't known to cause a false positive for any other me...
Updated 2 years ago.
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Mixing Zyprexa with workout supplements
Im taking 2.5 mg of zyprexa on a daily basis and want to know if anyone has information on what i should watch out for when purchasing workout supplements.. ## It is kind of hard to say for sure since there are so many types of supplements/ingredients. Watch out for any depressants (such as alcohol), as well as anything which could exacerbate further dehydration. Your blood pressure might also be affected so try to avoid supplements which affect your heart rate/etc. Best bet would be to stick with a natural protein supplement which does not contain fat burning ingredients or anything else intended to mess with your metabolism. Does that make sense? ## yea it makes sense. another issue that im having is that i currently do not have health insurance and this medication is very expensive. ...
Updated 2 years ago.
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Anti Depressant/ zyphermean
I was prescribed an anti-depressant that phonetically sounds like zyphermean....locate all effects and correct spelling, please ## Hi Susanne, Just to list a couple possibilities that I found: -Zyprexa is an atypical antipsychotic, approved by the FDA for the treatment of schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. -Xyphedrine is a weight loss supplement (may or may not have any anti depressive properties) With all the thousands of drug names out there, it's going to very difficult to determine a match for this. I tried a handful of different variations of your spelling as well, with no luck. Have you tried contacting any pharmacies about this? That's probably the next thing I would do in this situation, other than checking with health food stores that sell over the counter anti depress...
Updated 2 years ago.
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Small Yellow Tablet With 5 On One Side and nothing on the other
what is this pill? it is small round and yellow and has the number 5 on it only ## Based on your description, this pill could be one of three different drugs. Zyprexa Zydis (5mg) manufactured by Eli Lilly and Company Meloxicam (7.5mg) manufactured by Carlsbad Technology, Inc. Olanzapine (5mg) manufactured by Eli Lilly and Company If you're able to, I would suggest contacting (emailing) each manufacturer with a photo of your pill so they can identify whether or not it's something they produce. Here is the contact page for Eli Lilly and Company: Here is the contact page for Carlsbad Technology, Inc: My thoughts are that it is most likely Zyprexa or Meloxicam (as I haven't seen an image of Olanzapine), but I could be wrong. I hope this helps!
Updated 3 years ago.
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