Zydus 10mg Oxycodone Underdosed?

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LittleK Says:
Hello all. For the last 6 months, i've been prescribed various meds/treatments/pain meds for severe head pressure and neck pain. I had to stop taking any form of Hydrocodone because it makes my skin breakout in open sores (gross, i know). On May 6th, my PCP prescribed me Oxycodone 10mg 4times daily with great results and it made me very fuctional. He gave me another script for the same medication and when i went to the pharmacy, they filled it and when i got home, i notices the tablets/drug company was different. Well, was i in for a suprise. The new generics my pharmacy had were made by Zydus Pharmaceuticals and are imported from India? Well, to say the least, i've been taking almost twice my dosage to get the same effect. There's no way on earth that my tolerance doubled in less than a day! Now, my PCP thinks i'm trying to get more pills, and the pharmacy thinks i'm crazy. The first prescrption i got the 10mg oxycodone from this manufacturer: KVK Tech Inc (pink and "k 56" imprint on them. And they worked fabulous. These Zydus ones seem wayyyy underdosed as i'm taking around 5-6 tabs compared to 4 tabs of the KVK Tech brand. Any info/advice is greatly appreciated!

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Verwon Says:
There can be fluctuations from one generic to another, so the one from Zydus may be slightly lower in the amount of the active ingredient and it just may not work for you as well as the ones from KVK Tech.

Learn more Oxycodone details here.

However, as you've discovered there are issues with convincing the pharmacy and your doctor of the problem.

Next time, you may want to use a different pharmacy, if your current one won't listen and order others in for you.

As to your doctor, I'm really not sure what you can do there, other than be completely honest with them. I wish I had some other idea for you, but I don't. Prescribing it 4 times a day is really the maximum he can do.

Does anyone else have any advice they can offer?

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littlek Says:
Thank you Verwon! I'm just terrified about all this because the long holiday weekend is coming up and my PCP wis as hard to get ahold of than the President. These Zydus Oxy 10's are no way the same quality/dosage as the other brand, and i spoke with my PCP and pharmacist about this today and they said that this Rite Aid only has the Zydus brand available at this time. I tried today to convince my PCP to switch my current oxy 10's to a "brand name" and i'll spend the extra few dollars. Not a chance. He thinks my tolerance is growing, and thats complete BULLSH*T, as i've been fine on the other brand at the same dosage everyday for the past two weeks. Please everyone, tell me what i should do, as the anxiety is seriously overriding me about all this, and its making my pain even worse. Please help me, i am truly in need of what to do. Should i try a methadone clinic? Thats how disgusted i am with my PCP/Neurologist. They never return calls and when Friday comes around, i'm stuck, especially now since its Memorial Day weekend. This is absurd behavior on their part. Thanks for any help all of you can give me!

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Regina Says:
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Hi, I am a RN and fractured my hip and developed hip bursitis -- I was taking waaaaay too many oxycodones for pain and my doc thought I had accodemated to them and I went on hydrocodone and was miserable for a month. I went back on my 10 mg of oxycodone and got no pain relief so I googled 'Zydus oxycodone' and was amazed at all the issues with their drugs, I called the pharmacy and of course they could not take my bottle of meds minus the 4 I took back but they did tell me to get my doc to write for the 5 mg tabs-2 q 4-6 hrs as needed, which he did. I turned the pills that did not work into him to be destroyed and filled out the FDA forms so they can check into the issue. Hope this helps

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Louise Says:
I absolutely agree with you--The KVK tablets are sooooo much netter--The zydus were like placebos--so I struggled for one month with them, and now I check my pharmacy before I fill my RX's to see what pharmaceuical company is prescribing them. It made such a difference. I just refilled my RX with KVK and I am so pleased with the difference after a month on the zydus--always do your research--Good luck!

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Dobie1965 Says:
Slightly lower is an understatement. I have been putting up with Zydus oxycodone B.S. for 4 months hoping things would change. They haven't and I can't take the bed rest any longer. I know other pharmacies carry KV or any other generic for that matter. Ill just put up with the looks and my doctors insistence that I go to one pharmacy, which I would be happy to do-if they carried a functional product. Come on you guys.. I'm too sick- but SOMEONE SHOULD CALL ZYDUS ON THIS. Test the pill. There is no way it contains 8-10mg of oxycodone( I'm giving them the 20% the FDA says they can short us). This has been 4 months of hell. My kids don't like watching me die and without relief from the pain their getting a front row seat. Thanks for nothing ZYDUS - hope that extra bit you saved by ripping us all of made your stock go up by 1/2 a point. You sure did earn a lot of customers who'll be turning their back on your medications.

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Chirr Says:
via mobile
I have been feeling much better (stomach wise) taking the zydus rather than taking other copycat brands.
Hmmm.... thank you for your message because I finally got through thinking about this.

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Dobie1965 Says:
Yea, we're lucky that someone cares enough to help us with our pain issues. I'm tired of thinking about this too. Just want to keep living.

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littlek Says:
Its nice to know i'm not the only one with this issue! Y'all wont believe what i had to do to get another script: i attempted suicide. It was a bulls*** attempt but it literall had to take those measures to get the doctor's frigging attention! Now, i'm in pain management, and i'm getting the 7.5mg oxycodones (4 tabs daily, sometimes need more), But i ALWAYS make sure to see what brand it is from now on. Either Qualitest, Mylan. If they dont have that brand, i go elsewhere. I'm not gonna EVER be forced to go thru what i went thru just because of some greedy pharmaceutical company's f*** up. I was told "there are better ways to get things done" Oh really? The doctors wouldnt even call me back, let alone continue my treament. So, i had to, theoretically speaking, set off an alarm. Because before that, nobody was bothering to help me. Now, they know not to screw around and not take my word for it. Sucks i had to do that, but hey, i got what i needed!

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Beaford Says:
Your 100% right. I have a bottle that I am bringing to a lab to be tested. Zydus asked I send them the pills. Yea ok sure, let me guess, they are fine. Had surgery and went well, no more need for pain meds, especially ones that do nothing

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JJ Says:
I have been on pain therapy for more than a year. The 10 mg. dosage was working fine, making me functional with my pain. They gave me the Zydus brand last time I filled my RX and they are useless. No pain relief. To make matters worse, they make me shaky, sweaty, irritable, and I'm in such pain I can hardly think straight. My left shoulder is in a knot. my right hip is constantly aches. I have to suffer a month like this. I have to do everything for Christmas: clean, shop, cook, entertain. I am dreading it. Just hope I make it.

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Rolls Says:
I'm getting the same 10mg dose and am not getting the same relief I was getting from a different manufacturer and a lower dose. I'm sure it will be expensive, but I'm going to take one of my pill's to a company who test's drug's to see just how much oxycodone is in these so-called pain med's. I would'nt be surprised if they were just a placebo. when I get the result's, I will put a message up and if there not what they are suppose to be, I will contact every agency available to let them know that these are a scam.

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zydusNP12arefake Says:
via mobile
So did anyone get these tested? I just filled a script today and have noticed no pain relief. Pharmacy cannot take them back and my Dr is out for the day. I'm considering going to the hospital. If anyone actually did go to the effort and expense of testing them , what happened? If these are not properly dosed or inactive cheap ingredients are interfering with absorption- they shouldn't be on the market and they WILL BE SUED!

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Regina Says:
Report them to the FDA using this form: fda.gov/downloads/AboutFDA/ReportsManualsForms/Forms/UCM349464.pdf. Mine came back with little to no drug BUT when lots of a drug are going through trials only 80% have to be perfect they have a 20 % that can be imperfect. Call your doctor and see if they will let you turn in the pills that are not working and prescribe you the 5 mg tablets or find a pharmacy that does not use Zydus. The key is to work with your doctor, thankfully mine was willing to work with me and take the time to destroy the pink pills and fill out the ensuing paperwork and the same with my pharmacy. I use a very small pharmacy so they were the only one with the bad lot so no recall issued. Good luck

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Regina Says:
For everyone having trouble vindication: statecolumn.com/2014/02/fda-bans-indian-firms-from-producing-drugs-for-the-u-s

FDA is pulling anything made in India, these 2 companies manufacture the components of the drugs

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arkmo Says:
I just posted on a similar topic.. I knew I should have copy and saved it- as always- but forgot this time. You are right. I have had to do tis in the past with meds that were changed out (the MFR) between Rx refills)... the 10 mg ZYD Oxycodone is s*** (excuse me- but I am pissed off) 1/2 as strong as even the KVK everyone is complaining about. These 10mg ZYD pink, 12 on one side & an NP on the other should be OTC- I paid good money for these and they are junk. I have not developed a tolerance either- in the time frame I am speaking in regards to.. they simply do not work. No one at the FDA is watching over the Rx coming int this country- I know they are short handed and busy but this is ridiculous- it started with Clonozipam- mfr's changes as did the quality and working effects during the day.. I did go back to my Doc & gave back the Rx and he gave me another Rx and I promptly went to another Pharmacy- I have an excellent honest trusting relationship with my doc- never lied to him.. imagine that.. so when I tell him something he's no reason to disbelieve me.
A**hole Pharmacies. all in the name of saving US money- change manufacturer all the time- they don't realize the effects it has on patients when they do this- it is NOT just about the strength but the fillers are all different. Some do not even dissolve (ask any septic tank pumping guy.. he'll tell ya how many pills he gets that are NOT dissolved- and you cannot tell me they were dumped that morning before pumping! And it's BS to help us, the consumer, save $$$... it's about making them more money. Deep pockets, you get name brand meds- otherwise settle for the s***.

As far as Methadone- you were wondering about. It works well for weaning yourself off H. Clinics will allow you to request up or down in dose- though I hear it has become very expensive these days for even minimal regular maintenance- I would be careful.. the effects can range from hot flashes to aches and pains you never knew you had.. The reason? It is NOT the same methadone that clinics dose you with- the 20 mg orange-ish disckets. Not even close... the white aspirin looking 10 mg Methadone works but again, you may or may not develop a s***ty reaction... you could try them and see- for H weening- great! DO NOT take candy bars with Methadone! DO NOT... you know what I am speaking of... Xanax- don't do it. Liquid Hand-Cuffs- VERY tough to break.. But, if your goal is to stop the up and down roller coaster high, detox or take more, detox or take more- EVERY day- methadone might work for you. Two 60 mg time release MS Contins/day may be a good alternative for you.

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Zaneta Says:
Tell your pharmacy you have to have the better brand of oxy. I do that and my doc agrees. Tell your doc you want to switch back and to write the brand on your script. My doc does that and i looked around for a pharmacy that would fill that for me with the brand i like. You don't have to have the doc write the company name on the script but it helps. The pharmacy can special order for you that brand if they are willing.

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Zydus is Boges Says:
It is great that there is a website like this to help us. I have been taking 10 mg oxycodone for 3yrs. daily, last Fri 9-12-14 I picked up my prescription. When I got home I open the bottle and noticed that the pills looked different. I called my local CVS pharmcy to make sure it was correct they assured me they were correct and that it was a new pharmacol company named Zydus. So I took my dose, and I got no pain relief, I thought I would take 1/2 more I went to cut the pink round pill (mark NP/12) it crumbled into pieces, what is with that? I got some relief. ,but all day I felt sickly, sweaty and just not good. I take another around bed time, that night I was in pain all night and I woke up in a sever sweating mode, I was going thru withdrawal. I called the pharmacy first thing in the morning, they said the I had to wait till the manage got there Monday. I was sick all weekend, I talked to the pharmacy manager Monday and she can not help me at all. So now I have a month of this terrible under-dosed pain med, that is made in India from a company name Zydus. I looked on the internet to find that all the drugs that come from this company are Boges .I also have emailed CVS (LONGS) store customer relations and I will be calling them. I hope this post helps ALL.

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Kelly l Says:
via mobile
I too have had the same exact problems hoping to get my pmdr to read some if these n rewrite me a new script I was supposed to have 20 mg but pharmacy was more than happy to double RX with zydus 10 mg gee do u think they know save mart RX

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eric Says:
via mobile
I take 4 10mg a day. I just filled my script today (12/03/2014). Took this little NP12 pill an no relief. As I'm doing more research it seems ALOT of people are having this problem.

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Kelly l Says:
via mobile
ALL OF YOU are absolutely right I brought this to my DR's attention he didn't seem to care or listen Ask 1st n do not accept them there are supposedly 80% more India pharmacies follow in there foot steps. Zydus even states on bottle manufactured in USA DON'T BELIEVE IT. QUESTION IS what can be done? litigation anybody? Any lawyers out there?

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