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Xanax/alprazolam Scored White With Only "11" Imprint
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Alex Says:
I went to go pickup my generic xanax script at a new pharmacy, they charged only 20$ for 90 2mg, so I could not say no to that, the next day I picked it up and the pill was bar shaped with round edges, scorerd to break into .5mg doses like all, excluding dava, are the only imprint is the number 11. It certainly taste like xaxa, as I have used a number of generics, but can not identify this odd, round edge alprazolam pill. Please help

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D medley Says:
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I am new at all of this ordering medication through the net and was exclusively working with retail pharmacies. Now I'm lost and sick. I live in Portland I was hoping some kind soul could offer advice. Thank you.

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I call them pancakes but thats NYC term for em- they're good

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minoguesque Says:
What I do not understand is why on earth do you not tell your doctor to write the prescription for a certain brand of whatever drug you are needing, if you find that random generics are no good? In the USA this is especially essential in the case of alprazolam, as the quality of USA-made alprazolam is in the main, absolutely appalling. I know of only brand name Xanax and the Greenstone generic that are anywhere close to being acceptable, as we would see it here in Europe. I have tried many US generics and they are almost all complete garbage, weak and ineffective. A pharmacist is tied to what a doctor writes on a prescription form. So when I get my clonazepam, I get the doctor to write 'Rivotril tabs 2mg (Roche Products)' rather than simple 'clonazepam tabs 2mg', as I find them far better than the generic alternative.
So ask for 'alprazolam tabs 2mg (Greenstone products)' or 'Xanax tabs 2mg', which will mean that the pharmacist MUST fill with the brand Xanax as stated on the form.
I certainly would never leave the choice of my medications in the hands of a pharmacist who receives a form with simply the generic name on the prescription just in case I received a brand that did not agree with me, or was substandard compared with my preferred brand - the pharmacist is then free to dispense whatever, usually the cheapest, s/he decides to dispense.

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Deedah Says:
I know. Same thing happened to me... I went to a different pharmacy because my regular one didn't have any xanax in stock so I went somewhere else and these (the white with 1 1 imprinted on it) really are SO WEAK COMPARED TO EVERY OTHER GENERIC.. I know because I've tried them all over the years. But now I am suck with these horrible pills for a whole month. I AM GUNA BE SCREWED FOR A MONTH! I've just never experienced anything like this.. I wish you could "return" or "exchange" pills back to the pharmacy lol :(

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Deedah Says:
BY THE WAY PEOPLE - YES the white with 1 1 on it is real. Got it from a major USA pharm. However, I have taken every kind of generic and I agree with the people who said this feels weaker than the other white ones. Which does not make any sense because they are all the same 2mg and white (GREEN ARE TIME-RELEASED PEOPLE!!!! That's why they work/feel different than the white ones...)

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Bob Says:
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They r 2 mg zannys an they r good ones.

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Bob Says:
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There 2mg zannys. Good ones too

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Brett Says:
What state do you,live in. I gotta get mine today. Let me know if you are in the LA Orange County area

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JAY Says:
These pills are the weakest XANAX I have personally ever taking, over the past ten years for sure I do not get sick from Bezo withdrawal, although I could take twenty of these, and still not sleep! So something I will never get again, if the Pharmacy I went , that is all they have in "stock" I am down the road! PISSED!

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jeff Says:
You like them better than teva and sandorez? I'm trying to figure out what's the best pharmacy for the best brand hey get

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mac Says:
could possibly be busbar looks just like white bar xanax but is scored 2 times to break 3 piece instead of xanax is scored 3x to make 4 piece

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GDF family Says:
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Once you see that FDC code that is the tell tale sign it is official and a U.S. company. Also federal law requires all generics can only have a 10%difference from any name brand. Look that up if your anxiety won't let you be certain about any change in your consistent and structured life. All good.

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Kris Says:
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You are ridiculous boss

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Doctor G Says:
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Yes they are real. U can find them all over the internet. They r 2 mg alprazolam which is Xanax

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ericbleedspurple Says:
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Those xannies are the weakest I've ever taken.

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bill Says:
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8 =1 bar

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jaytsigma1 Says:
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haha I totally agree with you brother!! I've been on xanax since I was 12 and I'm now 40, I swear I didn't know were some of these people come up with that s***t! muscle relaxers haha that's a hoot!!!

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jaytsigma1 Says:
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yes it is the real deal Sun Pharmaceuticals makes it. you can finally look it up yourself it is real I have them in my possession. with the bottle and the manufacturer, so no worries.

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jaytsigma1 Says:
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I totally agree I just saw the bottle myself and they are the real deal!! no worries guys!

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minoguesque Says:
Is that Sun as in the Indian company that makes the excellent 10mg NITROSUN nitrazepam? I was not aware of this - 2mg alprazolam is almost unheard of in India; most alp is sold in a combination drug with sertraline, and to my knowledge, a GP in India would never prescribe more than 1mg three times per day, or 1.5mg SR every 12 hrs. It is considered as the most potent and abuse-liable benzodiazepine there and is, although a Schedule H, same as diazepam, morphine sulphate, etizolam, lorazepam etc, pharmacists DO take a lot more care when dealing with it. As a single drug, alprazolam is not prescribed nearly as much as in other countries, diazepam and lorazepam being preferred to a huge extent over alp. Oxazepam (Serepax) seems to be losing popularity, and I have not checked the Indian 'Bible', IndiaMeds, but I have not seen nor heard of the Serepax Forte brand, which was 60mg ( or was it 50? Seresta Forte in West Europe is 50mg but the highest instant morphine here is Sevredol 50mg.yet in India is Vermor 60mg. Shame, the quality of Serepax is/was at least as good as the UK generic by Actavis, which is all that is now permitted for dispense!)

Now as for SR or m/r formulations, it is a legal requirement that this is writ large on boxes and blisters, and of course the NAME of the preparation must reflect such, as in 'Xanx Retard', MST Continus, OxyContin, Magnus SR, Opana ER etc. it must also be the first thing mentioned on the PIL (Patient information Leaflet) which is SUPPOSED to be issued with every prescription but often omitted by the pharmacist if dispensed from tubs into bottles in particular, or if the quantity in the box is less than a complete box and the leaflet has gone to a patient who received the other contents of said box... It is a legal requirement to say right under or next to the brand name of the medicine, "SUSTAINED RELEASE, TAKE EVERY TWELVE HOURS" or 'Extended' or 'modified', but it MUST be made clear that this medicine is released over a period of time ( in the case of OxyContin the Courts found that in the US, Purdue Frederick had misled consumers and it was held that in over 85% of patients, the maximum effective period was 6-6.5 hrs. The other patent holders - Purdue no longer manufacture OxyContin as per the patent and now sell a much less effective med which feels around half stated strength and also gives the user several distressing side effects esp G.I, but also a headache and in some cases difficulties with normal urination - Napp and Mundipharma, have not (yet) ended up in a Court of Law over misrepresentation of m/r period, but I am prescribed this medicine and find that it is extremely rare for its effect to exceed 8 hours; it is an awful job having to explain this to my doctor, who seems to believe the Company and refuses to prescribe me the three rescue doses I find I need daily, of short acting but pretty equianalgesic drugs - diacetylmorphine hydrochloride tabs 10mg four prn, Dipipanone and Cyclizine tabs 10/30mg, three prn, hydromorphone hydrochloride caps 2.6mg four or five (10.4-13mg) prn and dextromoramide (Palfium) tabs 10mg, three prn would all do the job perfectly. For a longer duration of action the equianalgesic dosage ofx morphine sulphate IR (Sevredol, by Napp) would be 80mg, ie 1 each 50/20/10mg tabs. The PIL States action is 4-6hours. Oxynorm capsules 30 or 35mg (1 each 20/10/5mg) would do the same job but I personally find it better to use a rotation of different drugs.

To return to the issue of SR or 'retard' alprazolam! I was unaware that it was commonly used in the USA. It is certainly not available in the UK, where since 1999 the only alprazolam on the market has been the tiny dosage 250 and 500mcg tablets (UPJOHN 29 and 55), 1 and 2mg tablets having been deleted. We must now obtain them at great cost from foreign pharmacies, I get my 1mg from Romania, one of the cheapest countries for meds and with some of the best, like the Terapia generics (now owned by Ranbaxy and their diazepam in particular is one of the finest in the world) and SOME of the Labormed Pharma generics, some of which are quite good and some are quite awful... Their Mz10 medazepam is OK but not a patch on Nobrium or Rudotel. I believe there is also a brand called Ansilan which somebody told me was by Gedeon Richter, but I have never seen those; Rudotel has always been my favourite but web-based pharmacies are selling the Mz10, which is around 98cents per box of 30 at pharmacies, for US$90 per 100. Is there a Sun Pharmaceuticals in the USA? If so, I for one have never heard of them and what strength of modified release alprazolam they make is a mystery. It is a pity that there is no resource available to consumers like the BNF in the UK, Medsindia in that country, the comprehensive list of medicines made in Spain, and in Belgium and the Netherlands there are similar documents, as in Hungary, one of the best source countries in the EU, Roche Hungary being well regarded giants their best facilities in Switzerland and Brazil. Often the Rivotril I am prescribed comes from Pharmacy tubs of 1000 by Roche Hungary, and very good it is as well. As I said, only Xanax in those strengths of 0.25 & 0.5mg are available here, no generics at all. It was changed from an NHS drug to a Private Prescription drug shortly after the deletion of the useful strengths, and I have to say it is the highest priced Xanax in Europe, if not the world. I was on a dosage of 1mg (2 x 500mcg) three times daily and it was costing me MORE than the same amount of 2mg tablets would in Belgium, my nearest and cheapest close-by EU State, where I can get a selection of meds no longer available in the UK and in many cases, drugs, like clotiazepam (Pfizer CLOZAN 10mg) which have never been dispensed here. Bromazepam is particularly inexpensive at €14 for a bottle of 50 x 12mg Roche Lexotan. Generics are about half that cost. Flunitrazepam, an excellent hypnotic and commonly prescribed there with the advantage of a longer half life than most hypnotics, making the breakfast time anxiolytic superfluous.

The price of Pfizer and Upjohn's XANAX in the UK forced me, who survives (just about) on Disability Benefits, to change to the far less effective Lorazepam 2.5mg, available in generics by Metwest, Genus and Sandoz UK. The Metwest pink Caplets marked 'MP61' are best by a long way. Note that my equianxiolytic dose has increased. Not by much, but 10mg lorazepam daily is equivalent to around 20mg extra in the standard diazepam control in the equivalence tables. Still, they do not have the same excellent anxiolytic effect and are a lot more sedating, making my intellectual properties quite considerably duller. Having just per used the BNF I find no SR ER or MR benzodiazepines at all. I can only think that there is no call for them. I certainly would not use them; I think that perhaps the only use for such things would be in the more elderly who may require easier dosing - alprazolam is one of those which MUST be used within quite strictly defined time limits between doses, largely due to the strange combination of a very short half life and a relatively longer duration of action. In fact the BNF specifically refers to diazepam, chlordiazepoxide AND ALPRAZOLAM as 'longer-acting BZDs'. This despite the fact that I must take FOUR doses of 2.5mg lorazepam daily as opposed to only THREE of alprazolam - my ideal dosage has been in the past 2mg tds, but of course this is financially impossible except when purchasing in Belgium where 50 x 2mg cost €36 (one of the cheapest for branded Xanax, but the '11' 2mg being discussed here at only $20 for 90 beats almost any alprazolam in Europe bar Galenika Ksalol ( which many consider superior to P&U Xanax) and Romanian Labormed Az1. The Belgian EG generic 2mg are probably just above that rate, and the 2mg Teva Belgium tablets are reasonable though I can not recall the precise price. Are the Sustained Release alprazolam much more expensive than instant release? That would be the case with the majority of meds. Yes, alprazolam are suitable, more suitable than most all other BZDs for longer term use (I have been on those drugs now since 1976, 38 years!) but to be honest I find that the most useful, for epilepsy and, off-label, for prophylaxis of Panic Disorders, is clonazepam. I have always insisted on being written up for the brand Roche RIVOTRIL 2mg tds, but have used the Auden McKenzie generic, the only generic clonazepam now made in the UK, and have found it highly effective; perhaps it is just the change of 'scenery'.or maybe it has improved beyond recognition in the last 20-odd years. I intend to purchase 100 x Auden McKenzie this coming month and retain my prescribed Roche, just to see whether I actually prefer the generic.

As for Xanax, it never was made in the UK and our supplies came mainly from Belgium, who have a renowned Pfizer facility making excellent quality meds, Malta, and Italy. I a am sure that there was at one time a generic but can not be certain as I was ALWAYS dispensed Xanax. Quite WHY the UK goes against received wisdom, that Xanax is the best available anxiolytic with an excellent longer term profile, and fewer side effects and less unwanted sedation than almost any other available yet now refuses NHS prescription and the far more useful 1 and 2mg strengths is beyond my understanding. Insofar as habituation is concerned, one is more likely to develop an addiction with dreadful withdrawals from my substitute, lorazepam, as evidenced by a Court Case in the 1980s which sought to ban Wyeth ATIVAN on the grounds that people, mostly older, on normal clinical dosage of 1mg tds for only one month or perhaps two, were suffering terribly on being cut off from their Ativan. Doctors did not really understand the pharmokinetics and dynamics of BZDs in those days, and no trials had been carried out with either higher dosages or longer periods of treatment with a view to finding out about the potential for fast and hard habituation. This was at the time when Xanax was being prepared for market (1981 I believe) so Upjohn as the patent holder then was, very quickly organised that kind of trial with alprazolam and concluded that the risks were far less than with either lorazepam or triazolam and (if I recall correctly) on a par with oxazepam - a major metabolite of most of the BZDs then on the market along with desmethyldiazepam aka nordazepam. At the time, lorazepam was the BZD (apart from the sleep inducers) with the smallest half life and even missing a dose of only 1mg, the lowest available dose, could trigger unpleasant feelings within about four hours of the missed dose.

There is a good reason for the existence of alprazolam SR, as the elderly are most likely to forget a dose. It is commonly prescribed in India and the single drug alprazolam in 500mcg and 1mg are not prescribed much at all. In fact I have heard that Cipla TRANAX sells more OUTSIDE India through web-based pharmacies than IN the country, where it vies for largest seller with Torrent ALPRAX. I just went to MedsIndia to have a check but my short visit failed to pick up any alprazolam made by Sun Pharmaceuticals. I wonder if that previous poster was mistaken? Or is there a Sun in the US or Canada? I would like to see a post where the writer puts forth a better case for an SR benzodiazepine than I have been able to. I only see a use in the forgetful elderly. If I find the tablet under discussion in any of my databases I will attempt to upload a photo and whatever I find in the PIL that might be of interest to readers. This is probably my longest post in the many years I have been contributing here!

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