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White Round Pill Subutex 54 411
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lynn Says:
I found suboxone in my daughters room with a needle. Do people really shoot this up? why do people take it that dont need it?

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Skinny girl Says:
Hi I hope someone can help mE I have a herion addiction I use around 12 hours ago I have subutext and wanted to know when and how to take them I have 5 54 411 pills five pills in total plz if someone can help

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Gary Says:
via mobile
Suboxone only sends u into withdraw if you have opioids already in your system. people do subutex because u can still get high off of opioids while on the subutex but if you're going thru withdraw,subutex will just make you feel "normal",not high... But if you have NO TOLERANCE to opioids then subutex and suboxone will both get you retardedly high. sit down and talk to your daughter and find out exactly what she's been using,how much of it and how frequently. if she's shooting she def has some kind of habit but with a nice honest conversation you will be able to tell how far gone she already is

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Newly Felonious Unemployed Says:
Haha, thanks junkie savior! Your message was fairly accurate and also hilarious. You talk about getting real drugs, but you don't specify. Aren't you going to recommend a better drug? As injection is as a part of it for me as the actually getting high, might I suggest fentanyl citrate. it comes only intravenously (not to be confused with the fentanyl patch,(transdermal) A dose of 100 mcg (0.1 mg) is approximately equivalent in analgesic potency to 10 mg of morphine. If you are going to f*** your life over, do it the RIGHT WAY. How does one even obtain fentanyl citrate? Find and make friends with a junkie nurse or doctor. You'd be surprised how many of them there are. Best place to do it? Jail, Rehab or Med school. As a once promising (hospital will not be mentioned) intern, I've found access to them in both. You'd be surprised how many MDs, RNs, LPNs, CNAs are all in jail and rehab. Rehab is a little lowly though because they're trying to get out of it. Stick to jail and med school. If you aren't feeling very ambitious, there's always heroin. Heroins purity is consistently changing, so try not to overdose on accident. If it's on purpose, claim it was an accident. Good luck to all you enterprising junkies.

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The junkie savior Says:
OKAYYY. Another "I found this pill blah blah blah", "how soon can I take sub after dope", "can you get high from shooting this/is it dangerous" thread where random derelict minds dip in asking stupid questions and supplying incorrect information with the random enlightened junkie/recovered junkie coming in with the correct answer to every question. Lucky for the people that come to this site from here on, you can bet your bottom dollar you have found the correct answer to every question you are coming here with. I am your Junkie Savior.

To address the original post, obviously that is generic Subutex 8mg. If you found it next to a needle, I'd say it's safe to assume your daughter is using Subutex intravenously, along with who knows what other pills. The best thing you could do is sit down and calmly tell your daughter what you found and try to have a calm, nonjudgmental conversation with her about her drug use.

Now, for the dime a dozen questions. I'll just do it all in one paragraph. Suboxone/Subutex gets you high, yes...unless you are an opiate addict/junkie...then, if you are in withdrawal, it will level you out but you won't feel high. Buprenorphine is a very strong opiate and has been a common pain medication in Europe for quite some time. The difference between buprenorphine (bupe from here on so I don't have to keep typing the word) and other opiates (from hydros to heroin) is that it is only a partial agonist on the opiate receptors on your brain, with a very high affinity for those receptors. This means that when taken, due to its high affinity, the bupe is going to fight through any other opiates/opioids already present on the receptors, push them off, and then cling tightly to your receptors...but since it is only a partial agonist, depending how long it's been and how potent the opiate, there is potential for precipitated withdrawal...if you're high on heroin and you take buprenorphine in any form, it's going to make you come down quick, possibly to the point of full withdrawal. This only lasts for anywhere from 30 minutes to several hours. THIS IS THE CASE WHETHER IT IS SUBOXONE OR SUBUTEX. The naloxone (Narcan) in the Suboxone formula is SAID to be there to discourage IV use of the drug...however, as anyone who has injected a Suboxone pill or strip will tell you, the naloxone does nothing when injected, you still get the same effect as if it weren't there...basically making the naloxone inert and unnecessary. THE NALOXONE HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE PRECIPITATED WITHDRAWALS, THEY ARE ONLY AN EFFECT OF THE BUPE'S HIGH AFFINITY FOR YOUR RECEPTORS. This brings me to the question of injecting Suboxone/Subutex. Obviously, it can be done. It kicks in a little quicker and leaves you with more of a relaxed feeling than it would if you took it sublingually, snorted it, or plugged it. There is no rush, and how high it makes you depends on your tolerance to opiates. There have been hundreds and hundreds of milligrams of both Suboxone/Subutex injected into the veins of yours truly, until I wised up. I still have all my limbs, but I have a large darkened area of skin on one arm from blowing a vein shooting the stuff. if you shoot this stuff, you WILL eventually blow a vein, especially if you hit a small vein or have a hard time hitting in general. I also noticed that after long periods of bupe injection, I would get a nagging cough that produced sputum that tasted like the nasty fillers and binders in the pill/strip. If you are shooting either of these drugs, even with no problems, YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY CORRODING, HARDENING, AND CLOGGING BLOOD VESSELS IN ALL OF YOUR IMPORTANT ORGANS.

I don't look forward to reaping what I've sown as my body ages and deteriorates more quickly due to IV bupe use, and have heard countless and seen several horror stories that commonly go along with long term IV use of Suboxone/Subutex. IF YOU CONTINUE INJECTING SUBOXONE OR SUBUTEX FOR A LONG PERIOD OF TIME, YOU WILL ABSOLUTELY DIE MUCH YOUNGER THAN YOU NORMALLY WOULD HAVE. Some guy earlier on in the thread said he injected it for ten years and still has all of his limbs and his heart is still tickin, but I find that hard to believe. If it is true, that would make him a very lucky man with a very exceptional case...but I doubt he has too many years left. Shooting any pill is just as bad for you, but it's not really worth it with are doing a lot of damage for a third of the high. Also, I noticed that buprenorphine will harden veins you hit regularly VERY quickly, so you have to find a new spot every time to avoid that, which is a b****. If you are looking to potentiate a buprenorphine buzz, look into plugging it (dissolving into solution with sterile water and taking it in your ass with one of those bulb syringes that are typically used for cleaning out a baby's nose). It is not very comfortable and possibly a bit invasive to you, but once the solution is absorbed, you are as high as buprenorphine could possibly get you. It should be noted that taking too much buprenorphine often causes nausea, and there ABSOLUTELY IS a ceiling effect with the drug. Once your receptors are full of bupe, you are as high as it is gonna make ya. For the people who have only been on opiates for a few weeks or a month, TRUST ME, just go through the three days of pill withdrawals. Suboxone/Subutex are very powerful drugs, and much harder to come off of, as the withdrawals from extended use of either drug last anywhere from a week up to a month, even a little longer in some cases. The first time I came off of the drug, my withdrawals lasted about 25 days. This is why I say just tough out the hydro/percocet withdrawals, as they only last a few days. Yes, you can snort the pill or strip, but all it does is make it kick in a little quicker and requires a smaller amount of the drug. It is terrible for your nasal passages, sinuses, and the back of your throat, however, and could lead to complications with your nasal passages or sinuses. Not recommended. Basically, if you're coming in here with a question about using the drug recreationally in any way, my advice to you from years of learning things the hard way is to put it in your medicine cabinet and go find real drugs. If you are looking to get high, this isn't really the drug for you. Hang on to it in case you find yourself in withdrawals one day. You will be glad you did when that day comes. If you are not a DAILY USER of Suboxone/Subutex, or other potent opiates, YOU DO NOT WANT TO ABUSE THIS DRUG. If you aren't a daily user, even a very small amount taken as directed could be enough to MAKE YOU SICK FOR DAYS. I've seen so many non addicts try sub for the first time and find themselves bed-ridden and vomiting for as long as 4 days. Remember, this drug is a partial agonist on your brain, so you don't get the full euphoria that would normally be there to outshine the nausea that also comes with opiates. It is common even for addicts to feel very sick to their stomach from taking too large of a dose of Sub. Eating something or drinking an alcoholic beverage will soothe that nausea, however. Even a dose of hydroxyzine (Vistaril, Histaril, etc) can calm down the nausea. FOR THOSE ASKING HOW LONG YOU SHOULD WAIT BEFORE TAKING SUB AFTER OTHER OPIATES, the ONLY correct answer is WAIT UNTIL YOU ARE SHOWING SIGNS OF WITHDRAWAL. by that I mean feeling the sweats and chills/clammy palms, etc. it isn't necessary to be in full withdrawals. Once you start the clammy chills and sweats, you are good to go. Some people can take Sub right along with other opiates with no problem, but most can't...and since you are here asking, you don't know how your body will react, so take my advice.

I think that should cover about every question except for street prices, which range from $10-$40 and even up to $60 in some areas with apparently desperate addicts. I'm not gonna lecture anyone for wanting to get high, that's very normal and I believe it should be every human's personal freedom to put whatever they want into their bodies. But if you're gonna put Suboxone/Subutex, I assure you that this post is accurate from firsthand experience and closely observed secondhand experience. If you follow everything I said, you and Sub will get along fine. Good luck to those trying to kick it, and for those not trying to kick...drug on, druggies.

-the junkie savior

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Blackbird Says:
via mobile
The needle is for heroine or other pills such as roxy's oxy's ect. She most likely has the suboxone pill for a rainy day when she can't get dosed up. I know, I did opioid pills for 3 years then moved to smokeing heroin off foil (chasing the dragon) and after all then injecting it into veins. I am now on suboxone and have been for the past 6 months. It has never made me withdrawal by taking it too soon. I have gotten high while on the suboxone it just takes way more drugs.i got my prescription for suboxone in November of 2013, so I get the film strips that dissolve under your tounge. They now have these film strips and not the pills because the pills can be broken down and used to get high. I really doubt your doughter is getting high off of the suboxone, like I said probably for a bad day when she can't get high and gets dope sick. Maybe take the needle but not the suboxone.

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Rx Says:
Problem being that she isn't going to stop until she's ready to stop. There's nothing that anyone can do to make her ready until she's ready.

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swim Says:
via mobile
No you should be fine taking suboxoneits the same drug just one has naloxone in it an that wwon't makeyou detox

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nerrdy Says:
via mobile

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Brenden WSID Says:
I'm not going to tell you how to handle your daughters problem, you are her parent it is your job to help her and up to you to make the decision of which rout to take. Some bits of helpful advice. 1.)There are some good suggestions posted here by other people but unfortunately the HARD TRUTHis there is no £answer to your girls problem, at least no ONE SINGLE answer, people say to get her to the clinic and started on methadone andncounsking but to make sure she takes a low dose. Keeping the dose low is good advise but taking that rout is just as addictive with even worse withdrawals than oxy,heroine,subutex or suboxone,. Clinics are a legal way to keep people dosed up and high legally, while it can work it often does not because clinics notoriously over dose the patient. You can not go into a clinic and say you only want a 30mg dose it does not work like that. There is no easy way for her to quit without going through some seriously painful withdrawals, any option that enables the subject to stop the abusive drug the are taking without going through withdrawals Is in itself ADDICCTICTING.. IT IS A HARD TRUT TO ACCEPT BUT IT IS THE TRUTH....IT HAS FRUSTRATED ME FOR YEARS THAT WITH ALL THE WORLDSNTECHNOLOGY THERENIS NONEASY WAY TO CURE OPIATEVADDICT TION...... The best way osntonlook at every option....the pros and con's.....and to decide what is best..... use your knowledge of the kind of girl your daughter is to decide what rout to take. Do not include the subject in this process because she will do her best to convince you that the way she wants to do it is the best, that's bad because she's going to pick the easy way and try to getnypou to agree and OK it..I.E.. methadone clinic, seeing a doctor andgetting a a script. Of. Subutex. Or a script of suboxone.... Look into state detoxes, there five to seven days and they administer sub's resposbily and wean the patient down within three or four days instead of dragging it out....which does not work. The problem with that is when she gets out she will be completely sober....she won't be withdrawing but the itch to get high will still be there...rehabs...30 60 90 120 possibly could work but the majority have a low success rate....because as soon as the come home....guess what...?they go from a completely controlled environment to freedoms...they behave for the first week or two and then you start to trust her again and give her freedom and she realizes you trust her and in turn begins to think she can get away with it AND SHE BEGINES TO USE AGAIN. ONE THING ALL ADDICTAS SHARE IS THE UNCANY ABILITY TO TRICK THEMSELVES INTO THINKING THE NEXT TIME WILL BE DIFFERENT ANDNTHEY WILL CONTROLL IT THIS TIME.....A.A. IS AN OPTION BUT ALSO A LIFESTYLE, not that anything is wrong with that..... LASTLY AND BY FAR THE BEST OPTION IN MY OPION IS NALAXONE SHOTS...its only a blocker....its admistered and lasts for thirty days....this is fantastic because you continue to get it every month for 6 to a year or a year in a side affect no addiction no bulls*** no nothing except a blocker that can't be gotten rid of.... This was you don't have to truest her BC it doesn't matter...she will try to get high and relazize she can't and tjhen the decion to not use isn't even in her control any more BC she can't even if she wants to BC oxy heroine sub's, snornting sniffing shooting will have no affect on her and usually after 7 or 8 months the subject without even trying stops thinking the way they did and without wanting to or trying to the subject changes into a normal person who dosent think about drugs ,let alone having to consiosly and constantly think about how they need to make the right decios to not use drugs that day....any ways let me know idpf u need any help going over options or weighing pros and con's best of luck god bless. TO ANY ONE ELSE OUT THERE IF YOUR THINKING What should you do??? ASK ME

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Nick Says:
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break it up in pieces like u would cut a strip and use as needed. put under tounge and let dissolve.

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Bash Says:
thank you very much for your comment, i just got this subutex pill round white 54 411 cuz iam done with this bulls*** of a drug that mkes u feel horrible after using for months. thank god i did shoot up, i was a smoker i used to smoke a gram at day sometimes more now it going .2 or less a day then i wont use for 2 to 3 days then i get sick. thts whats makes me use again because i dont have suboxen or subtuex. but now i just got a sobutex pill. iv have suboxen before and an 8 mg one last me like 5 days sometimes more. ut it was a film this is a pill if u could please help me out on what do since i can tell by ur comment that ur experienced with these things like opiate withdrawal id appreciate that.

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Rx Says:
This is horrible advice. First of all one never boils subutex. Secondly moving from subutex to methadone is just- There's no reason anyone would do that. It's like getting on methadone because you have a problem with vicodin. You're trading something less addictive opiod for an incredibly addictive opiod. Methadone is also much harsher on your body. The danger with IV subutex is that it is NOT heated and so if she is using dirty equipment, she could put herself at risk for septicemia or even endocarditis. If she is already injecting the subutex, the risk for overdose is low since each dose is consistently the same. I have been an opiod addict (fentanyl, heroin, hydromorphone, oxymorphone) for many years and I used all of it IV. I've also been clean on methadone program for the last two. I know what I am talking about.

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Thomas21 Says:
Yes YesYes!!!! I am 42 and have had a (H) problem for 25 years on and off. Methadone is worse than heroin. The withdrawls alone last 30 days and can KILL you. I have been on Suboxone for 3 years and now on subutex. It is a great medicine and is difficult to abuse because effect tapers off at a certain point so people quickly realize that it is a waste to take more than prescribed. Of course people who don't have a opiate addiction will get high on it and can OD, it is a narcotic medication but I believe that it is the best out there. Tramadol can be used to wean off of narcotics in high doses like 300-500 mg a day but I am not a doctor so don't take my word for it. I am just saying what my experience was with all these drugs. Good luck and if you are gonna be stupid enough to do opiates make sure you are NOT ALONE. So someone can call 911 when you "go out"

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Jen Says:
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I was on suboxone for 2 years but there were people at the clinic where I went that will probably never come off. The doctor left it up to Each person on when they wanted off. And everyone's body handles getting off of it differently. It took about 8 months till I felt normal again. Good luck.

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damnedifudo Says:
Will Doctors keep you on subutex indefinitely or is their a timeframe in which you need to be weaned off. I had 18 months on suboxone and stayed free of any other drugs during that time period. Once I was weaned off, the nightmare began. Never had cravings this bad, insomnia, jumping out of my skin, ect....... that said the 18 months I had on suboxone was great. Felt a sense of normalcy, went back to school and had a 4.0 which I never was even close to during high school. Anyways will any Doctors let you stay on either of these indefinitely.?

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JayJay Says:
This is very true. Taking suboxone close to after using opioids will put your body into instant withdrawals. It contains Nalaxone which is the ingredient to which shocks your body and puts it into DT's. Taking subutext after using opioids on the other hand will not, due to the fact it does NOT contain the "blocker" known as Nalaxone. You can go about your day normally- not feeling horrible due to an opiate hang-over. My advise is not to take any suboxone OR methadone. Deal with your withdrawals and get over it naturally, and stay clean and live a slave-free life! It will steal your life! If you choose to use, please be careful.

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drew Says:
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Yes people do shoot this up. suboxone can kill u. it has narcane in it and can send you're body into immediately having witdraws. please be careful. i know several people whom died due to this

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dru B Says:
hey smarty pants. The naloxone in suboxone doesnt do anything when the pill is taken sublingually. it is like insulin. it needs to be injected, and then it will cause a withdrawal.

subutex is just pure buprenorphine without the 25% ratio of naloxone.

it DOES give you a rush if you shoot it. I know. Me and many people I know do it this way because of this. There is just no high afterwards. I prefer this method (while adhering to my daily prescribed dose) as I get all the benefits of suboxone (not getting sick and not craving harder opiates and not wasting money on them because I know they will be blocked by the buprenorphine sitting on my opiate receptors) and I also get a nice rush once a day.

True knowledge comes from information AND experience bobolón!

dimorphine (heroin) gives you a rush because you shoot it just like morphine. It is just stronger in the euphoric sense. both will give you a rush and then a high when taken intraveinously and both will just give you a high if taken orally

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kristi Says:
is there any real way to get help paying for subutex

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Nick Says:
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not a 5 panel

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