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White Round Pill D On One Side And 155 Other
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Tweek Says:
Suboxone aka bunephrine. Opiate blocker used to treat opioid dependency.

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Sunshine Says:
I was on Orange Buprenorphine for 7 years when I was only supposed to be on them for a year. I maintained 7 years of the medication in order to gain energy for being Bi-Polar and towards the end I became completely comatose with Depression. I used Energy healing to stop the medications, and instead I became so sick and my body stopped functioning. This medication should be off the market, period. Or, not given Addicts or individuals with Substance Dependency issues. the medication also has side effects; and one in which is a very depressing side effect for women of any age is Colitis which turns into Crohns if not over-seen by a physician or not detoxed from the medication immediately after a one year period which is the allotted time for taking the medication. I even tried to detox from the medicate, however the Doctor prescribing the medication felt it was the only medication which was appropriate for my conduction. Furthermore, we had tried all other medications, but none worked for giving I energy, but at the end it made me very depressed Therefore it is a depressant and need not be given to patients over a period of which is given in detox units; and that's normally about 4 to 7 days.

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layla418 Says:
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I think the strips are the best.I started out with the orange tabs n can't stand the thought of taking anything different.

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rack Says:
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If I took a peace of the suboxone 155 pill generic... if I insufflated a little dope will it make me sick? I ask you bcs it seems like u was the only one that kept it REAL WITHOUT THE B.S

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rack Says:
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I hear you brother,

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Marie Says:
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Actavis Elizabeth LLC

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tazz Says:
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No they are a powdery sweet taste no orange taste to it

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Trudy Says:
Why would anyone switch from the strips to the pills other than insurance reasons? Can u still feel high when u are on these. Never tried

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ex junkie Says:
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as far as snorting them goes i have for 5 years and have been clean from iv herion addiction since may 08 so not everyone will relapse doing this. I am so sick of hearing AA and NA psycho babble bull s***. I absolutly want off of them as well. I recently switched from the orange 8mg to the white half moon 155 pills also and they seem to be horrible. I keep getting the sweats and feel tired and snippy to the kids also. oh well i guess what do I d? I want off!!! I was at a 1/4 a day because I snort i could do 1/2 of a 1/4 in morn and at night and was fine but these new ones its like 1/4 three four times a day I am so scared to go up i was almost off now what do I do. Its prob a ploy to get more $ from us ex junkies. They cant have us get off a script like this cause then what wuld the pharm company do, panic thats what. screw them I am getting off. And if you are on suboxone for seven years for pills wow try shooting heroin for 12 years and then taking 20 to 25 10/325 codones then back to dope then to subs. really get over it. i dont care about anyones sobriety but my own. sorry but its a fact im old school and been in the game to long if you snort the subs it does not hurt you at all and you can go down even lower then a 1/4 at a time, well usually, until these new suckie white ones. anyways its hard to put 1/2 of a 1/4 under tounge without it wasting the meds. I do not want anyone on drugs but s*** man people do what they need to do what people need to do to get and stay clean, so back off pill head and listen to a real junkie who has stayed clean with heroin addicts having a 1% recovery rate, umk thanks. and without Jesus, suboxone and the absolute desire to stay clean and that only happened for me with the LORD JESUS christ and being able to function normally you me or no one will bne able to do it. So with that said GOD bless everyone and good night.

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Sham Says:
He is right there is no difference. Plus for you people who say the strips suck then your not taking your meds right!! You get more of the meds by taking the strip compared to the orange subs. Plus if your on subutechs you can take pain meds on top of them. Thats why they give them so you can take less of your pain meds. If they gave you the regular suboxone then taking pills on top of that would be a complete waste!! Some people says it throws you in to a witdraw but i disagree. Although your pills will not work. Subutechs are also perscribe to pregnant females because they can not have the narcain or whatever in the suboxone!! I have took them all and they all work they same!!! But the strips give you more of the meds. It be like getting 90% of it compared to the pill you only get 75% is all!!! They all work the same. They are for getting off of pills and not to get high!! Unless your Dr. perscribes you subutechs for the purpose of taking less pain pills or if pregnant....I been on them for 7 years and i never thought it take that long...Yes without even 1mg a day i would go thru witdraw. Although i started at 60 8mg a month. Im now down to 23 2mg a month!! Its a process a long one...It does work though and the witdraws are nothing like the ones when i was addicted to pain killers. I hate pain pills myself they almost ruin my life!!!

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NickleinaPickle Says:
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I was just switched to the moon crescent tablets- whatever they're called. I heard before switching that they were horrible, but I told myself that I could deal. WRONG. I immediately started having muscle aches(next day), the second day after the switch I became extremely irritated. Everything that comes out of my kids mouth makes me rage with irritation. I have to control myself bc he doesn't deserve that. Even my fiancé has said "what in the hell is wrong with you" so I called my doc she's going to see if we can get the films. If not I'm screwed, unless there's something else I can try. I think these white pills don't absorb as well as the strips which adhere to the mucosa under the tongue, I even noticed that these white pills are hard, the old orange ones were soft pills, they'd crumble if you were careful. But who I knows! Insurance & pharmaceutical companies are going to say it's all the same, when infact the FDA allows for generics to be slightly different in formulation. I'm hoping this all gets fixed, I have two kids to care for, school to attend & my fiancé, they need me to be on my A game!

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jenny Says:
under ur tongue

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Gina Says:
I stopped taking oxycodone on Friday 04/11/14 and went into detox on Monday 04/14/14, released Tuesday 04/15/14. I was feeling major withdrawals and would not sleep with bad stomach cramps. I ended up taking a quarter of a generic suboxin at 3am 04/16/14 and I felt great and still do at 11:30am. I did not want to go the methodone or suboxin route and wanted to know how long this stays in system and when it wears off am I going to feel the full withdrawal effects gain? I was clean for 6 days. So now I am scared to death I just messed up my progress.

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ashley Says:
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Is This pill D 153 considered a suboxone ? On a drug screen will it come up as suboxone?

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Andy Says:
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I couldn't have said it better myself Jessica. I know I would be dead if it wasn't for subs, but I feel like a prisoner in my own body now. I've been on subs for 7 years now. My body is do dependant on them it's not even funny. If I don't take them within 15 minutes of waking up, my blood pressure sky rockets. It's actually nice knowing someone else feels the same way. Everyone in my social circle has never been addicted and they just don't understand how dependent my body is now, heck my suboxone doctor doesn't even get it.

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Jessica Says:
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To Grub; I CANT believe your doctor cut you off like that. Unbelievable. Have you tried reaching out to your doctor and kindly asking for help? Even if it is just for a month, until you can find a new doctor. Where I live, all suboxone doctor's have waiting list. Even most methadone clinics do too. It's honestly sad to me, that there isn't enough help out there for people like us. Even though I think suboxone is a miracle drug, lately I've been feeling imprisioned to it. I DON'T want to be a lifer. Not that I have a problem with anyone who will be or is, I just don't want it for me. I HATE being dependent on things, that's why I quit smoking butts for crying out loud. These subs though, are a whole different ball game. My body seriously needs them to function. I've tried quitting many times but when I'm off them, I feel like s***, am weak, diarrhea, can't eat or sleep. Like I'm a prisoner in my own damn body.

On a serious note though, to those of you talking about snorting your pills, REALLY? This medication should not be abused in this manner. This is exactly why the doctors don't like to prescribe subutex. Your getting this medication for a reason; Sobriety. Therefore act like your in sobriety. Im not trying to be a biatch but even though I don't know you, we still share the same pain of addiction. With that said, I care about other's sobriety. Just be careful, you don't want to end up heading back down that slippery slope you once traveled. I don't know about you, but my active days of addiction, turned my life upside down and kicked my ass. I WILL NEVER GO BACK THERE AGAIN. NEVER. Best of luck to ya'll!

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mike Says:
So... it goes up my ass?

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grub Says:
well i have been on the film for about 4 years and they really are no good but get this i'm in vt and my doc cause i missed 1 appointment told me she was cutting me off just like that she was haveing me go in 3 times a week for the last 6 months and just because i missed 1 day she wont help me. i have to find them on the street now. yes i have not been perfict in the past but i have not peed dirty in over 6 years, so now i'm hit i really don't know what to do

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chickenTENDAmeat Says:
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sublingual films are way better than pills. they dissolve slower and everyone I know who take sub's daily, including myself (12mg a day) feel the strips are better. stronger, more reliable, longer lasting etc. the orange n8 pills are shitty. they crumble, taste like s*** n all chalky. its odd to hear someone likes them better than strips. I feel like the strips/films are harder to counterfeit as I've seen done with all kinds of pills. where I'm from films are #1 :D

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blueblack Says:
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I agree, I can't believe more people aren't saying this. The good part is some side effects aren't as bad like constipation but they're def not as strong

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nervous Says:
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Seriiusly people "what is blowing it " have you never seen the movie blow ? Or have you never blown back an 80 or a line of dope or coke or seen someone do it in person or on tv. IT MEANS TO SNIFF IT UP YOUR NOSE

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