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Georgeann Says:
I've used Paregoric for 15 years and can't find it. Is there anywhere in the U.S. or other countries where this can be purchased?

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Kathryn Hansen Says:
Betty; I do believe that the FDA has authorized three specific pharmaceutical companies to produce Paregoric. Doctors get afraid to write scripts for it, because the DEA is looking over their shoulders right along with the local Pharmacies that may tell you that they cannot get it in.

Several years ago, there was a lot of ordering of many types of medications through the email. The the government DID get very involved. Try as I might, I could not even get my computer to go to some of the sights. Plus, I had had an order coming from Spain. They caught it coming through customs, and sent it back. They then called me and asked if I was expecting anymore.

If the DEA gets ahold of your shipment of anything narcotic based you will lose it, and the money you already paid. Plus, you could be in trouble with the DEA (that I am not sure of).

I am concerned that I see people like "Mare" online, asking little questions, and offering to get things online for people... I hope I am wrong, but I worry that people like her (and there have been others in the past), are just trying to get a business of their own going. ??Why would Mare be better equipped to go online to order these thing?? And it would not be out of the goodness of her heart. At least that is what I am seeing here. People need to be careful. Really.

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Elizabeth Lecat Says:
Kathyrn (and all)...Good Morning! Thanks Kathyrn for your reply...gosh, I never thought about how my post re ordering
from Brazil (or wherever) "sounded" until I posted second one next day (after reading what I originally wrote, objectively)...Anyway, on with life, yes? And, as I've keyed before, it is once again available in U.S. and that's what we've all wanted!And, thanks to this Site, I learned, while it was unavailable, that I could get it with my Drs RX through a compounding pharmacy! Regards, Betty

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Adam Says:
Good luck getting Michelle Obama to help you. She's too busy jet-setting around the world on the taxpayer's dime. And she's a cafeteria Nazi on top of that! This woman doesn't even want candy bars, sodas, or sugary fruit juices in vending machines! I highly doubt she's gonna help ANYONE procure paregoric.... Sorry, Laura. I do wish u the best of luck w/ ur search for relief. But I wouldn't waste my time or hold my breath waiting for Michelle to help out.

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Elizabeth Lecat Says:
Hi Adam, Laura and all...

Laura, you are still unable to get a RX for paregoric from your Docs?

That's terrible (but, I've voiced my opinion on that before) there a large city you can go to...a University Hospital setting or something?

Thanks and gosh, I hope you have found relief!

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Mare Says:
Someone definitely misundertsood me. I never offered to get anything for anyone online. You have me confused with another person who posted a message. Get your facts straight before you go accusing someone falsely. I don't even know a site to go on. I merely asked about getting paragoric from Brazil or another country that another "poster" mentioned--Belize & Jamaica, I think. I would get it for myself but no one else, believe me.

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Elizabeth Lecat Says:
Hi Mare and all...

Well, I do know that I offered (see my posts under Betty/Elizabeth) to call Brazil (or wherever) to get paregoric for those unable to get it (which must be rare, as it IS available now in U.S...but then, if one doesn't have insurance and has to shop for a Dr that will prescribe it and then a pharmacy that carrys could be "frustrating")...I wrote my heart out offering to purchase paregoric for those truly unable to get it for reasons I've started in old posts...

But then I awoke the next day and realized I put my heart before my head (not unusual for me :<) and apologized...

So perhaps whoever wrote "your" name meant me?

But I did look at the posts and I don't think she meant to use names, just the Subject of post?

Anyway, it's back in the good old USA...and I pray you're able to get it here as, when I'm really using objective side of me, I wonder if paregoric purchased otc or other countries are "the real thing"???

Have a great day, and again, I do hope you are able to obtain paregoric, for "once again" I say, with all my heart and soul, for those of us who truly need it, it IS licquid gold!

Betty (Elizabeth)

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Anne Says:
I can't tell you the specific name or phone number of a pharmacy that sells paregoric overseas. What I do know is this. When I was in Jamaica, I walked into a pharmacy and saw the bottles on the shelves. I asked for some of them and they gave it to me. It was very inexpensive, and very easy to get. I brought it back in my regular luggage and customs seemed not to have a problem with it. The same thing happened in Barbados and Belize. A doctor in any of these places will prescribe this medication for you if that makes you more comfortable.

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JG3 Says:
The pharmaceutical company's CEOs are so greedy, that when they only line their pockets with $ from the pills that have a main ingredient made in nature( others companies can also make it), they had to invent man-purses so they could fit all the $ from the pills they reproduced synthetically. Getting all the profits and the patent allowing only them to sell that particular mix.

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angstfree18 Says:
My understanding if that Tincture of Opium and Paragoric is the SAME thing.

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angstfree18 Says:
is the same thing (if was a typo)

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LindaMcDonaldHite Says:
Thank you for the information, all who have responded. It's nice to know it's available somewhere.

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Mare Says:
Could I write the Jamaica pharmacy you visited and ask them to mail paragoric to me? Do you happen to remember the name of the pharmacy you went into. I am not planning to visit Jamaica, Belize or Barbados anytime in the near future. I would like to call or write or email a pharmacy in one of those countries. Thank you.

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Elizabeth Lecat Says:
Linda, Mare and all...I am confused....are you from the US?
You are asking how to purchase paregoric in countries than US when it IS once again available it that you are unable to find a Dr that will give you a prescription for it? Thanks! Betty/Elizabeth (and good luck...I think it's HORRID if you are unable to find a Dr to prescribe it for you here!)

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Kathryn Hansen Says:
The issue of a doctor not prescribing is not terribly surprising. You have to realize that most of the young doctors practicing today were taught that there were alternatives to the basic problem in solving the diarrhea dilemma.

Unfortunately, many of the things do work for certain reasons for it, and not others. For those of us who grew up using it, and using it properly, we do know that Paregoric works for more of these causes.

Linda; do I know you from LHS in the valley of Cache?

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Mare Says:
Elizabeth and everyone: I am from the US. My dr. never heard of it and he's in his 50s. Go figure. He asked me what other names paregoric goes by and I didn't know. I read on this site that it is tincture of opium, or something like that. A dr. prescribed it for me in the 1970s for diarrehea but I haven't gotten it since. The anti diarreheals (wrong sp.) don't work well and a little paregoric is all you need. Bottom line. I can't find it in the US. My Daddy used to get it otc at a drugstore and just sign for it, but that was probably in the 30s or 40s in the US. I would like to get it from another country if possible as I just don't know how to get it in the US.

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Elizabeth Lecat Says:
Hi Mare and all...

Mare? Gosh, there MUST be a Dr SOMEWHERE near you that will prescribe it? What if you called Drs offices and, before setting up a first consult appointment, ask if he will prescribe Paregoric?

I am able to obtain mine from private family Dr...

Wishing you the best,

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Mare Says:
What state do you live in, Betty/Eliz? I live in Florida but didn't want to call a bunch of drs. as they might think I am addicted to a narcotic and I have heard that paregoric is considered a narcotic. Whatever it is, it WORKS for diarrhea. I will research it more here in my city and see if I can find a dr.....Thanks.

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Elizabeth Lecat Says:
Hi Mare and all...

I live in California...

I was given Paregoric as a child by my parents for upset tummy, earaches, etc...

I've always had problems with my stomach but wasn't diagnosed with IBS until my first colonoscopy in the 1990's...

I am now 68, but as a child, Paregoric was available over the counter...

My family dr (and the one who prescribes it) is into holistic type treatments, as well as all the standard treatments his patients need...he has prescribed it for me for many years.

Over a year ago, it became unavailable...a lot of "us" suffering from tummy problems starting writing on this Site, complaining that it was no longer available.

I went to my gastroenterologist (at my family Doc's request) and he prescribed tincture of opium (which is about 10 times stronger than Paregoric) telling me that that was the closest to Paragoric he could prescribe. He also warned me that if if took more than a a dropper full of it "I could die"...scared the heck out of me, as I trust Paregoric...I know my system can handle it, and it indeed helps slow down my colon...

I do not work...w/o Paregoric, I do not feel safe away from home (or close to a bathroom)...

Due to the work of (especially) a couple of people on this website, the manufacturer (can't think of the name of them now...) started making Paregoric again, and it is once again available by RX...

It works. It truly works for my symptoms (and many more of us)...

It sounds (to my layperson's brain) like your Dr won't do a search (internet) to find out about Paregoric, as it's been around for so long...

My feelings are that if Doc's are worried about us becoming addicted to this stuff, wouldn't they worry a lot more about tincture of opium then Paregoric???

How frustrating for you to KNOW something works for you and being unable to find a Dr to prescribe it! I would think Florida has enough Senior Citizens that Drs would have many requests for it (Sr Citizens being those of us around long enough to have been treated with it for so many years...
Have you read all the past posts on this Site? The frustration so many of us went through while it was unavailable...and now we have the fear that it just might become, once again, unavailable, due to "lack of demand"...Many patients are on stronger medications to stop the diarrhea problems and have never even heard of our "licquid gold"...

I just wish I had an answer for you! Do you have RX coverage on your insurance? I know it's expensive (my insurance covers it, but the cost is over 100.00/bottle...)

I think...hmmmm....I would start with a gastroenterologist...tell him/her about your tummy problems, that you have had great success with Paregoric, and go from there? Even if you're not diagnosed with IBS, if you have problems with diarrhea, you must have a "nervous tummy"...

I hope this helps...please don't suffer or become more or less "house bound" when you know there's something that helps you!

Betty (Elizabeth)

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Mare Says:
Betty/Elizabeth: What an awesome post. Thank you so much. Paregoric was available OTC when I was a child too and my Daddy used to get it and rub it on our gums as babies and when we had colic. I have been so busy working, etc. that I have not had time to research drs. here in Jax Beach, but I am going to. It really is embarrassing at work to have to "run" to the restroom several times a day. I have never been diagnosed with IBS, and I had a colonoscopy in December and the dr. did not mention any problem. But, my "problem" comes and goes and right now, it's HERE. My insurance RX coverage is not good but I would buy the paregoric if I could get a RX for it, no matter what the cost. I tried to find the dr. who prescribed it for me in the 1970s but he must have retired (or passed away) as I cannot find a listing for him. I agree with you--the tincture of opium sounds much more potent than paregoric and as long as you are careful to take just what your dr. prescribes, I'm sure it's fine. I would take that if I could get a dr. to prescribe. Thank you again for your great informative post. It really encourages me especially after today at work when I was not a happy camper. I am 4 years older than you are, so I was around when paregoric was "no big deal." I mean, no one worried about taking it and as far as I knew, no one became addicted.

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Sam Says:
I do not understand how you can get a prescription for
Paregoric ,and especially after reading all the messages from so many people that are truly suffering and can not find it anywhere? I believe 314Rat has the only true answer answer to why no one can purchase it anymore. So, we will just suffer on out of this life into our too familiar toilet bowls, ounce by ounce of diarrhea!

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