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Georgeann Says:
I've used Paregoric for 15 years and can't find it. Is there anywhere in the U.S. or other countries where this can be purchased?

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Betty Says:
RMOR: I am so sorry re your wife's having no colon! I suffer from one time, at work, I went "down" make a long story short, my colon was it was an Emergency Depart of large hospital I worked for, they took so many tests to find out WHY i HAD so much pain...I was given as much pain medication as they could while many tests (CT, etc) were taken....blood tests all came back family Dr came in and said "there's a really bad flu going around in our town...let's take her home"...there I was, husband at my side, literally "yelling" every time the colon would twist, more and would twist, I'd almost die, it would let up, then start again...ER Doc I knew refused to release me, and finally the surgeon on call (great man) realizing my bp was going lower and and lower, the Priest came in...blah, blah, finally they put me out and opened me from breast to pubic area...there it was...a piece of skin (I can't remember the name right now) wrapped around my colon...arteries ready to burst...he cut the piece of skin off, and the observed me for awhile, checking the colon to see what damage had been done...finally stitched me up and I was in hospital for over a week recovering...I now suffer from acute diarrhea...never know when it's going to "hit"...thank God, I have a wonderful Dr in small town I live in (Oakhurst, Ca) who prescribes paregoric for me. It is a God Send...I do NOT abuse it, as I don't want to build up tolerance to this licquid "gold"...if I am at home, I just know where the bathroom is...and am ok...but, like this evening, Christmas Eve...I will be with family...I don't know how much I take, (it's maybe a tablespoon at the most)...I just take a "swig from the bottle" tastes horrid, but damn it, IT WORKS! I will be eating pizza, laughing, sipping on wine, eating all kinds of "goodies"...being with my family, grandchildren, and feel "normal"...It is expensive, but my drug store (Vons in Oakhurst) carries it, and always has a bottle on hand...I have insurance, and I am so thankful for that, for it is expensive (over 100.00/bottle)...I agree it doesn't have to cost that IS a "supply and demand" type thing....this drug has been around for years, as I'm sure you know, and you and your wife should have you mind if I ask what state you live in? It is not fair, what you are going it that your Dr won't prescribe it? I can tell you the manufacturer that carries it...please talk to us...someone out here can help...Merry Christmas, and...I pray for an answer to your not give IS available...

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KkH Says:
To rmor: There is no more "Donut Hole" part to the Medicare Part D. Pres. Obama and the Affordable Care Act did away with that. Isn't that part great!! But I totally feel for your wife and you trying to deal with all this. I realize that this next suggestion is NOT a real replacement for Paregoric. Nothing is. But would her doctor be willing to prescribe an amount of morphine sulphate (15mg)? Morphine is the opiate in Paregoric. If she had some Paregoric, to be used interspersed with some morphine sulphate, she might be able to extend the time-frame she needs for a refill of Paregoric. If your doctor would be willing, Part D covers that without a problem. Just a thought. I am not a doctor. I use the morphine tablet for chronic pain syndromes. It helps the diarrhea at the same time.

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rmor Says:
My wife has no colon, so paregoric is the only drug that works to slow down her bowels. Since this can be an embarrassing situation for any of us, I now see the importance of some drugs. She would prefer to not have to take it at all, but then she would be stuck at home 24/7. Since the government removed it a few years ago, it is hard to get at all. The only source we know is a compound pharmacy. They would have to mix it, and it is still an expensive drug. She requires about 1 1/2 bottle per week, and when she hits the donut hole, it costs about $500 a month for the last 4-5 months of the year. I know the FDA has placed it back on the approved list, but unfortunately, no one makes it readily available. If anyone knows where to get it, reliably, please post. To all those suffering from major colon issue, I pray you will be healed, until then, wish a drug company would see the need and fill it at reasonable prices.

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Laura Says:
3 or so years ago I spoke directly to the FDA and the manufacture in New York of paregoric. I was directed to look up the findings of the FDA and why this company was shut down. I believe it may still be posted if you look way back into this blog. The FDA stopped the manufacturer because they said paregoric was a new medication and not tested! These words are verbatim. MY problem is finding a doctor with enough sense to prescribe it. Im getting tired of searching.

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Kathryn K Says:
Jenny R.; I concur.

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Jenny R. Says:
via mobile
It's sad how so many CHEAP medicines are being taken away due to the corrupt US pharmaceutical companies. They are corrupt and use their money to find representatives & to pay to get their corrupt stooges appointed to the FDA. These same phamaceutical companies actively sell deadly NEW medicines and advertise them on TV. Before Reagan corrupted the FDA, FCC and every other government agency medications couldn't be advertised. All those people who blather about the govt getting between them and their doctor cheer on pharmaceutical companies and insurance companies who get between them and their doctors. The drugs pharmaceutical companies sell are mostly dangerous (many cause cancer!) and because you no longer can get medications like cheap paragoric is directly the result of corrupt pharmaceutical companies who are stealing from everyone. The solution is to elect people who aren't for sale. STOP electing corporate prostitutes like especially in the Republican Party. The tea party is a fanatical group of morons who are so ignorant they support pharmaceutical companies and all corporations. Our govt would work great as it did before the psychopath, fenocidal maniac Reagan destroyed the middle class. He was 109% for sale to the highest corporate bidder and we are paying for his terms as president every day by corporate domination and the stripping of our rights caused by corporations who have used their money to take away rights we used to have like trial by jury. US corporations are forcing customers to settle matters thru arbitration and denying you your day in court. Btw, 95% of arbitrators are from the industries you are up against so they are in reality still working for their fascist corporations. Wake up, do research and think. Don't let paid manipulators on talk radio or Faux to dupe you. Think for god's sake.

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Maryann Says:
via mobile

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Betty Says:
Hi all...

But, but...hold it. Something bothers me about ordering from other countries...please believe, I want to TRUST everyone, everywhere...(objectively, I know we can't)...and I'm not a Polly Annish type person...(better then thou) but...don't we get into legalities here? Granted...AND I MEAN THIS...when Paregoric was pulled from the U.S. market, and all our opinions started, I was truly upset...(for all the reasons everyone stated), I the REASON some of us are questioning how to order out of U.S. because OUR DR.S STILL AREN'T LISTENING TO US? That Paregoric ISN'T "that" dangerous (vs so many other Rx's )...I...I just don't I've keyed before, I have insurance that pays for the ridiculous amount Paregoric costs (I THINK my husband said 200 and something for a bottle?)...could I afford that on my own? No. What would I do? Exactly what I did when Paregoric was unavailable for that duration that started all this...either STAY HOME...OR try to "cleanse my colon" (OTC) as much as I could before going anywhere...yes, I was offered "tincture of opium" (10X stronger than Paregoric), but with my gastroenteroloigst's warning of (take NO more than prescribed or you could die"...well, yeah...great...anyway, I've keyed and keyed, (as so many of us have) of the BENEFITS of paregoric...and...well, be honest...if I knew the pharmacist in another country, (I mean REALLY MET HE/SHE), TALKED TO THEM, ETC, ETC, and didn't have insurance that covered the cost of it in USA...would I attempt to order it by mail....well, if it worked the way my RX of Paregoric does, yes, yes....yes I would. I am a middle class citizen that has worked most of my life...blah, blah, but there is a time when (as we're all learning these days) Government is NOT, NOT God! People are people, and I don't think any of us are any better than the other, BUT, again, objectively...I know there are those that cannot be trusted...I am so sorry for those of you with problems (diarrhea or...) such as I suffer from, that Drs won't prescribe it (just DON'T, NEVER WILL understand that!), or can't (such as myself) afford the ridiculous cost (keeping in mind "supply/demand") of a bottle that can allow us, in our already short life span on this plain, to LIVE A NORMAL LIVES! Grrr....I dare, I just dare, anyone, without our real problems, to "walk a mile in our shoes"...ok...Thank you for listening to a Subject that I truly am so passionate about!

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Kathryn K Says:
It occurs to me that the Paregoric and the Cough Syrup would likely be different items. Dr.s in the U.S. can still prescribe a codeine cough syrup, and depending on the illness often do. Paregoric is a much stronger opiate formulation meant for diarrhea (often used for stomach and intestinal flues). This country used to offer the cough syrup OTC, until the last 10 to 15 yrs or so. Paregoric has been Dr.s script only for a long time here. In re: the question of actually receiving it if you order it from out of country... It will be hit and miss. The DEA and FDA have a regular system of randomly checking packages that look like meds entering the U.S. Back when one could order a number of medications via the internet, I used to order quite a few things. I got a package intercepted by the DEA from Spain once and informed that they had done so. I was warned not to order any more. I still did while it was easy and possible. Then the govt forced the shutdown of the sites that had opiates, barbiturates, benzodiazapines, etc. They even closed down the strictly informational site regarding which sites were most reliable and other questions. It is still perfectly easy to order from places that sell antibiotics, antiyeast, ibuprofen, so on and so forth. If you get a place to order paregoric in those two countries, and you write it down here for all to see, the DEA will likely be all over it. Just my guess. They are definitely looking though. And if you find a way to order from there, you may or may not get your package. You will absolutely not get a refund!!! The United States does not want ANY type of opiate medications coming from out of country. And you already know why the docs are so hesitant to prescribe paregoric. The DEA watches the pharmacies and the doctors like hawks.

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Mary Says:
How can we order it from Trinidad or Tobago? Is there a phone # we can call for information on how to order? Thanks for any help you can give me.

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Betty Says:
Trininus and Laura...
I too thank you for your info, Trininus, but do 2nd Laura's question...please believe I am just a "neighbor" that is honestly questioning/opinionating from a layperson's mind...OK...thank God, I am middle class, but through ex employer do have insurance (could I afford my RX coverage on my own? At 69, and on Medicare (& thanks to...the good times when employers offered supplemental insurance to their retired employees, do have coverage for Paregoric through my Dr)...but (as usual), I digress...question: could I trust the Paregoric I order through the mail? Is it legal to purchase it? Pls allow me to repeat: if I DIDN'T have insurance, my mind may be thinking along different lines, but...well, I guess the legality of purchasing it from another country comes to mind here too...but then, diarrhea (and a bad cough caused from whatever) is not fun to have, chronically, either...appreciate your input o this? Thanks~

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Laura Says:
Trininus, Thank you for the information, But how does that help the folks here in the US?

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TrinInUs Says:
Paregoric is manufactured in Trinidad and Tobago and goes for about $10 US ($60 in Trinidad dollars). It is available over-the-counter down there and is an excellent cough syrup.

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Linda Hite Says:
Thank you for all the replies!

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Betty Says:
Hi Russell and happy that you found that paregoric is indeed back again and so appreciated by by sooo many of us! Betty

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Laura Says:
Russell, thanks we all kinda new this about the manfg. the problem is getting the doctors now to write scripts.

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Approximately one+ years ago manufacturing was stopped. My physician wrote me a R/X for a compounding pharmacy. This satisfied my needs until recently. My pharmacist informed me that it was now being maufactured once again. I am now a very happy camper. The compounded version tasted horrible. I have been on the manufactured product for over six months.

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Laura Says:
Thank you For the information, I will check this out

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Tree1959 Says:
I had big troubles after gall bladder removal
Doctor put me on Questran and all is good now
Perhaps this will help you

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Laura Says:
Betty, thank you for your concern, I have been this post since way back. I actually originally called the manuf, in new York to find out whats up. According to the manf. the FDA stoped the manufacturing. I have also emailed the AMA American medical asso. to find out what the problem is. I don't want pills, why when this helps with just a tsp . I live in s/e Ohio Cambridge. The wallmart down here wont get it. I have an appointment with a gastroenterologist but I cant get in till Dec. lol go figure.but I have been fighting this with the rest of you's , maybe I will send this site to my Doc, too much to print out. Ill keep everybody up to date, love ya all, Laura

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