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Watson Is Now Actavis Generic Percocet 5/325 What Is Up With This (Page 3)
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Lola Says:
I had been taking 5/325 generic Watson percocet for 4 years. Suddenly I get notified by Walgreens which I have insurance that there is no more Watson brand and I was given generic percocet 5/325 by Actavis. It is not the same at all. It has no pain relief for me. I used to break the watsons in half sometimes and never had a funny taste. I just broke one of the actavis white tablets in half and it immediately tasted like salt or alka seltzer? Has anyone had any issues with this drug too. Also, along with it not working right it has made my GI tract and stomach so ill feeling and cramping. This is not right how can they take away a medicine that someone has been on for 4 years without any problems and tell them to suddenly switch. Would a peson who has been on a certain heart medication for years be told to suddenly switch that he can't get that medicine anymore? I don't think so. I don't know what I am going to do but when it comes time to have my rx re-filled it will not be with Actavis and I will have to pharmacy shop I guess to see if I can find Watson. I am very depressed now and so unhappy I can't believe it.

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Jennifer Says:
via mobile
Hi lisa still taking endocet. ....praying for a watson...there should b a bumper sticker that says are u sure ur friends med bottle says watson? Thete was someone here not too long ago... cant remember who it was exactly...but they kept saying their friend was telling them they were getting Watson's... come to find out, the friends pills looked like the Watson's but when she read the bottle, they were actually Actavis. Im not so crazy about the endocet but im able to function with em better than the mallinkrodt that I tried...I just remembered I think I tried amneal too...when I first tried mallinkrodt, the mom n pop shop I went to didn't have enough to fill my script so they filled the remaining 10 pills with amneal. They didnt help..

LOLA...whats the deal w you now? What have u been taking? I know uve had trouble n were being prescribed one strength then brand to another. So how r u feeling lately?

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Jennifer Says:
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Rammstein....try to ask ur dr for a 2 week supply script this way if u try the qualitest n they dont work for u..ur not stuck with em for 30 days. I haven't tried them but ive read mixed reveiws....a few of us have tried mallinkrodt n endocet...further into " this " thread I recall a few tried qualitest. Myself, n Lisa m take the endocet. ..they have been better than the mallinkrodt for me but nothing compares to watson....I dont care what anyone says....martin preferes mallinkrodt. u see, each of these work different for each of us so u may have to do a trial n error shot. Just an fyi...endocet is made by the same company that makes brand Percocet. Please, as legnthy as this thread is...I think it is the most informative. the most links to other articles on the web....than ive seen here on web md. I also believe we have quite a few more dedicated members on this thread that care how the other is doing, updates eachothers with what we learn, experience, and find elsewhere. There is alot of info here..we ve all called actacrap n made complaints. ..fda...etc. just make sure whatever meds u choose to try, call the pharmacy u use in advance to order it. I know walgreens has ordered endocet for me...but only certain locations in town will. I hear cvs will as well. Try talking to ur dr about whats been goin on n ask for a new works sometimes. If u give em ur actacrap in exchange for the could help.....good luck n keep us informed!

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Rammstein Fan Says:
Sara thanks for the info, I am due a refill within the next week and will go to CVS and see if they can help me out and get rid of these "Watson" look a likes. I swear they do not help my pain at all. Thanks again for the info.

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sara Says:
via mobile
Rammstein-get the yellow Qualitest instead. They're better than the Watsons and no one is playing with the formula.

If you pay cash, ask for any discount programs they have.

They signed me up for one free.
Qty= 120 is $40 cash

You'll like these much better than the watson, I promise. I get mine at CVS.

I spoke to CVS corporate. ALL CVS pharmacies can order them. Just go there now to set it up well before your next refill.

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chad Says:
via mobile
In addition to my earlier post....

By complaining to Actavis about getting their bad a333 pills...they will refund you the cost of the pills.

We have to suffer for the rest of the month so its better than nothing.

When you do call and get the VM...leave a message. They will call you back in a couple of days.

Drug Safety

If you experience unanticipated side effects or have a complaint about our product, please contact:

Actavis Products in the U.S.
+1 (800) 432-8534

Also fill out the online form as well:

Good luck to you all who have had to cope with pain.

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Tracy Says:
Just saw this and will be calling. Thanks for the share. I hope everyone on this thread does the same.

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chad Says:
via mobile
The Actavis a333 does not work!!!!
I have been taking watson for 3 years and never had a single issue.

Then 2 months ago...I was given Actavis a349. It worked just like watson
The next month...I was given Actavis didn't work at all.

Its not the brand...its the FORMULATION.
I called Actavis and filed a complaint. They agreed but said they couldn't swap them for me...I hope they start supplying the a349 formula..a lot of people have been affected.

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Rammstein Fan Says:
Lisa I have been getting Norco 10/325 from Walgreens for the past 6 months. They say Watson on them but they do not have the strength as the first couple of months of taking them. It makes me wonder if Actavis is just putting the Watson name on them,it is not in my head, I am still having pain like I am taking tums instead of Norco.

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Lisa M Says:
via mobile
My friend who lives in the city is getting watson 5/325 from her walgreens again. So they have to still be making them. It makes no sense. Lola have you checked to see if walgreens has them again? I can't see them getting all this back stock. They must still be making them because why would she get them again?

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Lisa Says:
via mobile
Midiman. I guess your an addict to. Since you take meds just like we do. Have you ever heard the word hypocrite. Yep. That describes you. They are completely different medications and people have allergies to ingredients or react to binders. So instead of giving your opinion here why don't you just not post at all. Because no one cares what you have to say. I sure don't.

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Lisa M Says:
via mobile
Hi everyone. Sorry it's been a while since I posted. I hope everyone is doing well. I was trying to catch up on all the posts. Martin I am glad the mallie is working for you. I did really well with them. I am still on endocet and they work great for me. Lola are you on the 10's now? If you have reactions like me to meds be very careful with dilaudid. I can't take that. It makes my heart flutter and gives me a pounding headache and slows my respirations. I hated it. I won't take that ever again. Jennifer are you on endocet now still? Whoever said actavis and Watson Percocet are the exact same pill is clueless. I am not even going to argue because if people want to be so clueless let them. I am very good friends with my pharmacist and they are not the same pill. People react to inactive ingredients also. Whoever got on here and felt the need to start name calling. Why do you take meds? Hypocrite. Taking medication as prescribed does not make someone a druggy. This is a support page so go away. Why waste your time here.

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Jennifer Says:
via mobile
Oooooh Tammy...u r the kind of pain management patient I referred to earlier who are ignorant, uniformed, have no knowledge of their pain management meds, just take em cause u were told. You comment on the watson meds being the same as Actavis cause Actavis bought them out.....that is half true. You really should do ur homework before u post a comment that is false n proves to us, the ones who know everything we need to n should know about meds we put into our body, that u dont have a clue n thats sad. If uve read through this thread...n I know its lengthy, but u really should read it all...u will learn alot, we are all familiar with Actavis purchasing watson, BUT, that absolutely does not mean theyre using the same formula that was used in their 10/325 Watson Percocet as they are in their 10/325 Actavis Percocet. In fact, many of us, nyself included , have been told directly from Actavis that when they took over, the decision was made to use their Actavis formula for the Percocet n thats when the Watson's went extinct. So no dear, its not the same medication as it was before the take over....its completely different!

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Martin Says:
Hey Chad,

As Matthew Mcconaughey would say you are right on right on. It seems all the generics are going to Actavis as supllier. I get my meds from a hospital and they carry the Mallies. They work well. Sorry for anyone who is in pain and is suffering becasue of this. For anyone who say this is all in "our heads". I will say this. Don't judge a man until you have walked in their shoes. That should be all you need to know. Thanks.

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Tracy Says:
HI Chad. Just wanted to let you know I am now using the Amneal ones and doing a lot better than on the Activas brand Percocets. Not sure if you would have the same luck, but wanted to let you know anyway. I had filled at Walmart, but he did say they switch sometimes as well and I should ask each time I am getting filled. Best of luck.

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Tracy Says:
Hi Jennifer,

I read both articles and both blew my mind. I hope others read. Worth the time.
Thanks for the shares.

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Lola Says:
Tammy excuse me? Have you not read ALL the posts on this thread? It is NOT in our heads. Go away.

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Rammstein Fan Says:
Tammy if it's all in our heads why do you prefer Endo and not Actavis WTF?

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chad Says:
via mobile
I have been taking Watson and malinkradodt percocets for 3 years and I just got a new script filled at Walgreens. Got home...took them as prescribed...Nada..zilch.. in fact I feel nauseated. I checked the label and low and behold .. Its got ACTAVIS not the usual Watson. Wth..I called the pharmacy....was told have a nice day. Wtf. So I look on the internet...what is thus actavis. So many many many BAD reviews including mine.

So I contact my pharmacies..they've ALL changed the Generics manufacturer for Percocets

Walgreens, Target, CVS changed to Actavis. Kroger that used to give me malinkradot now have Amneal which I also read was utter crap.

This is no coincidense ....we know the gov wants to crack down on opioids..and this is how they're doing it....but for those genuinely in pain...its s disaster!!!!

Now I think as long as the original formulas for percocet is not banned or altered..the market will eventually adjust...and fill the demand and supply percocets that work not duds. Maybe I'm way of base here...but every pharmacy switched to a NEW generic....and every new generic DOESNT work!!!

Theres more going on behind the scenes we don't know about. And its not a bad batch... complaints are from months ago.

Really hope I'm wrong..

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Tammy Says:
the company that makes my percocets is call Endo Pharmaceuticals

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Tammy Says:
I understand your frustration however Watson merged with Actavis....go to ...........Guess you didn't know or whatever the case but you are getting the same medication as before. I'm not trying to sound rude but sometimes we as humans don't accept change very well. That being said I think it's in your head that it's no good.....Not trying to be funny but talk to your pharmacist because if he/she knows about the merge then they will tell you the same as I'm telling you......ASK THEM FOR ENDOCET...I like it pretty well and it helps me a lot

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